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I have made a conscious effort over the past month or so to play some more of my SG wins. =)

Adam Wolfe
(won on SG)
This is honestly the best HOG I have ever played. While it is a HOG in the traditional sense, it is so much more. I often find point and click type games boring, where there’s nothing to do except find items and use them in sometimes crazy ways that don’t make any sense. This game was so immersive. I loved every minute of it. It had a few shootout scenes as well where you had to shoot the bad guy. Haha!

Adam Wolfe

10.3 hours, 27 of 27 achievements

(won on SG)
This is a cool little puzzle game where you have to get a ball from one point of a maze to the other in a certain number of moves. All of the puzzles are of easy to moderate difficulty. It only gets hard where you are trying to get the trophies and finish each puzzle in as few moves as possible.


7.1 hours, 9 of 9 achievements

Dracula’s Legacy
(won on SG)
This game is fun. However it does have a major game breaking bug that only affects some players. I found out via the game’s forums when it was too late Haha. If you are going to play it, do so in one sitting. If you exit and try to open the game later, you might not be able to restart it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, didn’t work. I had to uninstall, then manually remove any trace of the game from my computer, then reinstall. It worked then, but no one wants to have to go through that rigmarole lol. (BTW, when I finished the game, I checked if the bug returned. It had. lol)

Dracula's Legacy

4.3 hours, 16 of 16 achievements

Frankenstein: Master of Death
(won on SG)
It’s a pretty easy HOG game. I accidentally clicked at the train station missing one of the cut scenes, so didn’t get the last achievement. Oh well. lol.

Frankenstein: Master of Death

3.7 hours, 19 of 20 achievements

(won on SG)
It’s not a great game to be honest, but I do like the mindlessness of match 3 puzzles when I have nothing else to do haha. The story is rather crap, but the puzzles are fun. It’s an obvious mobile port with some issues left over from it’s original pay to win model. (such as running out of stamina and having to play a daft and pointless click-the-colours minigame)

Gunspell: Steam Edition

21.7 hours, no achievements

Egyptian Senet
(won on SG)
There’s not a whole lot to this one. It’s a simple and fun little board game. I played a few games of it against the AI. Reminds me of backgammon in some ways. Would be interesting to play with a friend I think.

Egyptian Senet

1.5 hours, no achievements

(won on SG)
I had started this one last time I posted. Finished it.


4.2 hours, 12 of 12 achievements

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride
I really like this series. It’s got a fairytale atmosphere it. Unfortunately, it requires a second play through choosing mahjong instead of the Hidden Object puzzles. I like to wait and play it at a later time when the rest of the puzzles feel new again.

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride

11.2 hours, 21 of 24 achievements

Grim Legends 3

Grim Legends 3: The Dark City

7.8 hours, 33 of 36 achievements

This was a ridiculously easy word game. Haha! I expected a little more of a challenge from it.


3.1 hours, no achievements

My Brother Rabbit
Finished the rest of the achievements

My Brother Rabbit

6.8 hours, 30 of 30 achievements

Breaking tradition :P

Forgotten Places: Regained Castle

(won on SG)

When I checked the reviews for this game, I thought it might be extremely boring, but I said I’d give it a shot anyway. There is no voice acting, everything is text based, which is a little weird since I am used to Artifex Mundi stuff. But, the story itself is interesting enough. The hidden object scenes are a little weird though. I found when clicking on one item on the list, I’d accidentally find two more in the same spot. Haha! There are a few other puzzles in the game that I very much enjoyed because they were a little different, and a little harder than what we usually see in this kind of game. Overall, I enjoyed it. 

Forgotten Places: Regained Castle

6.4 hours, 35 of 35 achievements

My Brother Rabbit
Oh, my gosh! This game is so stinkin’ adorable. Again, this game has no voice acting, but it gives you clues in the form of thought bubbles. It reminds me somewhat of Machinarium in that respect. (oh, if you haven’t played Machinarium, you should. It’s excellent.) I would love to see Artifex Mundi make a few more games in this style rather than their usual format that gets a little stale after you’ve played a few in a row.

My Brother Rabbit

5.3 hours, 28 of 30 achievements

Girls Like Robots
(won on SG)

Hilarious puzzle game. Girls like robots, robots like girls, girls hate nerds, but nerds like girls, nerds like robots, but robots are indifferent to nerds. Something like that. You have to place different characters on a grid. You score based on how much they love or hate each other. You have to beat a minimum score to pass to the next level. It’s heaps of fun for a few hours. The last achievement is a bit of a bore though, so I might not bother. You have to get to level 50 in an “endless drop” bonus level that just goes on and on, and you don’t have much control over what happens there. 

Girls Like Robots

8.5 hours, 8 of 9 achievements

(won on SG)

Kinda boring to be honest. It’s alright, but you’re basically just doing the same thing over and over, trying to get sequences of colours to gain awe (currency) and buy items to place on your planet. My only reason to keep playing now would be to cross off most of the achievements. It’s not a God game as is claimed. It’s more of a simple puzzle game. It’s not very intuitive and might be more suitable for kids. 


2.1 hours, 9 of 18 achievements

(won on SG)

This is a really nice puzzle game. Each stage add something new and contains a number of levels. I have one major nitpick about this game though. The later levels in each stage become a lot more complex and could benefit from having an undo button. There is nothing more frustrating than almost solving a puzzle only to make one dumb move near the end. Having said that, I still recommend it. There are hours of fun in this one if you enjoy challenging puzzles. 


3 hours, 7 of 12 achievements

Looks like a 6 month update tradition for me. I must try to do better lol. Here are some of the games I’ve been playing in that time

This is a fun little JRPG style game. I bought it a long time ago on sale and didn’t play til now. I am always happy when I come across a JRPG that is playable on mac. It has an average story, nothing terrible, nothing amazing either. I suppose the most annoying thing about this game is that you are capped at level 20. This makes later battles tedious because you’re not earning XP. They definitely should have paced that better because otherwise, this is a nice little game.

I got sidetracked and kinda stopped playing games for a while in the middle of this. I’ll finish it before uninstalling though haha.


34.0 hours, 15 of 34 achievements

It’s a nice, cute little puzzle game. It’s alright for a few hours, but it does become incredibly boring and repetitive. I honestly couldn’t be bothered going for all or most of the achievements. It’s one to play every once in a while to meet the puzzle game itch.


8.5 hours, 12 of 21 achievements

I had a lot of fun with this one. It reminds me a lot of the single player campaigns from Hearthstone, or at least the ones from a few years ago when I used to play.

The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game - Definitive Edition

20.2 hours, 18 of 73 achievements

3D Minesweeper. It’s a lot of fun, but… I can tell you, the triangle mode is evil, truly evil.


26.3 hours, 4 of 16 achievements

This one is fun and seems to translate well to digital form. Unfortunately, not many people seem to play it online, so I couldn’t play for any of the achievements. I played single-player against the bot only.


10.7 hours, 0 of 10 achievements

Another CCG. It’s fun, but it’s not something that has not captivated me for long periods of time. I tend to play a couple of boards every so often when I feel like it, but then I go and play something else.


17.9 hours, 9 of 59 achievements

Slay the Spire
I FINALLY beat the heart (+ levels) with all 4 characters. This game punishes me over and over, but I love it!

Slay the Spire

294.3 hours, 33 of 46 achievements

Ticket To Ride
It’s okay. Fun to play for a couple of hours here and there. I’ve never played the physical board game, so it was new to me.

Ticket to Ride

11.6 hours, 7 of 83 achievements

I bought this one heavily discounted on Steam. From what I gather from the reviews, some of the characters require some balancing and the dev hasn’t provided any updates in a while. BUT, I played through the Warrior until I beat him a couple times. That character is very well balanced and so much fun. It’s just as difficult as Slay the Spire and just as much fun. I hope they do come back and update it. I would love to see this game do well.


36.6 hours, 6 of 9 achievements

Demon Hunter 3

Demon Hunter 3: Revelation

4.1 hours, 23 of 24 achievements

Demon Hunter 4

Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light

9.2 hours, 21 of 22 achievements

Demon Hunter 5

Demon Hunter 5: Ascendance

4.3 hours, 24 of 24 achievements

Eventide: Slavic Fable

Eventide: Slavic Fable

8.9 hours, 25 of 25 achievements

Eventide 2

Eventide 2: The Sorcerers Mirror

4.6 hours, 30 of 30 achievements

Eventide 3

Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends

4.0 hours, 28 of 28 achievements

Evoland: Legendary Edition
I am currently playing Evoland. Have played through the first game and started the second. The first was very short though, but it was an interesting journey through the different styles of video games with a nice little story attached.

Evoland Legendary Edition

11.9 hours, 25 of 65 achievements

For The King
Won’t run properly on my machine, so have to add this one to the “won’t play” pile for now. It’s a shame because someone actually gave me this game some time ago, so I felt kinda bad about that.

For The King

5.1 hours, 0 of 78 achievements

Next, I will be targeting a few of my unplayed SG wins. :D

I think my leaving several months between posts may have become a bit of an unintentional trend for me.

I’d say, much of my game time has been taken up playing Slay the Spire, and Minion Masters over the past couple of months or so. But I did find the time to play some shorter games in between.

Spring Falls
This game is simply beautiful. You have to make the flowers bloom by directing the water to them. It’s a very simple concept, but some of the later puzzles can be moderately challenging. Playing this game made me happy. =)

Spring Falls

3.5 hours, 12 of 12 achievements

Minion Masters
It’s a free to play deckbuilding/ card-battler game, and the nice thing about it is that nothing is hidden behind a paywall. Yes, there are in app purchases, but everything is attainable just through playing the game. The community (and Twitch community is very welcoming to new players.) I’ve had a good bit of fun with it and I do plan to play it more on and off, but it’s not something I want to play non-stop like some people do lol. I stopped playing for now because I’m currently in a RISK tournament (non Steam) and I really only have time for one multiplayer community based game in my life at a time. XD

Minion Masters

164.9 hours, 34 of 38 achievements

Lux Delux
It’s alright. I tried it out, but to be honest, as someone who’s played a version of Risk for years (conquer club, which is better than the Hasbro version with a larger playerbase), I didn’t find it particularly engaging and some of the achievements seem near unobtainable. I might play some more when I am bored though. XD.

Lux Delux

9.7 hours, 5 of 27 achievements

Packed Train
Puzzle game where you have to pack different shaped blocks into a space while matching 3 or more to make them disappear. It’s very simple, but fun.

Packed Train

7.2 hours, 13 of 16 achievements

Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions
Just like the first game, I absolutely adored this one. Getting the final achievements requires you to play the game again on hard mode, so I plan to do that later. It’s made up of stunningly beautiful stained glass jigsaw puzzles. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a relaxing puzzle game. =)

Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions

15.3 hours, 35 of 40 achievements

Slay the Spire
I’ve played a lot more hours since I last posted about first playing this. I have beaten the game with all four characters and so am now focusing on beating the extra level “final act” with all 4 to get those achievements. Two down, and two to go. This is probably my favourite game at the moment.

Slay the Spire

255.5 hours, 28 of 46 achievements

Faerie Solitaire Harvest
I won the first game on SG, loved it, so bought this one myself. I have beaten the game since my last post, and now playing through again (NG+1) for the purpose of getting the achievements. You have to play through the game three times in total up to NG+2 in order to get all of them.

Faerie Solitaire Harvest

67.9 hours, 37 of 44 achievements

Tibetan Quest: Beyond the World’s End
(Won on SG.)
Not one of the better Artifex Mundi games. The puzzles are fine if you play the game without expecting too much by way of a storyline, and the artwork is beautiful. The story leaves much to be desired as it was pretty lazy writing. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense, to be honest. And it was devoid of anything Tibetan. They could have done some research into Tibetan history and mythology, but instead they just guessed their way through it throwing stuff in that seemed Asian. Haha! It does have mixed reviews for a reason. =)

Tibetan Quest: Beyond the World's End

5.3 hours, 18 of 18 achievements

Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink
(Won on SG.)
In contrast to the above, this is probably one of Artifex’s better titles. I loved playing it. The story was well written for a HOG and the puzzles were fun. In case you are wondering, Glass and Ink are the surnames of the two main characters, and it’s set in a Steampunk universe.

Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink

4.0 hours, 17 of 19 achievements

A few more alright HOG games I’ve played through this month:

Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond

Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond

3.3 hours, 23 of 28 achievements

Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter
(Won on SG)

Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter

3.8 hours, 15 of 15 achievements

1 Moment Of Time: Silentville
(Won on SG)

1 Moment Of Time: Silentville

3.6 hours, 37 of 43 achievements

It’s been a while since I updated here. These are some of the games I’ve played/beaten over the past few months. As you can see, a few of them took up quite a bit of time. I’ve had a lot going on with real life since I was last here, so there was a time that I wasn’t playing any games at all. But, thankfully, everything is as good as it can be at the moment. =)

I hope everyone here has been keeping well throughout all of this lockdown madness. Stay safe out there. <3

It’s a fun little mindsweeper-like puzzle game with a twist. Each “world” has a different twist on the puzzle. I very much enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone who enjoys short puzzle games. I would have gotten all of the achievements for this game, but for some reason, they will not activate on my mac. (Some got it to work according to the game’s discussion forum, I didn’t.) I took a screenshot on Steam instead.


5.7 hours, 0 of 6 achievements

Mahjong Huntress
There isn’t a whole lot to see about this one, except that it’s Mahjong. I like playing games like this in between bigger things. The story is a wee bit nonsensical, but the puzzles are fun. The game is somewhat buggy at times though, but still managed to complete it.

The Mahjong Huntress

62.8 hours, 16 of 16 achievements

Faerie Solitaire Remastered
Won on Steamgifts with original game. I completed the original game a long time ago. They had since released the mac version of “remastered” so I finally got to play it. Nonsensical story, but I love solitaire games. They’re so relaxing. :D

Faerie Solitaire Remastered

44.9 hours, 30 of 30 achievements

Lines X
This game made me angry because it’s not really a game, imho. It was way too easy and the achievements are spam. There should be only one solution for each puzzzle, but there are several. If anyone is thinking of buying this game for their children, don’t. Some of the achievements have extremely rude words on them, which there was no need for. I completed it for completion sake, but if I had known that this was a fake achievement spam game, I wouldn’t have bought it. The only thing it has going for it is that it looks nice, but they probably use some online assets.

Lines X

1.4 hours, 590 of 590 achievements

Dots Extreme
Dots Extreme has the same premise as Lines X, but it’s an excellent game. Each puzzle has one solution. The game isn’t as pretty as Lines X, but it functions the way it should, with no spammy achievements. I recommend this one if you’re looking for a real game in this genre.

Dots eXtreme

5.7 hours, 3 of 9 achievements

Another little puzzle game, which is basically Minesweeper in 3D. I loved it.


7.4 hours, 8 of 8 achievements

Faerie Solitaire Harvest

Faerie Solitaire Harvest

38.3 hours, 29 of 44 achievements

Sudoku Universe
Just a plain Sudoku game for wasting time. XD

Sudoku Universe

36.2 hours, 75 of 76 achievements

Monster Loves You
I won this one on Steamgifts. It’s fun for the first couple of play-throughs, BUT… It requires you to play it over and over with different endings to get all of the achievements. I got bored after a while. Maybe I’ll return to it at some point when it feels like playing a fresh game again. I do like to get most of the achievements if I can. ^^

Monster Loves You!

3.2 hours, 5 of 14 achievements

Battle Chasers: Nightwar
I LOVED this game. It is a turn-based JRPG and Dungeon Crawler. It reminds me very much of a cross between something like Final Fantasy X and Torchlight. Sure, it’s a wee bit grindy like most JRPG type games, but once you progress above the level of the monsters in an area, you can run on past without fighting any of them. You can choose to fight them if you require items for making potions. The art styles used in this game are beautiful as well. Now I have the option to play a new+ game with a higher level of difficulty. I may do that next time around. I have a couple of similar games to play first. I will say one thing though… the final boss is a tough cookie to beat. lol.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

69.6 hours, 35 of 48 achievements

Won this on Steamgifts, and what can I say. #Holybugsbatman. I’ve shelved it for now. Will try to come back to it at a later time. lol.


0.3 hours, 5 of 27 achievements

I tried to run Cities: Skylines the other day, but meh. I will need a more powerful machine to run that. It’s extremely resource heavy. That one will have to stay on my backlog for now.

Hi Everyone, I’ve not posted in a while. Things have been going a little better for me. Still have some pain, but definitely improved some since I last posted. While I’ve been watching Netflix more often than I’ve been gaming… Oops, I’ve still managed to get some games in.


I won Red’s Kingdom on SteamGifts. It’s incredibly cute, but also fun for what it is. Originally a mobile game, it’s been ported successfully, sans bugs, for PC/Mac. You are a little squirrel named Red. The mad king has stolen all of your winter nut store and your poor old father (Sweet Old Pa). Since it’s a puzzle game, (depite looking closer to Zelda or Cat Quest) it is played entirely with the arrow keys and spacebar. Every room/section you enter is a puzzle.

The goal of the game is to get your father back, and your nuts. Some pretty funny innuendo in there at random times, and whether it’s intentional or not, one can only guess. 

It’s not the most difficult game. The puzzles are still challenging enough to keep you entertained for a little while. Played it completely guide free, so didn’t come across anything that didn’t require simple logic to get past. Nice one to play if you’re just looking for something casual.

Weirdly, there is an “ending” 3/4 of the way through the game and you get the game completion achievement. It’s not actually done at that point. You still have to find the golden nuts to complete the game, so there is a sort of second ending.

Red's Kingdom

14.1 hours, 15 of 21 achievements

I bought Tricky Towers one when it came out in a Humble bundle recently as it’s been on my Wishlist for ages. I’ve always loved Tetris, and this one combines Tetris with physics in an interesting mash-up. I have a lot of hours and very little of the achievements, but that’s because I was playing the “endless” modes where you try to beat your high score. I will eventually play all of the levels and get the achievements, but plenty of time to get them since it’s basically a never-ending game. =)

Tricky Towers

40.8 hours, 4 of 29 achievements

I’ve had Slay the Spire in my library for quite a while, and never played it. I bought it for myself during last year’s Christmas sales, but with everything I went through this past year, I just didn’t get around to it. Now, it’s become my current addiction. lol. I’m really enjoying this game. I’ve beaten it with all three characters, but now there are the Ascension levels to try. I love Hearthstone, although, I’ve never been one to spend a whole slew of money on that game, so was just plodding along buying whatever cards I could with collected gold. Slay the Spire is a happy alternative as it has no crappy microtransactions, and it’s a rogue-lite, so the game is a little different every time. =)

Slay the Spire

65.3 hours, 21 of 44 achievements

Tumblestone is a silly little game where the developers think they are way funnier than they are. They’re really not that funny. XD. However, I really do like the mechanics in this game. It’s a twist on the match three genre, where after every so many levels, they add in an extra quirk to make things more difficult. You have to think ahead in order to clear the level so that you can move forward. I’ve been enjoying it as something to play on and off when I am bored. It reminds me a little of the mobile game “Pet Rescue Saga.”


23.9 hours, 13 of 28 achievements

Hollow Knight is a really nice game, but frustratingly difficult at times. Of all the metroidvanias I’ve played, it’s been the most difficult. I took a break from it and started playing something else, then kinda lost where I was or what I was doing haha! I’ll try and start it up again soon and see about finishing the thing. XD

Hollow Knight

16.1 hours, 3 of 63 achievements

I won Upside Down on SteamGifts. Haven’t finished it yet. It has an interesting mechanic where you can switch between playing upright, or upside down to pass through obstacles. It’s a good little game. I do plan on finishing it at some point soon.

Upside Down

1.4 hours, 35 of 78 achievements

LUXOR: 5th Passage is also a SteamGifts win. It’s just a run of the mill marble shooting game where you match colours. I like playing those kinds of games to relax for half an hour at a time. =) Would have been nice if it had achievements, but I guess it’s pretty old.

LUXOR: 5th Passage

6.2 hours, no achievements

Faces of Illusion: The Twin Phantoms is yet another medicore Hidden Object game.

Faces of Illusion: The Twin Phantoms

6.1 hours, 9 of 13 achievements

It’s been a while. I went through my back surgery in March. All went well initially, then I suffered a CSF leak that had me messed up for another month. I couldn’t even sit up without vomiting or crying in pain because the headache associated with it was that bad. After the headache subsided, a large lump formed on my back at the site of the surgery further impeding my healing. This was a psuedomeningocele filled with CSF fluid. That has only gone away in June, so now I am truly on the road to recovery. While I was playing games a little when I wasn’t feeling too bad, I generally just let my backlog grow even more. Gonna try and pick up where I left off and actually play some of my games. lol.

So since last time I’ve been playing…

Won on Steamgifts. I am probably never going to get the achievements for this since they don’t register for MacOSX users, but I have most definitely played it. Another problem with the mac version is the leaderboard. It doesn’t work, so you can’t keep track of high scores to beat. I like the game, it’s nice, but the lack of leaderboard kinda takes away my enthusiasm to play endless hours.


1.6 hours, 0 of 9 achievements

A nice little Hidden Object game. The story was actually pretty decent, the art was lovely and the voice actors were pretty good too. One thing I’d say though is that the puzzles are quite easy. Completed the game in 4 hours.

Kingmaker: Rise to the Throne

4.1 hours, 18 of 18 achievements

More HO games.

Mythic Wonders: The Philosopher's Stone

7.4 hours, 24 of 24 achievements

Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom

3.8 hours, 13 of 13 achievements

As for Crimson Lilly, I’d say it is one of the worst Artifex Mundi games in terms of story. It was so friggen confusing and dopey, I don’t even. But… I finished it regardless.

Crime Secrets: Crimson Lily

8.6 hours, 24 of 24 achievements

I won this game in a Steamgifts giveaway a few months back and I’ve only gotten around to playing it now. I’ve always liked good solitaire card games anyway. They are relaxing. This one is a nice take on the classic game. I didn’t really care too much for the story to be honest. It felt a little irrelevant/disconnected from the game itself. In order for me to care about the story, it would need to be integrated into the gameplay somehow. However, I suppose kids would love that side of it since it adds a cutesy element. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the upcoming Mac option for the Remastered version, so I can play that too. (Them two last achievements though…. >.>)

Faerie Solitaire

28.1 hours, 28 of 30 achievements

I loved the first Glass Masquerade. I had to buy the second one. They are just so beautiful. Sure, it’s just a jigsaw game, but it’s simply gorgeous, relaxing soundtrack. Everything you could want from a game that you can relax on the couch with a cup of coffee and play at your leisure.

Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions

9.3 hours, 33 of 38 achievements

I have been playing a LOT of Armello. Over 100 hours worth. My friend gifted me this game because he wanted more people to play it with. And figured I’d like it because according to him, I gravitate toward cute things. (I think that may be true lol). I sorta got hooked on the game. XD I haven’t really been aiming to get all the achievements, but might do that soon. Game is a little CPU intensive for a board game though, that’s my only gripe.


107.9 hours, 36 of 50 achievements

Ugh, so I’ve been playing Witches Pranks. Not a bad game despite it’s very cheap looking logo/preview. BUT… the cutscenes don’t work on mac, all you get is the audio, subtitles, a blank screen and a skip button. Turns out it’s a known issue that they never bothered to fix. Oh well. Game is way too easy anyway, but I would have enjoyed the story a bit more had I not had to go to Youtube to watch the scenes mid-game.

Witch's Pranks: Frog's Fortune Collector's Edition

5.6 hours, no achievements

A recent win on SG. I played this one years ago, and I vaguely remembered it. It’s entertaining, but certainly didn’t find it as hilarious as other people seem to. The one gripe I have with games like this is that there’s an awful lot of backtracking to find what you need. Still, the entertaining little story made up for it. I didn’t hunt for the rest of the achievements, but I’ll do that some other time. ^^

Day of the Tentacle Remastered

4.2 hours, 36 of 58 achievements

I won this on Steamgifts. As much as I love Mah Jong and was looking forward to this, it can’t be played on my machine. Apparently, the devs haven’t updated it to run on modern machines and has many complaints from both Windows and Mac users. Had I known, I honestly wouldn’t have entered to win it because my intention when entering a giveaway is to play those games at some point. =(

Luxor Mahjong

0.0 hours, no achievements

I’ve played a few games since my last post. I’ve been playing quite a few more hours on Torchlight. Also been playing the Beta for the digital version of the board game Evolution. It’s really, really good. I’m very tempted to buy the game when it’s released, but only if I have some friends who are playing it too.

Anyway, here are some games that I completed:

Time Mysteries: Inheritance - Remastered

4.9 hours, 10 of 10 achievements

I found this game way too easy. The graphics were a bit meh in some of the hidden object scenes. I actually had to do some random clicking to find a few things, not because they were well hidden, but because I couldn’t see them at all. They were pixelated and faded into the background. I ran through the game twice in that 4.9 hours out of curiosity and I can tell you, even the second time around, knowing where those objects were, I had to random click in the general area.

Definitely not one of the best Artifex Mundi games. Too simplistic and repetitive. I would expect higher graphics quality for the hidden object scenes in a remastered version. That was just lazy.

Great game for children since it’s not scary in any way. Many of Artifex Mundi’s games are not suitable for kids. Not so great for adults though. 5/10

Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient Spectres

5.8 hours, 10 of 11 achievements

This game was better than the previous installment with much improved graphics for the hidden object scenes. The time travel aspect of the game is quite fun and I didn’t really appreciate it at all with the previous game.
There is a weird bug with this game though. You can’t get the last achievement unless you complete all of the achievements on one profile. I started a second profile right near the beginning because I accidentally hit the hint button and I didn’t want to. I had already achieved two of the achievements by then, so I guess I’d have to go back using the same profile to meet the requirements for those achievements again. Very annoying.

It’s still not the best Artifex Mundi game, but I’ll give it 6/10 for improvement on the previous one.

Time Mysteries 3: The Final Enigma

4.0 hours, 11 of 11 achievements

Again, this one is a step up from the previous game, but… I still wouldn’t go as far as to call it great. While the second game was a little more difficult than the first, this one seemed to get easier again. Anyway, I’ll give it 7/10 for it’s slight improvement from the second game, but that’s how far I’ll go.

Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala

5.7 hours, 32 of 34 achievements

This is one of my Steamgifts wins. I actually won the full trilogy on the same day lol. Anyway… I finally completely it. This series was fantastic. I really loved it and of the games I’ve played from this publisher, this series was most definitely the best. The third installment brought the story to a nice conclusion. Gameplay-wise I’d say this one wasn’t quite as good as the second game, Mists of Ravenwood. But… it does provide a satisfying ending, so I found it worth it just for that. :) 8.5/10

Since I last posted, my dog had to be put to sleep. It was the hardest decision we have ever had to make. We had him for 17.5 years. Just before Christmas, we were told that he was in the early stages of kidney failure. We were torn about making the decision then, but my younger sister who has been suffering from depression was really upset about him not being there while she was home for Christmas. I mentioned in an earlier post that I am living at home with my parents while I’m waiting to have surgery. We decided to leave him over Christmas and hope that he’d not take a downward turn. In fact, he seemed to improve. He was happy, even rolling around on the carpet, so we decided that so long as he was showing signs of being happy, we’d leave him. I took him to the vet at the end of January to have his nails clipped and a check over. He was fine. The vet of course told me all the signs to look out for in case something happened. 2 days later, he took a bit of a downward turn. He stopped eating. When a dog won’t even eat chicken, that’s a bad sign. It was time. So on 1st Feb, we had him put to sleep. Honestly feels like losing a little person.

But… I do have some good news too. I got a date for my surgery. Will be happening in mid-March. Of course this means that I can’t go to my sister-in-law’s bachelorette/hen party since she’s having it in England for St. Patrick’s weekend, but I should be better for the wedding in May. ^^ I can’t wait to get my life back. This back thing has been plaguing me for almost 2 years.

Since my last post, I beat Enigmatis 2, a game I had won on Steamgifts.

Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood

5.4 hours, 27 of 36 achievements

I also started playing Torchlight


16.4 hours, 17 of 66 achievements

My broadband is down and probably will be for the next few days, since I can’t see them fixing it over the weekend. The phone company were connecting a new house just down the road and around that time, our phone line was disconnected. I have a feeling that they did something stupid. Now it’s going to take them the best part of a week to fix the darn thing, which means no gaming for me.