Jirus’ profile

I’m Valentina and I have a thing for jrpgs, that means that most of the time I’m a really slow completionist.
Let’s hope I can change it soon, especially with games I really really like.

Aye! So here I am, I have this bad habit to never complete my games and this is wrong! Too bad this website applies only for steam :’).
But, this will change soon! I will start slowly, and then I will reach my objective!
First of all, in August I’m giving myself this objective:

Final fantasy XIII and/or Tales of Berseria

So, I’m a big fan of jrpg games as u guys can see, and usually they are quite the long deal, so that won’t be very easy. But I’m kinda sure I can finish one of them for sure, and I must because I won’t buy anything else from the two sagas if I don’t finish both.
If I finish FF XIII I’ll consider continuing further in ff xv that I have through sharing library, or if sales happens to buy and play another chapter (we shall see) while if I finish tales of berseria my next objective of the saga will be either Symphonia or Vesperia (well that Is coming on steam soon, kinda).
So my objective is to kill the backlog of my jrpgs!
Yea I should play the other games aswell, but few each time is my Motto!
On the 1st September let’s see if I broke my promise!