About Me Silentrets’ profile

I’m addicted to play generally Steam Games and i have a huge collection. I like especially Open world and FPS games. I like horror games too.

Beaten or Finished Games in February, March And April:
-Magnus Positive Phototaxis
-Anime Puzzle
-The Invincible
-Nash Racing Battle
-Lights Off Director’s Cut
-Please Touch The Artwork 2
-Limb From Limb
-Weed Harvest
-To The Max
-Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk
-Toree 3D
-Redemption of Li Wei
-My Hotel: Echoes of the Past
-Whispering Shadows
-Exit Kun
-Saints Row Remake (Epic Games)
-Annotation of Love
-lizards vs Slavs : Arena
-LEWD GIRLS: Hentai Puzzle
-My Boyfriend is a Martian👰❤️👽
-Beach Bitch

Beaten or Finished Games in December,January and Until February(4th):
-Looking for Aliens!
-Egg Drop
-Mace and Grace
-The Costumer is Always Right
-A Tale for Anna
-Parasocial | パラソーシャル
-Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered
-Hentai Mosaique Vip Room
-Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders
-Loading Simulator
-Neko Journey
-The Last Hope
-ASMR Food Experience Playtest
-Goblin Gangbang
-Sensual Adventures - Episode 9
-Sakura Swim Club
-Wraith: The Oblivion - Afterlife (Abondened cuz it has so many bugs)
-Hibernation Day
-World of Talesworth: Idle MMO Simulator
-Ghostwire: Tokyo
-Dogs Huddled Together
-Lazarus A.D. 2222
-Schrodinger’s Cat Experiment

Beaten or Finished Games in September, October and November (20th):
-Brukel (100% Achievements)
-Supraland (100% Achievements)
-BOOBS SAGA: Prepare To Hentai Edition (Beaten)
-Apartament 1406 (Beaten)
-Horror Adventure VR (Finished)
-Tatari The Arrival Demo (Finished)
-Soul’s Spectrum Awakening (Beaten)
-The Backrooms Realm of Shadows (Beaten)
-Cookie Clicker (Beaten)
-Richie’s Plank Experience (Finished)
-Santa Simulator (Finished)
-The Assembly (Beaten)
-Dread X Collection 3 (100% Achievements)
-Superhot (Beaten)
-Dread X Collection 2 (100% Achievements)
-Image (Beaten)
-Catie in MeowmeowLand (Beaten)

Beaten or Finished Games in July and August:
-Effugium (Finished)
-Paper Bride (100% Achievements)
-Life is Strange 2 (Beaten)
-Dear Red - Extended (100% Achievements)
-Last Broadcast (Finished)
-The Devil’s Face (100% Achievements)
-Long Way (100% Achievements)
-AKUI: The Insane Cultists (Finished)
-Half-Life: Opposing Force (Beaten)
-Paranormal HK (100% Achievements)
-Transmissions: Element 120 (Beaten)
-Big Breezy Boat (100% Achievements)

Beaten or Finished Games in May and June:
-Sixteeth Kilometer (Finished)
-Visionarium 2 - The Descent (100% Achievements)
-DragonStone (Beaten)
-Shop Tycoon (100% Achievements)
-Biomutant (100% Achievements)
-The Great C (Finished)
-03.04 (Beaten)
-Paper Beast (Beaten)
-Within Skerry (Beaten)
-Tales of the Neon Sea (Beaten)
-Layers of Fear (Beaten)
-Layers of Fear 2016 (Finished)
-Winter Novel (100% Achievement)
-Paradise Trails
-Angels of Amsterdam (Finished)
-The Callisto Protocol (Beaten with Season Pass)
-神遊敦煌-莫高窟第61窟 (Finished)
-粤剧帝女花VR版 (Finished)
-Hogwarts Legacy (100% Achievements)
-Chasing Tails -A Promise in the Snow- (100% Achievements)

Beaten or finished games in March and April:
2020 The Ride (Finished)
Warhammer: Chaosbane (Beaten)
Family Mysteries: Poisonous Promises (100% Achievements)
Four Model Museum (Finished)
Orborun (Beaten)
HOT FIT! (Finished)
Resident Evil 4 (Finished)
Summer In Mara (100% Achievements)
Sexual Void (100% Achievements)
Daydream: Prologue (Finished)
PROTOCOL 11 (Beaten)
Air Threat (100% Achievements)
Clone Adventures (100% Achievements)
Private Dance VR (Finished)
Seek Girl (100% Achievements)
The Seduction of Shaqeera VR (Beaten)
Sex with the Devil (100% Achievements)
SEXTS (100% Achievements)
The Official GamingTaylor Game, Great Job! (Finished)
Mental Asylum VR (Finished)
Oh, you touch my balls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (100% Achievements)
Live2D VR Girls (Finished)
SinVR (Beaten free one)
ProjectM: Dream (Finished it was like video)

Beaten or finished games in January and February:
Green Hell
Dreadout 2
Aluna: Sentinel of Shards
Within The Backrooms
Gas Station Simulator
Carlos The Taco
3D Gravity Rocket
Bad Cat Sam (%100 achievement)
Bobo Robot
Sex Girlfriend Simulator (%100 achievement)
Magical Girl Survivors: Prologue
hOrnyWars (100% achievement)
Yoko & Yuki: Dr. Rat’s Revenge
Virtual Reality Girls
PROTOCOL 11 (I play again until fixing bugs)
Stranger (Refunded)
Gore Prologue
Fear Surrounds (English language put up forever, its chinese now)
Essence Of The Tjikko - Prologue (Nearly i was finishing it, save system has been corrupted)
Paper Dolls VR (Refunded)
鳥獣妖怪戯画 (Choju Yokai Giga)

I finished recently these games:
Penn & Teller VR: Frankly Unfair, Unkind, Unnecessary, & Underhanded
The Callisto Protocol
Endless Waves Survival
Eagle Flight (VR)
Dread Eye (VR)
Real Horror Stories
Dreadout KOTD
Don’t Knock Twice(VR)
A Fisherman’s Tale (VR)
The Nightfall
High On Life
Wooden House
Black Island
Backrooms Escape Together
AC: Valhalla with Ragnarök DLC (It was very good but i gave up to beat just roguelike map)
Time to Space Panic (0.9 Hours)
Walk Alone(0.2 hours)
Blind (9 hours gameplay)
I’m planning to finish these games:
Yakuza 0 (again i finished already on Xbox with game pass PC)
Gears 5
Puzzle Pieces 5: Fairy Ring
Life is Strange 2
Half Life Alyx
Green Hell
Dreadout 2
Aluna: Sentinel of Shards
Torchlight II
Descenders (its really hard for me maybe i can give up but ill try anyway).

The Council 34/42 21.8 h finished
Soul Axiom Rebooted 41/64 11.4 h finished
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 36/75 63.2 h finished
Ding Dong VR 32/32 69 min finished
Yakuza 0 17/55 24.8 h unfinished
RollerCoaster VR Universe No achievements 46 m finished
total: 160 122.4 h 5
19721 games (+7 not categorized yet)
95% never played
2% unfinished
1% beaten
1% completed
1% won't play