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Oh My!

I’m Spanky Pie, and I found my vice. I don’t know about you, but I’m admitting now that I have a problem.

I have too many games, and not even one backlog can contain them! So I made two backlogs to strive for! They’re ever expanding, though, so good luck to me.

Standard backlog

These are more big-budget games that I will try to finish one game per month of. This is going to be mostly for Backlog Attack so this list may include games on other platforms.

I will play these games as I feel like it, but as a rule, I have to finish one per month. If I start playing a game and realize that I don’t like it, I better find a replacement one soon. Finishing a game from this list means beating the main story, or at the very least having enough information about a game to write a full informed review on my Backlog Attack thread.

Games from my “15 Minutes of Game” backlog may end up here if I like them enough.

“15 Minutes of Game” backlog

These are maybe smaller games that I don’t really have much hope of finishing. Basically, I’ll try a game for around 15 minutes to see if I like the game or not. I’ll record a playthrough of it (software/memory permitting) and upload it on to my Youtube channel, (Please subscribe!) and then report here on my progress.

I’ll start with games that drop cards, and proceed from there. I have already farmed all the cards I need, so I’ll mostly be playing games that technically I already have playtime of.

There will be instances where the I don’t like the game enough to play 10 minutes or more of it, or if it crashes for me and I can’t get it to work. In those cases, I’ll throw them away from my backlog. I can’t waste any more of my time!

That’s it!

So yeah, time to clear this backlog!

Update: April 30, 2016

Another long-overdue update.. :3

I said I was going through Dying Light. Well, I finished the main campaign, but I kinda want to get through The Following too before doing my review. I did finish Epistory, though, so I made that my Backlog Attack review for April. Check out my review for that here!

I also uploaded a First 18 Minutes video for Epistory on my Youtube Channel!


I went through quite a lot of games since the last update. Check out my list for details.

I also uploaded six total videos to my Youtube page since the last update, including Epistory. I’m starting to have a big backlog of videos to upload, so I’m hoping to keep pushing more of them soon.

Kaiju-A-Gogo Airstrike HD Apotheon Hard Room A Grande Bagunca Espacial

That’s it for today. Until next time!


Update: April 7, 2016

Hi everyone! I haven’t updated in quiiiite a while, huh.. That’s because I’ve been down a rabbit hole called “Dying Light”. I’ll have that as a review for Backlog Attack for this month soon.

Dying Light

I also made some progress in my smaller backlog since last time, too!

The Last NightMary - A Lenda do Cabeça de Cuia: A pretty simple horror/puzzle/adventure game where you basically traverse a maze, avoiding the monster and doing puzzles. It’s too dull for my taste, but it’s a pretty well made game.
LowCoBall: Basically a foosball simulator. I loved this game!
Labyrinth Simulator: You’re in a maze… I guess you have to get out? The game doesn’t even lock your mouse cursor to the window. I don’t have the patience for this.
Louie Cooks: The game says it requires a microphone to play. Also, it’s compatible with VR. So… Two things… I’m too lazy to set up a microphone right now, and I think it’s best if I play it again when I get VR.

I’ll have a First Few Minutes video of The Last NightMary up soon.

The Last NightMary - A Lenda do Cabeça de Cuia LowcoBall Labyrinth Simulator Louie Cooks

I also uploaded three videos to my Youtube channel since my last update! Yay! Click the images below!

Light LowcoBall JUJU

That’s it for today. Until next time!


Update: March 26, 2016

Hi everyone! Another update for today. I played quite a few games today.

Kaiju-a-Gogo: It was a kaiju simulator where you control a monster and you wreck cities. It was pretty fun, but very monotonous.

Kivi, Toilet and Shotgun: This game also feels super monotonous, but not very fun. You play as a dude with a car and you shoot enemies with a very inaccurate gun. And you can buy stuff.

Light Now, this one, I actually enjoyed quite a bit. You play as a square that was in some sort of laboratory, I guess, where they were using you as a subject in something called “Project Light”. It’s an interesting concept with nice stealth-based gameplay.

Lost in Paradise: A point and click game that did not make a good impression. I couldn’t play more than a minute of it. I’m giving up on that one.

Lost World Zero: It’s I guess some sort of first person shooter, but I have no idea what I’m supposed to do, so I gave up on it after three minutes.

I’ll have a First Few Minutes video of the first three up soon.

Kaiju-A-Gogo Kivi, Toilet and Shotgun Light Lost in Paradise Lost World Zero

I also uploaded one video to my Youtube channel for I Am Bread. It’s hard having a slow internet connection. Plus, uploading sort of takes up all my bandwidth, and I can’t do anything else with the internet while uploading something. Sad times. I’m looking for ways to throttle my upload speeds.

I Am Bread

That’s it for today. Until next time!


Update: March 24, 2016

Hi everyone! Just a little update for today.

I played If My Heart Had Wings for a bit today. It seems funny but also a bit cringe-y at times. It’s kinda disappointing because I was kinda looking forward to it. Then again, it’s hard to judge a VN in the first few scenes.

I might play more of that in the future… But I didn’t find it interesting enough to wind up on my standard backlog.

I’ll have a First Few Minutes video of that up soon.

If My Heart Had Wings!

I uploaded two videos to my Youtube channel today too! One for the game I played yesterday, The Living Dungeon as requested by Thyreos. I also uploaded one for Island Defense.

The Living Dungeon Island Defense!

That’s it for today. Until next time!



I’m Spanky Pie, and I found my vice. I don’t know about you, but I’m admitting now that I have a problem. I have too many games. That tends to happen when you are a collector. I have already conceded that I won’t finish them all if I had two lifetimes, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t at least try playing them.

TotalBiscuit (used to?) have a show where he plays games for 15 minutes each. That’s what I’m planning to do. I’m going to try to play as many games that I have for around that time each and will report here on how I do. And I’m also going to try to record a video of what I did during that time period, and post them on YouTube. You can find my YouTube channel here. I’d love it if you guys subscribed! (wink, wink).

I’m going to begin with games with cards and then see where it goes from there. I’ll still find time to go through my regular backlog (where I consider “completed” as finished the story), but that’s mostly going to be for Backlog Attack. If you’re interested, you can find my Backlog Attack review thread here. I finished Remember Me for March 2016!

So anyways, thanks for inviting me to the group! To begin with, I played The Living Dungeon earlier. I would have loved to play more games, but an update for Guitar Hero Live dropped today. Haha

My playthrough video for that will come up soon (I also have a backlog of uploading videos, lol), but I uploaded my playthroughs of Iron Fisticle and Agent Awesome today. Yay!

Until next time!


The Living Dungeon Iron Fisticle Agent Awesome Remember Me!

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