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I like to write reviews about games, mentioning stuff I like, stuff I don’t like, a meme here and there, a couple of GIFs, and jokes, lots of (un)funny jokes. And I know a lot of questions will be asked about my Steam profile picture, so I’ll go ahead and answer it here — yes, the mustache is very much real, and extra thicc. I also love to screenshot stuff in-game and play with the photo mode if there is one, so you should expect some goodies each Sunday, hopefully.

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I know spooky season is over, but I really love this shot from Resident Evil 7 for Screenshot Sunday #30. I adore the game, and it’s one of the best games I played all year. But the colors are a bit bland, which did ruin the mood a bit. So, I had to use a ReShade, and this is the end result. I really loved tinkering with it while taking this screenshot. I might upload one of my favorite Resident Evil Village screenshots next (and no, it’s not the big lady).

So, until then, do you have what it takes to see what’s hiding behind door number 1?

down you go

Since I’m going over all my Resident Evil 4 Remake screenshots for a super duper secret project, I found some amazing ones. The one I chose for the Screenshot Sunday #29 is one I took of a secret location storing one of the game’s occult sacrifices, only seen in the intro. I really love the RE engine’s lighting and attention to detail. It easily delivers a superb horror ambiance although the game does a good job of squashing it with constant action. Still, was very fun getting to this location and interacting with it, especially since I had to remember to backtrack there (something the game rewards the player handsomely for).


I finally finished a new game, yay. So, for Screenshot Sunday #28 I’m going to post one of my better shots captured during my six hours with Mirror’s Edge, DICE’s gem that I think not many newer gamers know about. After all, DICE is all about Battlefield, and the two Star Wars games they made in the past, what, 10+ years. The game holds up incredibly well, with the parkour platforming mechanics still being top-notch (even if sometimes it can be just a tiny bit clunky). But the combat is just outright horrendous, especially when forced on the player to use it. Mirror’s Edge is best when I was moving, and combat would often just hamper that. Still, I think the pros outweigh the cons, and I would recommend you set the difficulty to Easy, because even some segments where you can run past enemies can require a lot of trail-and-error due to how fast they make a swiss chees out of you, even on Normal. And since the difficulty doesn’t really affect anything other than how many bullets you can take before having a dinner date with death, I’d say go for it so you can fully enjoy the star of the show, the parkour.

The game is visually stunning and has a very unique style. The city buildings coated in white are nicely contrasted by bits and pieces of color sprinkled throughout the levels, and this works wonders when it comes to Runner Vision, a way DICE guides the player without using any sort of map marker or mini-map. If you see an object that is color coded bright red, you can interact with it by jumping, swinging, or opening it. It can look a bit out of place at times, but overall, it’s a great way for the environment to guide the player and to have their eyes focused on the game, not the mini-map at the bottom of the screen.

So, sit back, relax and take in view of the sunset in The City
Mirror's Edge

For Screenshot Sunday #27 I’m gonna go with one of my favorite shots I worked on in any game’s photo mode. Spider-Man’s photo mode that let’s you be super creative and bring a more comic book-ish feeling to your shots, which I love. It could use some QoL improvements, which I hope the second game brought, so I can capture even more funky shots (when it inevitably comes to PC).


Well, this month has been quite a roller coaster for me. Most recently, it seems October decided to bless me with my year-old RAM sticks (2x16) going bad. I’m in the process of seeing if it’s both or just one stick (hopefully it’s only one), but this definitely ain’t cash money. At least I had each Sunday to look forward to and another Screenshot Sunday post to make. This time it’s #26. I’ve been replaying the Assassin’s Creed franchise from the start, again, this time streaming to a couple of friends. I didn’t manage to capture this cool shot during my own playthrough early in the year, but now I did. Yay!

So, enjoy Ezio stalking his prey. I’m off to see if I need to go through RMA for both of my G-Skill RAM sticks. MemTest86 here I come!

It’s been a slow few months for me in the playing department. But I did capture some cool shots during my time with a game I absolutly loved, Remnant: From the Ashes. Hopefully I can stumble upon a game that grabs me as easily as Remnant did. And so, for Screenshot Sunday #25, you get to meet the Undying King. But avert your gaze, for you are not worthy of his majestic aura.
Undying King

A remake of a beloved game will be the benefactor for this week and the pick for the Screenshot Sunday #24. I’m talking of course about the remake of Mafia. While the game has an open world, it’s but an illusion. There’s nothing to do and interact with, and if they cut out all the driving from point A to point B (which you can actually do with a press of a button), the game would feel the same. It’s a shame to see such a wasted opportunity but it is what it is. The gameplay was fun, but it did have a few lows like the frequent car chases (the driving just isn’t that great) and some segments overstayed their welcome. The story and cinematography are amazing, but the voice acting isn’t the best for certain characters. Overall, Mafia The Definitive Edition was a fun game despite some of its issues.

So, salute and don’t forget to bring your long coat, I hear there’s a chance of raining Tommy gun bullets.


For Screenshot Sunday #23 I’m going back to a classic — Assassin’s Creed. While the game is a bit clunky and plays more like a tech demo, there were signs of an assassin sim-like in the making. Sadly, Ubisoft abandoned it and steered the franchise into a more mainstream genre, action-adventure. I still love the franchise, but seeing how fun Dishonored is, “What if? always comes up when I think about the franchise and it’s changes through the years.

One thing that hasn’t changed from the first game, is the exceptional rendition of the world. It’s a joy just walking through the streets of these towns, taking in all the scenery and scaling real monuments. Hopefully, I’ll get to filtering out my thousands of screenshots from these games and post some more. Until next week my peeps.


For Spooktober, I’m going to join others in spreading horror vibes online. So, for Screenshot Sunday #22 it’s going to be yet another shot from my time with Resident Evil 4 Remake and its photo mode. While the game plays nothing like a pure survival horror, you can’t really tell in this shot now, can you? So, you better run, or he’s gonna getcha!

For Screenshot Sunday #21 I’ll share one of my favorite shots this year. It came from Resident Evil 4 Remake which I bought on day 1. Money well spent, even if the new edgy Leon look and vibe weren’t to my liking. The game doesn’t really do much new to revamp the Remake gameplay formula, but stealth is now possible. And this shot best captures that. I really enjoyed being a sneaky slav and stabbing unaware ganados. Blood was in the air that night.