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I like to write reviews about games, mentioning stuff I like, stuff I don’t like, a meme here and there, a couple of GIFs, and jokes, lots of (un)funny jokes. And I know a lot of questions will be asked about my Steam profile picture, so I’ll go ahead and answer it here — yes, the mustache is very much real, and extra thicc. I also love to screenshot stuff in-game and play with the photo mode if there is one, so you should expect some goodies each Sunday, hopefully.

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I’m still trying to finish the last expansion for Middle Earth: Shadow of War, but I dunno, just feels like more of the same as the base game, and isn’t as fun as Baranor’s expansion which does alter the gameplay quite a bit. Still, I must do it, otherwise, I can’t write and ramble about it, ha. So, having said all of that, here’s a cool little shot of me and the boys defending our fort for this week’s Screenshot Sunday #63. Enjyo!


Me and the boys on our way to protect our fort

Week after week, gaming becomes tougher and tougher for me. So, that’s kinda why I don’t have many new shots (aka from newer games) to post, and instead rely on games I already played and captured a ton of screenshots for. This week, for Screenshot Sunday #62 it’s once again Ezio and Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed 2, as we see an Italian in its natural habitat explaining the theory of relativity to another Italian. Truly a majestic sight

Italian noise

Italian noises

Slowly but surely the century mark is coming. Still a long way out, but it will get here. Until then, for Screenshot Sunday #61 I’ll pull one of my shots from the intro to Ghost of Tsushima. The cinematography work in this game is absolutely stunning (ignore the in-game talking stuff, pure cutscenes are superb). SuckerPunch really knows their way with a camera or two. Hopefully, I get to play (stream) more of it, as I’ve not played it much, most of my 26 hours was spent stress-testing the game to see what fps I can keep as consistent, don’t want any problems during my streams.


Jin, the samurai

While I’m not there yet in my re-Marathon of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, I still have some amazing shots from my time with the game last year. So, here is a nice, quiet shot of Ezio taking in the sights over Istanbul for Screenshot Sunday #60. I don’t have it in me to write more given I’m having some weird muscle tension around my stomach and can’t breathe as easily. It’s like I’m flexing at times, when I’m not, making it super hard (that’s what she said) to take a breath and do anything.


Ezio over Istanbul

Since I’m currently in the midst of a proper Assassin’s Creed marathon, and nearing the end of the first game, for Screenshot Sunday #59 l’ll post a cool shot I managed to capture during my time with the game. Despite replaying the game last year, I’m still finding a lot of hidden beauty I missed last time in this old title that came out for the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. Yeah, it’s (and so am I) that old. But enough about my age, or how I simply adore the worlds Ubisoft crafted for their Assassin’s Creed franchise, here’s that shot I was talking about. Acre is such a sad city in this game… and the color tone does a great job in painting that so well (love the different filters each city has!)

Acre's Watchful Guardian

Acre's Watchful Guardian

Sure, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla suffers from some issues that plague modern AAA open-world games (and Ubisoft’s insistence on doing a semi-RPG) but the game is damn beautiful. So, this week, for Screenshot Sunday #58 I shall introduce you to one of my favorite sequences in the story. The lead-up is epic, the set pieces are all well executed and you just get that good rush, ya know? Just an amazing experience overall.

So, enjoy the great shot (at least I think it’s great, ha)
it's about to go down!

It's about to go DOWN!!!

For Screenshot Sunday #57 I thought, why not go back to a classic—Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. One of the first games in the series to feature only a single, but quite large, city, Rome. The best part about this change is learning to navigate the city without needing a mini map at the bottom of my screen. Still a tough task to do some missions, or even just find them without looking at the game’s map, but some pain is worth it for that extra immersion effect.

Having said all of that, here’s a nice little shot of Rome:

Roma at night

Roma at night

So, I have a confession to make—Ghost of Tsushima actually has a pretty good photo mode. The thing is, the UI was very iffy so I didn’t realize I needed the D-Pad to switch between the various effects and tools it offers. Other photo modes I used would use the left and right bumpers for switching, so I only saw the freecam option when going into photo mode.

So, to remedy my transgression, here is a cool shot from the game for Screenshot Sunday #56 that I managed to capture with the use of the Photo mode. It still is missing poses, which is a shame, and the face emotion options are quite limited. But I like the particle effect tool, as well as the time of day and weather options you can toggle. Really cool stuff. Now, the only real issue I still have with it, is activating it, as holding the D-Pad right and pressing the R Thumbstick is a bit difficult at times. Really wish it was only a single button, but even with Steam input I’m not sure how to achieve that feat.


Reflect on booba

I’ll keep this super short, cuz I gotta stream and play the game I’m not supposed to play—Ghost of Tsushima is gonna grace your eyes for Screenshot Sunday #55. I still can’t believe I can play the game, despite it being delisted in my country and such. And don’t worry, this is the end of the tutorial, so no major spoilers from me. Now, time for me to get back to the game, see what it has and love it, bc I know I will.


Jin Sakai, the Fallen Samurai

I will make an exception for Screenshot Sunday #54 and post an “in-game” screenshot that isn’t fancy (shocker, I know). Why you may ask? Well, I decided to give A Total War Saga: Troy, a strategy game, a try. This is super weird for me, as I don’t really do strategy or grand strategy, but, I’m having fun. I chose Odysseus first, but found his fighting style lacking (aka, he is a sneaky boy). So, I decided to go with Achilles as I like to pound my men upfront close and personal! I’m still overwhelmed by all the mechanics in the game, as the last Total War game I played was Total War: Napoleon and I played it like 10+ years ago (on an unrelated note, bought it during the last sale, so I will also try to conquer Europe with peasants as well). I’m still not a great battle strategist, and my silly tactics don’t always work as I envisioned them. Still, pictures in my brain are way more in my favor than the animated battles I see.

So, with that all said, here is my first victory with Achilles. Pretty good for a noob of the genre and series as I am.

first victory!

The first of many (hopefully)