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Completed: Collisions

(an a little bit delayed report from a past theme, always too busy ^^ )

After some reluctance decided to get all achievements after-all. Took a few more hours after a rather quick finish, but with more training the levels became easier to master. Even turns out this is my first 100% game (w/ achievements) on Steam heh ^_^
Also to note, the dev is open to suggestions and quickly got some included and also fixed a bug I reported. For that alone it is worth to get the game, besides being fun & quality too.

Started with some Talos’ing :3

Completed: Mountain

A ‘slightly’ delayed report for the last months theme. (ノ*゚▽゚*)
After a rather eventless normal play I went in and checked guides to unveil any remaining content. There are some special effects, but something like gameplay is still lacking. One SG win done, but overall a fairly disappointing endeavor.

New Coop Game

Warlock - Master of the Arcane

After tons of Titan Quest it was time for us for something different. A turn-based strategy game fairly similar to Civ5 but with magic! And as this works well online and being turn-based allows for easy pauses, we get to play it quite a bit more than previous titles.

Finished: Collisions

Quite an unique art-style this physics puzzler has. Finishing all levels only took me an hour but felt quite longer. Seems I’m somewhat impatient when many retries become needed (ノ*゚▽゚*)
The last achievements though aren’t really that fun anymore, even more retries and 100 “minigame” wins.. not sure if worth it.
But overall a nice month’s theme game.

A Mountain of boring

Put several hours into it and essentially nothing happened. A few objects arrived and some pretentious ‘thoughts’ were spouted, but for the rest, at best, it’s a more fancy screen-saver.

I had a way more lasting impression from similarly gameplay-lacking Stranded a month ago within those 40min (with the superb music alone) than here so far.. Just hoped for something to discover, some secret to find behind the emptiness.

Small steps

some more Titan Quest - Immortal Throne coop

The game is actually quite long, esp when exploring all caves and corners. One impressive thing are the fully voiced NPCs each having ~7 unique text passages in them, that I bet most never get to read/listen. Quite some attention to detail being put in there.

Longterm Co-op session

Titan Quest - Immortal Throne

After quite a while got to finally continue some TQ:IT coop. Still wandering through Hades within the last chapter 4 of the campaign.

Theme outlook

Now to choose what’s up next. These 2 titles caught my eye: MIND: Path to Thalamus, and Sunless Sea which I stole won from Nellyneko. So I guess I must play that one now to not get banned (^▽^)

In general the theme seems rather F/TPS heavy. Haven’t seen a single strategy game listed. Not that I will run out of things at my pace though (ノ*゚▽゚*)

Completed: Stranded

Something not game related: This month ended somewhat below expectations on my theme progress, first a non-theme game took all playtime (damn you Rocket League xD ) then lot’s of other stuff came in between.. Didn’t want to end up with 0 though, so took up a little title here.

To the game, a though one to judge. More of an audio/visual experience, than actual game. Despite its short length, most time feels dragged out with the slow walking. But it has very beautiful atmospheric music, that fits the events nicely and the graphics are fine as well.

Still, at best a cheap bundle purchase, as it is way too little, while could be much more.

Playtime ~45min

Back from the Tournament

Onwards to the Theme

Just returning from the Rocket League tournament. As expected the pro players ended up winning, the skill difference there can become quite big. It takes a lot of time to improve, despite putting in over 20h I am still only mildly above noob level.
Lost against our admin Nellyneko(‘s team), of-course on purpose to not get kicked out of the group here, haha (^_~)

Now it’s time for something else and getting back to the monthly theme. Currently eyeing Empire at War, but as a strategy game it will take quite long to finish. So I’m seeking some short theme related games to fit in between, feel free to post any suggestions (o^―^o)

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