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I use Harry Potter grading system to rate games I'm done with/played a lot:
Passing Grades: Outstanding; Exceeds Expectations; Acceptable
Failing Grades: Poor; Dreadful; Troll

Other stuff & how I classify games:
- I mark games as Beaten if they have achievements and 1) I've finished the story; 2) I've played 10+ hours if there's no story.
- I mark games as Completed if 1) I got all achievements; 2) they have no achievements and I've finished the story, or played 10+ hours if there's no story.
- I mark games as Won't Play only if I tried them and 1) they don't work anymore or I have a remastered/updated version I can play instead; 2) I didn't quite like them enough to finish; 3) they are utter garbage.

Ongoing projects:
Bad ABC - giving a chance to crappy games, mostly in vain (rated Mixed or lower, or removed from Steam)
HOG ABC - when I get that Sunday vibe to play something casual, I might as well do it with purpose (list made according to Hidden Object tag on Steam)
A Journey Through Time as explained here

Planned projects when I finish those above:
- Vol. 2 of A Journey Through Time
- Gifts ABC
- Unfinished ABC
Tbh most of the beaten/completed games here (aside from PlayStation) get their status as I have beaten them on Steam and also have them on these platforms. That's not true to all the games though, and I'm looking forward to playing exclusives.


1% (2/151)
4% (6/151)
4% (6/151)
90% (136/151)
1% (1/151)

Epic Games

3% (5/170)
3% (5/170)
94% (160/170)


3.0% (1/33)
3.0% (1/33)
21.2% (7/33)
72.7% (24/33)


4% (1/28)
96% (27/28)

PlayStation 4 Pro

Essentially unlimited backlog with PS Now and Plus...won't even track.

DRM-Free finished games

-Criminal Minds

4 December 2022 | S22E33

Half-Life 2

Help Will Come Tomorrow

14.1 hours
10 of 26 achievements

I liked the overall idea and the gameplay, it somewhat reminded me of Dead In Vinland. What I really, really didn't like were the amount of crap the characters say as part of their back-story/dialogues - spare me the communist propaganda pls, even though it fits the specific character and the time portrayed, the walls of boring text were unbearable (same goes for non-commie characters, although at least those I could stand).

3 December 2022 | S22E32

Half-Life 2

L.A. Noire

34.8 hours
46 of 60 achievements

A really outstanding game, I loved the story and how so many cases tie up together. The acting is sometimes funny (e.g. when suspects are lying) but overall enjoyable. I really liked the characters, with all their flaws and all that, sometimes exaggerated in the best Hollywood fashion. The only two things I really didn't like is the amount of car chases and unskippable credits after which there was the last cutscene…that's a one way ticket to make me hate everyone involved in creating the game.

26 November 2022 | S22E31

Half-Life 2

If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers

Exceeds Expectations
2.6 hours
15 of 15 achievements

I can't believe this game is free when there's utter garbage being sold out there. Granted, it's quite short, but really beautiful and the stories are great!

20 November 2022 | S22E30

Half-Life 2
Humble Monthly/Choice

Dead In Vinland

Exceeds Expectations
108.6 hours
40 of 50 achievements

13 November 2022 | S22E29

Half-Life 2
Humble Monthly/Choice

Endzone - A World Apart

23.5 hours
29 of 70 achievements

10 November 2022 | S22E28

Half-Life 2
Humble Monthly/Choice

Surviving the Aftermath

175.0 hours
64 of 68 achievements

12 September 2022 | S22E27

Half-Life 2
Humble Monthly/Choice

Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York

17.5 hours
28 of 28 achievements

20 August 2022 | S22E26

59.8 hours
Played on Steam

This easily goes down as one of my favorite games. A unique beginning, an interesting story, fleshed out characters, excellent investigation AND a true RPG - a truly fantastic game. Lots of things hit "close to home", the conversations are realistic and the humor is so well placed, be it social commentary, self-deprecating stuff or just a lighthearted task, for once (the church…10/10).

10 August 2022 | S22E25

Half-Life 2
Humble Monthly/Choice

Whispers of a Machine

9.8 hours
19 of 25 achievements

The story is not that intriguing and the culprit was my original guess, so not much of a twist. Still not a bad game.

9 August 2022 | S22E24

Half-Life 2
Humble Monthly/Choice

Mind Scanners

Exceeds Expectations
5.4 hours
3 of 14 achievements

Great game, similar concept to Papers, Please, but also very different "mini games" compared to checking documents, and also much easier. I enjoyed it a lot, might replay some other time for different endings.