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I use Harry Potter grading system to rate games I'm done with/played a lot:
Passing Grades: Outstanding; Exceeds Expectations; Acceptable
Failing Grades: Poor; Dreadful; Troll

Other stuff & how I classify games:
- I mark games as Beaten if they have achievements and 1) I've finished the story; 2) I've played 10+ hours if there's no story.
- I mark games as Completed if 1) I got all achievements; 2) they have no achievements and I've finished the story, or played 10+ hours if there's no story.
- I mark games as Won't Play only if I tried them and 1) they don't work anymore or I have a remastered/updated version I can play instead; 2) I didn't quite like them enough to finish; 3) they are utter garbage.

Ongoing projects:
Bad ABC - giving a chance to crappy games, mostly in vain (rated Mixed or lower, or removed from Steam)
HOG ABC - when I get that Sunday vibe to play something casual, I might as well do it with purpose (list made according to Hidden Object tag on Steam)
A Journey Through Time as explained here

Planned projects when I finish those above:
- Vol. 2 of A Journey Through Time
- Gifts ABC
- Unfinished ABC
Tbh most of the beaten/completed games here (aside from PlayStation) get their status as I have beaten them on Steam and also have them on these platforms. That's not true to all the games though, and I'm looking forward to playing exclusives.


1% (2/151)
4% (6/151)
4% (6/151)
90% (136/151)
1% (1/151)

Epic Games

3% (5/170)
3% (5/170)
94% (160/170)


3.0% (1/33)
3.0% (1/33)
21.2% (7/33)
72.7% (24/33)


4% (1/28)
96% (27/28)

PlayStation 4 Pro

Essentially unlimited backlog with PS Now and Plus...won't even track.

DRM-Free finished games

-Criminal Minds

10 August 2022 | S22E25

Half-Life 2
Humble Monthly/Choice

Whispers of a Machine

9.8 hours
19 of 25 achievements

The story is not that intriguing and the culprit was my original guess, so not much of a twist. Still not a bad game.

9 August 2022 | S22E24

Half-Life 2
Humble Monthly/Choice

Mind Scanners

Exceeds Expectations
5.4 hours
3 of 14 achievements

Great game, similar concept to Papers, Please, but also very different "mini games" compared to checking documents, and also much easier. I enjoyed it a lot, might replay some other time for different endings.

8 August 2022 | S22E23

8.0 hours
Played on Steam

First of all, it's really beautiful and the soundtrack is great too. The story is excellent with many choices impacting the ending you get (out of 8 total). The only drawback I see here is needing 8 playthroughs to get all achievements but that doesn't really matter much.

7 August 2022 | S22E22

Half-Life 2
Humble Monthly/Choice

Yes, Your Grace

Exceeds Expectations
9.4 hours
29 of 35 achievements

6 August 2022 | S22E21

8.2 hours
Played on Steam

A very unique game, really difficult with no guide. Heartbreaking story, this game is a gem.

6 August 2022 | S22E20

Half-Life 2

Headliner: NoviNews

2.4 hours
31 of 59 achievements

4 August 2022 | S22E19

Half-Life 2

Strange Horticulture

4.3 hours
15 of 18 achievements

23 July 2022 | S22E18

7.7 hours
Played on Steam

The game design is amazing, the in-game world is really beautiful, full of details and easter-eggs. The story (or more like, lore of the city) is so much more than I expected from a game where you play as a cat. The "being a cat" part is done perfectly, from sound to movement, to sleeping, to just idling. A truly outstanding game.

4 July 2022 | S22E17

Half-Life 2
Humble Monthly/Choice


22.1 hours
52 of 52 achievements

15 June 2022 | S22E16

Half-Life 2

HunieCam Studio

12.7 hours
6 of 16 achievements