The quest to complete the neverending backlog Vee’s profile

I use to have a pretty manageable backlog. Then I discovered bundles sites and SG, since then my backlog has been ever expending.

I decided to fight back, my strategy, I’ll try to take it one game at a time. I’ve been trying to play my backlog for a while now, but I tend to get easily overwhelmed. The BLAEO came at a perfect time, and I’m hoping that seeing how others tackle their backlog, it will help me make mine more manageable.

Thanks to everyone in this groups for having me:)

The quest to complete my backlog continues…

I’ve been busy lately so I haven’t played as much as I would like. I still finished one game though. I finished and 100% Contract with the devil , so at least it’s not a total failed.

Thanks to Unnatura1 I now own the whole Hyperdimension Neptunia series with all the DLCs, That’s awesome, but now I must add three more games to my backlog. So the quest continues… hopefully this month I should be able to finish many more games:)

First finished game since I joined BLAEO

I’ve finished Always the same blue sky a couples days ago, all achievements earned!
It was a nice little visual novel, the storie was interesting and the graphics beautifuls. The only complaint I’ve had with this game is that to get all achievements you have to unlock both ending, I would have like the dialogue to be more varied. Even though both ending are very differents one good and the other bad, the dialogue to get you to each one is almost the same.

Well now up to the monthly theme. I don’t have any Star Wars game yet, although I got to say the LEGO games at that price are really tempting me. Anyway back to my existing backlog, in keeping with the monthly theme, I will next be attempting to finish Redshirt.
I’ve already started and have earned 3 out of 20 achievements.