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First time at Blaeo so saying hi to everyone.
Im a chronic anxious ‘uncompleter’ - with pretty much everything in life - as my impulses change or some other shiny thing comes along there i jump the badwagon. I can’t remenber how many games ive replayed the first half - because some games i feel the need to experience the whole package so i restart save, leave for months or a year… damn it. Hope i can change it now.

I have little time in general but i just got unemployed (sad) so i will kickstart things now at a faster pace see how it goes later on.

Ive divised a tactic- i will try to spread my game hours amongst a few games i consider easier to not abandon and switch amongst then trying to avoid burning out; I suspect when things get too familiar mid-curve (learning curve in gaming terms) is when my interest goes down. Ive tried that before with some success but with one big flaw- there were too many titles.

Playing to Finish Now

Marvelous miss take
Sweet simple casual stealth. I started playing a chapter a day (around 5 levels) but im changing to 1-2 levels a day so to not burn throught the game too fast. Seens counter to the site but actually i enjoy having some experiences for longer and shorter games go against that :P

Alan Wake
Can’t recall how many times i started from the begning. F-that. I burned throught the parts i most played until i reached a never seen level. Now i will finish it!

Deadly Premonition
Another one re-started too many times. Im in a ‘horror vibe’ right now and binge watching Twin Peaks with the new season coming makes for the perfect time for this odd gem of japanese mixed genre twin pines inspired mistery horror journey.

Murdered Soul Suspect
Another with the theme, this one is pretty fresh in my memory plus have simple mechanics/controls - so i won’t be restarting as i normally would. Since its linear and non-challenging its a good start for finishing my backlog.

Fresh from humble bundle, nice change of pace from the dark ones.

Maybe now o next (checking)
I have a problem being too many hours at once on one kind of control scheme/style (example: controller, fps kb/mouse, overhead/clicking kb+m, etc) plus i prefer to play dark/horror games at night so some of the fresh or long coming games i wanna play right now im holding on. Depending on how the others progress i may start those now or up next.

Darkness II
Its genre fitting to ‘supernatural horror’ to a point (im really inspired) but its a linear action fps comic book hero. Too much third persons above.

Layers of Fear
Newer title for me i want to play asap but the list above is too big. Never played so its lower priority right now then those im re-taking.

Kentucky Route Zero or Oxenfree
I will definetly spice things up with one adventure game of eerie vibe. Wich one will come first… i will play a bit of both before choosing.

Playing ongoing(not to finish)
Rogue-likes, procedural, multiplayer… no clear finish line.

Dead Cells
Got really addicted, im 17 hours in still to beat the second boss. Since its procedural, quick-runs and unfinished (EA) i will hold on to playing 1 max 2 runs a day.
Really recommend this game- i love rogue likes of this style but dead cells surpassed all on my library.

Warbands Bushido
If you love tabletop style turn-based skirmish games this one is a MUST. 170 hours+ in already. Thankfully i reached the end-game grind so im not as addicted as before and can play once in a day or two.

Procedural rogue-like fps. Not as exciting now as when i first played it (changes? my own taste?) but a good time killer for my oldschool fps ich to change pace from all the third person games im playing.

Hope i will update soon with some finished titles at last!