Vincer’s profile

For multiple personal reasons, time and depression mostly i almost abandoned one of the things i enjoy the most, wich is gaming- despite that i never stopped getting bundles or indulging in steam sales with the mindset ‘this next year i will finally get back to it’- until i gave up. Now im back at it again, hopefully this time for real (a new rig also helps).

Im decidedly a non-completionist; I care less about 100% or beating games and more about enjoying the best way for me (wich in my case usually involves multiple titles at a time)- also because im slow, maybe because i stop too much to smell the flowers, replaying levels or coming back to a title i paused for too long just restarting the whole thing… thing is i never trust ‘how long to beat’- it gives some idea, but i always take like double or triple the time most people get. Do you guys rush, do i have some cognitive wonkiness? Im not sure. I will probably end up replaying subnautica for the 4th time soon, maybe this time i will finish it, or maybe i will once again slow down because irrationally i wished it would never end (btw i highly recommend, probably my favorite game by now)

That said i do want to pick some to finally beat- but the way i am my higher goal is having played my huge backlog and had fun with it, completion or not

(damn, i was distracted and tought this was like a main profile description, ended up editing my initial post while i couldve done a new one… 🤦🏻‍♂️)