Nothing ever bothers Juular Juular’s profile

I like to play offline, I also prefer GOG to Steam and have there lots of great games not listed here. Quite a few games I own are listed as beaten without any achievements or playtime because I got them after beating the pirated or retail versions before getting them on Steam, so it’s a mess.

I don’t really have a backlog. The list of the games I really want to play but can’t get to them is always short, if not empty, and I don’t consider the games, that I don’t know when I’ll feel like playing or know I’ll hardly ever be bored enough to touch, to be considered as backlog.

I’m not a completionist either - I won’t replay the game in a way I won’t enjoy to see a ‘douchebag path’ ending (especially when I can go watch it on Youtube, assuming I’ll care enough), I won’t play on the hardest difficulty for e-peen (unless that feels actually fun and rewarding), won’t do anything in a game that feels like a waste of time and effort.