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Another update

And another batch of games beaten. Small summary below:

AER Memories of Old

5.9 hours, 20 of 20 achievements

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Flight exploration with absolutely stunning graphics and a decent story. I was afraid that the controls would be frustrating, as is sometimes the case with flight games. However the controls are brilliant, this game was really put together extremely well. Definitely recommended if you're looking for a relaxing flight game.

A Case of Distrust

1.1 hours, 8 of 10 achievements

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Gorgeous noir detective visual novel. Set in the 1920s, you're a female detective trying to solve a murder case 😱 It's short, but in the good kind of way. Will probably come back to it to finish up the remaining achievements.

The Darkside Detective

6.9 hours, 12 of 30 achievements

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Oh man, I had so much fun with this P&C! You play as a detective solving various (supernatural) cases. Ever wanted to have a chat with H.P. Lovecraft? Well then, why let his death hold you back? 😋 The pixelated graphics look amazing. The humor is spot on. Definitely recommended to P&C fans out there. Don't expect too much depth though.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Heart of the Forest

1.3 hours, 19 of 38 achievements

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Another visual novel. Great visuals. Great story. It does have multiple endings, warranting multiple playthroughs; though they aren't very long. Depending on your choices you will have to manage your traits such as rage, willower and health. These will serve as conditions for certain outcomes.


2.9 hours, no achievements

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Oh look, another visual novel 😂 Another pretty short game, I clocked in a little under 3 hours. The game's told in a playful/childish way, however the story unfolds into something that's anything but childish. The game has much more depth than the screenshots will give away, and I liked the hand-drawn animations. Wouldn't pay €10 for it though, the game offers far too little to justify the price tag in my opinion.


9.3 hours, 8 of 37 achievements

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JRPG/card game/roguelike hybrid. You build decks, use the right card combination and specialization trees. For me this was a refreshing sight, can't remember when I last played a game like this - if ever? You can easily sink many hours into it, especially if like me you're pretty bad at these type of games or you simply enjoy all the different builds you can create. It took me 9 hours to beat the game, I blame RNG lol, but there's an achievement for beating it under 30 minutes so speed runs should be very possible.


6.5 hours, 11 of 29 achievements

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Pretty fun puzzle-platformer/pinball hybrid. I liked the humor, it has decent voice-acting and for anyone who's into it: brutal, undying achievements and lots of collectibles. I've seen people finish the game in 4 hours, but despite me doing my best I clocked in at 6.5 so take the times with a pinch of salt because it all depends on your skill level for these type of games. For me though, the game got pretty frustrating after halfway due to repetitive puzzles and the sometimes shoddy controls leading to your death. Luckily there are a lot of checkpoints, so you're never set back too far away.

Slowly chippin’ away at that backlog

Although the ratio of adding new games vs beating old games is still somewhat off 🤔

Black The Fall

6.1 hours, 14 of 14 achievements

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Puzzle-Platformer created by a Romanian indie company. The atmosphere of the game is great. The puzzles sometimes were tedious, but overall the game offers a fun puzzle experience. I did follow a spoiler-free guide for the missable achievements, which accounts for the vast majority of achievements in this game, but the game offers chapter selection so in hindsight it may not have been necessary.


3.8 hours, 12 of 12 achievements

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An exploration/flight game. You play as a bird in a militant country led by a dictator. You get to fly around, collect items for your nest and eavesdrop on, sometimes very interesting, conversations of both the civilian population and military personnel. Great game if you're looking for something chill to play in-between. The game also has a fine sense of humour and packs an interesting story.


6.0 hours, 6 of 12 achievements

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What if you were in space, and your best buddy was an A.I.? In this exploration/narrative you get to hang out and chat with Kaizen; a spaceship computer and the only one who can help you get back to Earth. I thought the premise of having to interact with Kaizen to progress in the game was very interesting, though the logic of puzzles often went straight past me so I had to cheat a little here and there 👀 In hindsight a lot of those times Kaizen gave me blatant hints as to what to do next, but I took it as faulty programming. Don't expect deep conversations though, as the chat bot in this game is very much not-smart.

JackQuest: The Tale of The Sword

4.3 hours, 13 of 13 achievements

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If you're looking for a Metroidvania-lite 2D-hack-and-slash-platformer I would recommend this game, but not at full price. It's short, yet challenging enough to keep you busy for some hours. I hope the devs will add this to a bundle some day, or y'know have it in a sale so more people actually get to enjoy it 🤷‍♂️

Kero Blaster

10.3 hours, 1 of 10 achievements

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This game is AWESOOOMEEE!. It's a 2D run and gunner, and you play as a frog. It has cool guns and interesting boss fights. It's from the same developer as Cave Story, but as I haven't played that yet I can't say how this game is in comparison. I'm absolutely not going to try to 100% this though. I only beat normal mode, and I actually felt exhausted. So when I look at the other achievements, I'm like naw 😅

Oh, btw: the download size was only 5MB! I was quite impressed to see how much they managed to fit in for that amount.

Moon Hunters

6.4 hours, 12 of 47 achievements

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This roguelike action-RPG reminded me somewhat of Children of Morta, unfortunately though it's nowhere near as awesome. It's very easy and simplistic, but regardless it was a fun enough experience for me to beat the game thrice so far. It supports co-op, so that could probably add some replay value. The price is steep for its quality, but definitely a no-brainer at 90% off. I will be playing it some more in the future for some of its cheevos.

Planet of the Eyes

5.1 hours, 14 of 14 achievements

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In this puzzle-platformer you play as a robot stranded on a mysterious planet. The puzzles aren't very difficult, the game is quite short, but for that price point it's definitely a fun game to sink a couple of hours into. The game also includes chapter selection, which is great for hunting achievements.

Scanner Sombre

2.1 hours, no achievements

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I'd seen this game around a lot before, and I owned it for several years now. But I've always skipped it because the screenshots just didn't look very appealing to me. However, having beaten it I have to say that I was very wrong and this game is pretty damn good. In this walking simulator you wake up in a dark cave, and all you have is a helmet with a scanner attached to it. You navigate around by using the scanner, which basically helps you map your surroundings so you can navigate and figure out what happened to you.

The game is vey short, but also very cheap and it kept me captivated for several hours. Definitely recommended for €1 during Steam sales for anyone looking for a (short) story-driven exploration game.

Smile For Me

3.8 hours, 24 of 24 achievements

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This is one of those games that you just don't want to put down until you have completed it. The game breathes creativity, its visuals are amazing, the (plethora of) characters are very entertaining, the humor is great, the puzzles were fun; though at times very challenging for me.

Lots of missable achievements here, but you can manually save and as far as I could see there is no cap to how many slots you have. So I'd say, if you care about achievements make sure you save often so you don't have to replay the entire game 'cause I'm sure that'd become tiresome at some point. Finally, I really disliked the whole nodding/shaking your head using the mouse to answer questions, because too often NPCs got it wrong and I'd have to re-do dialogues.


9.4 hours, 17 of 26 achievements

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Another one of those games that I had heard a lot about, but purposefully skipped because it didn't actually look as fun as the reviews said it was. Figured I should try it anyway, because I love FPS games and this one has a whopping 93% on Steam so it has to be good right? For the first 20 minutes or so though the game felt very boring, repetitive and even annoying at times so I was about to drop it.

But eventually when the story kicks in and the challenges become greater its appeal also became apparent to me and I just have to say: SUPERHOT is the most innovative shooter I've played in years!


5.2 hours, 5 of 14 achievements

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Minimalistic twin-stick shooter. It says I've played it for 5 hours, but 4 of those were idling for cards, so beating the game only took about 1 hour which I think is a bit short for its price. May try to get some of the other achievements, but I don't know I wasn't really feeling this game.


2.5 hours, 27 of 31 achievements

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I loved this P&C's art style, I thought the voice-acting was sublime, it has a wholesome story **and** you get to play as the princess! A worthy game even at full price, but maybe get it on a deal due to it being really short.

January & February round-up

What’s up BLAEO! So, I’ve been slacking a lot with updating my activity, though I did warn for it in my previous entry 😝 It’s been two remarkably cold months, so I’ve not been sitting in front of my computer all that much. However, I did manage to clear a few entries from my backlog.

What have you assassins been up to? Played any games that stood out for you?


8.5 hours, 23 of 92 achievements

Bass Cannon

Quite the enjoyable rhythmic rail shooter. Don't think I ever played one of these before, so I was eager to try one out. The first 10 or so minutes were extremely frustrating, but once I got the hang of it, it was difficult to put down. The songs are very hit or miss, but the gameplay made up for it. Finished the 'campaign' in a single sitting, but stopped shortly after because unlocking the harder difficulty modes proved too challenging. That said though, I still want some of those achievements so I might give it another shot soon-ish.

If anyone has recommendations for similar games, preferably not too difficult though, feel free to point 'em out 😊

Beyond Eyes

4.4 hours, 5 of 10 achievements


Beyond Eyes is a walking simulator that tells the story of a young, blind girl. The visuals are stunning, and the story is heartfelt. However, due to the slow snail pace it got a little too frustrating for me to truly enjoy the game. I understand their reasoning behind that choice, but regardless I won't play it for a second time anytime soon. A lot of missable achievements in this one, so if that's important to you using a guide might be advised.

Children of Morta

27.4 hours, 45 of 45 achievements

Steps were taken without regret

I absolutely loved this action-RPG with roguelike elements. The story, the gameplay, the music, the modernized 8-bit vibe, everything is on point. You play as the Bergson family, and every family member has its own, unique playstyle; whether that be wielding a 2-handed sword or casting fireballs and cyclones. I think the fatigue feature is a great addition, punishing you for using the same hero too often so you're forced to rotate between missions, because otherwise this would've quickly become a monotonous snoozefest as you'll be grinding the same dungeons a lot; especially if you want to 100% it. Easy recommendation for anyone looking for an ARPG with strong, fully-voiced story-telling.


6 hours, 12 of 27 achievements

Groundhog Day

Basically, you have 60 seconds until you die and respawn at your home. At first I wasn't digging it. I would have discovered a new area, only to just die then and there. The visuals weren't something to brag about either. Along the way though, you learn how to move efficiently and even get quests done. This motivated me to stick through it, and what unfolded was an, at time humorous, adventure with a wholesome story.


12.0 hours, 15 of 15 achievements

Bloody nun

I would describe this game as a minimalistic 2D action-platformer metroidvania. You play a nun on a (holy?) mission and... Not going to tell more about the story. I absolutely loved the art style, the (religiously themed) story and the souls-like elements to the gameplay. It doesn't really excel at anything, but does everything just right enough for it to become an enjoyable adventure. I had a very difficult time putting this game down, clocking in 12 hours in a single day; something I haven't been able to do in a while either.


0.9 hours, 14 of 20 achievements


Meh. What could I have expected from a $5 game? Well, not this. The game took me 1 hour, though you could probably do it in half of that if you wanted to, yet it felt like a lot more. This was mainly due to the game's pace being done so poorly, and the horrendous driving scenes. If the game's goal was to weird me out, they definitely succeeded at that. If you're looking for a short, retro-inspired, horror-esque adventure, this might be for you. It certainly wasn't for me, but maybe my expectations were set too high because of the 82% positive reviews.

Purrfect Date

11.8 hours, 31 of 32 achievements

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A visual novel about dating… Cats? Look, I love cats. I have two cats myself. Never thought about dating them though. The honest reason why I picked this up was for the memes, but I stayed for the story and the characters.

Word of warning: If you want to 100% this you're not only going to want a guide, but also keep good notes. Otherwise you will, like me, get stuck with 1 achievement left. And unfortunately, because the game lacks a fast-forward option like most VNs I know I decided it would be too painful for both me and my keyboard/mouse to keep trying to get this done.

It’s December! 🎇✨🎄

Well, for 2 more days anyway 😝 Happy (belated) holidays everyone! Despite the circumstances that we’re probably all in, I hope all is well with you and yours. Hope 2021 will be a good one for all of you ✌

This is my first month of tracking. Main reason I’m doing this is because I hope this’ll help me clear out my backlog a little by keeping myself accountable. My backlog has steadily grown over the years to the point it has become rather embarrassing to look at, especially when I consider which games I haven’t even touched yet at all!

Disclaimer: I suffer from fatigue and have developed cognitive issues due to a neurological disorder. This makes it difficult for me to put effort into anything for any extended period of time. So I don’t know how often or how long I will be able to maintain my quest and this log.

Awesome Games Only event:

A Cjcomplex event! These events help me tremendously to work through unplayed games. The 5 games mentioned below are those that have been extremely well-rated by the community. Do they deserve the praise? Well, let’s just say there’s no accounting for taste.


4.0 hours, 7 of 25 achievements
Awesome Games Only

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LOVED the style of the game, graphics and music are both on point. The puzzles, to me, were challenging but in a fair way. However, I can totally see more experienced/puzzle-savvy people finding it too easy. Didn't get many achievements besides beating the game, so I might go back and try to get some more. I wouldn't get it full-price, but in a bundle or when on sale it's a no-brainer for anyone looking for a chill puzzler that they can come and go when they please. Mind you: it's short!

Bit Blaster XL

6.6 hours, 17 of 17 achievements
Awesome Games Only

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It's a very simple shmup, what you see on the store page is what you get; but it does it so well for that price! Downsides: replay value. Getting all the achievements is way too easy, and unless you care about the global leaderboards, which btw have some monstrous scores!, there's not much to do here. If you're interested in a quick shmup, you can't really go wrong at this price.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered

8.4 hours, 33 of 58 achievements
Awesome Games Only

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Oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh my. I'm too young to have experienced the original, but regardless I can tell what a true classic this game is! Some puzzles were way too HUH?! for me, so I did have to cheat a little here and there. Definitely on my list for another playthrough, if nothing else at least I'll be hunting some more cheevos. I absolutely loved the fact that you can turn on commentary from the developers giving you background information on the game. If you haven't heard it yet, I believe another playthrough with commentary on is advised.

Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood

7.3 hours, 29 of 36 achievements
Awesome Games Only

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Hey look, it's another Artifex Mundi HOG. I thought the story was good with ditto presentation. However something was missing for me, not quite sure what though. It just didn't have the same appeal to me that Midnight Mysteries series had.

Escape Goat

7.0 hours, 3 of 16 achievements
Awesome Games Only

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Absolutely loved this one! It's a puzzle-platformer, and a damn good one at that. Having 100%'d Super Meatboy on the Xbox this didn't feel very challenging, but it did have some frustrating moments. Will certainly be coming back to this one later to get more of its achievements.

Monthly in a Month event:

More playing events!

A Short Hike

2.1 hours, 5 of 8 achievements
Monthly in a Month

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I LOVE everything about this game. You play as Claire, a bird. You can glide, climb, run and swim. The game is very short, but there are some additional cheevos to get for replay value. I will definitely be going back to 100% it. Did it! Oh man, I love this game. But even after that I'll probably go back to fly around the map. Absolute gem that should be on anyone's indie radar!

Little Misfortune

5.1 hours, 32 of 35 achievements
Monthly in a Month

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Not going to write too much here as I feel anything would be too spoilery. I loved this game, and will go back to 100% it.

Path of Giants

3.0 hours, 9 of 17 achievements
Monthly in a Month

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Puzzle game where you asssist 3 adventurers to find the hidden treasure. I loved the presentation, the graphics are stellar. The gameplay is very smooth. The puzzles I thought were quite challenging at times. Unfortunately I won't be returning for a while because of the game crashing. That might be just me though, as I couldn't find any comments of other people experiencing crashes. It only took 3 hours to reconsider and 100% it anyway, lol. Lucky not to have a crash 🤞


Rover Mechanic Simulator

15.7 hours, 24 of 24 achievements
Monthly in a Month

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You're a mechanic and it's your job to fix rovers. Simple, right? Well, yeah it is. Especially when you unlock certain skills that speed up things. The gameplay is very repetitive, and there really isn't much to it besides being a decent timesink and an easy 100%. I don't know why I liked this so much, but I did. If you're interested in the game make sure to watch a gameplay video first, and read through the negative reviews because they are all valid. Truly a hit or miss game.

The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game

0.6 hours, 6 of 6 achievements
Monthly in a Month

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Thoroughly disappointed with this one. I feel bad saying this, but this isn't a game. At best it's a demo to showcase part 2 (below). It's extremely short, dialogue is meh, anything above €1 would've felt like a ripoff.

Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard

1.6 hours, 6 of 6 achievements
Monthly in a Month

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Detective Frog returns, and I'm happy for it! This entry is heaps better than the first game. It's lengthier, has more NPCs to interact with and actually felt like a game. Banks a lot on humour, which is dangerous because not everyone will appreciate it, but I digged it.



7.5 hours, 12 of 27 achievements
Playing Appreciated

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Not a game I would have randomly picked up, especially not at this price tag. Having won it on PA though, I was of course going to give this a good whirl. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by this rather simple action game. You're Avil, a sentinel, who has made its task to defeat the Ravenii, a fancy word for Orcs. The game is repetitive, the levels all look alike, but it's enjoyable enough to pick up at a (hefty) discount or bundle split.

Will be picking this up for continuation in 2021.

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