Xeloses Xeloses’ profile

My favorite genres (in desc order):

  • RPG
  • Horror
  • Stealth (it can be action or shooter or rpg which can be completed via stealth like “DeusEx”)
  • Building Simulator (city building like “Cities Skyline” or “SimCity”)
  • Quest and ‘Point&Click’
  • VN (except Kinetic)
  • Adventure
  • Action/Shooter with deep and/or interest storyline.

I don’t like (and don’t play):

  • Platformers
  • Racing
  • Sport games
  • Figting (like “Mortal Combat” or “Street Fighter”)
  • Shoot’em up, Beat’em up, etc
  • VR (just don’t want to buy helmet)

I hate (and never play):

  • Battle Royale (most disgusting genre for me)
  • MOBA
  • any PvP-oriented games
  • any “Co-op only” games