Greetings! Yoriyari’s profile

One time as a kid I drank green dish washing soap because it looked like lemonade.

Oh hi! My name is Yoriyari and I like video games.
I randomly select games to play from my Steam library, usually first from the category that I got from SteamGifts regardless of its review ratings. I like to give them a chance!
I also like going for 100% achievement completion in the games that I play if it’s simple enough or if I like the game enough. Feels satisfying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Currently I’m at 54 perfected Steam games

My favourite game is TES4: Oblivion,
Borderlands 2 as a second due to the hundreds of co-op fun I’ve had in it
And my third fave currently is probably Spec Ops: The Line as games rarely make me feel so engaged as that one has.

One day I’ll make this description pretty with pictures and stuff! Maybe!

I also really like deer


Here are three more games I’d like to talk about!


  • BioShock

    19 hours playtime

    no achievements

Shocking biology (not remastered)! You probably haven’t heard of this game, but I’ve heard from some vague ug source that this is a game I just had to play!
Honestly though I find it’s kinda overpraised. It was a good game, there’s some interesting story and mechanics, but I wouldn’t say it’s as great as I’ve been told. It definitely felt way longer than it should’ve been and finishing it started to feel like a chore. I’m glad I finished it as I know the story now, but I don’t think I’ll replay it again in a fit of nostalgia a few years down the line or something.
I also started up Bioshock 2, but it already felt like even more of the exact same stuff as Bioshock 1, except slower. Didn’t feel like going through that chore again. Might finish it later just to get to know more of the story, but for now I’ll focus on other, shorter games with more variety in gameplay.



    2 hours playtime

    5 of 12 achievements

Such as THOTH! I bet this game would make a fun co-op game sometime when I have a friend staying over!
It’s very simplistic, both in style and gameplay. I had trouble learning how to play at first, but once I got it down, I enjoyed traversing through the levels a lot! You play as a white dot shooting at coloured cubes (and occasionally balls and beams). The cubes keep chasing you, even after being destroyed, until you manage to beat every cube in the level. Every new set of levels introduces a new, interesting mechanic to play against for a few levels, and then you move right onto the next set of levels. Definitely doesn’t start feeling like it’s stretched its gameplay :p

Broken Age

  • Broken Age
    Broken Age

    15 hours playtime

    34 of 45 achievements

And a point&click game that I really enjoyed! Finished it just an hour ago, and I really recommend it.
You play as a girl in a fantasy-like world, as well as a boy on a sci-fi spaceship. You can switch from their stories at any time you want, and eventually the stories start to connect in various interesting ways! I also loved the humour, and the solutions to the problems were much more logical than some other point&clicks I’ve played (though that doesn’t say much, and it can still get kinda complex at times :p).

That’s it for now, see you next time! Have a great day! <3


So here’s some games I managed to finish with what free time I had from school recently!

The Narrator is a DICK

  • The Narrator is a DICK
    The Narrator is a DICK

    7 hours playtime

    14 of 16 achievements

First off, a platformer that feels a bit like an I Wanna Be The Guy wannabe! The twist is that there’s a narrator talking over everything you do. I like the idea of a dynamic narrator to respond to your actions in a game and occasionally try to find a game that pulls it off well (best example I can think of is the Stanley Parable), but unfortunately this game doesn’t quite make it. There aren’t really any choices to make, so the only kind of dynamic narrator here is that he immediately insults your lack of skill when you die. And the voice actor isn’t exactly all that good either, unfortunately. The game itself is.. okay.
Also, there’s an achievement for getting a 1000 deaths, and since I’m an absolute achievement whore I put actual effort into getting that when I still hadn’t gotten a 1000 after beating the game. I did this late at night and actually fell asleep with my hand on the right movement key. Oops ;p

Linea, the Game

  • Linea, the Game
    Linea, the Game

    2 hours playtime

    21 of 21 achievements

And now, Linea! This game kinda reminds me of Super Hexagon but in a third dimension and less distracting visual effects. Along with being able to quickly change directions, it’s a lot easier to master than Hexagon. It’s simple and entertaining to me, plus I like the soundtrack!
Also, a word of warning if you play this (and care about achievements in any way), there’s a bullshitty achievements on this one. There’s an achievement for playing a level before playing the tutorial, which means you technically have the chance to get it only once.

Max, an Autistic Journey

  • Max, an Autistic Journey
    Max, an Autistic Journey

    6 hours playtime

    27 of 27 achievements

I’m very glad I played this game, actually!
This is an RPG Maker game made by a father, about a day in the life of his autistic ten-year-old son. As someone that’s been diagnosed with autism as well, and has gone to schools for autistic children for 6 years of my life, I saw a lot of similarities with Max and myself, as well as with some friends I made at those schools.
First off I’ll talk about the gameplay tho. The developer clearly put some effort into making the game different from a generic RPG Maker game! This includes adding a lot of scripts (which caused some performance issues for me). The combat system remained mostly the same, and it’s not quite my thing as it tends to just result in mashing the best damage spell every turn to get through battles. It shined during the final boss tho, I tried the “mash best damage spell” and got absolutely massacred in a few turns so I actually had to start strategizing ;p
Also, the dialogue feels off - Max starts almost every sentence with “In fact,” which took some getting used to. I suppose it could be possible that the real Max does that, but it still feels weird to read. But now, the character himself… I love it.
I don’t want to spoil anything, but halfway the game Max has quite an emotional breakdown over feeling broken and abnormal due to his autism. And the way it’s done felt so appropriate to me. I admit I legitimately teared up a little with how relatable it felt with when I was younger. Despite its flaws, I’m glad I finished this one!
Oh yeah, and this one marks my 50th perfect steam game! ;3

And that’ll be all for now!
Next time I post, it’ll probably be about Bioshock 1 and 2, as I recently got both and started playing 1 yesterday. ‘Till the next time! <3


My school has started and I haven’t had as much time to complete bigger games. I’m doing two/three years of school crammed into one year. We call it a sprint trajectory!
But yes, here are two more games I’ve finished the main game of! (no 100%s this time :c)

  • Gunman Clive 2
    Gunman Clive 2

    82 minutes playtime

    1 of 7 achievements

Gunman Clive 2 is a game about a cowboy saving a damsel in distress (or vice versa depending on what character you pick!) from the hands of bandits.
And robot transformers. And ancient dinosaurs. And giant flying gunships. And sumo wrestlers at one point?
I played the first one as well, where I also went for simply finishing the game to count for completion. The other possible objectives and achievements are for simply playing through the whole game again with a different, slightly mechanically adjusted character, and for completing the whole game in a certain amount of time or without damage. The latter achievements are very tough, and I don’t experience that much replayability in this game. It’s a nice game all in all, but I find it lacks depth. It tries to make up with that with all the different wacky stages, but you can only keep that interesting during the first playthrough.
Man, BLAEO tricks me into being a game reviewer!
Anyways, it’s good game to play once, and then move onto the next backlog item!

  • The Big Secret of a Small Town
    The Big Secret of a Small Town

    5 hours playtime

    no achievements

Such as “The Big Secret of a Small Town” which is a big title for a small game, a HOG one with several puzzle minigames!
You play a detective (of course, it’s a HOG after all) investigating the kidnapping of a small town’s mayor, and accidentally uncover the biggest secret base ever.
Another nice game, with very nice simple narrative cutscenes. I’m actually a sucker for smooth voiced narrative cutscenes in video games durr
One complaint I’d like to mention however, is that the hints can be too vague when you don’t know where to proceed, and at two points in the game, I had to look up a guide in order to find out what small unnoticeable part of the map I had to click to continue to the next map.

So that’s it for this update! I hope to 100% some new backlog games soon. See you next time!


Today I completed the Darkness II! A game about fucking shit up with your inner demons, a bunch of gorey executions and killing, and spending like five minutes just watching the protagonist dance with brainghost women. It was pretty good.

  • The Darkness II
    The Darkness II

    17 hours playtime

    50 of 50 achievements

I played through the main game twice for two difficulty-related achievements and for the ng+ achievement, doing about every other kill count-related achievement in the meantime. After that I was still left with like 15 achievements for side campaigns, which I went for as well, being the achievement completionist I am. The side campaign characters are very reminiscent of the Borderlands classes.

And that’s pretty much all I have to say. One more 100%’d game done!
Have a great day!

Hello again!
My last and only post here was two months ago, as I’ve spent a lot of time of the holidays travelling and kinda forgot to post about any small games I’ve completed in the meantime. So here’s my catch-up post!

I played a bunch of games and I’d like to not take an entire webpage’s length with one single post. I’ve 100%’d seven games since my last post, but I’ll select three that I recommend everyone to play sometime.

  • Dustforce

    32 hours playtime

    1 of 1 achievements

First off, Dustforce! A great indie platformer with a movement system that might take a little getting used to at first. You play as a janitor and go around big levels cleaning up dirt and dust! It’s a fun concept and the gameplay feels very polished to me. Nearly every level has a great flow to it.
The game has one single achievement: Defeating one of the hardest levels in the game. To unlock harder levels, you need to complete the easier levels before it, so it’s pretty much a 100% achievement as the only achievement. It took me exactly 24 hours to get the achievement, and I’ve enjoyed every level!

  • Dreaming Sarah
    Dreaming Sarah

    2 hours playtime

    22 of 22 achievements

Second off, another platformer, but much simpler. All you really do is walk around and solve a few very small puzzles. Most of the charm of the game lies in the topics it goes over.
As spoiled by the Steam store page, you play as a girl who is in a coma, and you explore the world inside her head to help her wake up. You come across a lot of serious subjects, such as suicide.
I like a game that can deal with those kinds of topics in a fitting tone, and I thought this game did it fairly well. The game is pretty small and I 100%’d this one in two hours, as most of the achievements are just collecting items scattered around the world. If this sounds like something you might like, give it a quick playthrough sometime.
Now, moving on to the third game I 100’d…

  • Bad Rats
    Bad Rats

    3 hours playtime

    13 of 13 achievements

B̛͟À̴Ḑ̶̀̀ ̶̸҉̧͢Ŗ͢͏A̴͞͞͝T̛̕͟͟S̀҉ ̕͟͟B̶̶́͠͠A̡D̷͏͝͏͡ ̸̨̧̛R̷̷͠͞Á̕͏́T̕͢S͢҉̷̢̛ ̸̷̨́B̨͟͟͞A͘͢D̴̸ ̸̸̵̧͟R͘͞A̛̛T̕̕͠Ś̸̵ ҉͟B̸̡A҉̸̶̢͘D̴ ̷̢͡͝R̶̛͏͟Á̶T̛͘S͟҉̢́ ͠͡B̷͏̢A̶̡͡Ḑ͘ ҉҉R̀͏̴̕A͘҉T́͢͜͟͞S̕͡͠͡͡
I won the one and only Bad Rats on SteamGifts recently, and managed to 100% it despite its broken physics! At first I was surprised at how well the game held up despite all the negative comments, but as soon as I got into the levels that required actually consistent physics, I started to realize why it’s called Bad Rats.
I wouldn’t actually recommend playing it normally, but it’s Bad Rats, so if you own this and still haven’t played it, do it. Just d̡́̕o̢͠͡ ̕͘͡i҉̀t̢̀͢.

ANYWAYS that concludes this long-ass update, and hopefully I’ll remember to post here within a month of completing my next game.

100%ed A Boy and His Blob!
I have no clue how to add a picture of the game with the playtime and achievements like most posts have
Thanks Spitfyr for helping me with that:

  • A Boy and His Blob
    A Boy and His Blob

    15 hours playtime

    21 of 21 achievements

Over the past three days I finished ABAHB in my free time. It’s a charming little platformer game! The movement of the boy feels sluggish, which can be tough to work with when any enemy collision is instant death, and the pacing is fairly slow.
However, I still enjoyed the game! It has a nice feel to it, in my opinion. It was as long as it needed to be, and there’s a decent variation in mechanics that is brought with every transformation the blob can perform after eating a specific flavour of jelly bean.

I never played the original, which according to a lot of (nostalgic) players was better. Perhaps I should check it out sometime. After I get rid of my entire Steam library to check out sometime.

What I do know is that I really want some jelly beans right now.

1230 games (+3 not categorized yet)
78% never played
8% unfinished
8% beaten
6% completed
0% won't play