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I have one aquarium with a very large fish in it. I didn’t expect him to get so big… Or live so long. Sheeshh. (50g Brackish - Violet Goby, 5 years old.)

August 2020 report
I beat another huge game in my library, which was pretty awesome. In the past two months I’ve only added one new game to my library and I finally hit 300 games, so I’m pretty pleased with myself. Currently fostering a litter of great dane puppies and their mom, I’ve only had them for two days but man they are vicious with each other. It’s hard to wean the puppies off the mom (They are 6 weeks old!) and keep them separated because she keeps jumping over the play pen to feed them and check up on them. I hope she gets adopted soon!
One of the puppies unfortunately is a Double Merle - if you don’t know what that is, you should read up on them - So I was really worried about her, but she’s not blind or deaf so I’m pretty happy. She is the smallest of the litter though, one of her siblings is twice her weight. She makes me anxious when she starts to wrestle with her littermates!

378.3 hours

Fallout 4 is an amazing game… made by a shitty, greedy company.

It’s 220 years, give or take, after the bombs dropped and life as you once knew it has ended. You are the only survivor of Vault 111, the goal of the game is to find your spouse’s killer, your son’s kidnapper, and hunt everything down that stands in your way while doing it. You will make enemies, friends, and allies. Betrayal is a given.

This game is absolutely huge, and so very rarely are two playthroughs alike. Every named character you meet is interesting, has their own quirks, personalities, personal quests, and you can have so many of them follow you throughout the wasteland, the Commonwealth.

The biggest drawback of the game is the company, Bethesda. Bugs run absolutely rampant in this game despite it being released 5 years ago. Crashes and game breaking errors such as the pip-boy suddenly being unavailable, meaning no weapon swaps unless it’s on your favorites bar, no V.A.T.S, no quest details, no map. Enemies flinging themselves up 100 feet into the air, killing themselves via fall damage. Vital quest items falling through the floor under the map, and companions, vanishing into air. Sometimes, you are unable to turn in a quest, you get stuck indoors and the only way to fix is to reload your last save. Frequently making new save files is essential for playing this game.

Bethesda is also incredibly greedy. The base game typically goes on sale quite a lot, but the DLC’s do not have impressive discounts, leading you to buy the GOTY edition instead. The prices of the DLC’s, Far Harbor and Nuka-World, are almost as expensive as the base game itself. Then there is creation club.
Creation Club, or mods you need to pay for, is Bethesda’s response to people releasing free mods for Fallout 4. If something is made for the game for free, Bethesda will try and find a way to monetize it. Typically, the free mods were available on Nexus mods. You just needed a script extender to play hundreds at a time, but creation club updates kept breaking the script so it disabled a lot of mods, and many older ones needed an update to get around it.

And finally, I want to note that this is the second review I have made for this game, the last one in 2017 was just the base game review and with this one posted, I have officially played all the DLC’s and have 100% achievements. I still hate Preston.

Half-Life 2

Mad Father

5.3 hours
27 of 27 achievements

You play as Aya. Your mother passed away a year ago and on the night of the anniversary of her death, you wake up startled to your father screaming! Aya must navigate her way through her childhood manor filled with her father’s evil experiments to rescue him!

Mad Father is a light horror game with a few jump-scares. Explore and collect/use items to further your progress. I’m not much of a fan of horror games but I did enjoy Mad Father and I recommend it to anyone who is just getting into horror games or to someone who plays the genre often. I didn’t have any difficulties playing and there are plenty of guides if you get lost or can’t figure out how to get that one achievement.

Half-Life 2

The Crown of Leaves

6.1 hours
19 of 19 achievements

Roui left his homeland, Latori, to become a respected jeweler, but fell in love with cyphers and the mysticism of the world Instead. In the ten years he left his country, he became a recognized and popular author, and wrote articles for the Paranormal Patrolman’s Papers. After he got in some hot water with the Mafia, he returned home to his country and got a commission from The Baron to carve a wedding gift for his fiancé, a bracelet made of sacred wood. Strange things start happening after that.

The Crown of Leaves is a rather impressive kinetic novel/point and click adventure made by only two people. The updates are not frequent and as of now the game is unfinished, (should be an update late 2020 with chapter 2/3!!!) But I am very impressed with all the characters, art, and the storyline is intriguing. Absolutely recommend!

Half-Life 2

Sakura MMO

3.9 hours
15 of 15 achievements

In a land far, far away - in a mmorpg, and to be more specific, Asaph Online - Viole the dark witch is the strongest, most fearsome and terrifying foe in all the lands. Offline however, she’s Kotone, a hard-working Lawyer who just wants a vacation from the mundane. Her wish granted by an unknown power, she falls asleep, and awakens inside the world of Asaph! Meet and flirt with Neve, the Darkling Maid! Fion, the puppy thief! Eleri, the righteous (and surprisingly cruel) knight!

I give Sakura MMO a solid “Meh.” The cutscenes are nice and I think it’s well written, even if whoever wrote this does seem to have a limited vocabulary. The MC Viole is a sadistic person but whenever she acts on it, she immediately regrets which is a bit silly for a personality. Neve is really cute and I like her dark character, Fion was a bit too soft and innocent for a thief, and I honestly just hate Eleri. Eleri is the morally good character who is a bit too stuck on her high horse and fancy’s herself as the Judge and Jury.
Although something tells me you don’t want to play this for the plot. Yes, there is a R18+ patch.)

Hopefully Sakura MMO 2 and 3 will be better!
Half-Life 2

Sakura MMO 2

3.3 hours
15 of 15 achievements

You play as Kotone, a Lawyer from modern day Japan who wakes up as her character Viola, a dark and powerful witch from Asaph Online! It’s been a couple months since a mysterious otherworldly power transferred you over to this new world, and now that you’ve had your fun exploring, it’s time to get serious and find some answers! Your Darkling Maid Neve, puppy thief Fion, and surprisingly-cruel-knight-that-also-came-from-Japan guard dog Eleri, come with you to help shine a light on this mystery. Can you make it back home? Do you even want to?

Compared to the first MMO Violas personality has come a long way, and she’s not as apologetic which shows character growth. What really made me mad about this though was that whoever you romanced in the first game completely forgets in the second one. Why?!?! Should have had an option in the beginning where you picked who you romanced, Neve, Fion, Eleri, or all instead of dismissing it and making everyone forget it happened.
On another note… This VN was completely irrelevant plot wise and ends in a weird spot. Viola and Eleri try to find out who transported them into Asaph online by… taking a bunch of useless side quests? What do they honestly expect to learn from a gathering quest or “go kill x of these.” Quests? This whole VN was them taking a quest to find a missing diamond necklace for a wedding, but they took it on the assumption that “maybe they would find out why they came here.” When they could have done something productive like “go ask another witch.” (which is what they end up doing in the last 5 min of this which finally advanced the main quest.)

I would honestly skip Sakura MMO 2 because this whole thing was essentially a side quest.
Yes, there is an 18+ patch you weirdos.
Half-Life 2

Sakura MMO 3

1.8 hours
25 of 25 achievements

The Dark Witch Viola and Eleri finally figured out why and how they came from modern day Japan to Asaph Online! The reason it however, is not a good one. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the world is now ending in two weeks and only those not from Asaph have a chance of saving it! No chance to back out now!

I LOVED this ending to Sakura MMO! A surprising twist and a satisfying ending that I was happy with! The translations are better and the characters showed a lot of growth compared to 1 and 2. Viola is no longer as shy and apologetic and Eleri, the-actually-noble-and-more-respectable-now knight has gotten stronger and shows more confidence in herself! Fion, the-puppy-thief, is still laid back, but she pays more attention now to the important stuff. An overall excellent way to end the series!! Yes, there is an 18+ patch.


35% (125/355)
20% (72/355)
26% (92/355)
17% (59/355)
2% (7/355)

July 2020 report!
This month had been very hard on me and my family and honestly i’m not doing too good. Lot’s of free time lately and tried my best to get my mind off things, which resulted in these VN’s being completed. This year has been pretty bad.
EDIT: At least I didn’t increase my backlog at all this month. Small things.

Half-Life 2
I would like to say, "Avoid like the plague." but we clearly don't do that. <3

The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya

8.4 hours
17 of 17 achievements

Warning: Violence
The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya has pretty cutscenes and characters, but that’s all it has going for it. The backgrounds are horribly drawn and there is only about 5 of them between all the characters, and the music tracks are few and forgettable.
The storyline is a mess, and unlikely scenarios happen one after the other, Misao, the girl you play as, her personality changes with every route and the writing is cringy. It honestly feels like one person wrote all the text because all the characters, aside from when you first meet them, act the same - aggressive and crude.

Hayabusa – Your childhood friend, starts off well and likely is the best route in the game. Which is saying something.
Kagerou – A Tsundere who’s not actually cute.
Tokiwa – A handsome man who is remarkably childish and self- centered.
Kagura - Cool and collected when you first interact with him, but halfway through his personality flips and he becomes reckless, aggressive, and crude.
Takao – The most bipolar man I’ve ever seen in a VN.
Iroha – Starts off unromantic and cringy, somehow ends worse.

I spent $8 on Kikuya and it was not worth it. I also purchased the second season, Ohgiya and despite being past the two week purchase date, I actually got a refund. THANK YOU, DEREK! WHOEVER YOU ARE!

Half-Life 2
Incredibly long, very detailed, and yet - pretty enjoyable.

Tricolour Lovestory

62.9 hours
70 of 70 achievements

Warning: Violence and light cursing.
You play as Ashley Chu, a high school student who just wants to be a successful Digital Artist so he can break away from his abusive parents and find his own freedom! He may need the help of his childhood sweetheart, Daisy, and maybe his beautiful and mysterious new classmate??

The backgrounds and characters are absolutely gorgeous, although the English translation probably came off Google translate. It’s approximately 30 hours per route. Unlike what I did, I recommend picking whoever you fancy first, finishing her route, then restarting and set the skip to “skip all text you have already seen." And then do the last route.

Also, I can’t believe that this VN is $2, it typically goes on sale for $0.79 and that is an absolute steal for this kind of content. Also, to give you exactly how amazing this VN is, I want to mention again, it's about 30 hours per route, 1 million words, and each character has about 450 different expressions, and 35 music tracks. Also, you can mute all voices or just specific ones if they get on your last nerve.

Half-Life 2
Heads up: After you "finish" the game, the extras are a 1-2 hour continuation of the "finale."

Lucy -The Eternity She Wished For-

5.3 hours
no achievements

You are the MC. While taking a shortcut home you stumble upon a broken and rather High-Tec Android about to be demolished. So, what do you do? You take her home and try to re-activate her, of course.

Lucy -The Eternity She Wished For- is a rather emotional VN that features Lucy, an Android with emotions in a human society hellbent on destroying her. This VN also features voice acting, for Lucy only, in Korean and Japanese. While playing, I couldn’t help but be reminded of The Turing Test, a test to see if a human could tell the difference between another human and a machine. If the human could not tell the difference, then it is said that the machine could think. That it was intelligent. If Lucy didn’t have the aspects of her that showed she was an Android, she could have passed as a human, perfectly.
There are 2 routes in this game chosen by your final choice, a True Route and an Alternate Route. After the True Route more extras are unlocked. This VN can take anywhere from 3-5 hours to finish.

If you liked this game, you may also like TACOMA and The Turing Test on Steam.

Half-Life 2
A few unanswered questions and surprisingly dark twists. Feels unfinished.

Fluffy Store

6.4 hours
13 of 13 achievements

You are Lin Yang, you finished college and you finally have that degree that you worked so hard for! Except one thing. You can’t get a job. At all. It really sucks. Practically broke, you decide to head back to your small hometown and take over your late grandfather’s convenience store. Digging through your grandfathers’ things, you discover a mystical wind chime! You ring it, and three animal girls appear before you! Meet Cherry the fox, Purin the Rabbit, and Puff the Bear! You decide to hire them as employees in your shop! Except one problem, the girls are bound to the wind chime and can’t stray too far from it, and they have no recollection as to who they are! You decide to be a good example of the human race, and help them out.

This VN is very cute and well written! Also, a surprisingly dark story? I noticed that during the gameplay, Cherry’s and Purin’s backstory is revealed and they get their memories back, but Puff doesn’t so it feels unfinished.

Half-Life 2
Enjoyable characters, backgrounds, gameplay, music! Very easy to love!

Pastry Lovers

8.8 hours
7 of 7 achievements

Pastry Lovers is a sweet and wholesome game about a girl, Sakura, who was abandoned by her family and raised at an orphanage in the West Isle. Her former family left nothing to her except a note with her name on it and a notebook filled with pastry recipes that was her fathers. Using this book, she aspires to be a famous pastry chef! She will have to go to the main continent of Carseland Kingdom and enroll in the prestigious St. Patras College to pursue her dream! During her time there, will she find clues to her hidden past?

While in the College, she meets Prince William, Christopher DM, Henry Yin, and Hannan Ye! Will she find her fated partner?!? There is another character you can date, Henin the art teacher, he is a hidden character.

This was a surprisingly enjoyable stat management VN, and for the $5 price tag is an absolute steal. It took me about 9 hours to do everything the game has to offer. I want to note that while some people complain about needing to repeat the game to get the other routes, if you get everyone’s affection to 110 and get your status up (and with 9999 gold, you better.) All of their routes are available to you if you simply save on THE DAY BEFORE (To lower/increase your “Blackening” stat via eating at the restaurant.) when you need to pick which route you want to complete.


Haha I’ve added 11 games from the steam sale onto my backlog, I’m now at 299 games. I forgot the summer sale was a thing and I was completely blindsided!!! ahhh more stuff to do. ;w;

Half-Life 2
Pretty enjoyable. Some achievements were headaches though. Also there were a few bugs.


6.1 hours
14 of 14 achievements

Flower is a relaxing and peaceful experience in which you play as the wind. You collect petals and bring beauty into an otherwise bleak and grey world. Playtime ranges from 2–6 hours and there are some bugs to be noted but nothing game-breaking.

When entering another dream (level.) Sound may be unavailable. This is fixed with a simple restart. Sometimes when you are flying you get stuck after interacting with things, this can be fixed by accelerating or changing directions.

All in all this is a very wholesome and tranquil game and I do recommend it.

Half-Life 2
The English translation was terrible! You could still understand it though.

Our world has not decayed

3.1 hours
no achievements

“Our world has not decayed” Is a surprisingly wholesome game that’s very bittersweet. You are Coru! An Adventurer who somehow survived the end of the world. While looking for more people and trying to figure out what happened exactly to make the world end, you find Nasu instead! She has amnesia! She is also a zombie! Both of you set off together to find more people and bring Nasu home!

Having Chinese voice acting instead of Japanese is a bit unusual for me but it quickly grew on me. This VN is more like a story than anything, seeing as you only really have 2-3 choices in the entire game. This story can be finished in 2.5-5 hours.

The English translation is truly terrible! However, if you are a native English speaker or you feel confident in your skills, it’s not really any trouble. Some confusion here or there but you have a general understanding of what’s going on.

Half-Life 2
Haha WOW is it dark in here! Really though, where is the lightswitch? At the end? ok!

The Orchard of Stray Sheep

4.4 hours
no achievements

You play as the protagonist Ichirou! You are hired as a teacher to teach at an amazing Island academy with only 4 students! You work with the beautiful principle Matsuri and two other teachers, Liang and Tsuji, to keep the students happy at all costs!
The four students are Peeler, Mincer, Oros zester and your own assigned student, Casserole! It is your duty to make sure that Casserole is ready for her ‘graduation’ from the academy! Will you really be able to do it, though?

The Orchard of Stray Sheep is a surprisingly dark and yet incredibly interesting kinetic novel. I say Kinetic, but there are only 3 choices that lead to 3 endings, 2 bad endings and 1 true ending, and it’s kind of obvious what the bad choices are. The art style is phenomenal and the music is just exceptional! The only downside is that there is no sequel!

Half-Life 2
The only good thing in here is Mori and Ruri. MC is very creepy. Run, Mori! RUUNN!

Fox Hime Zero

5.7 hours
8 of 8 achievements

Fox Hime Zero is the story of a boy named Yan who is sent into the forest to live there for a year and collect data and specimens on the flora and fauna in the mountain. On his first week, he finds and rescues a fox who has fallen into the river. Later the fox returns, but instead of being a fox she has transformed into a beautiful and mysterious girl named Mori!

As lovely as the art is, I can’t really recommend it. It’s cute, but there is no real plot, no story, and the MC Yan is kind of creepy. He keeps “accidently” touching her and he kisses her on accident which leads to an incredibly uncomfortable make out session. As the story goes on, he get’s incredibly obsessive of her and abandons his work to be with her.

No story, no plot, just two cute characters and a creepy MC. I recommend you skip.

My May report~
Finished one of my biggest games in my backlog, which i’m pretty pleased with myself about. I need to reorganize what games I need to do next though because I looked at my list and quite frankly I kinda feel overwhelmed.

Half-Life 2

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

382.5 hours
93 of 93 achievements

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is one of the longest games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. Plenty of things to do, an interactive storyline, choices matter, and just in general a lot of fun.

You are Kassandra The Eagle Bearer! Travel around the Ancient Greece world with your best friend Ikaros and discover your legacy!

Half-Life 2


2.1 hours
25 of 25 achievements

Paperbark is a lovely point and click adventure that takes you through 5 Chapters. Enjoy Australian flora and fauna in a short 1 to 2 hour watercolor adventure.

As cute as it is though, it’s only fun when you’re not looking for all the achievements. At the bare minimum, you need to replay this three times for the three endings, (doghouse, house, and basket.) and one of those endings needs to be a 18 min speed run. (took me 16 min.) Also, I want to note I’ve had issues where I was looking for cicadas and just because I was near something the wombat would automatically start interacting with it, even if I’ve tried to avoid it. This is especially annoying when you’re trying to speed run and you get stuck eating flowers or something.
Regardless, it’s very cute and I do recommend it.

Welp, I say I did pretty bad this April. Added a bunch of fun looking games to my game list (rip, backlog?) and only finished 2.
I did managed to edit that massive fanfic though I mentioned in my previous post. Pleased to announce I kept a log of all my edits that I made, and it turned out to be 31 pages long. and took me a month. Nailed it.

ANYWAY, here is the thing you came to read!


11.2 hours, no achievements
Only one romanceable character and she is a major airhead. Lovely story though. The ending(s) ruined everything.

Click to expand

Crystalline is a beautiful and wonderful VN that has stunning scenes, memorable music, and interesting characters! Also features full voice-overs, multiple endings, and an engaging storyline!
You, the protagonist finds himself transported to a fantastical fantasy world called Terra, a parallel world to Earth, that features Magic and Spirits! You quickly make friends with Leanna, Amelia, Zack, Kara, and most importantly – Pango!

While I did enjoy the VN, how funny it was and how long it took me to finish everything, (11 hours!) I was disappointed with a few things. First of all, the only romanceable character is Leanna, and personally she was a bit too… slow… for my tastes. Regarding that, the endings left much to be desired. I wont spoil anything, but the “True Ending” was a solid 3/10 and was incredibly vague and its implications are pretty disappointing.
Another ending was being in a platonic relationship with her, and quite frankly going back to Earth despite how awesome Terra was is likely the better option, which sucks for reasons I’m not going to spoil.
All in all, it’s a great VN with some pretty undesirable and vague endings.

If I had to rate this? 6/10.
(Also, what the heck? They have hover trains, guns, magic, a universal currency, multiple countries, treaties with said countries, but no way of communicating long distances aside from couriers?? Why???)

Freud Gate

2 hours, 10 of 10 achievements
Some puzzles are confusing. I figured it out and made the first horrible English guide though.

Click to expand

Freud Gate’s theme is depression, and follows Sigmund Freud’s model of the psyche, the Id, Ego, and Super Ego. Freud Gate shows you how there may be people around you that are depressed, and shows you it’s not as obvious as “being sad.” You follow and help a young girl as she finds another road.

Freud Gate is a lovely walking sim with a few puzzles and interactions. The music goes well with the scenes and the ending was beautiful and satisfying. There were a few problems though I found as I was playing.

The controls of the game gave me a slight motion sickness, this may vary with individuals but I think that should be fixed. The second issue I discovered was at the very last scene, you could run through some of the rocks as if they were not there, and if you run along the walls there are very obvious gaps, places you can see through the rocks, and places you can fall off the map.

Overall, I had an enjoyable experience! Thank you!

Thanks to the quarantine i’ve gotten a bit more done before the end of the month, look at me; being productive. Also somehow I ended up agreeing to edit a 125,000 word fanfic. 3 chapters down, 41 to go.

The Shrouded Isle

11.7 hours, 16 of 16 achievements
Pretty fun and morbid, but has a really steep learning curve.

Click to expand

I hesitantly recommend this game.
The Shrouded Isle has an incredibly steep learning curve, when you first start; you start with all the DLC’s which makes the game difficult and frustrating. (To make it easier and shorter right click the game > properties > BETAS > original. Doing this locks you out of getting two achievements, but you can always revert back to NONE. Reduces 5yrs to 3yrs, and eliminates sickness and the Awoken Ones.)

Once you get past and you play a bit and you start to understand what to do - and it gets pretty fun!!! -you can play through all the endings pretty quickly, you need to find the 12 (6 in BETA) sinners and sacrifice them before the 5 years are up, but you need to juggle the moods of the houses and not kill two people from the same house in a row while managing your village.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

14.3 hours, 14 of 14 achievements
Very fun and very difficult to finish. I ended up needing to take a lot of breaks because this game lives up to its genre - Psychological horror.

Click to expand

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is a brilliant work of art that is heavily influenced by real and accurately portrayed mental disorders. You follow Senua, a young woman suffering from severe psychosis as she journeys into Helheim to find and recover the lost soul of her lover, Dillion.

This incredibly emotional psychological horror game has an amazing and fluid combat system that’s easy to pick up and play with, not to mention how engaging the storyline is! The graphics are exceptional and many times I felt as if I was watching a movie. Brilliant!

Sakura Gamer

3.3 hours, 8 of 8 achievements
The main character was cuter than all the targets, can't date yourself. ):

Click to expand

Sakura Gamer is a very engaging VN, and I was surprised on how excellent the writing was when compared to previous games! The art is cute as usual and the music is pretty upbeat.

The protagonist is Sayo, otherwise known as Nekohime! You follow along with her and her friends on the grand adventure of making a visual novel! There are four routes you can take, Suki’s route, Chika’s route, a harem route and a solo route!

Took me on average 3 hours to finish one route, skipping all the additional text you can finish this game within 4 hours!

A Short Hike

5.3 hours, 8 of 8 achievements
The most wholesome game I have played this month, hands down. Had WAY more fun than I thought I would!!!

Click to expand

A Short Hike has overwhelmingly positive reviews, and as someone who finished this 100%, I can say it's much deserved. This short (3-6 hr) relaxing game is a 3D pixelated masterpiece! It’s easy to play and is very enjoyable and satisfying.

You play as Claire, a young bird from a big city looking for a cellphone reception out in the middle of nowhere. There are lots of things to explore, fun characters to meet, and treasure to find! This gem also features one of my favorite things to do in a game – Flying!


8.6 hours, 1 of 1 achievements
It was pretty ok for a VN, would only recommend buying on a really good sale though.

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Eliza is a unique VN about an AI therapy program and its relationship with its creator, Evelyn. This game features multiple endings, hand painted backgrounds and characters, and is fully voiced. Eliza has a noticeably strong philosophical theme that features mental illnesses and its effects on individuals.

I will note that while this game is interesting, I didn’t really have that much fun with it. Eliza is very linear and may have multiple endings yes, but some of those endings are not “ideal” which narrows things down quite a bit. I ended up picking Rainer’s route and the ending was a bit baffling to me. Both Rainer and Evelyn had a personality change and things went very “culty” very fast when there was no indication it would be so in any of the previous dialog.

I hesitantly recommend this game because it is beautiful and well written, but the ending I experienced left much to be desired.

Been 6 months since I posted something, here is just some stuff I finished in the meantime. Click on the boxes for the review, thank you and have a good day!

One Small Fire At A Time

2.7 hours, 21 of 21 achievements

One small fire at a time is definitely a hidden gem. You can tell a ton of work has been put into it, all the Beautiful picturesque characters, backgrounds and designs. It goes on sale more often than not and it’s worth a read. (3-7 hours)
Janis is 13 years old and lives in a madhouse. This place is where society sends those with mental disorders, such as Schizophrenia, depression, personality disorders, and in Janis’s case, a lack of magic in a magical society. This story has multiple endings with one true ending, leading to its prequel An Octave Higher.

Old Man's Journey

2.6 hours, no achievements

Old Man's Journey is a pleasant wordless point and click adventure in which you assist an old man journeying across islands, you are given the power to bring hills and roads closer together to speed and assist him on his adventure.

This game is very short, it can be finished in an hour and a half. Old Man’s Journey features colorful and well-drawn scenes and memorable music, I highly recommend it.

The Amazing Shinsengumi: Heroes in Love

2.9 hours, 18 of 18 achievements

All I wanted was to enjoy a peaceful VN and take a break from some bigger games. That’s all I wanted. Purchased in 2017, downloaded in 2020, I was aware that this was an adaptation to Hakuoki. I’ve already finished that series and I was excited to play a short alternate version of it, and like I typically do, I start from the character tropes I like least to most. Starting with Heisuke; the “childish” one.

Chapter one and two, a little strange but overall no problem. The MC is notably pathetic and helpless, however. Chapter three is when I pulled all the breaks. “What? No. That’s disgusting. This can’t be right.” His entire route is the stuff of nightmares. The only thing Heisuke wants to do is ♥♥♥♥ the MC whether she wants to or not, no matter how many times you reject his advances or push him away, he always continues as if you agreed to this. This route is rapey, nauseating, rude, crude, and sexist. If not were for the fact I am a completionist I would have uninstalled and deleted this VN from my library.

I did not pay much attention to any of the chapters after Heisuke. I went back and checked out the reviews and decided that this is a revolting game not worth reading. Fast forwarding through the other playthroughs, it looks like no matter the decisions you make the endings, good or bad, are all incredibly similar. Choices don’t seem to matter except for the achievements and cutscenes, and quite frankly, spending any amount of time on this VN is a waste.


7.2 hours, 60 of 60 achievements

Going to start off I’m already a huge fan of △○□×, the first game of theirs I ever played was LiEat, then right on to Alicemare and I’ve been hooked ever since.

1BitHeart is a wonderful and yet sad story of a genius shut-in who goes on a quest to learn to love himself and to make as many friends as he can. There are many interesting characters for you to meet and it has a notably strong detective theme. The gameplay is very interactive and you can easily spend 10 hours finishing this up. Every area you wander to has a theme and different types of music playing and it’s an incredibly fun and cute experience. I very much recommend this game.

Bokuten - Why I Became an Angel

19.1 hours, no achievements

This is not a happy game. If you want something warm and fuzzy, then Bokuten – Why I became an Angel is definitely not it.

When I first got this game, I assumed it would be one of those warm and fuzzy VN’s (I try not to research anything so I don’t stumble upon spoilers.) but as I reached the third chapter, I quickly realized that I was very, very wrong. This game will make you sad, you will feel angry, tired, and you might even be a bit disturbed. There are no happy endings. Only bittersweet.

Regardless, it is a very beautiful and unique game.

Why Am I Dead At Sea

5.8 hours, 27 of 27 achievements

Why am I dead at sea is a fantastic murder mystery that is heavily focused on the story aspect. You don’t know who you are, you don’t know why you are here, all you know is that you were killed by someone on the ship and you need to find them before the journey ends and they escape and everyone disappears. This story has multiple endings.

The controls are deceptively simple, you just use the “Z” “X” “C” keys and WSAD or the arrow keys to move around, “Z” to interact with people or things, “X” to possess or inhabit someone’s body, and “C” to use that individuals special skill, such as looking through pockets and peeking through doors.

This game does have some negative aspects though, during my playthroughs twice I got stuck with the stairs. Once I moved right instead of left and got stuck outside the barrier on the stairs, and the second time I moved left far too quickly and broke through the barrier on the other side, so I could walk around in the dark parts of the screen. Needless to say, please save your game often unless you are in the 4th chapter to get all endings.
Another negative aspect was the endings. Once you find out who the killer is you get a cutscene where everyone is outside the ship all thankful to be alive, but there is no info on what happens to you. No fading away into the afterlife, no goodbyes to the few you actually manage to communicate with, no nothing. You don’t show up anymore and credits roll. No idea what happens to everyone else or you, it’s pretty disappointing.

All and all I hesitantly recommend this game because of the abrupt and unsatisfying endings, If I could give it a “Meh” option I would.


18.0 hours, 14 of 14 achievements

Warning: If you get motion sickness easily, like me, it may not be best to play. However, there is a ship, “The Hopper.” Which can come to a complete stop in mid air and it helps you get your bearings or if you need a moment to just stop.


  • Controls are weird, It took me a couple hours to get used to it. You can change the keys but I don’t recommend it.
  • When you first start out is the worst, the further you go along and collect artifacts the more stable you fly.
  • Nothing telling you what to do and where to go, which is also a positive.


  • Wonderful story
  • Lovely music
  • Multiple ships to suit playstyles.
  • You can re-color your ship as many times as you want, and there are some cute options.
  • The graphics, while are not the best, definitely do a better job than what I’ve seen in most games.
  • The further you get along in the game, the easier it is to play.

Overall, I had a lot of fun playing it, some things were confusing and frustrating at first but once I got to the second area things became much, much easier. There is a collectable guide on YouTube as well as a full walkthrough if you get stuck.

I somehow got Sunrider Academy in 2016. I don’t know where and I don’t know why. I set it on the backburner until my group picked the game out for me to play it. When I realized most the game was garbage it was too late for me to toss it, and since I’ve already gotten most of the achievements my pride as a completionist could not let me set it aside.
Before we begin, I would like to mention this game has cheats, such as achievement.grant(“X”). If you plan on getting all the achievements, I recommend you use this command to skip one of the routes. I wish I did. This game also features an 18+ patch for steam should you choose to do so.
I picked my routes based on how much of a first impression I had of the characters; saving the best for last. Asaga > Ava > Sola > Chigara.

Asaga – A huge perverted moron, who somehow against all odds, never managed to get kicked out of school. There was nothing remarkable or anything even worth mentioning about her route other than in the beginning it was a bit enjoyable, and snowballed down from there. Her route, without spoiling the story, was incredibly annoying to finish and at the end I was thanking a god I don’t believe in that it was over. I would like to mention that she has an exhibitionist streak a mile wide and the entire time I was very uncomfortable.

Ava – At first your opinion of the Student Council president is very high and she is very much likeable, until the very. Moment. You. Start. Her. Route. The entire time she is very frigid toward you and hostile. She treats everyone like slave labor and eight months in you still feel like nothing has changed at all. She is very bullheaded and difficult to work with, and I ended up hating her more than Asaga. She goes out of her way to ruin everyone’s mood and to run them into the ground. (including herself because on top of being a gigantic *** she has huge self-esteem issues.) She is incredibly Bipolar and I am most certain that she is a closet sadist.
I would also like to mention that this route has family violence, which FOR SOME REASON, the developers just brushed off. This is 100% not ok. Ava’s father ties her up (literally.) and it is strongly implied that he beats her regularly. And at the end of the game, I kid you not, the MC says “I guess he wasn’t a bad guy after all!” I STRONGLY suggest skipping Ava’s route.

Sola – Her route was strangely unremarkable. While there were some interesting factors that made it more fun playing (compared to the last two.) I couldn’t help but feel like it was incomplete. Most of her route was shadowing what happened in the original game (Sunrider Liberation Day; SR Academy is a spinoff.) and it felt like I was encouraged mostly into trying that game, rather than playing her route. In short – it felt like an advertisement.

Chigara – The best route in the game. I can say with 100% confidence that not only did her route have the most content, it was also the most rewarding playthrough in the entire game. While she is unusually shy, her reactions were relatively normal and sane compared to the last three routes. While it did get a bit bumpy around month 7-8, It was much more fulfilling than all the previous endings combined.

Ending thoughts: I would not recommend this game. Compared to other visual novels out there this one is garbage. It’s insensitive and in some cases, extreme. Only one route was worth playing out of the four available, and while this is a spinoff of the original game, is very disappointing. I do intend to play the original game but using this as an experience, I have a feeling it will not be enjoyable.
This is my first post all year and I will try to be more active on BLAEO. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

  • Sunrider Academy

    30 hours playtime

    20 of 20 achievements

So it’s been two months since my last post. Black Desert kinda took up a lot of my time. Just a bit.

Anyway lets get on with the show.


A very lovely story. In this novel, you walk around and interact with objects and recover various pieces of information from desktops and from data left behind. Find out what happened to the Tacoma crew, and it’s AI, Odin.

I really enjoyed the whole story. It takes around 2 hours to complete, and you can get all the achievements in one run. The characters were interesting, and I am very, very happy on how it ended. You should seriously play it.

By the way, the intro song is “Find me” by Szjerdene. Your welcome.

“Rather magnificent”

  • Odin

2.) Sparkle 3:Genesis

This game is absolute garbage.
If your just playing for whatever and not achievements, go for it. It takes about 20 minutes to finish the game. 8 - 12 hours for all achievements. Achievement hunters - Beware.

1.) You can kill the leviathan from day 1 without upgrading. Upgrading your status does not make you faster, stronger, increase absorption range or speed. The only reason you would waste your time putting points in is for the four achievements. They literally do nothing.

2.) I have actively tried to kill myself. You cannot die in this game, at all. This makes all fights pointless.

3.) The tutorial is annoying. For some achievements, you need to make a completely red, blue or green sparkle. Problem is, you may need to repeat the tutorial 10 times to get 3 of the same colors. I often ended up with 2/2/2.

4.) You cannot make this game completely mute from in-game. You can set the volume to 0% and it still makes noise, you need to minimize the game and go to your volume settings to mute it.

5.) the music is mediocre, forgettable, and non-existent. I suggest muting it and using a playlist.

6.) When you go through a vortex to go to the next area, you need to fight with it because even when you use the wheel to move down a level, it may move up one so your in this annoying back and forth war every level.

7.) once you complete a quest, you cannot re-do it. This means for the absorption competition you need to completely restart the game to get the like a boss achievement. On the bar it should tell you the percentages so you can end the game early instead of completely resetting it and re-starting with a new character.

8.) the labyrinths are annoying. They are not fun, just annoying and stressful and when you need to repeat them constantly to get a chance at the absorption competition it’s just migraine inducing.

9.) The sparkles get WAY TOO BIG. Once they hit max level they literally take up half the screen. Good luck trying to get through a labyrinth or looking at your mini-map. It should be set so when you level you zoom out or something.

10.) While green is the easiest to move in the labyrinths, have fun trying to kill the leviathan with it. It’s too slow and doesn’t have the range to get the orbs on the tail-end of it. I gave up after 13 minutes. On a side note… blue is absolutely the way to go if you want to beat the leviathan in less than 2 minutes.

EDIT: I completely forgot to mention that I’m looking for people to add to my WL on Steamgifts. If you actually play the games you win and not a card idler.

  • Tacoma

    8 hours playtime

    12 of 12 achievements

  • Sparkle 3 Genesis

    21 hours playtime

    32 of 32 achievements

1.) fault - milestone one
This, this was pretty good. The intro was nice and everything was just really well done. The characters had their own personality, and they were likable and intriguing. The story is pretty good and interesting, the music was wonderful. It took me about 3 hours to finish up, but it was fun.

2.) fault - milestone two side:above
This was hands down the best visual novel I have played. The beginning got me so EXCITED, as it showed me the best, and I do mean the BEST, “breaking the fourth wall moment” I thought possible. I didn’t even know a game could DO that, and I was just really excited. There are supposedly two more novels coming out to finish up the series, “Silence the Pendant” and “Fault: Side Below” and I am eager to get my hands on them. I also liked the second novel for the same reasons as the first.

3.) Silence
Oh my god, this game is absolutely stunning. The art, is BEYOND lovely, and I enjoyed most of the characters as well. The story was pretty dang good, and It was a enjoyable experience. The only faults I have with it are a few things. One, you cant save. If you need to restart, you need to redo the entire chapter. I did this and it broke the game for me, as two chapters went together in the same scene and it was a huge confusing mess and I ended up deleting that file. Second, the achievements. I don’t know how on earth people got three particular achievements, but I just cannot get them, period. One you need to play through the entire game without skipping a text, which I’m pretty sure I did, twice. and the other two are to not use the hint tool, which I’m also certain I did, twice. and the other is to skip every mini game, in which I cannot for the life of me find the skip button. I even watched others play for a walk through, and I see the skip button show up on their screen, but I cant find it on mine on the exact same scenes. So I finished the game three times, but I cannot get those last three achievements, which breaks my heart as I still feel it’s incomplete. Apparently you can go into the save file whatever that means and get the achievements that way, but I haven’t ever done that before and I have no idea where to do that. (If you know how to do it please tell me.)
Other than that, it was a great game. But please, please follow a guide unless you want to replay the game four times.

finishes three games. Adds three games to my library. Screams internally.

  • fault - milestone one

    3 hours playtime

    12 of 12 achievements

    • fault - milestone two side:above

      4 hours playtime

      9 of 9 achievements

      • </li>
      • Silence

        12 hours playtime

        43 of 46 achievements