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Hello! I am Zelrune! I like to play story driven games like RPG’s and VN’s but sometimes I stray to other genres if the game looks interesting enough.
I have four dogs and one fish!
My curator group is here.

Fun fact: I fostered a lost sun conure for a week and it was traumatising for both of us.
(He was happily returned home.)

Joined on 04/03/2017 but didn’t start seriously working on my backlog until COVID.

July 2022 Progress Report

I did it! It was rough but I beat a couple games I had planned from last month and then participated in Cjcomplex’s event, so, I’ve knocked out 10 games! Woo! Time was kinda tight working on Ni No Kuni 2’s DLC but thankfully it was a Friday and Saturday, so I was able to pull through.

Working on Wrath of the White Witch for August but I don’t have any solid plans until I see the HB monthly and the new events going on. I’m soooo tempted to buy myself Stray, but I’m going to leave that as a reward for myself along with some other games when I beat my new years resolution. (Beat 80 games, complete more than I buy, etc.) I feel kinda burned out tbh because I’ve never beaten 10 games in a month before so I’ll probably re-read something I like or pick up a new book. Looking forward to next month!

Games added to backlog: 1
Games 100%: 10

56% (246/443)
20% (89/443)
11% (50/443)
13% (57/443)
0% (1/443)
112.4 hours
Excellent story, even better combat.

Evan is the young prince of Ding Dong Dell, but on the day of his coronation to become king, Roland materializes out of thin air from another world in front of him. Both are very confused and it gets even worse when Roland and Evan realize that Mausinger, the previous King’s trusted advisor, has staged a coup in an attempt for glory. Evan escapes with Roland’s assistance and vows to make his own country- A place where there is no war and everyone can be happy- and here starts this tale of a small king and his advisor building the soon to be legendary kingdom of Evermore from scratch. Recruit citizens, forge alliances with other kingdoms, uncover various schemes and create unbreakable bonds; but beware: something stirs in the background, and you, my friend, are in their way.

55+ hours to complete, Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom is honestly kind of boring until the third chapter. Chapters 1-3 are all about setting up the story and it’s not until a couple hours in you actually get to really play and get into city-building. Once you start though? Amazing, fun, intuitive, the combat is my favorite and I would get into fights just for the fun of it. The number of items you could pick up made my little packrat heart happy; and I say this to you with all the love and experience as someone who has completed this game – Do not sell anything, ever. Especially shoes. Every item you get will be needed, either to complete a quest or to create an item. Even the pebbles; especially the pebbles.

The DLC is a must-buy; especially if you’ve played Wrath of the White Witch. The story ties in and I’m genuinely a bit salty I listened to people who said it doesn’t matter which game you play first, it does. The Labyrinth is an incredible place where you get a ton of EXP and equipment that are far better than literally anything in the base game; and while I had significant issues such as every 1 out of 4 runs crashing and the occasional exit door not spawning; it was absolutely still worth using it to level to the 150 cap. After that, the Winnower quest and Tale of a Timeless Tome, tie into White Witch and connect the stories.

TLDR; 55+hrs, city building, fun combat, amazing DLC, lots of side quests, make alliances with other kingdoms. Don’t sell anything ever; and play Wrath of the White Witch first.

Half-Life 2
Great base game, terrible DLC. I had a ton of fun playing in the underwater environments!


21.9 hours
44 of 44 achievements

As a small shark with a traumatic entry into the world, become the greatest apex predator! Survive, evolve, and grow from a pup, teen, adult, elder, and mega shark; everything and anything is on the menu! Take your revenge on Scaly Pete, explore and become the underwater queen of the 8-9 locations on the Gulf Coast, and lure bounty hunters out in the open as you gain infamy points to unlock special perks and abilities. This world is yours!

8-12+ hours, Maneater can be played in a few different ways. Yeah, you can go all out and be super aggressive but the best moments I had were just, swimming around and enjoying the beautiful and realistic graphics. Later on, you get a perk which makes things smaller than you ignore you and swimming with the sharks is just, really fun! I went out of my way to find the albino versions of every animal and the Orcas are super cute. I named my character Ophelia and I really did have a great time. There are plenty of sea caverns and ecosystems to check out and many are just, absolutely gorgeous.

The game does have a couple cons and work-arounds I would like to mention to anyone interested in playing, the narrator is fun but can get super annoying 2+ hours in. He can be muted in the settings thankfully; but comes back in the DLC; which I actually recommend you skip. When I bought it, I thought it would just be silly but, is just, really annoying with all the conspiracy theories and ridiculous objectives. Fighting the final boss was good, but everything before then just made me thankful it was over.

Half-Life 2
An artistic reconstruction of myths and lore of The Mooseman, fun game.

The Mooseman

3.1 hours
15 of 15 achievements

Yen is the first god, father of mankind. He filled the middle worlds with spirits, animals, and men; seeded the forests with trees and filled the rivers with fish. He married and had 7 sons before leaving his wife and taking them on a long journey to become skilled hunters and slay the greatest of beasts; Vorsa. Vorsa is a legendary six-legged moose who carries Shondi’s fire, the sun, in his antlers and was created with the beginning of the world; and after a long hunt, was slain by Yen. With Vorsa’s death, the sun fell into the lower realm and Yen told his seven sons to draw lots among themselves, with each day a new son journeying to the underworld to bring a fragment of light back to the middle world so that the sun may rise again.

The Mooseman is 1+hr game that is largely an artistic reconstruction of myths and lore of the real-life Komi Permians, Komi Zyrians, Mansi, and Saami people who live in north-east European Russia around the basins of the Vychegda, Pechora, and Kama rivers. Artifacts represented in game are stored in the regional museum of Perm Krai in Russia. You play as one of the sons making their journey to the Underworld to collect a fragment of light and bringing it back to the middle world. Gameplay is very easy, simply move forward or backwards while switching between your mortal eye and spiritual to complete puzzles, progress through physical objects, and hide from the more dangerous spirits. Plenty of optional puzzles and riddles to collect secrets and artifacts.

Half-Life 2
Solve all sorts of puzzles in The House of Da Vinci.

The House of Da Vinci

7.5 hours
6 of 6 achievements

7+ hours to complete, 8 chapters; House of Da Vinci is a well-made 3D puzzle adventure game with a large variety of mechanical puzzles and fabulous inventions! Solve your way through the House of Da Vinci and find the reason behind his mysterious disappearance. In nearly every room, there is a hidden blueprint which grants you both an achievement and a collectable that can be interacted with in the achievement room.

Half-Life 2
Great game, fun boss fights and mechanics.

Pumpkin Jack

6.7 hours
33 of 33 achievements

The world is peaceful and the Devil is bored; so, he jams a troublesome soul into a carved pumpkin that’s on fire and sends them to the human world to cause as much chaos as they can. This unfortunate- or fortunate? Soul is none other than Jack; the man who became a legend after tricking The Devil on multiple occasions; has made yet another deal with the devil; In exchange for hunting down The Wizard, The Champion of Humans, Jack can then leave Hell and wander the world once more.

6+ hours to complete, 6 chapters. Playing Pumpkin Jack was really easy and satisfying; the gameplay isn’t difficult and the puzzles, boss fights, weapons and power-ups are fun. My favorite character is The Cowardly Crow, a bird companion you meet almost immediately and spends the rest of the game with you. There are collectables but none of them are missable unless you choose to not explore an area or ignore them, the gramophones and outfits especially! I didn’t note any errors or sudden difficulty spikes, but there are some parts of the game where it’s easy to get vertigo; Either way, Pumpkin Jack well deserves its positive reviews.

Half-Life 2
Lovecraftian, but not a horror. Excellent story with a twist.

Call of the Sea

7.1 hours
34 of 34 achievements

Nora Everheart sets sail on the steamboat, the S.S Caramel after her wayward husband, Harry Everheart, and crew goes missing on an expedition to a strange island 74 miles east of Otaheite. He left in search for a cure for Nora’s strange genetic illness; and after searching for clues he is convinced that somehow, this island is it. Nora arrives, and immediately feels something is… off. There is a reason sailors won’t speak of this island except to warn you away, and it’s time you find out why.

Call of the Sea was such an awesome game, 7+ hours to complete, a good and interesting story with excellent puzzles and plenty of charming characters. A walking sim with gorgeous and colorful environments, and despite the well-deserved Lovecraftian tag, not a horror! 6 replayable chapters, two endings, and a lot of fun discoveries; Call of the sea is absolutely worth playing if anything I’ve written sounded interesting to you.

Half-Life 2
Slow paced, feminine, and pastel. A few bugs but overall, I just wanted to bake more.


6.2 hours
13 of 13 achievements

Arriving at one of many islands to take over your retired aunt’s calico cat café, meet and make friends with the animals and residents of Heart Village. Complete requests and errands from the villagers to collect various furniture and 21 recipes for your shop! With numerous animals, horses, foxes, cats, dogs, crows, bears and more, have up to 10 animals living with you in your café. Carve out a space and life for yourself on this gorgeous island, and make it your home!

There is a lot to unpack here, so I’ll try to keep it short. 6+ hours to complete, slow-paces and LGBTQ+ friendly yet with no romance options; Calico is purely a pastel slice-of-life and relaxation game. Every piece of furniture and apparel is fully customizable with a huge color wheel with apparel having numerous patterns. The baking minigame is very fun and there is such a huge variety of things to do on the island you can pretty much do whatever you like; with my favorites being relaxing in the hot springs with the capybaras and running the café. The music is a bit repetitive but it’s very enjoyable and in particular I love the NPC designs and dialogue; the game is however, very feminine.

For the cons: as stated before, it’s very feminine. Making a character is supposed to be androgynous but making a male character is fairly difficult due to the body types/outfits; this game is marketed towards women. Another is at the time of this review, cake decorating as shown in the steam store video was removed due an issue and it’s not certain if it will be re-implemented. There is a bugged quest with Kai; you have the option to give her a dog or cat for her to feel more comfortable living alone at the lighthouse, and I chose to get her a dog, but going to bed resets the quest and defaults to giving her a cat instead. Riding horses is fun because of their quick speed, but dismounting them while they are running makes them continue at that speed until they hit a wall or unclimbable area. While this can be hilarious, chasing down a horse zooming across the map is just fun for the first few times it happens.

Overall; it’s a fantastic game. I really enjoyed playing and while I wish there was a bigger display case for pastries and sandwiches you can make, it’s a very fun 6+ hours and it would be interesting if they ever decided to add multiplayer.

TLDR; 6+hrs, LGBTQ+ friendly, a pastel slow-paced slice-of-life game where you run a cat/animal café. 21 recipes and a ton of customization for your character and furniture is available. Very feminine and relaxing.

Half-Life 2
Fantastic strategy game, I only wish the secret ending was a bit more... intuitive? more?


7.1 hours
22 of 22 achievements

A girl wakes up alone in a strange place with floating blocks, missing walls, and a void below her. The floor crumbles as she discovers her unique abilities – The power of precognition and time manipulation; Team up with a cat to repair broken paths, open doors, and hide from the dangerous sentinels that roam the floors, and make your way home; Wherever that is, anyway.

Timelie is a very enjoyable 5-7+ hour stealth puzzle and strategy game! Absolutely worth it to get all the relics for the True Ending! My only complaint is that I wish it was longer, or a book. A bit hesitant to play at first since I’m not a huge fan of the strategy game genre, but it quickly grew on me - Time manipulation is fun to play with – and is worth checking out if you’re even slightly interested.

Half-Life 2
Hand painted, satisfyingly short. find hidden objects to progress the story and solve puzzles.

Milo and the Magpies

2.5 hours
10 of 10 achievements

Poor Milo! On his way back inside from a wonderful day of sunning on the roof, some pesky Magpies drive him away! Slightly lost but not too far from home, Milo needs to make their way back through the neighbor’s backyards and outsmart those Magpies to get back home before that storm rolls in!

1+ hours to complete, Milo and the Magpies is a hidden object point-and-click adventure with original music created by Victor Butzelaar. Hand-painted and created by the developer Johan Scherft, there is a lot of love put into this! Solve puzzles, find all the collectables, get into your neighbors’ catnip and meet some new friends on your wayward adventure.

Half-Life 2
More enjoyable than initially expected, I love walking sims and this one had unique and multiple endings.

Paradise Lost

5.8 hours
12 of 12 achievements

Szymon is a 12-year-old boy, left alone after his mother passed away. Exploring the nuclear wasteland that was Poland created from an alternate reality WWII, he stumbles upon an abandoned massive Nazi bunker that had its own city and civilization deep underneath the earth. Learn about its origins, the reason for its existence, what happened to the original occupants when it was eventually attacked and taken over by Polish rebels, and the colony they created inside from the ashes; and perhaps, make a home for yourself here too.

I had a really fun time playing Paradise Lost, I also however, love walking sims and haven’t experienced the bugs mentioned in other reviews. Aside from a visual glitch that in no way affected myself or the story, I had a great time! 3+ hours to complete with four endings and decent replay value. I highly suggest when you start the game you turn off head bobbing and severely reduce the camera sensitivity. There are no jump scares, nothing terrifying, nothing ever chases you. Fantastic game, play it if you want.

Something to note: In chapter 1 you have an option to walk through the station gates directly or take a detour through boxes and luggage – I suggest you go through the gates the first time and on your second playthrough; should you choose to do so; go through the luggage for a more fulfilling experience. (also, it makes more sense story-wise.)

A Very Late June 2022 Progress Report

umm… I have an excuse?
So lightning struck the tree 10-13ft outside my doorway, kinda traveled down from the top, sorta exploded the tree in the middle, and then hit my house; and my PC, washing machine, and fish tank heater died. I had to get a new motherboard, processor, and other good stuff so I dropped it off at a repair service to fix it, BUT, I had to travel to Arkansas at 5am on the 1st and then I just got back 6 hours ago! Still nauseous from the plane; actually. I did attempt to sleep but cece09 said cj’s event was up so… that definitely didn’t happen. Also the tree is somehow fine!

Moving on, I failed my new years resolution of not buying more than I 100%, but since it literally wasn’t my fault I’m just gonna super casually add the missing games from last month to this month; ima be busy. Despite only beating 3 games, I did put 85.3 hours into Ni No Kuni 2 and beat that but it’s not completed yet (DLC) so I’m not counting it.

Games added to backlog: 7
Games 100%: 3

3.4 hours
Fantastic, beautiful, perfect.

A new life on your last breath, don’t you wish you could go back to the very beginning and start over? Sigmund Corp grants dying wishes, for a price. Sign the contract and on your deathbed two employees will arrive to grant your stated desire; in this case, Senior memory travel agent Dr. Eva Rosaline and Technician specialist Dr. Neil Watts for patient Johnny – his wish? Go to the moon.

To the Moon is a beautiful game that’s a bit tragic, I played Finding Paradise first so I had fairly high expectations going into this and it absolutely did not disappoint. 3+ hours to complete, a fantastic and incredibly well written story backed up by its well-deserved overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Half-Life 2
Fun game, but the controls for keyboard are terrible!

Katamari Damacy REROLL

13.1 hours
21 of 21 achievements

Katamari Damacy REROLL, a 4-30 hour colorful and quirky game where you roll up objects to restore the stars in the sky. Levels are around 10 min each and the game can be completed very quickly, start from rolling up small household items, to entire towns. Create constellations, occasionally collect gifts from the king, and explore and discover new things in the world.

Warning for keyboard players, this is a lazy port and getting started is difficult enough to put you off from playing. You can skip the tutorial, which I recommend you do immediately upon starting, and then go talk to the giant bird on your planet to re-bind the keyboard to WASD so the game is actually playable.

Half-Life 2
A surprisingly in-depth and interesting story with broken English.

Flood of Light

7.9 hours
50 of 50 achievements

Play as W-02, a small girl left behind in a flooded and forsaken Hope city. Waking up in unusual circumstances with an interesting power to control and move electricity, collect wisps, repair the decommissioned robots, re-power the cities cores, and light the lanterns. Find the truth of what happened that left you alone abandoned in this lost city; and go home.

I loved Flood of Light! It’s an extremely cute game with a curious story with some rather creative and fun puzzles with a couple flaws; The text is mostly broken English and there is a fair amount of spelling errors, but the art, graphics, music, and puzzles more than make up for it. 4+ hours to complete, for the low price, it’s absolutely worth picking up and a great gift to send to a friend. Consider picking up the soundtrack as well!

May 2022 Progress Report

Well, this month was remarkably underwhelming.

I either disliked the game or it was good but had it’s issues. Going through my steam sale receipts, I’m going to try and focus on the three visuals novels I bought in the wintersale 2020 despite not really being interested in them anymore; I’m half tempted to just remove them from my library; if I end up doing that I have some summer 2021 sale games I would really like to play.
Eastshade was a clear winner this month despite the numerous bugs and how easy it was to softlock yourself out of stuff, still an absolutely gorgeous game with a good ending, I wish the developer worked on it a bit more though. It’s almost the Steam summer sale so I’m definitely ready for that, the two games I want to buy this year haven’t yet been released yet but I’m ready for them; the only game I think I’m going to be buying is the Talos Principle but I really hated The Witness so we shall see!

Games added to backlog: 3
Games 100%: 5

54% (233/434)
21% (89/434)
12% (52/434)
14% (59/434)
0% (1/434)
13.3 hours
Gorgeous game but has it's issues.

Set sail to Eastshade, an absolutely stunning island with artistic villages, the sprawling city of Nava, windy plains, dense forests, scenic beaches and howling caverns! Your reason for coming however, is not so happy. Your mother passed away; she dearly loved this island and has requested you draw four memorial paintings of her favorite places; the Tiffmoor Bluffs – a vast plain filled with windmills, The Great Shade – a gigantic tree whos branches are entwined with the sky, The Highest Peak, and the view from the top of the university in Nava. Complete her last request and return to the mainland, and perhaps create new bonds of your own with this beautiful island.

Eastshade is a gorgeous 9-13 hours exploration game that’s not quite a walking sim. Take commissions and quests from residents and explore the city of Nava; however, despite its rather magical atmosphere, it does have quite a few minor bugs. Softlocking yourself out of achievements is also fairly simple, from picking an endangered Black Thistle plant after you were warned not to, saying “no” to a quest, doing one out of order, or just missing one by not talking to the quest npc. Save your game frequently! Especially before you fast travel!
Regardless I loved painting and taking the canvases home with me to my art studio back to the mainland after the game was finished, it’s a nice touch. Doing commissions was really fun and exploring is enjoyable, my favorite location was the howling caverns and I took soooo many screenshots. Absolutely give it a chance if you are even slightly interested in Eastshade!

Half-Life 2
How do people enjoy this? The story doesn't make sense?

Fable Anniversary

26.6 hours
50 of 50 achievements

Fable is the story of a young boy whose village was burned down, his family either dead or scattered. Rescued by a mage named Maze from the Heros guild, he is taken in and taught to defend himself and take quests from the nearby town of Bowerstone. Searching for signs of his family, he sets out to rescue his sister and mother from the clutches of Jack of Blades.

Recommending Fable would be difficult for multiple reasons. Fables age aside, the keybindings are absolutely terrible and it’s recommended you either play with a controller or make some sacrifices on what you can and can’t do. Unable to key anything to the numerical keypad, (1,2,3) I gave up on blocking, dodging, flourish, and the bow to make the game more playable. The save checkpoint system in particular tends to cause quite a bit of backtracking and you need to leave the area to a new region to make a new checkpoint. Map areas you can enter are too small and numerous so loading screens are frequent; the combat is clunky and bows take too long to be drawn, there are not a lot of armor and weapon customization options, and some skills like (magic) Physical Shield are overpowered and unbalanced.

The biggest cons Fable has however are two things, the age system and the giant hole in the storyline. If you explore Fable and take your time, you’re going to be age 60+ by the end of the game while your sister still looks 20. You age so rapidly every time a day passes and you even age while learning skills in the guild. For the stoyline, it literally does not make any sense, while I suspect this is a “go and rescue your mom and sister, again” sim considering how many times they get kidnapped, it has bigger issues such as obvious solutions and character motivations not matching the storyline (spoiler text elaborating.) Bugs are absolutely rampant, the head bobbing is annoying so you need to zoom out on your character all the way, and the guildmaster is perhaps the most annoying character in the entire game. Whenever your mana is low, he tells you this via the guild emblem you are unable to toss, and whenever there is a new quest, he won’t shut up about it, especially if you are in a minigame, he repeats “Dun dun duuun! You’ve received a new quest card” until you leave it. I ended up muting the entire game and using a playlist due to the frequency of notifications.

Fable isn’t all bad however, the graphics are fairly decent, the housing system and upgrades are enjoyable, the rent system unique, and some of the minigames are actually fun. Some of the bugs in particular are my favorite, such as the item duplication bug, which sped up the game and likely saved me about 10 hours according to HLTB.

For the story flaws (SPOILERS; obviously.): Maze was working for Jack of Blades, Jack of blades was looking for you, and Maze obviously should have taken you to him instead of the hero guild. The story explains this as, “Maze isn’t strong enough to beat him but you have a special bloodline so he wants you to do it.” But this doesn’t make sense either, as while Jack is pretty strong, so is Maze and they are of comparable strength since you end up fighting both in the storyline. Maze also has high standing and powerful friends in the guild, so it doesn’t make sense for him to not call upon Thunder, or Briar Rose, or the Guildmaster, or even Scythe. Dude has options. Your mother. Former arena champion, is frequently mentioned to be incredibly strong, and then… gets taken out by Balverines? Is this a joke? She obligingly gives out valuable information to enemies and makes it stupidly easy to capture her multiple times during the story and does not put up a fight or draw a weapon at any point in time. Jack of Blades. He is specifically, for some reason, looking for you. He needs your family’s special blood from your mother’s side to get the special sword but has your mother readily available as a captive, and lets your sister go after he blinds her. In the end, he uses your mothers’ blood to get the sword, proving he was absolutely wasting time the past 10+ years. The story says he needs a key of which your mom only knows the location, gets the key, and then it’s straight up never used or mentioned again. You don’t need a key to enter the chamber of fate, the sword is already in the chamber. The key is never shown actually doing anything, jack suddenly just has the sword.

TL;DR: Perhaps the positive reviews are from people re-living out their favorite childhood game, because from my perspective it has too many flaws to be decent. If you’re still interested in playing Fable, either use a controller or be aware of all the bugs when you start it.

Half-Life 2
Good, but gets repetitive.


9.6 hours
26 of 26 achievements

ISLANDERS is a 2-7h strategy city building game that features randomized islands, various environments, and sandbox-like qualities that will let you explore and challenge yourself. Created by a team of 3 people, for $5 it’s a solid game that you can come back to time and time again. Placing buildings gives you points which unlocks new buildings and Islands, but beware – once you leave an Island to create another, you cannot return.

I like this game, it’s very enjoyable; there really is only one issue I have with it. Placing buildings give you points, placing them next to or far away from other buildings give you even more points, and while there is a Sandbox mode, inevitably all my cities started blending together and looking the same. This was somewhat offset by the creative uses of plateaus and the randomized environments, but it’s also a notable downside. Regardless, for its price and the fun you can get out of it, it’s an easy buy even if you end up not putting a ton of hours into it.

Half-Life 2
Tedious and grindy, takes too long to finish.

Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!

36.7 hours
50 of 50 achievements

Play as Patatalata Kartoffel P. Aardappel Papa, or P.K.P.A.P! Your grandfather, Batata, has passed away leaving you, as Batata’s only grandson, to inherit his blacksmith shop! Or at least, 0.01% of it. Fortunately, another Spud, Agent 46, who is your grandfathers’ best friend who owns the rest of the shop is here to help! Agent 46 gives you a short introduction and hires you 3 smiths to get started making starch and valuable weapons to heroes across multiple worlds, good luck!

This isn’t a horrible game but I wouldn’t tell a friend to play it. When you first start out, it’s pretty boring because you can only make a couple items and it takes time to unlock new items to research, and then you get to the fun bit 3-ish hours in, unlocking new items and working through quests… and then it quickly spirals into tedious. The gameplay is too repetitive, you make weapons, enchant and sell them, send someone to explore and find more ingredients, get all the hero’s levels to max and them move on to the next world. Completing the game takes 11-27 hours and it really does start to get flat.
While Holy Potatoes does have some interesting aspects such as various crossovers and references to movies and popular myths, blacksmith shop redecoration, and neat weapon designs, it’s not entertaining enough to make you forget that it’s going to take you 16+ extra hours to get all the achievements to see all the content.

Half-Life 2
Fun! ...At least the first half is.

Aporia: Beyond The Valley

15.3 hours
41 of 41 achievements

Play as the Warden of life, Ina. Waking up after a long slumber, you find yourself completely alone in an overgrown and abandoned remnant of a broken city. Move forward an explore to see what happened to this lost civilization, using your vial of glowing light to brighten the way. Discover your own adventure and put the ghosts of the past to rest!

Aporia: Beyond The Valley is an honestly gorgeous game, 5 – 17 hours long, the puzzles are interesting and pretty fun! Despite there not being any text in this game – the story is you learning while exploring – it’s pretty intuitive. The only thing I recommend is you actually need to look around; there are a couple people who absolutely lost the plot because they never bothered to investigate the first room which the story builds on. There are 5 chapters and two endings.
If I had to complain about Aporia, it would be about the ghost. In chapters 3 & 4 you get hunted and you need to find a couple items to unlock the next area, and it really cheapens the game. Story wise from my perspective (no text, remember?) it doesn’t make sense and it’s rather annoying. If you go for 100%, beware; there are 96 collectables in chapter 4, which is a significant increase from the 20-30 in previous chapters and avoiding the ghost is pretty hard, but you need to do it without getting caught or you lose out on the Ultimate survival achievement, although you could just reload a previous save.

April 2022 Progress Report

I’ve had an amazing time this month, assassinated two (!!!) big games out of my backlog with Okami being a fond & beloved childhood game of mine; and Terraria, a game I set aside for far too long. Townscaper I’ve had my eye on for a bit so when it got bundled I had to snap it up and had a fun 2-ish hours of playtime; it’s certainly better than Islanders. Thinking of games to play next month, once again I don’t really have anything in particular I’ve picked out, I did win a new game from SG, Fable Anniversary, so I hope to play it next month! I’m a bit nervous, some of the achievements looks difficult but I’ve seen it referenced a couple times and people seem to talk about it positively.

Games added to backlog: 3
Games 100%: 5

Edit: Forgot to add my progress bar!

53% (229/430)
21% (89/430)
13% (54/430)
13% (57/430)
0% (1/430)
94.7 hours
One of the most memorable games I've ever played.

Play as the Sun goddess Amaterasu who was called forth from stone into being by Sakuya, a wood sprite and guardian of Kamiki Village, during a time of great distress; the eight-headed demon called Orochi has broken free of their 100 year seal and is smothering the beautiful land of Nippon in darkness. Demons run rampant, plague and illness decimates the city, madness taints the water, nature withers and dies under their touch. Run across the land preforming miracles with your brush and Divine instruments, restore and bloom the guardian trees, release the 13 celestial brush gods from their constellations and use their power for yourself, use your sunlight and strength to banish this darkness and restore this land to its former beauty; this world is your canvas!
“May the fresh scent of flowers protect you always!”

I cannot express my absolute love and fondness for Okami, I am admittingly biased as Okami was my first ever videogame and it introduced me to what is now a huge part of my life. Inspired by watercolors, the sumi-e art style and nature, Okami is a huge mix of several Japanese mythologies and folklore. 25+ hours to complete, while not perfect as there is a bit of issues with the camera angles in tight spaces, the story, art, gameplay, and lore has clearly been crafted with love by its developers from Clover Studio.

Half-Life 2
Incredible sandbox that's easy to sink hundreds of hours into.


100.7 hours
104 of 104 achievements

Terraria is an absolutely huge 50-175 hour 2D sandbox survival exploration with some rather fantastic biomes, boss fights, housing, furniture, weapons, and mounts – the survival mode is optional; as starting the game on Journey Mode gives you access to time & weather changes, enemy spawn rates, item duplication, and a godmode option you can turn on and off.
Starting the game, you create a world, and you choose how large it can be, how difficult you want it, if you want the crimson or corruption, or random. After that, it’s all randomly generated with an ocean on each side, floating islands, a huge dungeon, perhaps some living trees that you can make some rather fantastic treehouses with, and of course, The Underworld. Beating bosses unlocks new content, new npcs, new weapons and mounts, more biomes, and some neat events. Much of the content is optional and I will freely admit most of my time was me building a large apartment complex that went into space; with some individual houses for my favorite npcs in their preferred environments.

While Terraria’s strong point isn’t the storyline, the sandbox aspect is honestly enough to let you roleplay your heart out and come up with your own conclusions. Between fighting off the occasional pirate invasion, flying around with rainbow wings, and occasionally fighting my favorite boss, The Empress of Light, I honestly had a fantastic time by myself without even touching the multiplayer option. Spending 100 hours in this game is easier than I expected, and it’s easy to recommend.

TL;DR – A 2D sandbox game that’s easy to sink 100 hours into, optional boss fights, a rather incredible amount of weapons and item customization, pets, mounts. Fight god, or fish the entire time. Multiplayer is optional. 50 -175 hours to complete.

Half-Life 2
Pretty fun for 1-2 hours, sometimes doors do not appear on houses.


2.2 hours
no achievements

Townscaper is a cute city-builder, create a town on an island in the ocean, on stilts, floating in the sky; or some odd combination of everything. Sprawling cities and gardens, cozy houses, looming castles, huge apartment complexes, build your town block by block.
Fairly enjoyable, regardless of what you build the art style is enough that you’re going to be satisfied or happy with whatever you make. Place a house; and trees, benches, grass, and other things pop up making your town look lived in. More of a toy than a game, choose colors and discover combinations by building things, building things in a specific order can create some unique areas. My only complaint is that sometimes a house does not have any doors, or the door is in an undesirable location, like the back of the house instead of the front.

Half-Life 2
A pretty ok walking sim that talks about sensitive subjects.

Bottle: Pilgrim Redux

1.5 hours
24 of 24 achievements

Warning: mentions of alcoholism, depression, gross negligence, and death.

A man seeking redemption for his past mistakes takes this pilgrimage every year, walk with him down the mountain to the oceanside and listen to the story of his wife, how she passed away young from cancer; his difficulty connecting to his daughter while they both deal with the heavy weight of grief; struggles with the bottle; and how he tries to redeem himself from an unforgiveable mistake, year after year.

Bottle: Pilgrim Redux, a lovely walking sim accompanied by decent instrumentals and some rather fantastic graphics. The game is almost completely linear and the storyline is easy to follow along, there are no parts or puzzles to sit around where you can get confused. 1-2+ hours to complete, if you’re looking for a good walking sim to spend some time in, this one isn’t bad.

Half-Life 2
A fun, easy, and short hidden object game with music and cute animations.

100 hidden fish

0.2 hours
100 of 100 achievements

Find 100 hidden fish in this rather enjoyable 10+ min hidden object game. Everything is hand drawn and you look for 100 different fish hidden in the environment with some classy upbeat music in the background. There are moving animations, such as bubbles and moving mechanical fish, making everything very entertaining to look at. “N” will give you nightmode if the screen is too bright, and you can reset all your achievements by hitting “Del” then “Esc”.

March 2022 Progress Report

It’s my birthday!
And therefore I’ve played a bunch of walking sims and assassinated one of the larger games in my library, small things. Pluviophile took the cake(!) for being my favorite game this month, the other two games in the “Poetic ones” series wasn’t too bad either. I’ve also finished the three games in the Nephise series, and I’m planning on checking out the bottle series, or one of them at least, since some have mixed reviews.
For next month… I don’t really have anything planned? Okami, definitely, maybeperhaps Trails in the sky second chapter? I miss it. Bottle: Pilgrim Redux? To the Moon? It’s a mystery. Mostly waiting to see what cjcomplex’s event is and the theme for the “Play a game you won on SteamGifts” event.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!
Bottle: Pilgrim Redux

Games added to backlog: 6
Games 100%: 7

53% (225/425)
21% (88/425)
13% (56/425)
13% (55/425)
0% (1/425)
0.7 hours
Take a walk in the rain.

An enchanting 40+ minute walk in the rain accompanied by a poem by Madison Cawein, a 1887 poet and music by Pınar Karabaş. Find glowing crocus flowers and place them on their pedestal to unveil part of a poem and unblock the next area. Very linear with a few open spaces to explore, absolutely gorgeous visuals with a very nice instrumental soundtrack.

One of the three walking sims from the “Poetic ones” series, after experiencing all of them Pluviophile is easily my favorite. The only thing negative I can say is that for some reason my computer fans sped up and made disconcerting noises; otherwise an excellent walk through a misty forest. It’s a shame this is not available in VR.

Half-Life 2
The second part was a bit confusing but the poems and music were nice.


0.6 hours
6 of 6 achievements

Chionophile, a charming and short 40+ minute walking sim accompanied with a poem by Archibald Lampman, an 1880’s Canadian poet and lovely instrumental music by Pınar Karabaş. Explore a beautiful winter day in two chapters, find glowing Crocus flowers and place them on their pedestals to reveal the next part of the poem and unblock the next area.

The first part of the game is very linear, but the second is a very big open area. Certain flowers go to certain pedestals which unblocks an area where another flower is, which can add a couple frustrating minutes as you try to find which flower you can grab next. Graphics are very pretty, and with classical music in the background and snow crunching underfoot, Chionophile is still a very nice game even if it makes my computer fans work overtime for some reason. There is an option to run instead of walk.

Half-Life 2
Not really a walking sim but entertaining.


0.5 hours
7 of 7 achievements

A charming exploration game that isn’t really a walking sim. 30+ minutes to complete; enjoy exploring two areas full of flowers; there are many glowing orbs on the map and touching them will increase your movement speed and make you feel like the wind of spring. Collect glowing Crocus flowers and set them upon their pedestals to unveil a poem; collecting all of them will open the next field to explore.

Finding hidden poems on the map manually is very difficult, but right clicking will mark the locations as well as show where the flowers and pedestals are. Collecting and placing all the crocus flowers to leave the area will introduce you to a sort-of game of tag; avoid the moving lights while trying to tag the green one; however, there is an option to turn the moving lights off in the menu. Loverowind isn’t bad for its price but I consider the other two games in its series “Poetic ones” to be more of a walking sim if that’s what you’re looking for. (Chionophile & Pluviophile)

Half-Life 2
For it's price it's a solid 30 min of entertainment.

Nephise Begins

0.7 hours
5 of 5 achievements

Nephise Begins is a beautiful exploration and walking sim. Traverse a rather small area of a forested valley, collect mushrooms and animal skulls, investigate an abandoned but tidy house, and stay a healthy distance away from the giant fox blocking a rather interesting and mythical looking cave lest you get eaten.

30+ min to complete, despite this game being about how Nephise started on her orb collecting adventure series, the actual story is… disappointing and sparse; the ending is strange and quick. Despite its faults, I can’t really give this a negative review because the game is cheap and the graphics are gorgeous; I did like walking around for 30 min taking screenshots.

Half-Life 2
Area was too small to explore and the story was weird enough to not be fun.


1.0 hours
3 of 3 achievements

Play as Nephise, an adventurer who explores forests, valleys, and ruins for precious orbs of light. Traverse a small forested area, rotate the statues, and somehow convince the giant wolf to leave so you can reach the precious cave entrance they are hiding.

20+ minutes to complete; Nephise was honestly a bit boring. The story itself and the ending is very weird; the only pro I can really think of is that the area is very nice to walk around in and take screenshots of. Even for the games cheap price, I’m not really convinced it’s worth it, because there is so little to do and the area was extremely small.

Half-Life 2
A huge credit to the Nephise series, lots of exploration, good music, lovely graphics.

Nephise: Ascension

1.0 hours
10 of 10 achievements

Play as Nephise, an adventurer who explores hidden glades, deep caverns, and misty forests. While out exploring, Nephise has gotten herself lost in Dragon Valley; find four statues to unlock four gates, each with their own challenges and make your way home.

Nephise Ascension is a huge credit to the entire series, 1+ hours to beat, beautiful graphics, fun gameplay, easy puzzles, fine music, it’s a good game to recommend. The weather effects could have been nicer but the huge open areas were fun to explore and actual gameplay progression is really linear and easy to follow along. The last area in particular was stunning, and the ending and beating the last boss was more enjoyable than was expected.

Half-Life 2
The game was as fun as you made it, I don't prefer this genre but it is a good game.

Planet Coaster

55.4 hours
32 of 32 achievements

Build the roller coaster park of your dreams. With more mechanics, options, and editing than you could possibly use in a game, you can make pretty much anything. Base models are available if you don’t want to create your own hotels and stores. Manage employees, store pricing, hotel rooms and how much salt you can add to the fries, there isn’t really anything you can’t mess with and edit to your liking.

While there is a lot of things you can do, the game isn’t perfect. Creating a plaza or an open area is pretty difficult and you mostly just set roads next to each other and then cover the weird areas with bushes; and the game particularly hates it when you try to make stairs or underground areas. I seriously recommend playing in Sandbox mode to start out to learn all the mechanics and how to manage rides and employees since you have unlimited money and can’t make any serious mistakes.

February 2022 Progress Report

This month didn’t go super well for me game wise, I only beat 5 games when I planned 7, and tbh I wasn’t terribly impressed with anything I played. For some reason I just felt burned out and never got to the games I had scheduled so next month is a self-care month with my favorite genres that will let me RP a bit. I was supposed to play Crosscode and a few VN’s but finding the motivation to play sidequest sim and a few dating games was difficult. I haven’t really chosen what I’m doing in March, but The Outer Worlds, Slime Rancher, and perhaps Planet Coaster? None of these are short so I’m already kind of dreading how many games I can complete.

Games added to backlog: 1
Games 100%: 5

52% (218/420)
21% (88/420)
14% (59/420)
13% (54/420)
0% (1/420)
4.6 hours
Bright colors and a decent story.

Head back to the Island of Ogasawara, a gorgeous island with clear waters, radiant skies, sparkling sands, and lingering childhood memories of a girl that was left behind when you moved to the mainland.
Return, reconnect, and forge new friendships as you are pulled into an adventure of a lifetime.

I had a lot more fun with this VN than I honestly expected, the CG’s are vibrant and gorgeous, the story itself and characters are really enjoyable, and its fully voice acted. 3-5 hours to complete, Adventure of a Lifetime isn’t so long it’s ridiculous or too short it was rushed. Two love interests, and the island itself, Ogasawara, actually exists including the areas you visit in game are real life locations. The hidden cove area seen in game is Minamijima Island, and I suspect this game was made to promote tourism, while also being a really solid VN. Regardless, I absolutely recommend you pick this up, the quality and care put into this makes it one of the better VN’s I’ve read.

Half-Life 2
MC was a bit annoying but story was overall good if a bit too long.

A Sky Full of Stars

32.9 hours
20 of 20 achievements

Akito is known as the astronomer who never looks at the stars. Left alone after his parents and grandfathers deaths, Akito works part-time at a convenience store and lives in the astrology clubroom as it’s only member - if only to save it from being cancelled and to have a roof over his head. Life changes however, when the former club president requests Akito to meet up with another astronomy club president at an all-girls school. With that, an ambitious idea leads you on a quest to resurrect The Six Stars; six astrology clubs in six schools on the verge of being disbanded! Reconnect with your childhood friends, and embrace a budding romance that’s written in the skies!

A Sky Full of Stars is a slow-paced “slice of life” 25-50hr VN with minimal choices, four love interests, and no bad ends. While I did feel like the length was a bit excessive, it wasn’t horrible as the writer did a fantastic job building up the story and relationships. The entire VN is fully voice acted, which I didn’t expect because of its length, and the CG’s and movies are high quality. The only thing I really disliked was that Akito is a bit of a pervert, so some of the text involving him was cringy. Regardless, if you want to read a slow paced VN that will take you all day to finish, this is definitely a good option.

Half-Life 2
Cute, short, enjoyable. Flirt with the dark lord in a D&D session, who is also your irl crush.

Bard Harder!

0.9 hours
no achievements

You are Crab Rangoon, the dashing-est bard in all the lands. Your D&D session is coming to a close as your group makes its way to the final boss – Vulcuzar! But trouble strikes, your friends are trapped and you are the only one left to fight… The only thing you can do… IS BARD HARDER!

Robin: I flirt with Vulcuzar.
Subin: …
Presley: You…What??
Alden: Here we go.
Nia: Omigod! YAY!

I love this! Bard Harder is a VN with a short playtime (less than an hour!) but the entire time I was cackling! Well drawn, fantastic music, incredible writing and story set up, I am very happy with the quality and enjoyment I’ve gotten out of it. There are multiple endings, and if somehow the store opening video didn’t convince you to play Bard Harder, I hope this review does!

Half-Life 2
Some motionsickness, an open ending, an unrefined story. Gameplay is interesting.

A Story About My Uncle

11.6 hours
15 of 15 achievements

A simple request for a bedtime story from your daughter has you remembering Uncle Fred; a man who has long since vanished on a spontaneous adventure with no one knowing exactly where he wandered off to – except for you. Retell a magical adventure full of mysteries and intrigue, of strange creatures, enchanting caverns, dangerous beasts, and otherworldly places; the story about your uncle.

Warning: this game can give you motion sickness; this issue is resolved by going into options and removing motion blurring and/or speed lines.

Before you buy, I’m going to note here that I only recommend it depending on why you want to play A Story About My Uncle. If you want to play for the story, or you like speed runs and optional timed challenges, then yes, you’ll probably like this! If you’re playing with the intention of getting 100%, I doubt you will. A handful of achievements are actually kind of difficult to get, beating the game will take about 3+ hours, but 100%’ing it? 10+. One is getting a gold medal on all timed challenges and the time constraints are… not going to be giving you much room for mistakes.
With that out of the way, the story is pretty good, the gameplay itself is really fun, you fly around 5 areas with a grappling hook and the speeds you can hit are exhilarating. Some of the paths you need to take aren’t obvious and there is a bit of room for exploration, but all stages are linear. There are a bunch of collectables and story objects to interact with to enhance the world building, but the game ending is a bit disappointing. While I don’t fully recommend A Story About My Uncle, I definitely don’t hate it enough to give a negative review.

TL;DR: 3-10+ hrs, good story, fun gameplay, exhilarating speeds. Optional timed speedrun challenges and plenty of story collectables. Hard to 100%; ending falls a bit flat, play it if you want.

Half-Life 2
An atmospheric horror with beautiful, if unusual, pathways and scenery.


5.2 hours
no achievements

NaissanceE is a curious atmospheric horror game where you are alone in a huge structure that seems to have once carried a civilization that has vanished. Enjoy hostile architecture, strange yet familiar structures, unusual but unsettling pathways all while getting the rather strong feeling that you are being hunted. Run, hide, wait, explore beautiful and abnormal scenery, and just try to escape this seemingly endless world.

Important note if you are on the fence about playing! There are no jumpscares, nothing is going to eat you, and you are completely alone. Don’t worry about it. My only real complaint is that I wish there was more story or clues that might give you hints about what happened so you’re not just making it up as you go along. While there are a lot of Easter eggs, none of them seem to have any connection to the story from what I can tell, sort of making this a guessing game. Then again, the biggest fear is fear of the unknown, so perhaps it’s not all bad it’s never stated? This game is pretty big on atmosphere. Anyway, it’s a fun if unusual game, play it if you are curious and don’t mind exploring.

January 2022 Report

AHHHH! It’s the new year! I don’t really have a schedule set up like I did last year so I’m mostly picking games at random that would also fit themes for events, while trying to strategically assassinate my leftover backlog! Unfortunately it didn’t start super well, The Unfinished Swan was something I was super looking forward to playing and I wanted it to be my first game of the new year, and it turned out to be a huge headache and a major disappointment.
I’m trying to work on my gifted games but I don’t really recall which games of my library were given to me and what I bought, but I know six “for sure” I want to work on this year! Dishonored, Dishonored 2, The Outer Worlds, Crosscode, Planet Coaster, and Edge of Eternity! Seems like at this rate I’m never going to finish my Trails in the Sky series though… Who knows. I don’t.

Games added to backlog: 5
Games 100%: 7

51% (215/419)
21% (86/419)
15% (61/419)
13% (56/419)
0% (1/419)
35.1 hours
While a fun VN, a lot of the love interests have huge personality flaws...

Waking up in the space between worlds with no memories, you meet Orion, a spirit who has suddenly and unexpectedly fused with you temporarily - causing said amnesia - but no worries! Returning to your original world and obtaining your lost memories will make everything go back to normal, except… there seems to be four parallel worlds you may or may not belong to. Experience the Heart, Spade, Clover, and Diamond worlds, learn who you used to be, who your friends and enemies are, and experience an incredible romance; but be cautious, danger lurks in every world. Keep your missing memories a secret lest you meet a bad end.

34+ hours to complete with full voice acting, Amnesia:Memories is a pretty large VN. 4 love interests with one “true” hidden route upon reaching the good endings in the previous four worlds, minigames, galleries, extra art and extra stories, there is a lot to love. The story is very well written and I’ve only noticed two spelling errors. However, there are a few cons one should be aware of before buying. All the love interests have some pretty bad personality flaws, two or three being the worst. You die in a lot of bad ends, by the way.
I also experienced a few gameplay flaws, as none of the videos or movies worked for me, attempting to fix this by updating my drivers actually made it worse, as changing the screen size just lead to crashes.

Half-Life 2
The story is severely lacking and the only thing I got from playing was a migraine.

The Unfinished Swan

4.6 hours
10 of 10 achievements

Play as Monroe, a young boy recently orphaned and left with a paintbrush and single painting of a swan his mother never finished. In his first night in the orphanage, before going to bed, the swan leaves the frame and goes through a magical door that mysteriously appeared. Enter a white kingdom, splatter paint to find your way and follow the swan.

Not only is this game massively disappointing, it inspires headaches and motion sickness. The puzzles are barely that, the story is 1-3+hours long, unremarkable, the ending was inadequate, and the only reason I can think of why this game has so many positive reviews is because it’s a side story of a character in What remains of Edith Finch, Milton Finch. There is an open ending and aside from showing you what happened to Milton you learn absolutely nothing about the character you play as or interesting story elements that were shown in gameplay.
If the puzzles were better, I could give this a positive review, but they are so mind-numbingly easy you can complete them without realizing they were supposed to be an obstacle. In one notable example, you are shown this huge and elaborate maze, and I was actually excited to see and explore it to find more story text, but once you enter it, you teleport to the finish line, and you move on to the next chapter. I wish I refunded this game then.

Half-Life 2
Super cute, a very enjoyable way to spend some time on some easy puzzles.

Dogs Organized Neatly

3.5 hours
20 of 20 achievements

Dogs Organized Neatly is a very relaxing and enjoyable 2D puzzle game that takes 3+ hours to complete. There are 8 chapters, 80 puzzles, and 30 dogs. None of the levels are impossible or excessively difficult, all can be completed within a few minutes. Controls are simple, right click to rotate and left click to drag. There is an optional dark mode. Overall, it was a very cute and fun experience and it’s an easy recommendation from me!

Half-Life 2
Added this game to my library in 2016 for some reason... Finally assassinated.


25.6 hours
20 of 20 achievements

Alone in a bar you get picked up by a magical fairy named Kyu to be her next project; turning a loner into a playboy and helping you get a date or several. With your phone now upgraded to increase your stats and a fairy whispering tips in your ear, go after 12 targets and find your happy endings.

6-25+ hours to beat, Huniepop is a dating sim, puzzle game and RPG rolled into one. Surprisingly enjoyable, there are multiple CG’s, full voice acting, plenty of activities and match-3 games to complete. You have 12 girls to woo, 4 of them hidden until specific actions are done, each with their own fully fleshed backgrounds, personalities, likes and dislikes. Warning: This game can be a huge time sink and is not appropriate for minors.

Half-Life 2
Dark and bittersweet. An end-of-the-world romance!

Dream Ending

4.3 hours
11 of 11 achievements

Warnings: Drug dependence, mentioned domestic violence, and casual mentions of suicide(s).

5 years ago, scientists said the sun was about to explode. Governments quickly announced the “Ark Project” where less than ten thousand people boarded a ship into space and quickly left the solar system with no direction in mind and billions of people left behind. Genesis was one such person, left behind with nothing to do for 5 years but to fill out mock exams, every day is pretty much the same… Until classmate Eva gets fed up with your listless attitude and makes you ask her out.
Face your doom together in humanity's last love story.

3-4+ hours to complete. While Dream Ending is a dark/sentimental story, it honestly wasn’t that bad. The CG’s were nice, the sprites were cute, the art is good, my only complaint is that the kiss CG was overused and had no variations. There were some basic spelling errors but they were infrequent and only one sentence was unreadable. Other than that, the voice acting was pretty good, and there is an extra story at the end you can read. Dream Ending is very cute and worth the price tag.

Half-Life 2
While a very good KN, it has a very difficult first 3 hours to get through. The rest of the story is amazing!

The Shadows of Pygmalion

18.8 hours
no achievements

Play as Mina, a young girl who discovers a doll gallery called Pygmalion and learns of the secrets hidden inside, where you gain awareness of a hidden and ongoing war to decide the direction of the world. As one of four emissaries to the Doll Ruka, destroy your opponent’s Marionettes while keeping your identity a secret to your four opponents and their Doll. Forge friendships with your three allies and make unlikely friends with your enemies, shine light on and scatter The Shadows of Pygmalion.
“Where do we come from? Where do we go?”

15+ hours to complete, The Shadows of Pygmalion is a LGBTQ+ Yuri/Girls love fully voice acted Kinetic Novel. There are 4 endings, three “bad” you need to choose before unlocking the “true” fourth ending. I loved playing, but there are a few negative aspects you should know about before committing to purchasing. The first 3+ hours are slow paced as it’s setting up the story, you get words and knowledge dumped on you that you don’t understand or know the meaning of until later on, and it can be confusing. And while I guarantee after you pass that 3+ hour mark the story gets significantly better, that’s still a big chunk of time. Regardless, I still enjoyed the rest of the KN and I absolutely recommend it!

Note: The main character and person of affection are both in high school, there is no 18+ action so if that’s what you are wanting look elsewhere, it’s all soft touches and hesitant kisses. There are no “you pick the love interest” routes.

Half-Life 2
A fun and yet slightly irritating idler and clicker game.

Blush Blush

32.9 hours
19 of 19 achievements

Blush Blush is an idler dating sim that is mostly a clicker game. LGBTQ+ friendly and a lot of content, raise your hobby levels to get more hearts per click and increase your jobs and get promotions for more money for gifts. Raising lover levels is rewarded with a better relationship status and eventually outfit unlocks! Go on scenic dates and collect various CG’s! Also featuring Phone Flings, where you can message guys not yet in the game.

While pretty fun, there is not really anything to do or keep you occupied after you max everything out. Despite coming out in 2019, there is a noticeable lack of new characters, and many of the outfits are locked behind a monthly sign-in reward or you buy them with Gems, which you can earn in game or buy with irl money; so while it is an idler game, you need to sign in at least twice a day to start a count down for your reward, (1hr) and then play again to collect it. Alternatively, ignore it and check in once a week.
Regardless, It’s still an enjoyable game.

December 2021 report!

2021 achievements!

I HAVE COMPLETED MY 2021 NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS! I have completed all my SG wins and kept my completion rate above my backlog, so I have +24 more completed games than last year! I have beaten a total of 75 games this year. After thinking it over a bit, I’ve chosen my 2022 New Years Resolutions.

1.) Have 20+ more completed games than I’ve added by the end of the year.
2.) Beat 80 games.
3.) Complete all future SG wins within 3 months of obtaining them.

50% (209/416)
20% (85/416)
15% (64/416)
14% (57/416)
0% (1/416)
52.5 hours
Fun story, amazing character creation, mind-blowing crafting system and combat.

Explore a mutated, post-apocalyptic world full of bright colors, beautiful irradiated landscapes, scenic wastelands, iridescent oil and sludge covered fields and hostile biomes. Return from beyond ‘The Wall’ to take vengeance on a predator named Lupa Lupin for burning your village and murdering the chieftain, your mother. Meet up with several survivors and her disciples to unite or subdue the warring factions, give Lupa Lupin the justice he deserves, protect the tree of life that your mom so lovingly grew and slay the beasts gnawing at its roots.

This game is amazing, hands down. 50+ hours to complete and the crafting system is literally insane, even if I spent a hundred hours, I could not possibly even scratch the surface of all the things I could make. Even at the end, 50 hours in, I was still finding new items to use and apparel to wear. There is such a wide selection I was able to go full Texan and be a cowgirl, mechanical horse included. There are a bunch of mounts, including an actual shark and blimp that you can get via sidequests and this game heavily encourages and rewards you to explore and go check out as many new and interesting places as you can. There is a moral system in place with gives you points for good and bad deeds which leads to one of two game endings as well as gives you some interesting supernatural powers and skills. The combat system is so versatile and there are just so many different ways you can go about things from telekinesis, my favorite ice shard AOE, summoning mushrooms, or just straight up lighting stuff up on fire, and I haven’t even gotten into the skills you can get via bio points which you can also use for some insane character customization which you can change in game as many times as you please.
A lot of negative reviews are about the narrator, but seeing as there is an actual option to turn him off or even just decrease his casual commentary/joke frequency via slider bar, I encourage you to disregard those reviews. There are even accessibility settings such as turning off quick time events, turning on subtitles, subtitle size and color, subtitle background noises, as well as background opacity. I rarely see these settings in videogames and it’s extremely pleasing to see them to available here.

One quest is bugged, finding two wayward sludge trucks, and the dialogue can get weird because the npc’s are speaking gibberish, and the narrator is translating for you.

TLDR; 50+ hours of content, a massive crafting system, tons of quests, an incredible combat system with more variety and skills you can use, a gigantic map to explore. You can do as much or as little as you like.

Half-Life 2
Cute, easy, adorable story, lovely ending.

She and The Light Bearer

2.9 hours
15 of 15 achievements

The world is slowly being devoured. Plants are dying and the world is slowly turning grey, with these alarming changes comes brave little heroes in the form of Light Bearers, or in this story, one Little Firefly. Firefly is one of many who has left home in search of “The Mother” to awaken her and revitalize the earth, but having been blown off course by a strong wind they find themselves alone in an unknown forest. Meet the forest’s occupants, solve their riddles, prove your worthiness and earn their trust to go into the heart of the grove and discover the hidden secrets carved onto the trees and deep inside the woodland’s depths.

She and The Light Bearer is a very easy and cute point and click adventure. Simple puzzles and easy riddles, well drawn sprites and colorful backgrounds, lovable and nicely created characters and some really engaging world building, it’s an easy recommendation from me. The story was especially unique and not something I initially expected out of this 3+ hour game. The only thing I disliked, was that some of the achievements are missable and you are unable to re-play the credits, but other than that, She and The Light Bearer was an incredibly heartwarming experience.

Half-Life 2
slightly grindy, heartwarming with a bittersweet ending.

OPUS: The Day We Found Earth

5.9 hours
31 of 31 achievements

Mankind has traveled far across space, and after thousands of thousands of millenniums, they have long forgotten their original planet and Earth has become nothing more than a myth. Centuries of genetic engineering however, is leading humanity in a downward spiral to extinction and now re-discovering their origins might be their last hope to try and recover early samples of human DNA to bring them back from the brink. Taking a Deep Space Telescope to a region of stars suspected of housing this mythical planet, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Makoto set out on a long journey to locate it.
Emeth is a sentient child-like robot created by Dr. Lisa to operate the Deep Space Telescope, and a bond is formed. Space, however, is not without its dangers, and after a terrible incident Emeth re-activates and find itself alone, but not for long. There is another AI on the ship, and they will find Earth, together.
No matter how many years it takes.

3-6 hours to complete, OPUS: The Day We Found Earth, it’s a pretty fun game although as a dark story if you dig around a bit and interact with objects in game to learn more about your surroundings. I really loved finding and naming multiple stars, galaxies, oddities, planets that are habitable, and of course, finding Earth. There is no timer, the pacing is pretty slow but gets a bit intense at the end. This is not a difficult game and you can beat in in a single playthrough, after you find Earth, you can keep playing and get 6 bonus missions show up which are really fun and contribute to the story. Some achievements are luck based but they are not difficult to obtain.

Half-Life 2
AMAZING gameplay, story told in environment. No tutorial, no hints, progress by exploration.

Dark Train

12.7 hours
16 of 16 achievements

Play as Ann 2.35f, a mechanical squid created by the genius and famous inventor D. W. Targezbung to deliver, guard, repair, and replenish a special train and also model of the human world to an unknown commissioner that lives far, far away across the Transparent Lands that is only reachable via train track. However, Ann is a special squid who has developed her own sentience and with that, a bit of deviance; she is a kleptomaniac who will take anything not nailed down. While exploring one of the wagons, she discovers an unusual item, an egg. Declaring herself it’s caretaker and mother, she takes it upon herself to hatch it to see what comes out.

Playing Dark Train is a ridiculously fun hidden object and puzzle game. 6-12+ hours to complete, it’s entirely made out of paper and uses cut out animations. While there is no tutorial or guide inside the game, you figure stuff out for yourself, there are no time limits and the game only progresses as you complete the puzzles located in the four changeable wagons. The story is told through the environment and blueprints you discover while playing. Sorting them changes the seasons inside and gives you new things to play with. If you absolutely need a game that gives you directions, you probably wont like this.

Half-Life 2
Only half of a game, story has so many huge plot holes you could drive a semi-truck through them.

The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day

3.3 hours
32 of 32 achievements

In a world where humans have promptly made themselves extinct due to wars and pollution, robots have taken over and started to replace them in day-to-day life. RT-217NP is a robot without a purpose or directive, and has no idea of how they came to exist; but is pretty good at repairing technology and creating its own specialized tools, so they take on custom orders to support itself. Their quiet life away from the city however comes to an end when a ship flies overhead and crashes in their front yard. Unwillingly roped into a rebellion, find and track down the remnants of a destroyed civilization.

2-3+ hours to complete. While this game has a lot of positive aspects, an interesting story, a cool non-human main character, an amazing soundtrack, I ultimately have to leave this a negative review for a few reasons. The story is incomplete, there are plot holes big enough to drive a semi-truck through and a bunch of questions never get answered. The character you play as, RT-217NP, frequently mentions their background is unknown, even to Itself, implying that’s something you get to learn about later, but that never happens. The entire reason for the story is never explained, the bad guys motives never get found out, and nothing resolves itself. Side characters get introduced, say one line, and then are never seen again. The movement controls are also pretty wonky and the camera is rigid leaving you running against a wall trying to find that door you just walked past.
Saving and loading is not possible, you get an automatic save point in the start of the section but if you exit the game you need to start the entire area over again, and on that note, I had an issue in which I was skipping past already seen dialogue and was suddenly unable to interact with anything.

TLDR; You order tacos for dinner and only get half of what you ordered. The other half is sold separately and isn’t tacos, it’s spaghetti. Your taco is also missing rather important ingredients that make it a taco. Bon appetit.

Half-Life 2
Interesting platforming game that needs absolute precision with wonky mechanics. Story is vague.

Albert and Otto: The Adventure Begins

3.1 hours
12 of 12 achievements

1-3 hours to complete, Albert and Otto is a fairly basic and simple 2D-platforming game that unfortunately becomes difficult as nearly everything requires precise and perfect timing; otherwise you need to start the section over again, and with sparse checkpoints, strange physics that make objects jump around, and frustrating mechanics, this game becomes significantly less fun. If you fail anything you typically die because you have one shot to do something before time runs out.
Adding insult to injury, I’m still not actually sure what the story even was? It was implied you needed to rescue Anna, but after that the story becomes a vague mess. I learned more from reading the wiki page than from the actual game, if that means anything to you.
I suggest you skip unless you want to play a difficult 2D-platformer for the heck of it.

Half-Life 2
Fun puzzle game with an incredible story, not that difficult.

Year Walk

4.4 hours
10 of 10 achievements

It’s New Years eve, and at the stroke of midnight you wander out into the dark to participate in a Swedish tradition known as Year Walking, or Årsgång. Meet and be tested by supernatural creatures such as The Huldra, The Myling, The Brook Horse, The Night Raven, and the feared Church Grimm as you make your way to the church to divine and see future events.
Decipher the journal. Open the box.

2-4+ hours to complete, this game is absolutely amazing and I was not expecting that ending at all. This game is meant to be played twice, but beaten once. There are two “endings.” Puzzles are relatively simple; I do not recommend trying to open the box until you finish all the tests to unlock the journal first. While the game may seem confusing at first, it becomes significantly less so as you explore the map and make connections and discover hints to your tasks.

Half-Life 2
A fun game that is also very unsettling.

Everybody Wham Wham

3.2 hours
no achievements

Wham Wham the snowman-man snowman building festival is underway! And as one of three contestants, you make your way deep in the woods to the designated campsite. The festival is 10 days long, building one snowman per day that meets the theme and criteria, then you get points determined by three judges. Whoever gets the most points will win a very, very luxurious prize. Friendships will be forged and broken, cocoa will be drank and cotton candy eaten, do you have what it takes to win the most coveted gift of all?

I’m not entirely confident on my feelings about this game. On one hand, it was kinda cute, on the other, I can easily imagine this being a nightmare. Is it fun? Yes. Is this a kid’s game? I’m leaning towards no. Did I understand it? Also no. You play as a strange, strange mute man who looks like he hasn’t slept in days with a pumpkin on his head and only communicates via thumbs. Other characters comment on this. During the snowman building contest, you can sabotage your competitors and steal. Overall, the game is a bit unsettling, but it’s also pretty enjoyable wat to spend 3+ hours.

November 2021 Report!

With one SG win left, my new years resolution is nigh complete - If I can manage to not buy too much during the Steam Winter Sale, that is.
With the Autumn Sale, I bought two games, but then had a very fortunate trading period and with some need to buy bundles from Fanatical so I’m up 7 in my backlog this month, but I beat 8 games, so I’m +1 in the lead for November. Success!
I’ve also added a new tag to my profile showing which games I’ve reviewed and what I gotta replay and re-write, so that’s a thing now.

1/13 SG wins left!
+7 to backlog!
+8 to 100%

124.4 hours
Easily the best game I've played this month!

Living peacefully in the large fishing village of Cassardis located in a gorgeous and isolated bay well protected from monsters, rumors of a dragon are of little worry until it appears on the coastline heading towards your little slice of paradise. The Dragon lands on the beach and attacks the village with its fiery breath, and while others run away, you pick up a sword and strike back. Because you chose to challenge the dragon, he steals your heart and leaves, and you become an Arisen. With your fate tied to the dragon, you set out to slay him and retrieve what is most precious to you.

First of all, this game is amazing, second of all, I’m genuinely upset at myself for not playing Dragons Dogma years ago. 150+ explorable locations, hundreds of quests, side quests, thousands of monsters including Hydras, Ogres, Trolls, Wyverns, Wyrms, Drakes, Gryphons, and so, so much more. The storyline is absolutely incredible and I’ve only covered 10% of it above to prevent spoilers. There are so many dungeons, caves, canyons, and ruins I’ve finally seen everything after 120+ hours. An extra area was added, Bitterblack Isle, for those seeking a challenge, and I absolutely cannot recommend it enough as it can be considered to have the true final boss. There is an easy, normal, and hard mode you can play on but the only one worth playing the entire game on is hard mode, as you get better rewards and exp. I switched to normal mode after finishing the game the first time and deeply regretted it. Dragon’s Dogma’s music is also masterful and this game is an absolute must play.

TLDR: 120+ hours of content, 150+ locations, incredible music, legendary beasts, hundreds of quests and a storyline that will make you say “Holy ♥♥♥♥.“

Half-Life 2
Great game, good story, multiple endings.

Root Letter

12.0 hours
26 of 26 achievements

Answering an advertisement in a magazine from someone looking for a pen pal, you start corresponding with Aya Fumino, a girl your age from Shimane. Both of you hit it off pretty well as there are a lot of similarities, both in high school preparing for college and having similar interests. However, during your final year and just before graduation, you send your 10th letter, and she never responds back. Hurt, but thinking nothing much of it, you continue your life and work at a design firm for 11 years, when suddenly you get a response with no return address from Aya. Reading the letters unsettling contents, you go to Shimane to find her but many people would rather leave that past deeply buried.
“The 10 letters will take us through seven pasts and one lie. The truth that awaits is a sad one.”

Root Letter is a very fun murder mystery and suspense visual novel that takes 12+ hours to complete, there are 5 endings you can achieve depending on your responses to Aya’s letters throughout the chapters. Playing through the game once lets you skip chapters so don’t worry about seeing all the endings. Aside from your character, all the npc’s are voiced. I really loved all the art this game has to offer, backgrounds and scenes are strangely plentiful and high quality, the entire game is gorgeous.

The only negatives I have to say is that this VN can get difficult in “Investigation mode” but there is a fully detailed and generous guide that guides you through it or areas you might get stuck in. Chapters 8 and 9 drag on a bit and I would not recommend playing through this VN in one day. A lot of the actions “four-eyes” makes doesn’t make a ton of sense and it’s never explained. Some of the routes are gag routes (aliens/ghosts) so I would glance at the guide to do those ones last, if at all.

TL;DR – cute penpal goes MIA and you suddenly get a weird letter 11 years later so you go look for her, depending on your responses it can get weird. 5 endings, gorgeous art, voice acting, lots of fun!

Half-Life 2
While it has nice art, the character you play as is irritating as the incredibly short story.

Kyoto Colorful Days

1.5 hours
no achievements

Traveling to Kyoto to sightsee and get a job after not finding “the right one” in America, you meet two girls on your first day, Akane and Madoka! Both of them offer to show you around but they also have their own worries and problems that you can help solve!

2+ hours to complete, 2 routes with good, normal, and bad endings. While short and insubstantial, the backgrounds are beautiful and the sprites are animated and drawn very well. Both of the love interests weren’t very interesting and you get wrapped up in their problems pretty quickly making the story difficult to enjoy. While this isn’t a bad VN, it’s definitely not something I would recommend. If you are still interested in it, Kyoto Colorful Days frequently goes 90% off.
Interestingly enough, you can also choose to go through the entire VN alone, reaching a short 20 min bad end.

Half-Life 2
Really cute! Camera is awkward though so be wary if you get motion sickness easy.

Hidden Paws

2.4 hours
8 of 8 achievements

Look for felines and colorful balls of yarn on a cold winter night. 20 levels, 20 Islands to explore, and 2+ hours to complete. Open windows, look under pots, peek inside boxes to discover them all and move on to the next area.

While Hidden Paws is a very cute game, it’s also easy to get motion sickness due to the camera movement. If you are prone to motion sickness but still interested in playing Hidden Paws, take it slow and do a few levels at a time.

Half-Life 2
Adorable story with a heartwarming ending. Had way more fun than I expected!

The Purring Quest

5.1 hours
23 of 23 achievements

Play as Kimchi! A brave housecat to an elderly man with dementia who has had his precious memento containing lingering memories stolen by a crow. Track it down, retrieve the locket, and return it to its rightful owner so you both can go back home.

The Purring Quest is a heartwarming and really fun 2D platforming adventure featuring cats! With 5+ hours of content, explore 5 levels, collect fish, rescue cats from their cages and discover the hidden boss behind the scenes! There are various simple puzzles, mini-bosses and a few mini-games to check out. All the cats in the game excluding Kimchi are disabled cats based off real life cats and a portion of the games sales go to various animal welfare charities! With a nice soundtrack and a purrfect ending, The Purring Quest is an easy recommendation from me!

Conspiracy theory time:
Kimchi is a wandering immortal time god. When Kimchi gets adopted vs when Elsa dies aged 32, (1972-2004) Kimchi is estimated to have been adopted in 1997 if every time skip is one year. Kimchi would have been 7 when Elsa died, and 14 when the game officially starts, however the husband ages very rapidly after Elsa’s death. When people get married, they are typically around the same or similar age, so he would be about 46. He does develop dementia and you can develop it in your 30’s 40’s so this supports my theory. However, Kimchi still looks incredibly young for a cat and has not changed in 13 years. If Kimchi is 14 years, she is absolutely considered elderly as a cat’s lifespan is more or less 16 years old. FURTHERMORE, every cat in the game is based off a real-life cat, EXCEPT KIMCHI. (Source: the developers “Cool stuff that you didn’t know” guide part 1.) Also, this is a 2D platforming game and despite their estimated age they are still very much athletic and healthy. This would also explain why the hidden boss is after Kimchi and follows them throughout the 5 levels.

Half-Life 2
A convoluted story with amazing art and a good twist.

Unhack 2

2.4 hours
14 of 14 achievements

Play as the CEO of Smash Security, otherwise known nationally as “The Creator,” someone who has consistently made the best Artificial Intelligences the world has ever seen. Smash Security is a special company that uses these AI’s to create a sort of antivirus software to protect modern civilian computers from harm. Today however, your own computers have been hacked by Smash Securities own AI that passed away in the incident years ago, Weedy. Find the hacker, defeat Program X, and uncover more secrets that should never have been buried.

Unhack 2 is a kinetic novel that takes 2+ hours to complete with no choices and 10 optional minigames. You do not need to play Unhack 1 to understand this. While I’m hesitantly recommending it because the puzzles were fun and the art and sprites are incredibly well made, I didn’t particularly enjoy the convoluted story or it’s ending aside from the midway twist. If you did enjoy the first game, definitely give this a shot though.

Half-Life 2
New updates and achievements!

A Short Hike

11 hours
8 of 8 achievements

Play as Claire, a small bird from a big city taking a break on the islands of Hawk Peak Provincial Park with her aunt. Not used to the outdoors but needing cellphone reception to answer an expected phone call, Claire takes the advice of her aunt to take a short hike to Hawk Peak.

A Short Hike is an incredibly cute and cozy 3-6 hour 3D pixilated game, although you have the option to turn it off in the settings. Fly around, fish and swim, take boat rides, go treasure hunting, water flowers, collect shells, play stick volleyball and race with the locals, find lost items, explore the smaller islands and make a bunch of friends! You can do as much or as little as you would like to, you don’t even need to interact with anyone to “beat” the game. Other than a short flying tutorial and wanting to reach Hawk Peak, you are not given any further directions. There are 20 golden feathers to collect, (this is optional) which increase your stamina and let you fly longer and let’s you flap more to reach bigger heights, and Silver feathers, which gives you significantly more air per flap and lets you climb faster. It’s odd describing a game as cozy and comfortable, but that’s exactly what A Short Hike is. A very warm experience.

Half-Life 2
A fantastic sci-fi fantasy with a tragic story, loved it!

Fallstreak: Requiem for my Homeland

1.1 hours
no achievements

Warning: Death, violence, war atrocities, blood and gore.

Play as Velour Two-Six, a previous child suicide bomber turned experimental soldier who developed a fantasy-like skill to “cut” things without using a tool and create knives from thin air. Thrown into a holy war she doesn’t believe in against an enemy she has no grudge with, Velour’s only want is to survive and see tomorrow. With the world soon ending due to the 12 calamities, survive, fight, kill, and maybe, finally, learn the reason why all this is happening in the first place.

Fallstreak: Requiem for my Homeland is a gruesome sci-fi fantasy KN that takes 1+ hours to complete. I absolutely loved Velour and the entire story, the ending in particular shocked me so much it made my spine shiver! The art and backgrounds were rather stunning and Fallstreak’s only drawback is it's short playtime. I sincerely wish this was a LN or 8+ hours long. An amazing read!

October 2021 Report!!!

So pretty much nothing went how I expected it to this month, I got a huge (70hr+) chunk of Dragons Dogma out of the way though so hopefully that’s a thing I can brag about completing next month. I got quite short on time trying to reach the first ending, and then I had 3 days to panic after I realized I’ve only completed two games this month. That out of the way, I managed to squeeze in Shape of The World and one of the shorter VN’s I originally wanted to play for Spooktober, Return to Shironagasu Island, which was a blast.

I don’t have any plans in particular on what games I’m playing next month aside from Dragons Dogma, but I still wanna try to play Fatal Twelve and Tales of the Black Forest, but i’m uncertain of what’s going to happen with DDDA taking up most of my time. Anyway, I did win a SG game, 100 Hidden Cats, which I happily and swiftly completed. I didn’t end up getting anything from the halloween sale, There was a bunch of stuff I wanted that was 85% off but they were all 30hr+ games and I wouldn’t have any time to play them this year. ;w;

2/13 SG wins left!
+1 to backlog
+4 to 100%

7.5 hours

Warning: Gore, lots of murder.
When an unusual suicide reveals a mysterious link and personal handwritten invitation to a cursed Island, Detective Ikeda is just curious enough to go check it out! Bringing along his reluctant assistant Neneko, a high schooler with a photographic memory, they set sail and uncover far, far more than they bargained for. Truth quickly becomes stranger than fiction as the Demon of Shironagasu Island begins its hunt. Trapped on the island with it’s other invitees, quickly find the killer before it finds you.

This game is amazing, the attention to detail and the storyline was honestly incredible and I unintentionally ended up plaything through the entire VN in one sitting. Kudos to the developers, because some of the deaths were really creative and had me baffled for a couple hours! Return to Shironagasu Island is really fun and immersive and I absolutely loved all the characters! While there are a few jumpscares, you do get a feeling that “something is about to happen” so they weren’t too bad. I recommend getting a notebook and writing down details you would want to remember, like character first and last names and their room numbers, to enjoy a full experience. The game isn’t that difficult and gives you lots of hints and time to figure things out, so don’t worry about making mistakes, you actually get achievements for some of them.

Half-Life 2
Definitely not for everyone.

sweet pool

9.9 hours
12 of 12 achievements

Warning: Contains graphic depictions of assault, cannibalism, child abuse, gore, kidnapping, and self-harm. Also contains mature story elements of sexual assault, cults, and insanity.

Life for Sakiyama Youji is very difficult. He’s been In and out of the hospital for most of his life, sickly and diagnosed with a chronic lung disease since he was young and both parents died in a tragic car accident years ago, leaving him in the care of his older sister. Having been held back a year from Komanami Private Academy because of his frequent hospital stays, Youji returns to a classroom full of unfamiliar faces. Unfortunately for Youji, his mental and physical health deteriorates as he struggles to eat and starts to hallucinate in his waking hours, and his particular “illness” attracts quite a bit of unwanted attention. Even worse, none of this attention seems to be human, or friendly.

First of all, I need to say there are no happy endings in Sweet Pool. This game is a tragedy, nothing goes well or ends well. A lot of the endings Youji dies in some pretty gruesome ways, including getting cannibalized. While you are likely thinking this game has three love interests, there is really only one route, which barely qualifies, and the rest are bad ends. Please, please, please take the warnings and tags seriously. With that out of the way, Sweet Pool is a really interesting and creative VN. 5+ hours to complete a route, full voice acting, an immersive plot and awesome music, there is a lot to love! With Sweet Pools depressing, bone chilling and emotional storyline, you absolutely won’t forget about it anytime soon.

Half-Life 2
A solid walking and exploration sim.

Shape of the World

7.7 hours
26 of 26 achievements

Enjoy and explore a dream-like world with unfamiliar landscapes and unknown life. Strange fish float and fly in the sky, bizarre animals walk the land, and unusual trees and plant life grow where you step.
Shape of the World is a slow-based exploration game with 9 levels, each with unique and interesting features. Hidden secrets are scattered about and with no main path to follow, you are encouraged to take your time, maybe plant a few trees, and get lost in the psychedelic atmosphere.

Half-Life 2
Short yet entertaining.

100 hidden cats

0.2 hours
100 of 100 achievements

100 Hidden Cats is incredibly short at 10+ min to complete, however for the price it’s worth playing. You get a hand-drawn cartoonish background that is hiding multiple felines, a bunch of silly achievements, and the satisfaction of finishing a relatively short and entertaining game with a satisfying ending.
Press “N” for night mode!