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Hey there!

Spitfire’s Backlog - This Update is Augmented

Hello again.

In my previous update, I announced that the next two games I was going to be playing, would be Abyss Odyssey and Zeno Clash 2. That was 2 months ago.. Meanwhile, I’ve been very slowly chipping away at Abyss Odyssey. The reason being that I find it quite unenjoyable. Maybe it’s due to my lack of familiarity with the genre, or maybe it’s due to the horrible controls, but all I know is, I’m not having a whole lot of fun playing it.
It’s a shame, because I was looking forward to playing it, and AO has a lot going for it (interesting lore, beautiful aesthetic), but it’s all for naught, since I dislike the gameplay. Despite that, I’ve made quite a bit of progress, and I hope I’ll be able to finish it soon.

Since Abyss Odyssey has been such a disappointing experience, I felt the need to start playing another game from my backlog to cleanse my pallet. A legendary game, which has eluded me for many years.
The title of this post probably gives it away, but in case you haven’t realized yet, I’m talking about the one and only: Deus Ex.

After the Abyss Odyssey experience, Deus Ex feels like such a breath of fresh air. I’m only on my second mission, but I’m really enjoying it so far.
I’m going for a pacifist playthrough, meaning I’m going to use stealth and non-lethal abilities throughout the game. In other words, I’m not going to kill anyone. JC Denton is a lover, not a fighter ;)
For those of you interested, I’m using the Deus Ex: Revision mod, but with the original soundtrack and the original character models. I’m basically just using the mod to play the game at 1080p 60 fps.

TL;DR: Did not like Abyss Odyssey; Deus Ex is awesome.

Spitfire’s Backlog - Update

Hiya folks.

It’s been around 2 months since I’ve last written an update. In this time, I’ve been slowly progressing through Fairy Fencer F. I’ve been playing it rarely and in small sessions, but 2 days ago I finally beat it! For anyone curious, I got the Tiara ending.
Supposedly, the game should take about 25 hours to beat on average, but it took me almost twice that long: 47 hours. I guess I just suck at videogames..
It was a pretty fun game, and it had its moments, but I won’t be playing it again for the other endings - I didn’t like it THAT much.

The next two games I’ll be playing will be Zeno Clash 2 and Abyss Odyssey.
I’ve been waiting to play those two games for a long time now. I think ACE Team is one of the most interesting developers out there, and I can’t wait to get started on playing them.
I’m familiar with the story of the original Zeno Clash (I’ve watched an LP of it a couple of years ago), so It’s not like I’m going blind into the sequel, in case anyone was wondering.
I know Abyss Odyssey has received some pretty mixed reviews, particularly because of the controls, but I hope they’re not so bad that I can’t finish the game. What do you think?

That’s it for now. See ya in the next update! ;)

Spitfire’s Backlog.. in 19 Days: CANCELLED

It’s Day 17 since I’ve started my 19 days challenge, and at this point, I think I can safely say that my challenge has been a complete and resounding.. failure!

The reason is simple: I picked some lengthy games to play but I didn’t give myself enough time to play them - at least not for my playing style and skill.

So what now? Will I just give up? Will I shamefully admit that I’m never going to finish my backlog no matter what?


I’ve finished Sleeping Dogs, and I’ve made good progress on Fairy Fencer F, and I intend to keep at it!

Originally I gave myself just 19 days because that was how long my Windows installation had before expiring. Since then, however, I’ve learned that Windows is still usable after expiration, so I’ll be able to continue playing my backlog of Windows games until it’s finished - then I’ll uninstall it.
It’s also good because some of my backlog includes games I’ve won on SteamGifts, and not playing them because of an arbitrary reason like that would’ve been unfair to the giveaway creators.

The challenge is over, but the fight continues!

Spitfire’s Backlog.. in 19 Days: Day 6

Sleeping Dogs is DONE

There’s some content in the game that I skipped (mostly mini-games), but I finally finished the main story. I might play a bit more to make sure there’s nothing really noteworthy that I skipped, though I doubt it.
And with that, I think it’s safe to say that Sleeping Dogs.. has been put to sleep.

NEXT UP: Fairy Fencer F

This is the latest game I’ve won on SteamGifts. It’s a humourous JRPG that looks really fun, though being a JRPG, I’m a bit concerned about the length of the game. Hopefully it’ll take me less time to finish than Sleeping Dogs. Looking forward to it :)

Spitfire’s Backlog.. in 19 Days


Over the years I’ve bought/traded/won dozens of games that I’ve postponed playing, but now, thanks to this group. I feel motivated to finally tackle my backlog. However, there’s an added incentive: I have only 19 days left to do it!

Long story short, I’ve recently had to reinstall Windows, and I’m using it in trial mode right now because I haven’t activated it.. and I don’t plan to. That’s because I am going to be moving off of Windows at the end of the trial period. Not going to get into the how and the why, as that’s not the point of the thread.
As of writing, my Windows trial has only 19 days remaining. That’s 19 days in which to play as many Windows games from my backlog as possible.

So, what am i going to be playing?
First and foremost, I want to play games I’ve won on SteamGifts. Of those, the first game I want to finish is Sleeping Dogs.
I’ve had it installed for about a year, and I’ve been playing it on and off, but yesterday I’ve started a new game, and I intend to play it all the way to the end.
I don’t know how long Sleeping Dogs is, but being an open-world game, it might take the bulk of the 19 days by itself.

When Sleeping Dogs is done, I’ll announce the next game I’m going to play.

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