Slowly but surely aryko’s profile

Not sure how this happened, but in less than two years, I’ve ended up with over 1000 games from bundles, giveaways, sales, etc.

When I first started, I was buying games and playing none. I was jumping all over any deal because I never turn down a good deal, only to find that same game got bundled months later.

Then I got some sense about 9 months ago, and I started playing some of my games. Mostly because I stumbled upon and after meticulously correcting the data all for my games, I was flat out embarrassed by my “cost per hour” of my collection. So I just started playing ultimately to start chipping that number away. It helped that I got a cheap ass Winbook tablet from a local Microcenter, and attached it to a Xbox ONE controller with a Nyko clip as a makeshift “steamboy”. It is really amazing how well it works, especially with steam streaming (or even many indie/pixel games).

Since then and still today I play a few games a week for no more than 2-3 hours every few days. Work and family life is very busy, so I don’t get a lot of time. But I’ve watched my “avg cost / hour” go down dollar by dollar. Now I’m at a more respectable ~$1.50/hr, but I’ll feel better when it’s below a buck

I’m still amassing more games than I’m playing (still can’t turn down a deal), but I’m much more conservative now.

Here is my strategy:

  1. Games I enjoy playing (which seems to be mostly metrodvania or puzzle games)
  2. Games to play with my son occasionally (LEGO games, Racing games, Disney/Pixar games)
  3. Casual games on my tablet to play with my wife
  4. Games I paid too much for / AAA games that everyone says are good

Also, I like achievements, but I won’t go crazy to complete a game. There are commonly too many impossible achievements in games these days. But I’ll go out and get the less impossible ones. Ultimately I try to keep my total achievements up above 40% (currently at 43%)

Thanks for stopping by - see you around