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Need to find something more interesting to write here.
Don’t know what yet.

I have finished a few games after exiting my winter sleep.
mostly positive experiences… or maybe I am just easily satisfied… who knows.

Bear with me; Saw the monthly theme after coming back and thought lets see what I have left to play. 8 choices! after checking with steam. Sadly 7 of them I had completed already. One left “Bear with me”. Full with energy I installed it and looked it up, enter dark clouds. It is a point and click game. I cant think right away of another game which I dislike more. But armed with a guide at hand I started it. I am glad I did cuz it the voice acting was brilliant, the dialogue awesome, enough references to other games and a story setting that kept me engaged. Almost shed a tear at the end of it. was well worth the price of admission.

The evil within; I really need more of these game, I loved it even though characters walk like 90 year old people and stamina is something they never heard of. still maybe better this way. Love game where they make you watch out with your ammo and a setting that makes you feel tensed. If any rec, pls let me know!! Grateful!

Resident Evil Revelations 1; Showing its age, it took awhile for me to become full engaged, it did had to win me over a bit. the non-linear story telling was a great move in my opinion. Gun management was awesome and the ship setting great! Might have to pick up RER2 2 soonish.

God’s Trigger; rather easy top down shooter. has just enough content to keep my satisfied.

Short honorable mentions,

COD WW2, Nice campaign really, good old school ww2 era
Evergarden, Turns out I liked this planting game puzzler a lot.
Life is strange; Before the storm, I enjoyed my time spent with Chloe although I couldnt always relate to her and follow her thought process. Not remembering that much about the other LIS definitely was a help.

Ps, I forget all about how to do the page setup here, if anyone could point me to that nice post with all the code written out! Much appreciated.!

October,... Euhm maybe?

October, the month where I was confused so much that on several occasions I couldn’t even remember which month it was.
Was it September, October or November???

Not much happened on the gaming front
Thanks to PUBG, which was fun to play.
Managed to get several “chicken dinners” about which I am still wondering how it happened seeing that most were complete pacifist runs as can be seen below.
Got to be something special to pull that off.

For the rest, I couldn’t wait for Humble Bundle Monthly so I bought three games as well.

Angels Fall First ( had a cool image on steam, is a really neat game too)
Shantae: half-genie hero ( completed my set of shantae)
Deep Space Waifu: Academy ( classic)

And let’s finish with another random picture.
Nothing to say except that I was trying to get some lightning on the camera which obviously I failed terribly at.
With some nice tunes playing to make the night journey pass by faster.
Got tired of books and tried some short stories, unfortunately couldn’t get into them.
I’ll try to do better next time!

See ya around!


This is when all hell broke loose.
That moment when Lightning and Thunder are coming in really really quick succession and you need to move in an open car park with you being the tallest thing out there.
For some reason this “accidental” pic is my favorite!

Now for the games!
Managed to get through a whole bunch of them this month!
My mission to play more Humble Bundle Monthly games was a big success.
I dislike walls of text but luckily I am not required to enter much since most have a well known reputation!

Max Payne 3 was one hell of a cinematic experience much like I was watching an 8 hour movie!
I actually liked Bioshock Infinite this time round, First time must have been disappointed since I played it right after going through Bioshock 1 and 2, with the atmosphere being very different. Glad I tried it again, Loved Elizabeth’s character arc. From her initial hopping like a little girl around you to the much more serious toned version near the end.
Momodora and Hyper Light Drifter were two little gems of games.
Worms WMD and Steamworld Heist were my two turn based games with the the first being a nostalgia trip and the second one being a huge hit in the art and sound department!
Loved the band actually playing their music as characters.
The Last Door was not my greatest experience, it started of great digging the story and such but then being point and click ruined it a bit for me.
I am not the greatest with these type of games which killed the moving story more then once.
Kero Blaster, absolute fun
Spear of Destiny, awesome classic
Along the Edge, quite intriguing
Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru, no sexiness however they hooked me when they “body-cavity searched” a cat to search for explosions, so… yeah… that just happened?!?!
Stories Untold, having been that scared and intrigued since the X-Files in the 90’s. Don’t want to watch but have to watch at the same time. Go for conflict of emotions!
Banner Saga 1 and 2, total awesomeness and decisions making!
Infested Planet, great massive top down shooter!

Duds of the month!
Tried playing a few more wins but both Wasted and Witches, Heroes and Magic couldn’t present me with gratification.

Now it is time to disappear, I fear for my backlog now that I have purchased PUGB
IF there are any players here feel free to add me. :)

Wrap-up for August!

I surprised even myself with the amount of games I played this month. It seems August was one of those months that went by rather slowly which was great compared to the usual speedy months that you experience in adult life!.
Decided to present my list two-fold this time, pretty much because it is hard to fit all images in one collage and then make it big enough.

Played a lot of Darkest Dungeon and everything was going great but in the end it wasn’t the RNG that got me but the grindy nature of the game when losing a few characters. So decided that my time would be spend better elsewhere, maybe at a later date I will return to it.
My mission to play more Humble Bundle Monthly games continued as well and I can be brief about them. Maize a short fairly interesting game, it knows when it is about to overstay its welcome and ends just before it. Maize is a game that should be played on a rainy day.
Layers of Fear starts of quite scary with a good amount of tension however it soon starts to throw every horror trope at you that it loses everything that it had build supported by the fact that you can’t die in this game deprives it of any stakes and creates a whatever attitude in the player.
Not being a big fan of realistic driving simulators I gave Dirt Rally a go and found that I loved the cars in it, graphics were great to create a really nice environment. I finished a tournament and … well that’s going to be that for me honestly. Like I said driving simulators don’t do it for me.
Brigador was an amazing throw back to the 90’s. Didn’t like the control scheme very much which got my killed quite a few times but man oh man to throwback to 90’s graphics C&C style with fitting soundtrack was well worth it for me! RIVE is a fun twin stick ( hope I am using the correct term here) shooter definitely worth a play-through for it’s silly humor.
I can’t believe SUPERHOT sells for that much on Steam, don’t get me wrong it is a entertaining game to play but belongs in a price category under what it is at right now!
That’s it for HBM games!
Dabbled in a bit in Devil Daggers and Super House of Dead Ninjas
Japanese School Life was mediocre at best for me. If you like learning about Japanese culture a bit great but I would prefer to just read a few articles then instead of this.
The last game I played through it in one sitting, Journal is fairly short but it grabs your attention with interesting conversations pieces which you use to figure out the bigger picture of what is going on in the protagonists life. I felt that the ending was a bit of a let down but still the journey leading up to it was well worth it.
Almost forgot about Part Hard. It’s very original!! The game doesn’t hold your hand gives almost no instructions and you will get caught often killing party-goers because you need to learn how it works. The game is unforgiving in that way but it is great fun to play and especially see the random stuff that is happening. SWAT that arrives suddenly, a crack den that is located in one of the rooms or a circus bear that just shows up and starts killing. These are just some of the events that can mess up your run and leave you agape! Party Hard should be added to the list below!

Now for the crème de la crème of this month (( Yes I don’t care about figuring out how to put those weird things on top of the words!) ( fine! I copy pasted it from Google))

Thanks to Dirt Rally I remembered that I had another game sitting in my library requiring love and when we got reacquainted that was no stopping! REDOUT the love child of F-Zero and Wipeout. REDOUT got it all, the speed, the music, the lights and the gameplay! Screenshots just won’t do for REDOUT. You owe it to yourself to play it if you have ever played F-Zero or Wipeout!!
Wuppo, hahaha this game! OMG does it put a big smile on your face and make you forget about all your worries! Much like Botanicula, Wuppo has got cute art and an amazing interesting environment. Characters that are so adorable, it’s one of those games that makes me not care about progress and just enjoy it 100% ( Except for one puzzle which was really easy but took me 2 hours to get through because I failed to use my brain!!! It was a viscous circle of not using the brain > getting a bit annoyed > brained turned of more because of annoyance > still can’t figure it out > more annoyed … and well you get the picture, it continued like that for a while… But that was on me and can’t fault the game for that.)
Deep Space Waifu!… Bullet hell meets Neko?? I mean you shoot clothes off of girls in a bullet hell style arena. Now go and spend the 2 Dollars for this instant classic!
The bullet hell part is really not to intense so no need to worry there, having said that I died quite a few times when A my eyes didn’t stay where they should have or B I made an ultra bold move to get those pieces of garment instead of the more obvious strategy of crowd control.

Now as an extra, fitness if going great regardless of the two injuries I suffered but that is not what I want to discuss.
Recently I have been thinking about getting a headset but I am still undecided for the need.
Are you using a headset or aren’t you using a headset. I would love to hear your opinion on it.
Currently I am looking at Sennheiser GAME ONE.

The End of the Tempest

So the good news first!
Evening tempests are done (for now).
I am glad that the weather has decided to accommodate me at the moment and waits until I am home to let the heavens drain.
Saves me some time and patience not having to deal with cars.
Hard to listen to a book when it sounds like a storm of rain is trying to get your attention by making noise on the roof of the car.

In addition, we have listened all the way through Way of the Kings an epic journey it was.
a grand total of 40 hours were spent in Roshar. What a pity that it must end. :(
But fortunately I managed to lay my hands on Words of Radiance so I got another 47 hours to go.
Then the wait will begin for book 3 out of 10 to be released!

Now for the games!
It won’t be a long list of games as it has been the case in the last few months.

Completed the last few HOG games that I wasn’t able to boot up last month
Nightmares from the Deep 1,2 and 3. I enjoyed them a lot. I can safely place them at the top of all HOGs that I have played!
Then we noticed the monthly theme and figured that we might be able to join. Especially since the last long game was played ages ago.
So after contemplating I settled for some reason on Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin.
Having never played a “punishing” game before, I entered with some fears and a lot of hesitation which tormented me for the first few hours.
But slowly confidence grew and so I settled in. “These nightmarish games can be felled, they can be beaten!”
These games are not that hard. It only has one rule really “Don’t get hit!”
The month continued and went on to Little Inferno. The game does an amazing job at driving its point home after playing and being entertained burning things.
It saved it right up the very end when you are not expecting it and BOOM! They hit you hard with their message.
Nekopara was sort of an experiment over the past 2 months but finished Vol 2 and am pretty glad that it ended. Although it is entertaining for certain moments. It is one of those things where too much is not a good thing!

This month we are going for a slightly different challenge.
The thought of being an athlete has settled in and so I am going to fire up all idle cylinders again and get this fitness going.
5 days a week of workouts and will be watching what enters the great fiery pit too.
Let’s see if I can eliminate a two inches.
A bench will be the reward if I can get it done!

Downpour month

This month was downpour month, I spent a lot time in my car struggling to get through traffic on my way to and from work.
When it rains in Bangkok, it really rains and traffic suffers from it.
Luckily I have my audiobooks with me to prevent me from going completely bonkers in the car.
The way of Kings is my savior now and quite suitable too when there are “high storms” going on at the same time when I am stuck in one!
Do you hear that sound? That’s the sound of the world when it pisses itself!

Little pic to show the storm that is brewing!

Now the main event!
Games played!

Alan Wake, now wow that was some great storytelling right there. everything that happened in-game was to further the plot nothing seemed wasted and pacing was perfect.
Some complain about the combat being too much and detracted from the story however I enjoyed the Resident Evil 4 style combat!
American Nightmare was more or less a bit of a let down. so stopped that after about an hour or so.
IS Defense is pewpew game of the month. A bit average in the beginning but omg does this game becomes brilliant when you mute the game sounds and play some AC/DC
9 clues series were my favorite HOGs of the month. It was an enjoyable ride from beginning to end. The game always made sense where to click and didnt try to become pretentious by hiding stuff in tricky ways. Grim Legends 3 was my least favorite game, maybe it was the story that didnt grab me that much or just the fact that it tried to be too clever from time to time.
One Night Stand which was gifted by someone was an amazing experience! A short ride but one that makes you think about how different certain situation could play out if just nudged gently in a different direction.
Sunless sea is a special game… it is completely boring in a way but it does always seem to attract you back in to play a bit more! Not yet done with this one!

Wanted to experience some of the NEKO games as I have seen lots of other people talk about it. turned out to be pretty average, entertaining when you are looking for some stupid fun but it does get old near the end. Also Over the Void is worth playing cuz of the 3d environment and bright colors too bad it is so short! Also Also gave up on playing Drakensang after getting annoyed by the we have special combat and DD rules but we are not telling you about them or show you any examples so said fuck it then in the end.
Had a lot of potential though.
Plague inc. is interesting at first but gets stale real fast! cant imagine what other players went through when they played for free on their mobile device.

I hope you are happy, I did it all for you

A final busy month gaming

Another month has passed and several more games have been given the honor to be started in my steam client.
Find an image of the games below.

Most of them were time well spent games.

Crimsonland : Extremely fun
TIMEframe: Short walking simulator
House of 1000 doors: Hope to find more HOGs like this one
Beep: Surprisingly fun to play
Flat Heroes: Easy and hard, wish I was a circle instead of a square
Shantae Risky’s revenge: Awesome, only one remains in the wild, maybe I can catch it soon
Fallout Shelter: Great start but becomes rather stale after about 20 hours.
INSIDE: Yes yes yes, as a kid I died in many different ways, big YES just because of that.. Looking at you Fallout
Black Mesa: Nostalgia trip, too bad it stops right when you are about to go to the alien planet.
Okhlos: didn’t get it :(… maybe I might pick it up in the future again.
Timberman: Fun to play against other people online
Vanishing of Ethan Carter: Beautiful game
Metrico+: Great minimalist puzzler
Saints Row the Third: A wild ride which left me drained when it was over.
Mini Metro: Really fun strategy game
Disco Dodgeball: Yeah I don’t care about its full name… multiplayer is dead though :(… Had a fun few hours in it regardless.

That makes 46 games beaten in the last 3 months.
Backlog reduced to 35%, not bad from the 87% where I was just about a year ago!
Only buying the monthly these days has helped quite a bit too.

Guess who is making a casual appearance!?

Another month has passed and several more games have been slain.
Have a quick look below.
Again I can’t be bothered with sharing reviews and stories on each game, most of you probably know them already.
“Ain’t nobody got time for that…reading anyway”

Although I am interested in hearing what you have got to say about one or more of these games!!

Oxenfree: 5 stars
NaissanceE: 3.5 stars ( it’s a mindfuck, poor ending)
Minion Masters: 4 stars ( new favorite)
Iggy’s egg adventure: 3 stars
Cities Skylines: 4 stars ( pretty “meh” after one or two rounds)
Monsters love you: 3 stars
Event[0]: 4 stars
Space run: 3 stars
Space run Galaxy: 2 stars ( really not my thing, way to grindy…)
Pony Island: 4 stars
Bet on Soldier: 2 stars
Shantae and the Pirate’s curse: 5 stars ( anything for the lovely Shantae)
Neon Chrome: 4 stars ( ♥ hotline miami = ♥ Neon Chrome)
Ryse son of Rome: 3.5 stars

Beaten 3 SG wins this month
Also downloaded Fallout Shelter since it popped up here several times in the last few days, What’s up with that?

Guess who is making a casual appearance!?

It has been awhile since I last posted a little update.
Not going to post a huge wall of text, who has time to read those things anyway…
So I will only post a collage of beaten games.

Epistory: 5 star rating
Trine 2: 5 star rating
Action Henk: 3 star rating
Poker Night at the Inventory: 3 star rating
Ori and the Blind Forest: 5 star rating
Abzu: 5 star rating
Botanicula: What a nostalgia rush! ( That means 5 stars)
Painkiller: 3 star rating
Train Valley: 4 star rating
Orwell: 4 star rating
The Turing Test: 5 star rating
OneShot: *MINDBLOWN!!! ( I need more than 5 stars for this one here)
Fault milestone1: 3 star rating
Fault milestone2: 4 star rating
Last word: 4 star rating
Tine and Big: 4 star rating

A little music to go with your day its red hot

Have a good one guys and gals!!!

Just Cause 2

15 hours playtime, 19 of 50 achievements
User avg: 68%

Fun Run around game where you blow up everything you see. But it has nothing more then that. So after an initial blast of fun, the excitement declines fast and the feeling of boredom start to take over.
The map size is huge and travelling from one point to another can take a long time if you don’t use the fast travel system and even with the fast travel system there are your 2 mandatory cut scene of pick up and delivery with a loading screen squeezed in which makes the whole thing take a long time and kills the fun of it.

Grappling hook is fun to move from place to place and gives the best experience
Helicopters are great too but fail to deliver a real sense of speed.
Jets are just horrible, obviously the developers expect you to play this with a controller and I couldn’t be bothered to make the switch mid game from K/M to Controller.
( IMO a fail on developers side)
Vehicles are plentiful but with a game that doesn’t take itself seriously when it comes to realism, they certainly wanted to make these things feel serious.

Game play is fun. Shooting is satisfying and attacking bases is fun. No depth in factions.
Also take a rocket to the face and survive. Hit a bush with my bike and instant explosion followed instantly by death.

I wonder if Just Cause 3 is worth picking up or if it is just more of the same as in Just Cause 2?


4 hours playtime, 5 of 12 achievements
User avg: 85%

Simple arcade style shooter.
Enough to keep you interested for a few hours.
Really fun soundtrack and mainly play more more games to hear it.
“Great pick me up for 15 minutes” game.
Get it on a sale for sure, u wont be disappointed!


I am going to slash my time spend on gaming and use it in different areas.
expecting a 50% slash, which actually leaves me with still a rather large amount of gaming time.

See ya around!

1187 games (+1 not categorized yet)
19% never played
0% unfinished
67% beaten
1% completed
13% won't play