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I always had a backlog of about 50% of my steam games and i didn´t care about it since it was my own money. That attitude changed after joining steamgifts in early 2017. I guess you all read the threads about unplayed wins and so did i. In 5 months i already had won 8 decent games (way more than expected) and played none of them. After winning my 8th game i wrote the creator (hi Vhajsuna :D) that it would not be a simple +1 to my library and therefore i joined this site to organize the crusade to take down at least my sg backlog. My first goal is to reach 50% finished sg wins. (April 2019) Finished 75% of my SG wins, next goal is 100%.

completed: 100% achievements or anything possible done in the game (e.g. adventure games without achievments)