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Welcome, weary traveler, to my log of video game assassinations!

I supplement my backlog system with info from my Steam Hunters profile.

So my rule for whether a game can move from “unfinished” to “beaten” is if it passes my profile average completion or my average SH points per game (i calculate that one manually for now).
This means that i don’t have to bash my head against really hard/grind-y games (measured here by having high total SH points), trying to get their completion higher than my average.
This also, however, means games can move back from “beaten” to “unfinished”, if both of my profile averages climb higher than its completion metrics.

I generally work through my backlog in chronological release order, and try to keep a limit on how many games can be in the playing pile at one time. Although, sometimes these rules can be temporarily broken (sometimes games just take your interest.. and sometimes they don’t).

I’ll try and write a post once a month - talking about the games i played, and any interesting thoughts about them or their achievements.