A huge backlog is hard to clean ferszabi’s profile

Even though my backlog isn’t the biggest one in the world, it still is pretty big, and it just keeps getting bigger. I’m trying to clean my backlog, but since I play a lot of Multiplayer Only games, it is very hard to do so.
Actually, I only play games that I’m interested in, for example a game that I’ve bought some time ago and didn’t even touch it.
I don’t play some of the games that were given away for free, because I don’t like them. I do try them to see if I like them, but if I don’t like a game, I won’t finish it.
My backlog cleaning “technique” is basically just playing the games in my backlog until I get bored of them or finish them, and I try to 100% the games I really like. :)

1094 games (+213 not categorized yet)
77% never played
6% unfinished
2% beaten
2% completed
13% won't play