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ABC Plan Update #2

Update #5

I thought I was finished with buying games until the next big sale… and then some very nice coupons suddenly started circulating. On the plus side, I’ve started working through my ABC plan again.

Update #4

I’ve probably spent more time shopping for games these past few months than actually playing them. Hopefully January will be an improvement.

ABC Plan Update #1

I got distracted by the September “play a game you won on SteamGifts” challenge and fell a bit behind on my ABC plan. Still, with 7 games down I’m cautiously optimistic about finishing my list by year end.

Update #3

My backlog is still growing faster than I can play through it, but I made some good progress last month. I finished this round of Challenge Me! and beat a few games on my ABC Challenge list. The ABC games will get their own update post… someday.

ABC Challenge

I’m terrible at deciding what to play next, so joining the challenge should give me some sense of direction. My list


  • Games may be played in any order
  • Games not on the list may also be played
  • Any game can be swapped for one starting with the same letter
  • List should be finished by the end of this year
    • But this is optional. I might have put too many RPGs on my list ^^;

Update #2

A bunch of my wishlisted games have shown up in recent bundles, so the backlog continues to grow. I also picked up The Sexy Brutale and Beat Cop from Steam sales. Hmm… they’ll probably end up in bundles before I get around to playing them.

Update #1

Well, time for my first update. I’ve knocked a number of small games off my backlog since joining the site, but in my updates I’ll only be mentioning the most noteworthy ones. I probably won’t be updating in a regular fashion, only when I’ve completed several games that I have a strong opinion about.

2798 games (+11 not categorized yet)
78% never played
2% unfinished
7% beaten
2% completed
11% won't play