Taking a trip down binary lane geekmannerd’s profile

Gaming. My first love.

From the moment I turned on that Atari 2600 all those years ago, I’d been hooked. But then, life (and kids) got in the way. It wasn’t too bad with the first, and kind of manageable with a second. But having a third to contend with, well, there just wasn’t enough time in the day.

But now, having established some semblance of a routine with the kids’ extracurricular activities, I’ve now found that I have a bit of time I can devote back into gaming. And that means getting stuck into this rather formidable backlog. Which I keep adding to. Because I have a problem.

My name is geekmannerd and I have a pile of shame backlog.

1211 games (+2 not categorized yet)
96% never played
1% unfinished
2% beaten
1% completed
0% won't play