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Woa, it had been a long time since i post a active . So this game is what i had been try to finish since last month, a very splendid, but it still got a some annoying of “inconvenient” of a typical Japan game, but over all , a splendid game
Also, did any of blackloger currently play this game ? i would love to have a “pawn companionship”


Ah, finally done, i finally finish the game, althought, i must do something wrong so i miss a archivement http://steamcommunity.com/stats/314830/achievements
The game world itself is bleak, and sad, the combat quite difficult too, it require a lot of thinking in how to move, who to attack and which skill to use

After finish this, i think i will come back and try to finish witcher 3 for real


Alright, it had been quite a time since my last BLAS update. I just beaten this game, able to unlock all of the virus in the game, and play some scenarios too
I love it , a bit repeated. but still a very fun game

What a joyful day, i get gift this game from a friend, and we just clear this game today
While the game is really fun, it also quite unfair in several final mission, plus, the game is really not need this much mission , 95 i think nor it price worth 60$ .
But it very fun indeed if you have friend to coop with you

Hello fellow Backlog comrade, had been awhile i post my complete report here…..well, because i haven;t able to complete anything lately that why… until now
I had been receive this game as a gift, while not the most favourite kind of RPG i still very enjoy the joy of manage static of Stat, inv, and equipement…. don’t judge me.
It a very good ARPG , anyone still have it in their inv should give it a try , you will love it, i’m sure of it
PS: and thank kasztoix to accept my unreasonable nagging and play from begin to the end with me, thank you


I will be honest here…. i have no idea when or where did i buy it from , but since it in my lib , i guess i buy it one way or another anyway, So i decide to clear it, it a okay CYOA game, the writing is a bit not too serious though, so if you want to play a more serious tone game, i guess stick with Choice of Games is a better choiec


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh, i finally complete my replay of this game, after i win it on SG. The game still the same, it was a fun game, but to get the most out of it, you will have to use a ton of mod to raise the immersion of the game , from weather, light, enviroment, to make more traveller from faction and non-faction appear in the game.

But i guess no matter how much mod you use, the core game. “good to play for a while, then too boring for the rest” still be the same . So many miss opportunity, so many interested area can become Q, or you can interact with, but this is no classic FO nor make by Obidisian, so it just another “get in and gun everything that can move” kind of area ……. like 95% of the area in game .
I plan to finish all of the ending , but i guess i’m too bore to bother to do that in late game . So i just complete the Institute and Railroad ending and call it done. 152h of play time, and the most commendable achivement i get is collect all of the Bobble head, Live & Love , Unstoppables .Astoundingly Awesome Tales & Massachusetts Surgical Journal magazine


I just finish a Bretonia campaign on very hard , it was fun . Some highly of the most memorable moment
1/ Fight a 2 way fight with the red duke and beastman on early and early mid game, A lord together with his paladin and a full stack of knight had been lost thank to beastman ambush, as well as lose Chivalry because have to retreat from a counter attack of the duke
2/ Mid game is a push between me together with all of my allies, and the greenskin . who already deep in Empire and take half of it . Archon come and get his ass kicking by the combine of several Empire prince, i only participate in the fight again Chaos by fight some enemy stack landing on north of Bretonia land (which also get finish quickly when they land by the combine of my force and Marienburg , Karak Ziflin )
3/ End game is the final push and help thorgrim push the orc out of the south, the most iconic moment is the fight for Karak eight peak ) and the final Quest battle , the requirement for victory , it rare to have such fun battle, 1 army fight again all 4 greenskin boss, Skarnik, Wurrzag, Azhag, Grimgor, you have no idea how scary it was to see enemy field ton of 3 gold cheron unique unit… i able to win in the end but only after a hard and long fight . PRAISE THE LADY


Ahhhhhhhh, another game done and finish, I must admit, even when we know that the trick telltale game use to play with our mind and nothing you choose will actually matter.You still can’t help feel feel comsume , drag-on by the story , i must applause them that


What a day, what a history day, i just clear Xcom 2,whew, what a fight, it truly is Xcom, the fight is intense as hell, Compare to the last game, the enemy now is far more dangerous and have really nasty ability. So was you, the feeling when your hair trigger mod active just in time. or a sudden death repeater working is such a unbelieve joy
The last battle is way too tough,it a miracle that i able to full it off without anyone die and get the no death achivement

PS: for any achivement hunter out there, don’t even try to aim for no death , no squad size increase at ironman, it will never work

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