Hello, world! insideone’s profile

These are little notes about how I use this site and general things about playing my games

Backlog priority

  • Playing Appreciated wins or similar “duties”
  • If I can play together with friends - I’ll do it. Mostly it’s “pair play” games
  • Other SG wins
  • If I have time I prefer to play something from my favorite genre - RPG

Categories usage notes

Won’t Play

It’s simple. I won’t play this game. Why? It can be for several reasons

  • Dead multiplayer games
  • This is a trash game which for some reason I’ve got for my library (Indiegala Golden Giveaways, etc)

Why I don’t want to delete those games? Multiplayer games can rise. Trash games can’t (usually), but I don’t want to activate it again and again by receiving them from sources like Indiegala Golden Giveaways. But maybe someday I’ll delete such games


Game with completed main story or if game lacks of it - at least most part of content
I can move games to this category because I had played it on other platforms


100% achievements or obtained all content if game had lack of it
And again - I can move games to this category because I had played them on other platforms


I’ll definetely play this games again


Why do you have such a huge backlog?

I like to play different games, so it’s just a way to do it. Sometimes I want to play a game of a certain genre (and have a choice) at a certain time that would not be possible with a small backlog

Why did you won this game when previously gave it away?

I like surprises, so it’s just interesting to play a game that I didn’t plan to play in advance. It leads us to a weird, but true resolution - sometimes I giveaway a game that I want to play myself, but I didn’t activate it intendedly, because such games (bought by myself) have much less chances to be played in the near future. So if I really like a game, I prefer to win it.

So huge wishlist. Do you really want to play all these games?

Yes, I do. I like indie games and want to try many of them, but please note that my quality criterias are changing in time and it’s too hard to regularly revisit such huge wishlist. Every time when I enter a giveaway, I check if game fits my current criterias. Sometimes I delete game from withlist and hide it. It’s a black or white rule - I want to play a game or don’t. My hide list (on steamgifts) contains about 6k games