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Sorry this post doesn’t look super pretty like I’ve seen around, I’ll get into the nitty gritty of linking and proper formatting at a later date.

Welp, time to see if I can cut into the games on my backlog. Sales, bundles, and giveaways have created kind of a mess. I recently finished Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink. It was my first HOG (although I feel like I played a few edutational games like this as a kid), and I enjoyed it.

A few games I hope to target for completion next:

Citizen of Earth
Was really excited for this one, then it came out and I forgot about it. For years.

Half Minute Hero
Played it for a little bit, and it had a pretty interesting concept. You basically have 30 seconds to beat a level, or else you have to repay a money-hungry goddess for another chance at victory.

And of course I love my point-and-clicky games. Syberia series, Still Life series, Ark, and The Inner World are on my short list.

Hopefully I can finish most of these before the life ruiner and free-time destroyer known as Persona 5 is released.

706 games (+71 not categorized yet)
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9% unfinished
5% beaten
4% completed
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