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Hi guys, this time I come with a shorter post of a couple games I recently started and a few others I forgot to include in my last update Also a couple things not really about backlog games, but that I do think are relevant to mention as they will have some impact on my backlog slaying. First, let me tell you that the other day I finally fixed my old laptop (to which I managed to fry the motherboard somehow) so, that I means I will be playing games on the go now as well, indie games and old titles more than anything else since it’s not a gaming laptop, just a regular one.

The games that I forgot to include in my last update are:

Goat Simulator

⁣ Goat Simulator
⁣ 1 of 127 achievements(1%)
Well, I got this in a bundle and decided to give a go, I played it for maybe 30 minutes? It's kind of fun I guess, silly fun, there's not really much to it, just a sandbox open world in which you do silly things with your animal characters. Or at least that's what I got from it, please someone tell me if there's more to it than memes.

Half Dead

⁣ Half Dead Currently playing
⁣ 10 of 18 achievements(56%)
Nice game with a very cool concept, kind of reminds me of the movie "Cube", there's no story to it, just a very basic mechanic, you are trapped in a room, and that room has doors, doors that lead to a series of rooms with more doors, you get the idea, and in these rooms, there may or may not be some unexpected traps, which you have to avoid until you reach the room that contains the exit, failure to avoid any of the traps leads to insta.death. Just watch the trailer video on the store page if you are interested. I played a few multiplayer games when I got it and it was okay, but I've sticked to single player so far as mp seems to be dead most of the time, if you play this or are interested in playing it, feel free to add me, maybe we can play together sometime.

The Lion's Song: Episode 1 - Silence

⁣ The Lion's Song: Episode 1 - Silence
⁣ 18 of 63 achievements(29%)
Another free game I added to my wish list some time ago and decided to install and play just to free up my wl a little, and I'm glad I did.

This is a very nice, although very much linear, point and click, with a very particular pixel art style. The story is nothing extraordinay, but it's not bad neither, you follow the steps of young woman who is in a hurry to finish composing a song while also trying to deal with some more personal issues.

The game has some fun achievements, I got most of them already but one that I have absolutely no idea how to get. Maybe I'll try getting it later, but sicne I don't own any of the other chapters I'm not in any kind of hurry. I think I'll buy the rest of the episodes in the future as I did like the first one, but not until they get a decent discount.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Not sure what to say about this one, the first two missions were awesome, but after that I feel like it turned more into a purely stealth/shooter game without much of a story (kinda like playing sniper elite feels like), and I don't really complain about that, that's cool, I like those kind of games, but after how the game started, idk, I was expecting something else I guess. But I'll keep playing it, just gotta be on the right mindset, since, it seems to me, it is one hell of a long game.

Those were all the games I forgot to include in my last update, one game I recently bought and just started playing is LUFTRAUSERS:


⁣ LUFTRAUSERS Interesting games
⁣ 4 of 12 achievements(33%)
I watched a video of TotalBiscuit playing this and it looked cool so I added it to my wl, had been sitting there for a while and finally decided to pull the trigger and buy it. Just installed and gave a go a few hours ago.

Very basic, but refined 2d bullethell shooter, you have a plane and a few tasks/objectives to complete at a time, while you progress you unlock better parts (weapons, engine, armour) for your plane, each part gives you different taks, and that's the way you progress/level up and go unlocking more stuff. There's not really a story to it, you just go out and destroy as much as you can in one go, and then go at it again, and again, and again...

Real nice art style and amazingly good mechanics for a game of this kind, 8/10.

Finally, just yesterday I got some weird pain in my thumb, and I took some pills and it kind of went away, but it’s still there, I’m gonna go visit the doctor on monday to check it out, but just to be sure I’ll be taking a few days (maybe a few weeks) off of any kind instense gaming, to give some well deserved rest to my fingers. No matter how good a game is, it’s just not worth risking your health for it. In the meantime I’ll be taking care of my book and movies/tv shows backlogs, farewell my friends!

For reasons partly out of my hands, I haven’t posted any BLAEO updates, from now on I’ll try to catch up with this and not just lurk around here anymore. So, let’s see, after joining BLAEO back in December, I had to go out of the country for work and couldn’t play anything for about 3 months, life was hell without Steam but I survived, barely. In the days before leaving I managed to complete Gravity Cat which is a title I won on SteamGifts, and also started playing Industry Giant 2.

Gravity Cat

⁣ Gravity Cat Won on SteamGifts
⁣ 7 of 7 achievements(100%)
I won this won on a Whitelist giveway on Steam so I gave it priority, a very basic and simple pluzzle platformer, most levels areas in this game are not very large and basically, what you have to do is avoid touching the saw grinding machines and the lasers (which you have to deactive by touching the same coloured levers) in order to reach the exit, the particular distinctive mechanic of the game is that you can switch the gravity upside-down at any time, which for a 2D is not particularly amazing, but still a fun feature tho, overall, not a very difficult and with not a lot of achievements, so it was relatively easy to 100%.

Industry Giant 2

⁣ Industry Giant 2 Interesting games
⁣ 2 of 9 achievements(22%)
This one is an old isometric tycoon game (I'm a sucker for old isometric looking games, I'm not sure why, I just like how they look) which is right up my alley, so I decided to give a go, the gameplay is quite simple (once you actually figure it out, since it has no tutorial), basically, you have to build and manage a production empire from the ground up, there's several diferent items you can produce and sell, but you have to do it all the way: mining, manufacturing, transporting and selling. There's a lot of different scenarios you can complete, and the achievements are veery much just about grinding in the game, so I didn't feel like completing it, but I will definitely go back to it sometime later.

After returning from my bussiness trip, just last month, I took part in April’s Monthly Theme: “Challenge Me”, and was given the following 5 games by EvilBlackSheep:

Rise of the Tomb Raider

⁣ Rise of the Tomb Raider Won on SteamGifts
⁣ 59 of 143 achievements(41%)
This one has been my luckiest win on SG so far, as it had over 4,000 entries, I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw I won. I actually intended to play this one sometime soon as it was an SG win, a AAA title and one featuring Lara Croft, so after being challenged to play it as a part of the Monthly Theme, I set out to beat the sh*t out of this game.

Let me start by saying that I FREAKING LOVED THIS GAME, I have always liked the Tomb Raider saga, it is in fact one of the first games I played on pc, back when it was a very low poly character fighting bears, and I hadn't played any TR titles since Tomb Raider (2013), which was like 3-4 years ago, so I really had a craving for something like this.

Anyways, to the game itself... the graphics, what can I say? Simply amazing, just take a look for yourself:
Rise of the Tomb Raider

The gameplay is a lot like previous recent titles, but I felt particularly reminded of TLoU for some reason. There's several different mechanics which you unlock as you progres throughout the game, all of which are really good, the level design is almost flawless and it feels really inspired, some of the levels involve solving puzzles, that in my opionion are also very well thought out and don't get to feel tiresome at any point (unless you get stuck for some reason). The story can be a little predictable and doesn't really contribute anything out of the ordinary to the franchise, but it's still fun to play and fairly interesting, I particularly enjoyed playing the Tomb Challenges and the Baba Yaga side story DLC, which focuses on a "witch" that lives alone in the forest scaring anyone that comes near her territory by using some kind of hallucinogenic plant to mess with the mind of the invaders.

I beat the main storyline, all of the challenge tombs, optional missions, and got all the collectibles, but I don't think I will be getting 100% of the achievements for this one, as they involve doing time trials and score attacks, which I don't really like doing. But I really enjoyed the experience anyways, I give this game an 8.5/10.

Steamworld Heist

⁣ Steamworld Heist Gifted games
⁣ 2 of 47 achievements(4%)
I was gifted this game some time ago by a friend, I know he doens't mind me not playing it right away, but I still planned to play it anyways, and having it be recommended as part of the Monthly Theme, I guess it was to much to not at least start playing it.

I had heard nothing but good things about the "SteamWorld" games, so I was actually pretty excited to see what all the fuss was about, and man, were they right about it! This is a really interesting fun little game. The main point of the game are the turn-based fights which ocurr when you board enemy spaceships, the strategy part is not particularly complex which I think is okay, as the game gives more of a relaxed-fun vibe, the characters are quite likeable and the humour in the game is also kind of nice.

I haven't played really played much of this game, I think I made like 2-3 missions, but I look forward to getting back to it.

I added this game to my wishlist since I saw it back when it was on the Humble Monthly, there's something about it that caught my eye. So when it got out in another bundle, even though I had most of the content already, I snagged it right away.

A turn-based combat strategy game centered around exploration. as the title suggest, with a unique "attitude" mechanic, which is very interesting, as it gives more than one possible approach to every scenario depending on the circumstances, and the strenghts of both your characters and the enemy's. I haven't played much of this either, but I played enough to see it is a very fun game with very charismatic characters, I also liked the fact that it can be played casually, as I don't have to rush with this one and just go back to it whenever I feel like.

Violett Remastered

⁣ Violett Remastered Won on SteamGifts
⁣ 1 of 22 achievements(5%)
This is one of my oldest SG wins, so even though it has mixed reviews I actually wanted to give it a chance, the game starts with a fairly short introductory story, basically someting like "Coraline", girl has a fight with her parents, and suddenly finds herself in a strange world, nothing very intricately creative about that, but still, the game can't be that bad... and it certainly is not, the art style is nice and the characters are interesting, but after about 20 minutes I just couldn't keep at it anymore, the lack of voices, the very repetitive background music that gets to be annoying, and the buggy and unintuitive interface/mechanics get tiring real fast, maybe I'll go back to this title later, but for now, I don't want to know anything else about it.


⁣ Oxenfree Currently Playing
⁣ 0 of 13 achievements(0%)
Final game I played from EvilBlackSheep's suggestions, Oxenfree is a 2d walking simulator? Not sure... I played for a few minutes and really liked what I saw, this game has an atmosphere around it which you can feel from the moment you start the game, I particularly liked the art style, but there's not much more I can say about it since I really only played it for a very brief time, I guess I just wasn't feeling in the mood for something like this, but I wanna play this asap, so I'm putting it in my "currently playing" list, for when I have some free time and feel like giving it another go.

That’s all the games from April’s “Challenge Me”, thanks again to EvilBlackSheep for all the recommendations. Other games I started playing and completed back in April are:

Grand Theft Auto V

⁣ Grand Theft Auto V Currently Playing
⁣ 4 of 69 achievements(6%)
I don't think this game, needs any introduction, latest entry of the series, all around stunning graphics (I had to upgrade the RAM in my gig from 4GB to 8GB just to be able to play this one), nice, fun, interesting story, with some of the best developed characters in any GTA title so far.

I downloaded this one from the "Green Steam" back when I had just bought my pc and had nearly no games whatsoever, I already beat the sory back then, but I have no proof of that, so I'm not sure whether or not should I mark it as beaten, I plan to replay the story later anyways, right now I've been focusing more on playing the online mode tho, which can be a lot of fun sometimes, specially if played with friends.

Black Mesa

⁣ Black Mesa Interesting games
⁣ 4 of 25 achievements(16%)
A fan made remake of the original Half-Life, an all time PC classic, and of my favorite games, I think, the first actual 3D game I ever played.

Built from the ground up, this game looks as well, as you thought the original Half-Life did when you first played it ~20 years ago, the story remains pretty much unchanged, but there's also enough changes so that it doesn't just feel like a complete rehash of the original, it also has some fun achievements.

in short, if you ever feel nostalgic and want to give good ol' Half-Life another go, maybe give this one a try? It's really nice too.

Dirt Rally

⁣ Dirt Rally
⁣ 4 of 170 achievements(2%)
The only other titles of the "Dirt" series I'd played before was Dirt Showdown, which I actually liked quite a bit, but this isn't really like that one, this one is not about stunts, mindless racing, or destruction, this is pure rally racing.

Superb grahics and very life-like physics give this game a very realistic feeling, which can be a very good thing to some, not to me though, when it comes to racing games, I always enjoy a more arcadey approach better, this one's just way too difficult for my liking. I don't plan on playing it a lot or any time soon, which is not to say I didn't like it, I just prefer other games before this, and I have plenty of others to choose from.


⁣ Bayonetta Currently Playing
⁣ 2 of 50 achievements(4%)
A title I have wanted to play for years now, but never could since I haven't owned a console in years either. I was about to buy it used somewhere and borrow a console from a friend just to play it just days before it was launched on the Steam Store, so when it actually did launch I didn't think about it twice and bought it. I played a couple of missions and haven't gotten back to it since, mostly because I want to play it in one sit, that's just how I prefer to play this kind of games, once I have enough time to spare, I plan on just biting through this game like its made of chewing gum.

A Steam friend really recommended this one, and I can see why now, this is like playing Devil May Cry (which is also a hell of a game) but with a faster-paced even more over the top, wittier character. If you don't instantly fall in love with Bayonetta after 5 minutes of playing this game, I'd suspect there's something seriously wrong with you... but not only Bayonetta is crazily cool, the rest of the characters feel like they came out of a super creative looney's mind as well.

The gameplay mechanics in this game are not what you usually see in any hack and slash. You shoot bullets off of Bayonetta's feet, ffs. The game feels fluid at all times, and is, simply put, a joy to play, really look forward to finishing this one. I can easily see were all of the praise for this game comes from.

And that ends with my plays for the month of April. For the month of May I also took part in the Monthly Theme, which consisted in a little Rocket League tournament between BLAEO members, and even tho me and my parter Kap got out in the first round (to the eventual champions, so it didn’t feel so bad at the end) it was a lot of fun taking part in it, hopefully we get to do that again sometime. Here’s some of the games I’ve started playing and completed so far this month:

World of Guns: Gun Disassembly

⁣ World of Guns: Gun Disassembly
⁣ 4 of 42 achievements(10%)
There's not much to say about this game, I don't even remember when or why I added it to my wishlist, but I installed anyways, just to get it out of the way and out of my wl, it certainly has an interesting premise, as you can read in its Steam Store description: "World of Guns: Gun Disassembly lets you delve into the inner workings of guns from the largest gears to the smallest screws".

And that's pretty much it, a series of 3D gun models, which you can assemble and disassemble, and it does that decently enough, even tho it doesn't manage to feel like a real game, at least to me it didn't, but if you are someone like me, who hasn't the absolutely slightest idea about how guns work, this has the potential to be, more than fun, educational. The animations are bit slow in my opinion and there's certainly a lot of things it can improve upon, but for a free game, it's not half bad.

Not sure how much can I say about this one without spoiling it, so I'll try to be as vague as possible while still trying to get you to play this gem if you haven't already.

This game is a comedy, walking simulator, the way I'd describe it is: The Stanley Parable, without trying that hard to be meta. I had already played this one before, but then I noticed I was missing the achievements, so I went back to it for another go (it took me more than one go actually, but whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

Dead in Bermuda

⁣ Dead in Bermuda Interesting games
⁣ 15 of 36 achievements(42%)
This one is a survival management game, it goes as follows, you plane fails, everyone screams, plane crashes and a group of 8 lucky fellows get stuck in an island with each other. You have to manage the food and what everyone does to harvest resources and survive, all the while exploring the island and trying not to kill your characters from thirst, unger, exhaustion or depression.

The characters are quite interesting and fairly developed, the art style is pretty nice and fitting, and the story while not super fascinating can be intriguing at times. There's only two things I didn't like about this game, the fact that luck plays a big role, and that the dialogs don't really vary a lot, so it's not really the same after one playthrough.

I would give it an 7.5/10 and I still plan on going back to it, at least to get a few more achievements, and maybe even try to get the 100%.


⁣ Blameless
⁣ 4 of 4 achievements(100%)
Short but interesting first person puzzle horror-ish game, decent graphics, good level design, goood gameplay mechanics, not the worst of the stories in any game, kind of buggy tho, but it's free so... can't complain, oh and it's also easy to get the 100% achievements in this one.

Rocket League

⁣ Rocket League Interesting games
⁣ 76 of 76 achievements(100%)
Football with cars (soccer for the americans) that's basically what this is, and it is a lot of fun, I never actually inteded to 100% this one, but after 200+ hours of playtime I guess it just happened, and I'm glad it did, because I think I'm actually starting to get bored of it, not so much bored, rather tired, I'm not really a fan of multiplayer games, I think there's only about a handul of multiplayer games I actually enjoy, this used to be one of them, but most of the player base is really toxic, and I just don't care for that anymore, I guess I'm taking a well deserved break from this game.


⁣ Tempest Currently Playing
⁣ 1 of 15 achievements(7%)
I had been waiting for this to go on a bundle for quite a bit now, so whe I saw one on sale, I bought it right away. The game is about being a pirate, you fight, you loot, you trade and explore. The game, has nice graphics and good controls, and a pretty decent tutorial as well. It kind of feels like Sunless Sea but more action oriented, I'm liking it so far, the only thing it seems to really fall short at is the story, although I'm not really sure as haven't finished it yet.

Over 9000 Zombies!

⁣ Over 9000 Zombies! Currently Playing
⁣ 35 of 43 achievements(81%)
Over 9000 Zombies! is a wave-based top-down shooter, with elements of tower defense, there's no story to it, and it doesn't even have a story, but fun? Yeah, it has a lot of that. I plan to keep playing this casually and maybe reach the 100% eventually, as it involves a lot of killling, and I don't feel like grinding for it.

Space Beret

⁣ Space Beret
⁣ 3 of 3 achievements(100%)
Super simple top-down shooter, with a few different weapons, monsters and power-ups, nothing really special, a 5/10 maybe.

It has an achievement that involves reaching 1000 points, which is actually really hard, anything above 500 points is hard, I barealy got it, with 1030 or 1035 points I think, something like that, costed me hours to get it, then I go to AStats and it turns out there's an easy way to get it -.- oh well...

Emily is Away

⁣ Emily is Away
⁣ 20 of 20 achievements(100%)
Short interesting interactive story played in what simulates to be an old instant messaging program, basically, boy-girl story. Nothing extraordinary, but it's a good way to waste a few minutes of your time since it's free.

I had played this before but they must have added the achievements later, so I went back and made a quick replay to get them all.

Defy Gravity: Extended

⁣ Defy Gravity: Extended Won on SteamGifts
⁣ 8 of 8 achievements(100%)
Fun puzzle-platformer, also one of my oldest SG wins, I had actualy played this one before, but got stuck somewhere around halfway through it, decided go give it another go to see if maybe I could finish it this time. sadly after moving my games to the external drive the save for this one got lost, so I had to start it all over again, but the thing is I appear to have gotten better at it, as I didn't got stuck this time, well, I actually did but in the hard re-run, I had to watch a couple of gameplays in YouTube, but shhh, no one shall ever know.

Well, this was a lenghty update that took way too long to make, but at least now I have a template for the following ones, and will try to make it every other update at the end of each month from now on, instead of letting it pile up. Oh, I also finally redesigned my profile, which was more of a hassle than I originally thought, since it’s not HTML/CSS that this page uses, but Bootstrap (which I’d never even heard of before) but I managed somehow, and was very pleased with the results in the end.

Finally got around to personalizing my BLAEO profile, any thoughts?

Also, not sure if this has been shared before, but…


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