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I was mostly passively-productive with games since the last post.
I played the following games (but didn’t finish):

Hyposphere is a nice game for what it is, but controlling the ball is a bit annoying, then again that’s the point of the game so I’m not sure if I can complain or not.

Lazarus has an arcade feel to it, and I quite like it, but the server is mostly empty and the game is quite basic, so nothing special for now.

Outland, I gotta say I was surprised by it. I can’t really recall where I got it for free, but I would assume it’s some giveaway elsewhere. Anyhow, back to the point it’s actually a really nice game. The graphics are awesome and the theme works well. The story isn’t breathtaking and doesn’t get much focus, but it’s a platformer so that isn’t a problem. One thing to note is that the controls for keyboard are quite extensive and can be hard to work with, but I (hopefully) will get used to them when making a full run.

Radium is just a generic puzzle game as is, and I don’t see as anything really god or really bad.

Also, I completed “True or False” which wasn’t too bad, but it was far too easy and my play time shows it, in fact, I had to idle after finishing everything to get the cards.

Following that, I completed the single player section of Grappledrome, meaning all I “have” to do now is play online a bunch to give it a good go. So far so good, I like the grapple in the game and makes the shooting more fun. Not exactly my type of fps, since usually, I’m a sniper holed up somewhere, while this game is fast paced and made with the purpose of moving a lot all the time.

This will be my last update for a while cause I’m leaving for vacation (no internet :O ) but I will, of course, be playing the games I have and as such will have some updating to do once I return.

Also, anyone know if there is a way to report bugs without being in the steam group? since that’s where I’m redirected.

Just a quick update.

Finished idling “Tap Heroes” a game a friend gave me, as far as idle games go it wasn’t too good, but I went ahead and finished it since it was only idling anyway.

Got the last achievement on energy cycle finally, marking it was completed and allowing myself to leave that nightmare in the dust.
The game is actually quite enjoyable, my head just doesn’t do well with puzzles so it was hard once the timed puzzles kicked in.

Most importantly, finally got the last two achievements in terraria, the game that got me into achievement hunting (strange choice, eh?) Marking that the first game I payed for with achievements that I finished.

Apart from that, did some looking through my games and sorting a bit on this site, updating as needs be. decided to mark as beaten some games that can’t really be beaten (Civilization, Chess etc.) Also made a list of games I got free elsewhere or weren’t being properly updated here (a won bundle springs to mind) Makes me see how little games I really got myself.

And now Grammarly is working, no idea what happened last post.

Right, this is my first post so expect this to be as horrible as it can get.
Oh, and no fancy formatting.

So, being the idiot I am, I decided to “join” this website during my exam period, as such my game-activity was rather limited.
To keep this on topic, I will only mention one game: “Alum” seeing as the rest I already started playing before joining here.

I had to split it over multiple days, and just finished it today. Despite the reviews the games story was actually decent, though they weren’t wrong either with how the game forces christianity teachings at you.
The gameplay itself was a-ok, had to do a bunch of back-and-forth to finally find some stuff and what to do with it, but I guess that is generally the case for point-and-click games.

I’d give the game a meh/10.

…See what I mean? absolutely horrible post.
(And I realised grammarly doesn’t work here so yeah, boohoo)