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Some games are marked as beaten with no playtime/achievements cause other version went out/i beat them outside of steam/achievments were added after the fact.

Other versions:
Borderlands GOTY Enhanced -> Borderlands GOTY
Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced -> DoS Classic
Faerie Solitaire Remastered -> Faerie Solitaire
Mount & Blade -> M&B: Warband
Skyrim SE -> Skyrim
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Closed Test -> Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Achievements added after my play-through:
Two worlds II
Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes
Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition

Not played through Steam:
Civ III and IV
Evil Genius
World of Goo
Dead Rising 2

So with the lock-down going on over here, time to write a little post about my progress since last time.
First off, I finished (almost) a forgotten circle campaign in gloomhaven. That took a bit of time out of my backlog clearing :D.

First game to be knocked off the backlog:

Templar Battleforce

30 hours playtime

37 of 51 achievements

A good turn based strategy game. Visually it’s meh, but the combat system is really well thought out with you having to balance actions/heat on your mechas. The progression is nice but feels a little bit lackluster at times (like even if you fully upgrade one class, you’ll never get a level high enough to skill everything/use all the stuff you unlock).

Then it was time to clear some SteamGift wins

  • Robothorium

    12 hours playtime

    7 of 16 achievements

  • Dead Age

    16 hours playtime

    67 of 77 achievements

  • Divinity: Dragon Commander

    7 hours playtime

    35 of 100 achievements

  • Hero Defense

    20 hours playtime

    19 of 33 achievements

Two were quite enjoyable
Robothorium was a nice short turn based combat system. The difficulty ramping was good, the leveling on the bots felt impactful.
Divinity dragon commander is a sort of total war in the divinity universe. I quite liked the world map interaction and the decision you had to take to please one race or another. The RTS part of the game was not my kind of thing, but you can beat the campaign without doing any if you’re doing well enough on the world map.
Dead Age was meh. The gameplay is quite nice at first (finding the proper balance between keeping on going and falling back) but it gets old real fast. Like after 3 or 4 hours or gameplay, it’s almost always the same thing.
As for Hero defense, just don’t buy this game. The gameplay is nice (tower defense, but your tower are 5 heroes that can move and level up in the map). But the game must have been coded by people that didn’t test the game stability. Each time you play a map, the game gets slower and slower. And after 4 or 5 map, it’s best to restart the game if you don’t want it to hang for 30 seconds/1 minute when starting a map (all while not using that much CPU/RAM). And the maps after the main game scales really weirdly. Like you breeze through the first levels and then you hit a wall that needs you to grind like crazy to climb.

After that, the lock-down allowed me to start taking on some more games.


12 hours playtime

24 of 24 achievements

I grabbed this one for free on steam, it was nice and relaxing. The ending was a bit weird (like you’re waiting for more in the story).

And to finish it off,

Slay the Spire

49 hours playtime

25 of 46 achievements

I think people know enough about it. Don’t know if I’ll ever beat it entirely. The game is at the same time very enticing (the progression, the combat) and rage inducing to me (sometimes RNG can just demoralize you).

So I started here about a month ago. After a bit of organizing, I stared constructing a backlog and since then I finished the following:

  • Dungeons of Dredmor

    62 hours playtime

    47 of 124 achievements

  • Orwell: Ignorance is Strength

    4 hours playtime

    7 of 19 achievements

  • Valiant Hearts: The Great War

    7 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Farabel

    5 hours playtime

    26 of 55 achievements

First Dredmor, I had it for a long time, but never bothered to reach the end and beat it. Played it by short sessions during the holidays cause I didn’t have much time and managed to beat it (unliving wall is so freaking dumb)
Orwell, Ignorance is Strength that I purchased last year but had forgotten about. As good as the first one.
Finally Valliant Hearts and Farabel, that I purchased during the steam winter sale. Managed to complete Valiant Hearth in uPlay (and damn that is some good writing :’( ). As for farabel, I beat it, might still play a bit more for some more achievements, but one achievement seems to require to play a lot more, I don’t know if I’ll have the patience for it yet.

479 games (+1 not categorized yet)
33% never played
21% unfinished
35% beaten
9% completed
2% won't play