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Some games are marked as beaten/completed with no playtime/achievements because other version went out/i beat them outside of steam/achievments were added after the fact.

End of the year!

So to end of the year, I had to finish Darkest Dungeon. It took me longer than expected, because the endgame had a lot of grind. As such I had to update my review of the previous month. I still like the game, but the last 40/50% of the game could definitely be improved upon (dunno if the DLC do that, but I’m not that interested).

And then Secret Santa came (courtesy of AschmidtOhren / Moony1986 ) ! So I had to start at least one of those game. Witcher 3 was among them, but I didn’t want to spend all of December and January on it. So Desperados it was!

Half-Life 2

Desperados - Wanted Dead or Alive

31.6 hours
no achievements

Not going to do a long review here because this is an old game. This is one of the first commando style game (well afaik, the second one after commando).
It holds up pretty well for its age. There are some UI/UX thing that are a bit finicky and it's not as beautiful as say Shadow Tactics, but I still enjoyed it.

Happy new year to all!

And now vember is gone

Only played two games in november, because I spent a lot of time on those. And also played a bunch of TTS with friends (lock-down and all that jazz).

Half-Life 2

Eador. Imperium

41.7 hours
18 of 32 achievements
  • Lore / Story : It's some fantasy world and the land is split into islands surrounded by void. The story in the campaign might as well not exist. I think it's a follow up on Eador: Genesis, but I'm not even sure.
  • Game mechanics : It's a turn based strategy game. So let's go into the details of each part of the gameplay
    • Overall map: The map is cut into tiles. You have your heroes moving in between tiles. They can then explore a part of one tile each turn to discover some dungeon or just allow it to receive more people.
      The tiles that have yet to be explored are often occupied by neutral troops of varying strength. Once you explore a tile, it's part of your realm.
      At some point you'll encounter opponents and steamroll through their realm to siege the castle and end them.
    • Tile content: So just to go into more details into the things you can find in tiles. It can be a lot of things. Most of the time it's a dungeon, and it'll tell you the overall number of troops and the type of troops. But no indication whatsoever of what is the strength of those units. So you'll have to remember each unit strength just to get an idea of the strength of the dungeon.
    • Realm management: You only have one city, in which you can construct one building/turn. There is hundreds of building to chose from with different effects, with multiple dependency in between them. It's sometimes hard to remember where you're going.
      And you have up to 3 construction per tile in your realm. The available constructions are unlocked by buildings from your city. It's a chore to keep them all up to date when your realm grows.

    • Each tile gives you some gold/gem. And sometimes a resource. You need to have one of a resource for certain buildings/units. If you don't have that resource in your realm you'll have to buy it (so the thing you're buying costs more).
    • Hero management: Heroes have can be given items/units/spells. Nothing out of the ordinary. The only point to note is that your heroes skills cap are limited by your hero level.
      In game your heroes will spend most of their turn doing nothing but exploring one tile. And then you'll wonder if he can take on the dungeon content.
      You have a bunch of hero classes. But damn are they inequals. There is 3 main archetype. Fighter, Mage, Commanders. Fighter heroes can take whole armies by themselves when well equipped/leveled. Mages are laughably weak. Commander are alright if you manage to get the high level troops (but this takes a while).
    • Combat: The combat is just turn based combat. Nothing special about it. It's a bit slow, because the map is big and sometimes it'll just be 2 or 3 turn of unit movement before the fight actually start.
  • Campaign progression: Unlike the previous version, nothing progresses in between scenario. You are dealt a different starting hand, but that's about it.
  • Difficulty / Length : So the game difficulty is pretty random. But when it's hard, it's because the scenario/AI is cheating. Like the AI having one of the best unit unit in the game super early on (way before you can have the equivalent). And when there is no cheat, it's just a slog to go through it. It took me 35 hours to do the first 4 scenario of the campaign. 9 hours per scenario. And those hours were mostly spent exploring my own realm.
  • Conclusion : I remembered Eador : Genesis fondly. But damn is this one a let down. It's so freaking slow. And not interesting at all (be it in combat or management). Oh and oftentimes it crashes for no reasons. Definitely not going to bother going through the 100+ hours needed to finish all campaigns.

And this one is not finished, but because it’s a roguelike dungeon crawler, I think I got the gist of it now.

Half-Life 2

Darkest Dungeon

38.0 hours
43 of 120 achievements
  • Lore / Story : Your ancestor made some eldritch shit and the familial estate has gone to shit. You have to explore it and try to fix whatever he did. The general ambiance of the game is supposed to be very dark and oppressing and that's very well done in that regard.
  • Game mechanics : In case you didn't know the game, it's a roguelike dungeon crawler. The But you gather resources that allow to improve your heroes throughout the run. There are a bunch of thing to pay attention to (hunger , light , health, stress) and you have to manage them with different tools given to you.
    The fight are turn based, with a system of positioning that can change during the fight. Some skills of you/your opponents can only be used in some position/target some positions. It makes for interesting strategic choice/target prioritization and overall a very satisfying combat system.
    There are 4 or 5 different area in which dungeon are located, and each has different kind of opponents/environment properties. As such a party for one area, might not be optimal for another one.
  • Base progression : Be it loot in the dungeon or rewards for runs, you'll gain some heirlooms. Those can be used to upgrade the different buildings in you hamlet.
    Upgrading those helps upgrading your heroes/keeping them fresh. It takes time to upgrade everything, so you'll have to chose wisely which one you're prioritizing first.
  • Character progression : When you finish a dungeon the surviving heroes get some xp. You'll also get some gold. And some trinkets. Gold can be used to upgrade skills (very little change, only some numbers going up) or buy new skills. But you're limited to 4 skill, so it's a matter of unlocking/upgrading the ones you like.
    You can also use gold to upgrade your base equipment (same thing, it's just some numbers going up/down).
    And you win plenty of trinket during the game. A lot of those have positive and negative effect. Each hero can equip 2. You have to juggle between trinkets to equips the optimal trinkets for each character/dungeon, but they're the one thing that allow you to really customize a character.
    Also because some character will be unavailable for some runs (due to stress, illness, a level that's too high or others thing) you'll have to change your party composition often. Which is good, there are plenty of characters to chose from and they all are really different.
  • Difficulty / Length : The game is hard. You will lose some heroes to bad RNG or bad preparation on your part. Or just because your party isn't made to fight the boss (presuming you don't use the wiki to spoil everything). The game is probably quite long as well (haven't finished it yet, but at the current pace, I expect 50 to 60 hours to "finish it")
  • Conclusion : So I like the game. I'd recommend it if you like turn based games or roguelike dungeon crawlers. But at the same time there are some aspect that I don't like and find very frustrating making it hard to recommend to everyone.
    • There is no way in game to remind you of what happened in the previous runs (e.g. what opponents/curios you have already met at some place).
      So you're often drawn to the wiki (or you have to take your own notes, but that's just to bothersome when the wiki exists) just to get an overview of what you can expect in certain areas. I'm starting to remember it a bit after 40 hours of playtime.
      And that's needed because you'll want to do some optimization for high level dungeons.
    • I don't know why, but I can't bring myself to play the game for a long time in a row. I have to do something else after doing 1 or 2 runs.
    • That very frustrating feeling you'll get when you have to give up on a bunch of interesting loot just because your inventory is really small (and its size can't be improved).
    • The rewards for the highest levels runs feel a bit lackluster compared to easier runs. The only real difference is in the reward presented when you chose the missions, and it ain't much once you have a solid trinket base.
  • End game edit : So I'm going to reach the end game soonish, and those last hours have forced me to lower the game note.
    • Some kind of ability are very class limited. There are plenty of tanks/dps, but there is only one AoE Heal, and one AoE stress relief.
    • The end game is tedious. Because of a certain mechanism (not going to spoil it here), the end game takes longer that it needs to be. And as such you end up doing a lot of run that feel samey.
    • Linked to that, it takes a lot of runs to unlock the latest bosses (at least 5 long run per location). As such you're not even enticed to get them all before going to the darkest dungeon because it takes so much time.
    • And during that end game your characters/hamlet evolution is close to none. You already have everything interesting maxed out and all the trinkets that interest you
    • The trinket merchant is a bit useless : At the start you have no gold for it but need trinkets -> you can't buy. At the end you have gold but already plenty of trinkets -> you won't buy.

October is almost gone

So this month started with me keeping on playing turn based strategic/rpg games:

Half-Life 2

Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition

16.1 hours
47 of 82 achievements
  • Lore / Story : So sci fi in space again. A new alien species arrive and decimate almost all the humans in you quadrant. Your base is the only surviving one, fight the invaders, see what happens with your neighbors, yada yada.
  • Game mechanics : So there are 4 parts of the gameplay.
    1. Ship fight: The meat of the game. Fight are up to 3 ships vs up to 3 ships. You make a combination of Officers/ship on your side against whatever the ia uses. There is a whole system of status that you have to exploit to make the most damage. Some skill apply a status, some skills do more damage and remove a status if the target is affected by said status. So you have to equip the proper skills for your ship/officer to match well with one another. It works pretty well.
      The only real bad stuff is that for some reason a bunch of boss have a capped damage they can take per attack. As such using the status system feels useless because you'll be way over the cap.
    2. Overall map gameplay: Not that much to do. Go from your base to another point for a quest/fight. Build all the resource node you can, automate them and that's about it. You'll be crawling under resource in no time.
    3. Base management: Excavate the base and build stuff to be allowed to get more powerful ships. It's a bit lackluster because there isn't much to do in term of improving your ships. There are 2 research by ship. And that's it.
      You can build consumables at some point, but they take the place of a passive stat upgrade found on your opponent. So it's pretty hard to use them.
      And you'll end up having plenty of officer that have nothing better to do than stand in the productions rooms, making you get even more ressource.
    4. Ground fight: This one feels pretty useless. It's like the ship fights, but worse. There is no stuff for it, it'll sometimes be you officer + 2 green shirt (mostly useless fodder), no way to estimate the strength of your opponents beforehand. And they don't happen very often.
  • Character progression : So as said before, you'll unlock ship tiers. In each tier 2 ships by base class exists, with different stats. There are 3 base class (how convenient with 3 spot in the fight) and they can fork into another at some point.
    There is a whole skill tree with branch/nodes to unlock/improve special abilities and get some passives boosts. This also includes power for ground combat that you're going to use like 3 or 4 times in the whole game.
    The character progression is nice in the early/mid game and becomes a bit stale at the end.
  • Difficulty / Length : Played the game in the 3rd difficulty (out of 8) because it was indicated to be the one for experienced players. Was pretty easy up until the last encounter that was a bit harder (multiple fight in a row with damage cap). It's the only one that made me reload.
    Took me about 15 hours to finish the game. But the last 5 hours were pretty boring. The gameplay loop was figured out and nothing exciting to feel like you're making progress. Had to use the building made for speeding up the game and because of that (I suppose?) I didn't even get the Tier 5 ships.
  • Conclusion : The game has some solid base but it lacks a little bit in polish in some aspects (ground combat and the base management feels lacking).
    The end game is very boring aside from the last fight (from a dev blog, lightspeed edition did remove 10 hours of grind compared to the base edition. I don't even want to try it).
Half-Life 2

Galaxy Squad

5.1 hours
6 of 15 achievements
  • Lore / Story : It's sci fi in space. That's about it. The story is the classic steal super powered stuff and flee the authorities with different options along the way.
  • Game mechanics : It's FTL meet XCOM on a budget. You travel on a space map from one point to another and do encounters XCOM style on said points.
    The Map part is a bit bland. You get quests, but all the quests can be resumed to "go to given point, optional fight, reward". You can explore, but most explorations end up in an encounter.
    You can go to stations to repair/sell/buy stuff/get quests. As for the tactical part, it's the classic XCOM approach. Advance, trigger pod, kill pod, repeat. There are different objectives, but they all feel the same.
    The opponent also greatly lack in variety. There are ranged opponents, melee opponents and neither possess any real capacity (well there are a few healers but...), just different stats/skins.
    Only some boss/story map had a little bit of variance.
  • Characters progression : So there are two part here. The "in a run" progression and the roguelike progression.
    The "in a run" progression feels a bit underwhelming, there are 7 levels, you unlock some points to spend in perks, but it doesn't change much. For all the class I tested, you take like 2/3 points from the class and the rest in the passives attributes that everyone takes (like reloading not ending your turn to allow reload then fire is a perk).
    The equipment is just getting bigger numbers. Equipment are (in theory) preferred by a class, but it's only a 5% accuracy bonus (and you're in general above 80% accuracy) so not much.
    You can also make some stuff on your ship. Impact isn't really there because you've done it all really quickly.
    The roguelike progression is a lot more enticing. You can unlock endgame equipment, new starting classes / ship and new game modes. You win enough to unlock one or two thing by run.
  • Difficulty / Length : A story run is quite short (less than 3 hours). And the difficulty (in the base mode) isn't really here.
    Tested another mode and the difficulty was very uneven. Went from maps with 2 pods of 3 single target units to 1 pod of twelve with a lot of aoe.
  • Conclusion : While the game is decent, the melange just doesn't catch. On the roguelike part there isn't that feeling that you're going to end up short like in FTL or that you'll need to retry with a different approach. I just kinda steamrolled through the game in my first run and don't really see the point of trying again.
    As for the XCOM part, It's always going to be the same kind of dull fights, with the same kind of character/ship progression. There isn't the tension that you'd get in an XCOM game from opponents with new capacity, special objectives that make you take another approach in fights and so.
    One thing that bothers me a bit for the unlocks, is that you need to unlock game modes. You can't at the same time get a new game mode to try and either a new ship/class. So it's either a new game mode with classes you already know or a new class in a mode you already know.
    But I got it for 1€, it was worth trying.

And then onto two completely different games

Half-Life 2

Felix the Reaper

14.7 hours
26 of 26 achievements
  • Lore / Story : So you play a grim reaper with fancy dancing skills. And he solves puzzle to kill people. Also he's in love with a sort of angel.
  • Game mechanics : You run through different screens for each of your kills. In each there are two type of interraction:
    1/ you can move/interract with different objects on the scene.
    2/ you can switch the sun direction (between two presets direction).
    Because you can only move in the shadows, all the gameplay resolves around the different combinations you can do to change the shape of the shadows to accomplish your objective.
    There are also time trials levels. They exacerbate all the things I don't like about the game (timing + unresponsive controls)
  • Difficulty / Length : It's taken me about 7 hours to do the main game. And 5 hours more to do the hardcore part + time trials. I ended up stuck only once or twice in all the levels.
    There is a bit of added difficulty if you want all the achievements, because you'll have to do an almost perfect run in each "normal" level.
    The hardcore versions of the levels seems a bit more fun to me because you don't have to optimize your every move for the achievements. Although you can end up in situation where you can't solve the level and have to restart it, so in that sense they're a bit harder :D .
  • Conclusion : It's a good puzzle game, but it lacks depth, there was the potential do to a lot more with either the sun/shadows or the dance.
    I was a bit bothered by the fact that you had to optimize everything in the "normal" mode and as such it was less enjoyable than "hardcore" mode. And time trials sucks.
    The fact that the hero dancing skills have no use besides animations is also a bit of a letdown.
Half-Life 2

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

11.6 hours
34 of 34 achievements
  • Lore / Story : Basically the same setting as in LiS season 1. But before. Because the story is everything in this game, I won't go into the details, but I'm still going to judge it a bit.
    So it's a prequel in which they chose to go with the "we'll have a story that will just explain a bit but won't impact the original material". It's a bit detrimental, because you end up knowing that whatever you did for the big plot won't change the story in LiS.
    But because it's supposed to be 0 impact, a lot of small decisions you make end up not being in line with what happens in LiS.
    Also some background/story don't seem to match between the two games.
    I don't know if it's better to play this one or LiS first. I guess this one first for the story, and LiS first for the interest you can have towards characters.
  • Game mechanics : It's a point and click. And it's a really easy one at that. There isn't the whole time manipulation thingy of the season 1.
    The only real added mechanism is some sort of dialog fight (reminds me a bit of Monkey Island).
  • Difficulty / Length : It's not difficult and takes about 10/11 hours.
  • Conclusion : It's an awesome game if you like good stories. It's one of those rare game where I felt emotionally invested in the main character. That's helped by the fact that I knew what would happen and how life (well the writers in facts) decided to throw everything and the kitchen sink at her.
    Also it made me change my perceptions of some other characters in season 1, which I didn't think would happen at the start (especially because it made me change my perception of the main character of season 1. Ghosting your best friend is not really nice)

September/August clears

First a game I had started a while ago and that I needed to start anew. (with the director’s cut instead)

Half-Life 2

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut

53.0 hours
32 of 46 achievements
  • Lore / Story : Post apocalypse in the western US. No big surprise in the lore, it falls within the clichée of the genre. Story is quite classic as well, with some twist here and there. You have different resolutions options for some of the big towns, so in this regard you can feel the impact of the player (mostly in the end game screens). You have 4 no name character and up to 3 companions that have some special interraction. They do react to some stuff you do, and are a nice addition in certain plot points.
  • Game mechanics : The combat part of the game is classic turn based stuff. Each character acts by initiative order and has a certain number of action point to act. Nothing revolutionnary, but it does the job. Though the different weapons seems a bit unequals in term of combat efficiency. Out of combat, it's another story. There is either a hard cap to surpass (for conversation) or you have a percentage of chance based upon you skill/the obstacle difficulty. It's quite frustrating (like failing a 91% check) and leads to some save/load. You can even be tempted to save scum for low percent chance. Especially once you reach the max possible level on the skill and there are still check that are only 25% chance.
  • Character progression : That part feels a bit lackluster. First during the creation, you chose your stats. They are wholy unequals. Intelligence brings you more skill points / level and as such is one of the best stats. On the other hand charisma doesn't do much and the combat stats can be a bit optimized (the skills are more important tho). You can chose some perks but they are pretty unequals in usefulness. And as the game progress, if you start with high int, you'll max your skill quickly enough (but you want that for the out of combat tests) that you'll have spare points to spend. But they are somehow usefull because you unlock perks (that are gated behind a skill level) and they are wholy unequals. Some of them are really usefull, others totally useless. Also the xp split is a bit weird. Combat XP is totally shared, but not out of combat XP. Because of the way some skill gives XP, one of my character had a 2 level advantages over some other by the end of the game. Equipment progression is so/so. You don't have much to do aside of "that weapons deals more dmg/action point, so i'll take it" or "that's more protection, i'll take it". You do have some finetuning to do with the mods on the weapons.
  • Difficulty / Length : The difficulty 2 and 3 (out of 4) are difficult enough that you'll get some challenging fight, but you won't need to reload quite often. Only the final battle had me in a bit of pinch (because my usual strategy didn't work at all in this case). The game is quite long, took me about 50 hours to do almost every side quest + the main game.
  • Conclusion : It's a decent game. The way the core of the game works, it's probably not worth a second playthrough to test all the other story options.

And after that, I had three win in SG to bring me back to “Overall, you’ve been neither lucky or unlucky,”

Half-Life 2

Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach

15.9 hours
3 of 12 achievements
  • Lore / Story : It's the warhammer 40K lore. And the story is close to non existent.
  • Game mechanics : Classic turn based fighting with each team taking turns. Before each map of the campaign, you chose what unit you're taking out of the pool of available units for this specific map. The balance in this game makes the gameplay really weird. Some units are broken as fuck while others are barely useful. Like if I had the choice, I'd take way more than the 3 allowed land speeders. Each map is (in theory) based upon Victory point control. In the end you often end up killing every opponent before the end. There is some sort of cover mechanism, but you'll find yourself not using them, either because you have tanky as fuck unit or unit that can move a lot. And without DLC, you can only play the Empire campaign. As such the gameplay becomes quite repetitive.
  • Unit progression : This is a bit lacking. Unit start level 1 and can only progress to level 4. You have to pick one out of two skills taht are taken out of a pool at every level up. As such units can get some godly upgrade or some totally useless upgrades. And because of the balance mentioned above, the better units reach level 4 quite quickly while the others lag behind, making the difference even worse.
  • Difficulty / Length : I only made one campaign with the story maps in medium and the skirmish in the hard difficulty. Had to reload only once because a scripted ork spawn took a lot of my units away. So the game ain't that hard. Took me about 15 hours. I guess it could be longer if you buy the dlc or do another campaign but it doesn't seem worth it because you'll fall in the same pit as the current campaign.
  • Conclusion : The balance makes the game a tad uninteresting. And having only one faction without buying DLCs doesn't really help.
Half-Life 2

Through The Darkest of Times

7.1 hours
35 of 56 achievements
  • Lore / Story : You follow the story of a german resistance group during different time period in the third reich. I'm no history expert but the news/dialog interaction can provide some sort of insight in the everyday life of german people during this period.
  • Game mechanics : Every cycle you send your team to do some stuff on the map of berlin (alone or as a team and with or without equipment), they'll have different chance of success/being caught depending on their stats. But as you have no real objectives outside of surviving (like there are big objectives for every chapter, but I don't even know if it's needed to do them) the gameplay loop becomes quickly repetitive (gather money/supporters/diminish heat). The interface is sorely lacking in indication about what you can do with certain items from your inventory. Like in the first chapter you can buy paint. But you don't need it before chapter 2. And you don't keep what you got from one chapter to another. Some items are used by missions, some are not. It's up to you to find which one. Sometime the mission will trigger a choice if you want to keep doing the mission, retreat or doing only a little bit. There are no real downside to choosing "keep doing it" every time, and it's way better for the rewards. You also have daily events and some events are totally RNG and can feel a bit unjust. Like in two days, a two events chain made one of my guy disappear. Had to reload to avoid it messing with an achievment and I ended up not having the same event.
  • Character progression : Once again, the interface is sorely lacking. The characters gain XP. You have no idea how much or when they're going to level up. You just know when a level up happened. Then you increase one stat. They are totally uneven. Some stats are used for about half or more of the missions. Other barely makes an appearance.
  • Difficulty / Length : It's a short game, the basic mode can be a bit though for the first two chapters, the time for you to understand how to make things work. And then it's a breeze.
  • Conclusion : While it's interesting for the historical point of view (and to make some parallel with current events) the game interface and lack of solid gameplay makes for a rather bad game.
Half-Life 2

Sword Legacy Omen

8.7 hours
12 of 12 achievements
  • Lore / Story : The story takes place in the Arthurian legends, but it's focused on his father (Uther) which we don't see that often. Story wise nothing really special happens. The story is linear and despite playing with 8 companions that have some personality (mostly seen in between levels), you end up not knowing much about what happens to them after which makes them feel a little bit emptier
  • Game mechanics : There are a dozen level in which you explore/fight. The fighting system is a classic "your team acts within its capacity, then the opponent acts". The special capacity of your team make it quite dynamic and interesting. But there is one big flaw. You have 8 character to chose from and you can only bring 4 by level. There is only one character that can unlock loot chest for free. Only one that has a basic attack that is ranged. Only one that heal others. As such the party composition is very gimped. You're enticed to vary your team comp a bit with one bonus objective by level that is related to one character. But I found myself bringing the same base characters to almost every level. Another weird thing is that the game makes you loot a lot of consumable and you have a limited inventory. So you end up keeping a lot of them "just in case" (why would the game give them otherwise). And a lot of them are, in the end, totally useless (like there were some to cure a condition that I never even faced).
  • Character progression : This one is also a bit lacking. You don't gain XP per character, you have a global xp pool that is shared among the team and that can be spent to unlock a skill for a character. There is no order, you can unlock whatever skill you want as long as you have enough xp. There are plenty of skill to chose from (about 8 actives and 3 passives per character), but you can only bring 4 per character. And as a consequence from the above point about the party composition, you quickly have a party that has optimal skills. The stuff doesn't change much because it's more often than not just a stat upgrade that you'll buy from the merchant.
  • Difficulty / Length : It's a short game and the difficulty is alright. Some fight are a bit bothersome because an opponent can one-shot one of your guy with little to no counter-play and then you're missing the guy for the rest of the level. But the levels are still doable with only 3.
  • Conclusion : Decent game, would have gained a bit by making you need to do some real character choice and changed the way the skill progression works to avoid you having your optimal skill build 4 or 5 mission in.

50% done

Despite some games being added left and right by the summer sales + some bundles, I finally reached 50% of game beaten/completed!
With that said, onto the games I played to reach that!

I’d replay them at some point

  • Blood Bowl 2

    15 hours playtime

    9 of 31 achievements

  • Ironclad Tactics

    13 hours playtime

    1 of 1 achievements

  • Golf Peaks

    4 hours playtime

    12 of 12 achievements

First off, Blood Bowl 2. American football + Warhammer, what’s not to like. I finished the campaign and I’m waiting to get some of the extensions to continue playing. The base game is a little bit short and lacking in races. I guess it’s better in multiplayer, but I love the game anyway.
Ironclad Tactics was a nice surprise. It blends turn based stuff and real time actions with a touch of deck building on the side in a funny context (the civil war with mechs). It puts all of those in just the right amount. Sometimes RNG feels unlucky, but it’s supposed to happen in card games :).
And Golf Peaks was a solid puzzle game. It’s all logic in this one but with the very cute animations/musics, it’s really enjoyable.

I enjoyed playing

  • Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs

    19 hours playtime

    36 of 49 achievements

  • Seasons after Fall

    6 hours playtime

    21 of 21 achievements

  • Northmark: Hour of the Wolf

    3 hours playtime

    13 of 13 achievements

  • The Dwarves

    8 hours playtime

    23 of 34 achievements

  • Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series

    9 hours playtime

    30 of 30 achievements

Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs is a classic turn based tactical RPG with some base management. The combat system does the job pretty well. The evolution of characters is enjoyable at first but starts to get dull after a while (reorganizing every perks optimally on each party level up is a chore).
You’re always limited to 4 character per battle, so despite having a party of 10+ people, you don’t need to use more than 4 or 5 in combat. The town part is ok I guess? Nothing really good or bad in it. But damn does the end game drags out. I spent the last 2 chapters doing nothing but improving relations with my other characters because I had already done enough dungeons and there was no incentive to do more.
Seasons after Fall A little platform/puzzle game with really nice art. Nothing much to say about it, it’s not that long and not that hard. Getting all the flowers (for achievements) can be a pain without a guide (because there is no real maps of the levels).
Northmark: Hour of the Wolf A deck building game with some interesting mechanics (it’s 3 character vs 3, each character has its own cards + the cards on your deck). But damn it’s short. I did every secondary quest + the main quest in less than 4 hours.
The Dwarves An action RPG with pause doubled with turn based movement on a map of the realm. There are some interesting part in the action RPG part (like the way the physic is handled) and the story/characters are good (even tho it’s mostly cliché). But the combat gets boring after a while and the overall map serves no real purpose (the story is very linear). And the jump in difficulty for some fights toward the end is a bit extreme + you get some new type of fight that aren’t really made for this game type (so much taht I had to tune down the difficulty at some point).
Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series It’s a telltale game about batman. And that’s about it :D. For once I appreciated QTE (just the right amount and not unforgiving). I liked the story and the way it explains the Joker genesis. But I gotta admit that I’m afraid to do it again to see if my actions/choice had any real consequences, thinking it probably won’t.

The backlog motivation helped

  • Total War Saga: TROY

    On EGS
  • Warlock - Master of the Arcane

    13 hours playtime

    no achievements

Total War Saga: TROY, even though it’s a freeby on EGS (and as such, not in my real backlog), I did play this game.
I usually enjoy Total War Game (mostly for the overall strategy layer and doing the battles when I feel like it). And I’m glad I got this one for free. The new ressource system is weirdly scaled (to get some late game units, you need to pay as much gold as you’d need for a town evolution).
If you want to stay at max influence with the gods (and it’s a good idea cause that unlocks some nice perks), you park a priestress near a town and every 3 turn you make her click on the town. Very fun and big gameplay value…
The diplomacy system is broken, some units are op, the IA is kinda cheating, defending territories is a chore, especially if they’re on an island. I did one victory, not going to play another one.
Warlock - Master of the Arcane a turn based 4X game that has some nice idea (town building is nice, hero progression is good). But it fall short on some others (the victory conditions are bothersome, UI is messy, the way spell unlocking works is weird). For 1€ it was worth the try.

Am I supposed to enjoy those?

  • Blood Bowl: Death Zone

    19 minutes playtime

    2 of 7 achievements

Blood Bowl: Death Zone was given for free alongside blood bowl 2 I guess? Real time blood bowl is definetly not my thing.

June backlog tally

June had some long week-end due to covid. And crappy weather. So Backlog cleaning was in order.

Games I enjoyed


    4 hours playtime

    15 of 26 achievements

  • The Darkness II

    7 hours playtime

    25 of 50 achievements

  • Rock of Ages 2

    5 hours playtime

    7 of 21 achievements

  • Beholder

    7 hours playtime

    20 of 60 achievements

  • Magicka 2

    6 hours playtime

    19 of 47 achievements

  • Minit

    2 hours playtime

    20 of 27 achievements

Two of them are sequels to games I already played Magicka 2 and Rock of Ages 2. As I expected it was more of the same with little change in it. So magicka for the crazy self casting where you spend half the time killing yourself/your friends and laugh about it. And rock of age 2 for the silly history explanation and crashing gates with big boulders.
SUPERHOT Not usually a big fan of FPS, but that take on the genre was really good. The idea that opponents/bullets move ever so slowly except if you move as well was pretty damn good and well executed. And the story/aesthetics of the game were also a solid plus.
The Darkness II A more classic take on the FPS genre. The story was close enough to the source material to keep me in (I love The Darkness as comic books) and the powers/enemy variation were good enough for the length of the game.
Beholder A bit of a reminiscence of Orwell/Paper please with this dystopian world. You monitor your neighbors while trying to help your family. Started to get a bit boring/repetitive toward the end, but the start of the game was really nice and the overall story was really influenced by your choices, so it made up for it.
Minit Starts of like a Zelda clone. And then you realize that 60 seconds have passed and you have to start a new (while keeping your stuff). It was quite the challenge to figure out how to do some of the stuff in the game in those 60 seconds, but it was fun. Gotta love this kind of graphic, because it’s not for everyone I’d say.

Meh games

  • Shelter 2

    2 hours playtime

    3 of 26 achievements

  • Pathway

    Beaten on EGS

Shelter 2 was … weird. Like you start of in a tutorial that learns you everything. And then you’re set and need to survive for the next few hours. But there is no specific goal to guide you outside of keeping your children alive. So while the game looks nice and it’s really cute to play a Lynx, I found it quite boring after a while. Like why would you go explore if you risk losing your cubs because there is no food in this new region.
Pathway was a freeby on EGS. And it fails short of being a good game. It’s FTL meet XCom in a pixel Indiana Jones settings. The animation/design are quite good. But the gameplay loop is a bit lacking. It’s a roguelike that would have been better by not being a roguelike.
You have 5 adventure to do. You unlock stuff by playing (either equipment that you can use instantly or money/characters to change between adventures) and gain some experience to improve your current characters. That progression feels lacking. Better weapons are just the same weapon with better stats. All the stuff that you can unlock at your base camp is almost useless (the only useful one was a new inventory page) and you don’t feel the need to change characters because you’ll lose out on all the progress made by your current characters. And after the 3rd adventure, events/battles you get outside of the fixed ones start to feel like déjà-vu.

Never again games

  • Two Worlds II Castle Defense

    3 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • The Hex

    5 hours playtime

    11 of 28 achievements

Two worlds II Castle Defense Not much to be said, it’s a tower defense with nothing for him. It’s not pretty, the gameplay is not really interesting, it’s really short (but that’s a good point) and the controls aren’t really clear (I only found at like the 3rd map that you could move the screen out of your starting position)
The Hex was rather disappointing. Some called it a masterpiece so I was expecting something good. It’s a meta story/game but nothing close to a masterpiece. The story starts well but twists become obvious and the progression is always the same (do stuff in the tavern, get into a game for the character you have, change character). The idea to have multiples genre in the game could be good, but as a result, none of those gameplay is refined enough to be good. There is one or two good parts here and there but that’s it. Like at one point the game tell you that what you’re doing is starting to get boring. And the answer is yes. Yet it keeps giving you the same kind of stuff. The fact that it told me it was boring does not make it less boring…

Holiday clean-up

So with all the lockdown and the holiday I had in may, there was more than enough time to clear some game from the backlog.

First of, games I had in my backlog for a while:

  • Codex of Victory

    12 hours playtime

    19 of 30 achievements

  • Concrete Jungle

    18 hours playtime

    13 of 13 achievements

  • Legends of Eisenwald

    43 hours playtime

    26 of 45 achievements

  • Volume

    8 hours playtime

    24 of 24 achievements

  • 60 Seconds! Reatomized

    2 hours playtime

    22 of 60 achievements

  • Fortix

    15 hours playtime

    12 of 12 achievements

  • Hidden Folks

    7 hours playtime

    8 of 8 achievements

Codex of victory is an ok turn based strategy game, units are upgraded all campaign long, you keep stocks of units. Game gets a little bit repetitive toward the end because you tend to use the units you have upgraded the most.
Concrete jungle is a really nice take on the city building genre because it combines city building and card management. All in all it was a very fun experience, each character has a really different playstyle and the different game mode (vs, team vs, classic) make for a different approach to the game.
Legend of Eisenwald. I’m a bit torn on this one, on one hand I really liked how your troupes evolve, the story with the multiple choice offered, the light resource management and the overall setting, on the other hand some aspect felt pretty bad. During fights melee can’t really pick their target, transforming some spell on insane turn wasters for some troupes, the achievement system need you to do multiples play through to 100% complete with a replay value almost null from a gameplay PoV.
Volume a stealth game that’s pretty good. Simple design, yet very effective. The different tools and opponents at your disposition make the 100 level of the game all pretty different.
60 seconds reatomized I expected a bit more from the game. It’s just 60 second to pick items and then it’s just a text adventure. Like yeah there are different events/endings but it still felt samey after two play through.
Fortix and Hidden Folks I already had finished those game, just went back to get the last achievements.
Not much to say on fortix, you either like this kind of game or you don’t.
As for Hidden Folks, DLC is now included in the base game, I still really like this one (reminds me of where is waldo books), the design is pretty nice and the sounds are pretty fun.

Then three games that I picked up in a bundle last month/bought on sale

  • Cosmic Star Heroine

    16 hours playtime

    33 of 33 achievements

  • Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

    10 hours playtime

    27 of 27 achievements

  • Westboro

    8 hours playtime

    10 of 17 achievements

Cosmic Star heroine a good turn based RPG, combat felt nice, evolution of character/stuff felt ok, the progression is pretty linear, the story is ok, design was pretty good (if you like pixel art that is). Only real downside are the fact that I had to use AHK to change the shortcuts and the fact that there was no way to check current buff/debuff in combat.
Masquerada: Songs and Shadows I freaking loved the setting of the game. The music is gorgeous, the lore is really good (and a nice change of environment) and the design complements that well. As for the story if felt at the same time good and bad (some stuff that you don’t see coming, other that are way to obvious and make you feel like the hero is a bit dumb). As for the combat (main part of the game play), it felt okay. It had some potential, but never really sucked me in.
Westboro. Sometime you have a bad flair for game. This was one of them. The game had some potential and nice touches (like the opponent falling over each other when you kill the first of a line and munition being scarce at the start) but it had some awful game design issues. Exemplified by the last boss: infinite spawning enemies + being fired upon by stuff that is out of the screen/hard to focus on). And leveling felt pretty bland.

And to top it of, two free games I picked up on steam recently

  • The LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie Video Game

    16 hours playtime

    50 of 50 achievements

  • Total War: SHOGUN 2

    8 hours playtime

    7 of 106 achievements

The LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie Video Game It’s a modern lego game. So normal game done in 7hours, and double that time if you want everything. That’s about it.
Total War: SHOGUN 2 It’s an oldish Total War. After having played a bunch of Total War: Warhammer, this one felt pretty lacking in comparison, so one campaign and done.

Chimera Squad over!

Welp I knew I loved XCom games, chimera squad was no different. Bought it on friday, finished it on sunday. The only thing remaining is hunting for achievements. At least it didn’t stay in the backlog for long.

The pros:

  • The breach mechanism is a nice addition
  • Each character (be it humans or aliens) has unique skills allowing you to test different play styles.
  • Linked to that, the training mechanism (and scar healing) forces you to play different strategy (and not just “I’ll replace sniper A with sniper B for the time being”)
  • It’s an XCom game with more skill usage and less gunfight.
  • The duration is just right for the game (20hours). A bit longer and it’d start to get boring.

The meh

  • Opposing factions strength seems to vary quite widely (one of them being way harder than the two others)
  • Resources are quite unequal in utility (intel is used for everything interesting and you’re always short, cash is needed at the start and then overflowing at the end and elirium is abundant enough that you’re never found lacking)
  • The technology system feels a bit underwhelming (you unlock plenty of items that you will never use/buy)

The cons

  • The plot is mediocre at best (then again, it’s not really the main point of the game)
  • The Aliens personality is a missed opportunity, they’re just classic archetypes with a different skin.

Quarantine backlogging

So after a month of being locked in, here are the results for my backlog.

First off, a game I’ve played on and off for more than one year, Sniper Elite 4. Managed to put myself into finishing it. It’s just a Sniper Elite game, nothing standing out.

Sniper Elite 4

26 hours playtime

27 of 85 achievements

Second one is bionic dues. Purchased it on sale, and I’m glad I didn’t spend to much on it. The gameplay is fine (just a basic turn based exploration/combat with 4 mech with different weapons) but it gets old real fast. The only bright side is that the opponent variety is nice and forces you to think a bit. On the other hand, the maps have different objectives, but it doesn’t change much in term of gameplay, so it gets really repetitive after a bit. The progression during a run is dirt poor (it’s just optimizing your stats increase).
And what the heck are those achievements. Each achievement exists for every difficulty (at least you unlock the one from the difficulty below when doing one at a given difficulty), and a bunch of them are undoable in the same run (a run is 5 to 10hour). No way I’m ever completing them all.

Bionic Dues

13 hours playtime

18 of 220 achievements

After that two game from one bundle Dead Man’s Draw and Sorcerer King: Rivals. I bought them for Sorcerer king. Glad it was only the first tier…
Because what a broken mess this was. The game was good for about one hour. Then everything ended up being bugged.
-Impossible to finish a lot of quests (making alliance impossible)
-When trying to attack some opponents my army would go to another place on the map
-Scaling is all over the place (like my army would crush everything on the map in auto battle and still get easily dispatched by the last boss.

On the other hand Dead man’s Draw was surprisingly decent. The gameplay is easy to get, but you won’t crush every game, the games don’t take long, the different tournament having different effects and your opponent traits makes the game enjoyable enough that I can see myself trying to beat every tournament while doing one match every now and then. It can be frustrating at times with a bad RNG and I can’t see myself spending 12 hours on a row playing it because of that, but at least I get more enjoyment from it than from Sorcerer King.

  • Dead Man's Draw

    7 hours playtime

    14 of 20 achievements

  • Sorcerer King: Rivals

    9 hours playtime

    26 of 46 achievements

And to finish it of Expeditions: Conquistador. Started it long ago then gave up for some reason (can’t remember). So I started anew and finished it. It’s pretty good. The combat are nice (not super easy, not super hard) and the progression makes you unlock more abilities that can make the combat vary quite a lot. The word is quite open ended and you can do whatever you want (mostly on the second part of the game). The theme is quite nice. Some things that bothered me a bit is that some night events seems percent based in what you lose. And the only way to stash your food/valuables to avoid losing a bunch is not easily available. And in combat there is no easy way to tell when you’re behind half cover/full cover.

Expeditions: Conquistador

33 hours playtime

47 of 60 achievements

And onward to Chimera Squad!

So with the lock-down going on over here, time to write a little post about my progress since last time.
First off, I finished (almost) a forgotten circle campaign in gloomhaven. That took a bit of time out of my backlog clearing :D.

First game to be knocked off the backlog:

Templar Battleforce

30 hours playtime

37 of 51 achievements

A good turn based strategy game. Visually it’s meh, but the combat system is really well thought out with you having to balance actions/heat on your mechas. The progression is nice but feels a little bit lackluster at times (like even if you fully upgrade one class, you’ll never get a level high enough to skill everything/use all the stuff you unlock).

Then it was time to clear some SteamGift wins

  • Robothorium

    12 hours playtime

    7 of 16 achievements

  • Dead Age

    16 hours playtime

    67 of 77 achievements

  • Divinity: Dragon Commander

    7 hours playtime

    35 of 100 achievements

  • Hero Defense

    20 hours playtime

    19 of 33 achievements

Two were quite enjoyable
Robothorium was a nice short turn based combat system. The difficulty ramping was good, the leveling on the bots felt impactful.
Divinity dragon commander is a sort of total war in the divinity universe. I quite liked the world map interaction and the decision you had to take to please one race or another. The RTS part of the game was not my kind of thing, but you can beat the campaign without doing any if you’re doing well enough on the world map.
Dead Age was meh. The gameplay is quite nice at first (finding the proper balance between keeping on going and falling back) but it gets old real fast. Like after 3 or 4 hours or gameplay, it’s almost always the same thing.
As for Hero defense, just don’t buy this game. The gameplay is nice (tower defense, but your tower are 5 heroes that can move and level up in the map). But the game must have been coded by people that didn’t test the game stability. Each time you play a map, the game gets slower and slower. And after 4 or 5 map, it’s best to restart the game if you don’t want it to hang for 30 seconds/1 minute when starting a map (all while not using that much CPU/RAM). And the maps after the main game scales really weirdly. Like you breeze through the first levels and then you hit a wall that needs you to grind like crazy to climb.

After that, the lock-down allowed me to start taking on some more games.


12 hours playtime

24 of 24 achievements

I grabbed this one for free on steam, it was nice and relaxing. The ending was a bit weird (like you’re waiting for more in the story).

And to finish it off,

Slay the Spire

49 hours playtime

25 of 46 achievements

I think people know enough about it. Don’t know if I’ll ever beat it entirely. The game is at the same time very enticing (the progression, the combat) and rage inducing to me (sometimes RNG can just demoralize you).