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Hello it is my first post here :)

I will try to summarize my January but first a little about myself, I am a game collector and badge crafter who achieved the goal I put myself which was 2K games and 200level badge. As I like new challenges I decided to focus on playing mostly VN’s and write reviews about them. I am starting by finishing games as it is something new to me.

What I planned

I took the how long data from always choosing the longest option.

How it actually went

As you can see I actually dropped the PC game but played an impulse buy (the adventure of Nayu). I didn’t started Unheard, I replaced it with Her Story that I planned for February and didn’t finish Kindred Spirit.

  • Pilgrims

    4 hours playtime

    45 of 45 achievements

  • The Adventure of NAYU

    63 minutes playtime

    48 of 48 achievements

  • Fetish Locator Week One - Extended Edition

    8 hours playtime

    35 of 35 achievements

  • Super Star

    13 hours playtime

    32 of 32 achievements

  • Fatal Twelve

    30 hours playtime

    31 of 31 achievements

  • Her Story

    14 hours playtime

    13 of 13 achievements

Quick Reviews:

Finished on 1/01

After playing cards all night you're meeting and interacting with people and objects by combining cards

I hesitated for long to buy this game as I knew it would be a short one. When I finally did it it was a good call. It's a little indie card game where you combine cards to make your story. It is really amusing and it takes a little time to achieve all the possibilities. The animation is on point. I warmly recommend it!

Finished on 19/01

Nayu answer to a flyer promising an adventure

This one was an impulse buy, I totally went for the drawing/design. It's a really short clicker as after an hour you finished every mode of it (even the endless one), got every achievements and have not much else to do. It is quite expensive for what it is.

Finished on 19/01

You're a guy in college and there is this app that everybody use "Fetish Locator".

Well there is definitively sex in this game but is it more than a "sex game"? I bought it to explore my sexuality, I mean why not? I didn't know much about fetishes and which one could interest me. Well there is nothing really crazy about them in the game. Still I would recommend this game for its female characters, they all have a nice personality and they explain and show their own fetish that's what makes this game an enjoyable one. The story is quite fun too, I enjoyed a lot explaining it to my boyfriend. At the end people who didn't play it would call it a "porno game" but its definitively more. I am waiting for the second part hoping for more fetish to explore.

Finished on 24/01

You become the agent of a superb girl who appears overnight next to you and have 3 years to make her a star.

This one is in my library since forever. As I like management/clicker games I gave it a shot. I didn't read all the events of it. It is a short game (2h/ game) without reading. However hunting achievements take its time. There is a very useful guide out there if you follow it to the T you should get most of the achievements, I only missed 3 of them and I easily got them afterwards (don't forget to save before your last day for this sort of bad surprise). There are cute chibi events (one in Jack Sparrow costume, you will also meet Sheldon Cooper) it is an enjoyable game overall. The endgame is fun to play.

Finished on 26/01

Shishimai Rinka is caught in an explosion and has to compete with 11 other people to get the chance to survive. You can eliminate a person by materialising 3 cards about them: their name, their cause of death and their regret.

I started this one a year ago on my PC so I had few memories of it. But I continued it on my MAC. It takes time to start to be enjoyable, so it's definitively a slow start but once the interaction and the race really starts it's a really good story. The characters are all attaching and have a good variety. Even when you dislike a character your opinion will probably change because that's how good is the story. On the other hand the game is philosophical too. When you have to find the name, the cause of death and the regret of someone it makes you think about your own mortality and regrets. The storyline is between predictable and having some plot twist (and that's strange). The art is very nice. I would highly recommend this game for anyone who is into psycho games/death game. Ps: MAC achievements don't work so I had to borrow my boyfriend's PC to actually unlock them.

Finished on 30/01

You are viewing short videos filmed at a police station where a woman was interrogated, you try to understand what happened by writing key words and viewing videos

I started this one long time ago but had only unlocked 2 achievements and started from scratch yesterday. This one is a classic of its genre and as a stalker I like this stuff, I loved "a normal lost phone". So the game itself isn't complicated, but gaining access to all the videos is the tricky part, at the end I just missed 2 of them I really had a hard time. Then you have to put back all the story in the right order in your mind. I really enjoyed that one :)

Final Thoughts:

I am really proud of myself as I finished these 6 games, mostly sticking to my agenda. I started other games too like Hexceed which I am enjoying.
As it’s my first time using this website I searched a lot to get a nice presentation, I am not good with code so I learnt a few tricks here too. (This baby post took 2 hours of my time, my boyfriend finished writing books for its Divinity game sooner!)
My final words would be for the ones who are helping the community here and there, sharing their knowledge by writing guides or posts, thank you!

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