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Hi! Just another one here, fighting his ever increasing backlog. Not a long history in gaming, so I try every genre... I usually play solo, and I kinda like games with good stories.

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Have a nice day!

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Hey everybody, how are you?
Last month I was too lazy to create a report, thus here we have a double one. This were the couple of months in which typically I would have gone somewhere on holiday for some days, but this year was strange. So, no travel. Just work - some work from home, relaxing, but that’s just not the same. Well, on the good side of it, I had more time to play games.

I decided to do a cleanup of the games installed on my PC, by simply uninstalling the “eternal” ones - like Civ, or CKII - and trying to complete the other ones. The strategy is working quite well, now I only have 10 games on my laptop, I will defeat them, I hope.

On the other hand, I started trying random games from the Bundle for Racial Justice, from Itch.io, and I have to say that I’m satisfied for the moment. I found some interesting concepts, some - as expected - incomplete games, but at least one gem: Spring Falls is a great, chill, relaxing puzzle game. I’m not featuring it in the “cover” of the report just for one reason: it is a cool and well polished game, more than Open Sorcery, but the latter is a much more interesting experience. Of course it’s pretty absurd to try to compare two such different games.

Total Backlog* Steam Backlog SG Wins

* as shown by GOG Galaxy 2.0

July: Steam Sales

I don't usually buy games from Steam...

August: Decades

That's strange, I found just one game in my library fitting the theme, and I wasn't in the right mood to play it. So it goes.

July: Mouse's favourite things

August: Mouse's favourite national days

This month was a pass for me.

September is coming.

Just want to share my satisfaction about completing a huge challenge: I finally went through all the Itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality!
Now I have added all the games that look at least worth a shot: next step will be playing them! :D

Not many games, and not many words, for this month. But the few, were mainly very good. I played quite some games for my first participation in the “Challenge me” event, going from incredibly good puzzle games (like Portal and The Talos Principle) to emotional experiences (I’m talking about Life is Strange: Before the Storm).
I really enjoyed all of them, and all of them surprised me in some way.


I knew Portal was a classic, but having played Half Life, and seeing how it felt old, I feared to have the same sensation from this; and instead, this was just great, and full of humour.
I had huge expectations on The Talos Principle, but still I didn’t really expect the mystical and deep experience this game can offer. Sometimes a little too wordy, and too much playing with words; but an extremely interesting experience it was. Not considering the good puzzles, usually very well polished.
Going back to the Life is Strange saga, I feared to be deluded by this prequel chapter, and ruin the emotions I had towards the original one. Instead, the work made by the developers here was good and delicate, being able to find an equilibrium between being just a tribute, and being too different and ruining the atmosphere. It caught me from the beginning, and carried me to the end without a stop.

Talking about my backlog, I was really good with the Steam sales, as I only bought 1 small game, and a couple of DLCs. But on the other hand, I bought the Itch.io megabundle for Racial Justice, so now I’m spending hours just going through all the stuff in there, and sorting out the good/interesting ones. So I think I will choose one month to be an “Itch.io only month”, and I will play lots of them.
And I was also incredibly lucky on SG: I won 3 games, in June, after 3 months of nothing from that point of view. Cool month! :D

During this month I also read the Watchmen saga. Cool stuff, a different point of view on superheroes. Much more human, much more metropolitan and - I may say, even if not right - noir.

BTW, no graphs or donuts this month, next month probably they will be back.

World Ocean's Month

Not many games I played, none fitting here this time.

Live. Die. Repeat.

I tried one game, was too hard, spent too little time, and failed in the end. Next month may be better.

July is coming.

This month represents the first steps towards normal life. After the quarantine. That means: back to work! That means: less time to play.
But still, I found some time to try to tweak a little my report style, and now I have donut charts for my progress, what an incredible success! XD

Anyway, I was able to perform a huge and successful attack on my SteamGifts backlog, that now is getting very short. PAGYWOSG helped a lot, with 4 games fitting the theme. Yay!
In particular I played Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, and that was quite an experience. One of the best games I’ve played so far, dealing with mental issues, but in an epic context. Just amazing, and very immersive.
Unluckily, compared to that, most of the other games I played this month didn’t feel so great, even if they were at least acceptable. As an example, I played Oxenfree, and it didn’t give me anything, I couldn’t feel it - so I want to replay it, in some time, because I feel like I simply wasn’t in the right mood to get caught by it.
For the monthly theme, I tried to play The Town of Light, developed and set in Italy, but I had major technical issues with the sound, so I abandoned it for the moment, and played Dishonored instead, developed in the near France. A really enjoyable, dark game. Particularly fit for someone who played most of Skyrim in stealth mode!


On the reading side, instead, Sandokan adventures are still going on, also because I have less time to read, due to real life, and a 2k pages volume is not that easy to carry around…
But in addition to this, I was happy about my readings on the comics side.
I finally concluded the epic saga written by Neil Gaiman, focused on the Lord of the Dreams, Sandman. It was a really long read, started several months ago, and this month I reached the end. It was a really nice character, and the adventures created by Neil Gaiman usually go from good to amazing, involving so many different mythologies and folklore. Sometimes a little harder to understand everything, with so many characters, and madness flying around - but totally satisfying, in the end.
Also, this month I read something totally different, a shorter comic - that I consider a real hidden gem. Its title is Daytripper, written by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, and it’s set in contemporary Brazil. In the end it’s a reflection on Life and Death, performed in 10 chapters, that tell 10 key moments of the life of the main character, a writer. The style, the colours, the art, the setting, the main themes - this all gave me some Macondo vibes, reminding me the great work by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I really enjoyed it.

Total Backlog* Steam Backlog SG Wins

* as shown by GOG Galaxy 2.0

Think locally

May The 4th Be With You

June is coming.

Ok, second month stuck at home. Trying to do smart working, but I feel pretty bored. Luckily the season is warm, so I take some time to read, open air, sunglasses on… And explore the islands around Mompracem, in the Adventures of Sandokan! I feel 15 years off, reading those books I used to love when I was a child (and still I do!).

Yeah, the fight agains my backlog is going well, this month I reached a milestone: I completed half of the games won on SteamGifts! Of course it’s not that hard, having won just 24 games this far, since I only enter games from my wishlist, and that list is pretty short… But still, it’s a milestone! :D
“Play A Game You Won On SteamGifts” events really help me, this month I was able to play two games fitting the theme, so I’m pretty satisfied… And also one game fitting the BLAEO theme! Even if it was not on Steam, but on Uplay.

And then a new obstacle appeared: Google offered Stadia Pro for free, for two months, with 9 games that can be played. And since one of them looked interesting, and another one was on my wishlist… Well, you know how it ended. It’s an interesting experience, playing a game you don’t have installed on your PC, on streaming: if the internet speeds will grow and be stable in the future, this may be the future of gaming. Today, at least where I live, in certain periods of the day it’s still too hard to get a connection fast and stable enough to play this way in a proper way.

Total Backlog (as shown by GOG Galaxy 2.0)

78% never played
7% unfinished
13% beaten
2% completed

Steam Backlog

69% never played
12% unfinished
16% beaten
3% completed

Won on SG

29% never played
21% unfinished
37% beaten
13% completed


I am a single player type of gamer, so I think I will only play games with AI companions. Like Child of Light, where you add companions to your team during the adventure, starting with a firefly.

Happy Easter! Happy Fool's day!

May is coming.

March Report

Trying to get back to backlog killing, this month. I decided to try to attack my Epic and Twitch backlogs, as well as the huge Steam one. And I’m focusing on games I have already started in the past, and abandoned for some time. At the moment I have more than 30 games installed on PC: too many! I have to free some disk space.
Also, I’m beginning to use in a (hopefully) continuous way the GOG Galaxy 2.0 launcher, to manage all my games on different platforms in a single place. It looks really nice, and I think that in some months it may become a perfect and visually appealing tool for a gamer.

Steam Backlog

70% never played
11% unfinished
16% beaten
3% completed

Won on SG

37% never played
21% unfinished
29% beaten
13% completed

Let's March!

I was not really in the mood.

Life of Pi

Jalopy. I won it on SG nearly an year ago, I tried it and then abandoned... And now decided to finish it. And noticed it could fit in the theme, great!

This is the end.

February Report

Hard times for my playing part, and for my backlog killing! Lots of things to do, not much time, and a more or less free subscription to Xbox GamePass kept me away from Steam. I played a couple of nice games, anyway, very happy about playing Gris and My Friend Pedro.

Steam Backlog

71% never played
11% unfinished
15% beaten
2% completed

Won on SG

42% never played
25% unfinished
25% beaten
8% completed

Out of This World

This month I was unable to play any game fitting the theme, next month may be better!

Love Is A Hurting Thing

Nothing to see here, either.

September Report

My first month as an Assassin!
A successful month, I would also say, with 2 really good games, 2 nice games, and unluckily a not so good game. Also, a high percentage of achievements unlocked: 74%, not bad for not being a completionist.
Next month I will sure play Monkey Island 2, and maybe something scary related to Halloween… Might be a nice time to finally complete Dead Space on Origin!
And I’ll try to also face the monthly themes of BLAEO and PAGYWOSG… Wow, quite a number of games already!

68% never played
12% unfinished
17% beaten
3% completed

Monthly Theme

Deal with the DLC

Just in time!

Special: Play a game you won on Steamgifts

Yay, I was able to do it! Just one game, just in time - but it was hard.

Played and Beaten

Sintassi speciale.

Posso copiarla dalla pagina dei miei giochi qua.

47% never played
21% unfinished
26% beaten
5% completed

Qua iniziano i giochi.

Da sinistra a destra:
Unfinished, Completed, Never played, Beaten.

  • Baseball Mogul Diamond

    26 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Last Day of June

    4 hours playtime

    21 of 21 achievements

  • Deponia: The Complete Journey

    3 hours playtime

    0 of 105 achievements

  • FootLOL: Epic Fail League

    6 hours playtime

    13 of 15 achievements

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Azzurro = <div class="panel panel-info">
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Rosso = <div class="panel panel-danger">
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#F0AD4E = Arancio (Unfinished)
#D9534F = Rosso (Will never play)
#EEEEEE = Bianco (Never played yet)

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Here we are.