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Hi! Just another one here, fighting his ever increasing backlog. Not a long history in gaming, so I try every genre... I usually play solo, and I kinda like games with good stories.

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Have a nice day!

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Death Note
Fullmetal Alchemist

Hey beautiful people, how’s life going?
Trying to restart and reboot a little, here. Had a month off, in January, and that helped me do some random stuff, included reading and playing some games, all things that I hadn’t been able to do consistently for most of the last year.
And I went pretty hardcore, I would say, since I read from beginning to end both Fullmetal Alchemist and Death Note. XD
Plus, I finally gave a shot to the first Dune book, after seeing the movie that I really enjoyed a lot. Probably also because it was the first movie I saw in theaters, after the reopening.

Gaming wise, here I collected some of the games that I played during the last months, not only the ones of January and February… I can see that I spent some time in the comfort zone of the Artifex Mundi HOGs, with the Grim Legends trilogy. Some of the games here had been installed on my PC for months to years, but I couldn’t finish them before, so I’m happy to have dealt with that. I enjoyed a lot being a shark in Maneater, but after some hours it became pretty repetitive. I loved the story in Heaven’s Vault and its narrative, but I found it too clunky to be deeply enjoyed as it would have deserved. As clunky as Nanotale was, without a good story tho. In the end, one of the highlights of this story was Sonic Frontiers, a little heavy and not perfectly optimized in some parts, with some polishing missing, but anyway a great, enjoyable game, with lots on nostalgia mixed with a lot of possibilities for speedrunning and visually satisfying moments. The other one was the lovely Yoku’s Island express, a pinball adventure game: it always amazes me when someone has the idea to mix up two different genres like this, and the resulting game end up being so nice.

That’s all for this report, have a nice time!

(The proper reviews for the games will appear with time.)

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January 2023: Community picks


February 2023: Baby, it's cold outside


January 2023: Pile of Shame

No luck.

February 2023: Random Acts Of Kindness

One game here!

2023, I’m ready.

Hey everybody, how are you?

This year continues being hard, not that anything happens, but I’m pretty lacking the will to do anything. Including playing.

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May 2021: Role-Playing Games

No games played in May, actually.

June 2021: June Tunes

Old School Musical should be here, but I couldn't actually complete it all. Played on Amazon.

May 2021: May the 4th be with you - three times is a charm

No luck.

June 2021: The devils day aka Skylar - the demon was born


July is coming, it’s summer!

The old man and the sea
Live and let die

Hope you’re all good, great people! :D

This will be such a short report: I didn’t play even one game, in these 2 months! Absurd! I was in a bad mood for most of this time, and I couldn’t find the will to play anything. This was the lowest moment, for me. Starting to feel the heaviness of this 1 full year of madness.


I fought it, with help from splendid people around the web and on SG, and special ones in real life, and now I’m full of will and hope and decision to change, evolve, improve, and feel like I’m doing something with my life. The future is here to conquer! :D

Yeah, as I said, nothing game-related here, but I wanted to create the report, anyway. So I’ll tell you that I was at least able to restart a little with my reading routines, a couple of classic ones, and now I’m reading Origin by Dan Brown, it started in an interesting way, we’ll see how it develops.

Have a great time!

May the 4th be with you.

ABC challenge




























Hey everybody, how are you?

First report for 2021! I hope this year will be great. From the entertainment point of view, I was quite satisfied with a couple of thing I watched and played. In the first couple weeks of the year I binge watched The Good Place, a funny and “elegant” fantasy sitcom, and I pretty enjoyed it, some of the characters are just amazingly funny to me.

From the gaming point of view, I decided to face the ABC challenge, even if I didn’t find precise rules for it. I just made a list with 26 games, each starting with a different letter (X is missing, shame on me!) and I will try to beat them all, this year. Yay!

I played some good, and some less good games. The month started with Reventure, and after that of course any game would be a step back. This was just so funny! Then I faced the good HOG trilogy of the Nightmares from the deep, I had a sudden need for that kind of games, and I was not disappointed. The I felt like playing some bigger stuff, so I went back to my youth with Jurassic World Evolution, it’s always nice having a T-Rex eat some people XD Many other hours sank in making stuff explode - and not much more, actually - in Just Cause 3 XXL, a game not equipped with a rich story, but enjoyable enough to be played for some hours, even if it started being totally repetitive before long. And to conclude, back to some smaller games: some relax with the adventures of the elephant Yono, a couple of minutes to understand that Turbo Pug DX wasn’t even worth the time spent to play it, and a strange indie experience named The Hex, quite interesting indeed.

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January 2021:

One! And such a great one, I should say.

February 2021: Groundhog Day

Not this time.

January 2021: Veni, Vidi, Wiki!

I had a sudden need for HOGs.

February 2021: Never Gonna Give You Up

Funny theme, nice game.

March is marchin on.


Hey everybody, how are you?

I think I will stick with the double report style, since I don’t really play many games, and I don’t find much time to write the report. And I have to be in the right mood for doing both things. Anyway, the final report for 2020! I thought about doing also a year summary report, but probably I will postpone this to next year. Or never.
This months were pretty similar to the previous ones, with some differences… I completed Scrubs in November, in December I participated in the Secret Santa event, and we had some nice snow around Christmas. Cool, if only I could stay at home from work XD

From the gaming point of view, it was a pretty satisfying couple of months. After reaching the 300 hours in FM2020, I was finally satisfied enough to go back to real games with a story. First I decided to complete the story of Bear with Me, that I really enjoyed last year, but its prequel resulted a little underwhelming to me. Then I went for a couple of larger games I had great expectations about: God Eater Resurrection was quite a delusion, extremely repetitive, while I really enjoyed a lot playing Darksiders - Warmastered Edition. So much that it was the Game of the Bi-Month - at least, until the very final days of December. Also, a mention is needed for Night Call, that was right behind Darksiders in my November ranking: not much action, a lot of dialogues, and a very interesting setting. A game I’m looking to complete, after beating it: I’m not an achievement hunter, but this game makes me curious. There are stories I want to listen to.

December was a mixed month. On one side I decided to finally beat some games I had installed on my hdd for a while - like Antichamber, which I didn’t enjoy much. On the other side, I decided to go indie, and played a couple of little gems. In particular, in the latest days of the year I enjoyed the sci-fi story of The Red Strings Club, a very cool short game with a nice style and interesting setting. But the game I totally fell in love with was GNOG. So dumb. So weird. So lovely. So relaxing. So peaceful. It was a perfect way to conclude a strange year.

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November: Free ride

Nope, not fitting for this theme. Or, at least: I played a free-to-play game, but in December.

December: Best Of

Even though I didn't register them in the page of the theme, I actually played 2 games fitting this theme! Yay!

November: Thanks Giving


December: Home alone

Not this time.

2021 is here.

The Boys
The Office

Hey everybody, how are you?

Once again, a double report. Because I was lazy, and busy. And for most of September I was not in the mood of playing! Instead, among other things, I had some good time with some tv series. The second season of The Boys was pretty similar to the first one, and that’s good. There was also some evolution of the characters, but not as much as it could. Butcher is a magnificent psycho. And then, some easy fun and relax with two lovely old series, Scrubs and The Office . They’re always good for health. They will always make you feel better.

But in the end I got back to my usual hobby, and was able to play some games linked to the October themes. State of Mind was indeed a great experience, even if it was more of an interactive movie than a game, but the atmosphere and the idea were very interesting. I spent some time in Gotham city, too, with the second chapter of the Arkham trilogy, pretty entertaining too, it’s always good to meet all the Batman enemies, even if Scarecrow was missing. On the other hand, I didn’t explore much the itch.io megabundle in this couple of months. Then I focused on the October theme, and played quite some Halloween-ish games, from various platforms. I was particularly satisfied of completing Dead Space , a great game, but it took me some years to finally get back to it: it made me too much uncomfortable.

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September: Unfinished Business

Nope, september was a no month for gaming.

October: Pick Your Poison

Yeah, I played a couple of games fitting the Halloween theme! I also played another couple of games with similar atmosphere, like Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions and Death Coming , but they don't seem to have the correct tag on Steam. Well, it was nice anyway.

September: The Art of Procrastination

This time is a no.

October: Trick or Treat

Cool, it seems this has the Dark tag. A great experience of a game, I'm pretty happy to have won this.

November is coming.

Hey everybody, how are you?
Last month I was too lazy to create a report, thus here we have a double one. This were the couple of months in which typically I would have gone somewhere on holiday for some days, but this year was strange. So, no travel. Just work - some work from home, relaxing, but that’s just not the same. Well, on the good side of it, I had more time to play games.

I decided to do a cleanup of the games installed on my PC, by simply uninstalling the “eternal” ones - like Civ, or CKII - and trying to complete the other ones. The strategy is working quite well, now I only have 10 games on my laptop, I will defeat them, I hope.

On the other hand, I started trying random games from the Bundle for Racial Justice, from Itch.io, and I have to say that I’m satisfied for the moment. I found some interesting concepts, some - as expected - incomplete games, but at least one gem: Spring Falls is a great, chill, relaxing puzzle game. I’m not featuring it in the “cover” of the report just for one reason: it is a cool and well polished game, more than Open Sorcery, but the latter is a much more interesting experience. Of course it’s pretty absurd to try to compare two such different games.

Total Backlog* Steam Backlog SG Wins

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July: Steam Sales

I don't usually buy games from Steam...

August: Decades

That's strange, I found just one game in my library fitting the theme, and I wasn't in the right mood to play it. So it goes.

July: Mouse's favourite things

August: Mouse's favourite national days

This month was a pass for me.

September is coming.

Just want to share my satisfaction about completing a huge challenge: I finally went through all the Itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality!
Now I have added all the games that look at least worth a shot: next step will be playing them! :D

Not many games, and not many words, for this month. But the few, were mainly very good. I played quite some games for my first participation in the “Challenge me” event, going from incredibly good puzzle games (like Portal and The Talos Principle) to emotional experiences (I’m talking about Life is Strange: Before the Storm).
I really enjoyed all of them, and all of them surprised me in some way.


I knew Portal was a classic, but having played Half Life, and seeing how it felt old, I feared to have the same sensation from this; and instead, this was just great, and full of humour.
I had huge expectations on The Talos Principle, but still I didn’t really expect the mystical and deep experience this game can offer. Sometimes a little too wordy, and too much playing with words; but an extremely interesting experience it was. Not considering the good puzzles, usually very well polished.
Going back to the Life is Strange saga, I feared to be deluded by this prequel chapter, and ruin the emotions I had towards the original one. Instead, the work made by the developers here was good and delicate, being able to find an equilibrium between being just a tribute, and being too different and ruining the atmosphere. It caught me from the beginning, and carried me to the end without a stop.

Talking about my backlog, I was really good with the Steam sales, as I only bought 1 small game, and a couple of DLCs. But on the other hand, I bought the Itch.io megabundle for Racial Justice, so now I’m spending hours just going through all the stuff in there, and sorting out the good/interesting ones. So I think I will choose one month to be an “Itch.io only month”, and I will play lots of them.
And I was also incredibly lucky on SG: I won 3 games, in June, after 3 months of nothing from that point of view. Cool month! :D

During this month I also read the Watchmen saga. Cool stuff, a different point of view on superheroes. Much more human, much more metropolitan and - I may say, even if not right - noir.

BTW, no graphs or donuts this month, next month probably they will be back.

World Ocean's Month

Not many games I played, none fitting here this time.

Live. Die. Repeat.

I tried one game, was too hard, spent too little time, and failed in the end. Next month may be better.

July is coming.