Hiya metyGAME’s profile

Hmm, my back log is increasing (slightly) because however many games I play, I just keep buying more ;)

BLAEO has been a wonderful way to keep track of the games I have played (or at least started!) and those I haven’t. I hope to maintain a 30% completed score and 33% combined (unfinished+beaten+completed+broken) score. I previously had my library organised by review scores but this didn’t actually help me much in deciding what to play. Since I’ve had a huge project to work on I’ve mainly been choosing simple games that don’t require much thought to unwind with and/or those with short playthrough times.

I’m hoping to be a bit better about posting stuff (and trying out the monthly challenges) but not promises!

Since I managed to go through a bunch of free games for last month’s challenge and given this month’s theme I’m hoping to play these: comment.

Actually attempting this month’s theme: comment