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Long time Gamer, Platformers, Shoot Em ups, Driving games, First person shooters etc etc you name it I play it : )

Thank you for my 1st month here

Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming and helping me out.

I have beaten 10 games this month since being here and before I joined this website I had only beaten 10 of my steam games and I have been on steam for 9 years!
Prob won’t get to beat as many this month but I will see how it goes, I might make to play list to make things a bit easier.

3.8 hours
Played on Steam

Just keep playing that's a "Major Key"

Probably the last game I will finish this month and I ended it with a super chill surfing game so chill that I found out it's a mobile game too but I wasn't surprised.

It's a good game for what it is, but I would have liked an option to make the speed a little faster. Many times you will be just going forward with nothing in your way for like 20 secs on each level or every other level.

It's a game that you would probably watch tv on the side, listen to podcast or music etc etc

2.5 hours

Do you like Rockets? Do you like Crazy Mini Golf? Well….

Finished another great game called Super Inefficient Golf. You put bombs onto the golf ball and use the explosions to get your ball into the hole.

You can play it how you like to for most of the levels you want to follow the course go ahead, you want to send your golf ball to the sky and make a crazy hole in one you can do. If anyone is into mini golf games this might be a nice addition to your collection.

My only issues are there are only 36 Holes (about 2 hours of playing time) and no free cam to check out the map as you wish.

0 hours

Now I have fancy posts too, thanks to the people who give me some tips on potsing now I look like less of a noob : )

I am playing this game as part of this months “play a game you won on Steamgifts” event.

I have a little bit of a crazy/mini golf steam games collection and this game has a bit of a unique take on genre so I am very intrigued

The craziest boss fights I have ever seen

Great game will definitely be coming back to this from time to time to shoot it up.

Great game! it does what it’s designed to do very well. The screen shots on the store pages is what the game is like 95% of the time.

The story is optional you can listen/read if you want to or you can skip it & you won’t miss out on anything important.

I would call it a Roguelike/Shoot em up/platformer, you will be getting shot by a lot of things from lots of places, and you will be dodging all them shots by your speed, movement and jumping which if your skilled enough does have a lot of depth to it believe it or not if ur not skilled it won’t have as much depth. Lots of different weapons to find/use and you will be using them a hell of a lot. I don’t think it’s possible to only use melee weapons though so you have to use the gun at some points if not most of the time. You will be killing normal things to mini bosses to bosses to big bosses! This was my 1st roguelike game and for those not familiar the more you die the more you level your guy and it’s possible that at some points your guy will be just too weak or you might not be good enough to move on.

Difficulty there are 2 modes: easy and hard. Hard is very hard and easy. You can customise it to basically how hard you want it and switch back and forth at any time.

Art/style is great and unique

I don’t normally replay games but the rooms of the levels are random so you can keep replaying it till you get bored and there are even a couple of bosses you can get so not like you will beating the same 1 every time.

This screenshot sums up the game very well: bullets everywhere, jumping around and chests loot https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2493860791

My critiques
This game is £17 and no online co-op at this moment in time but its coming.

  • Fury Unleashed

    8 hours playtime

    16 of 47 achievements

  • Unleash the Fury!

    I was lucky enough to be given this game by an absolute legend! He knows who he is.

    I have been looking to play a game like this for a long time now, Because been thinking about an arcade game I played abotu 10- 15 years ago 2D, dodging lots of bullets, shooting lots of bullets and boss fights etc etc no idea what the name was tho so I have been keeping an eye out for something similar and this is very close.

    Also this will be my first time playing a “Roguelike” game so wish me luck

  • Fury Unleashed

    1 minute playtime

    0 of 47 achievements

  • let’s go to the beach beach Let’s go get a wave

    Chill out surfing game for some late night chill

  • Power Hover

    12 minutes playtime

    0 of 12 achievements

  • My new Drifting skills didnt help with this one

    Some tricky missions but enjoyable, I don’t normally replay games but down the line I might come to this one.

  • Zombie Driver HD

    5 hours playtime

    34 of 103 achievements

  • In the great words of DJ Khaled “Another One”

    My first time trying a Drifting game and it was fun, top down Drifting game very chill & the game can be as hard as you want it to be.

  • Absolute Drift

    5 hours playtime

    13 of 20 achievements

  • My last game taught me how to drift now this will teach me how to kill!

    Top down classic car killing fun

  • Zombie Driver HD

    41 minutes playtime

    7 of 103 achievements

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