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Long time gamer Shooters, Local Co-op, VR & Realistic type games are my favourite but also play Platformers, Driving games, etc etc you name it I play it : )

Thank you for my 1st month here

Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming and helping me out.

I have beaten 10 games this month since being here and before I joined this website I had only beaten 10 of my steam games and I have been on steam for 9 years!
Prob won’t get to beat as many this month but I will see how it goes, I might make to play list to make things a bit easier.

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Just keep playing that's a "Major Key"

Probably the last game I will finish this month and I ended it with a super chill surfing game so chill that I found out it's a mobile game too but I wasn't surprised.

It's a good game for what it is, but I would have liked an option to make the speed a little faster. Many times you will be just going forward with nothing in your way for like 20 secs on each level or every other level.

It's a game that you would probably watch tv on the side, listen to podcast or music etc etc

2.5 hours

Do you like Rockets? Do you like Crazy Mini Golf? Well….

Finished another great game called Super Inefficient Golf. You put bombs onto the golf ball and use the explosions to get your ball into the hole.

You can play it how you like to for most of the levels you want to follow the course go ahead, you want to send your golf ball to the sky and make a crazy hole in one you can do. If anyone is into mini golf games this might be a nice addition to your collection.

My only issues are there are only 36 Holes (about 2 hours of playing time) and no free cam to check out the map as you wish.

0 hours

Now I have fancy posts too, thanks to the people who give me some tips on potsing now I look like less of a noob : )

I am playing this game as part of this months “play a game you won on Steamgifts” event.

I have a little bit of a crazy/mini golf steam games collection and this game has a bit of a unique take on genre so I am very intrigued

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