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Tu-tturu! Hello there! I’m Lain and I’m ready to fight my backlog!
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November. Report #003

Oh noes it’s actually winter here! An endless period of time when I suffer under the layers of blankets;_;
November was an average gaming month for me so here’s a small list of completed/beaten games:

Completed in November (SG Wins):

Damn it was cool! I really enjoyed Downfall. It’s weird and dark, it has an unique style, great story, awesome soundtrack and man, that voice acting! Woooaaaah, I want more!

Rakuen is an emotional fairy tale that made me cry. Cry a lot. I feel heartbroken, I feel totally destroyed. It’s not a game. It is a masterpiece. If you have it in your backlog, if you like story-driven games with unforgettable characters and amazing soundtracks plEASE, PLAY IT!

Old Man’s Journey was surprisingly good. It has charming visuals, relaxing music and simple puzzles. It’s short, but it was perfect for me!

Completed in November:

I remember my ex-friend once recommended me the Rusty Lake series. So I’ve started it with Rusty Lake Paradise and… I don’t think I’ll dig into other parts. This one is an okay puzzle game. Also really short and super cheap! But no, meh/10 from me, I’m sorry, Maria.

Ugh, I dunno. Empty Horizons was a weird VN experience for me. The art is adorable, but unfortunately this game sucks. There’s no story, there’s no actual choice, there’s no sense! You can call me a fool but I didn’t get this VN.

After that I tried another ebi-hime game named Six Days of Snow and I wasn’t happy to play it. Anyway, thanks for an easy 100%.

The Low Road is a slow point and click adventure with a great aesthetic style and boring gameplay. Probably the biggest disappointment of the month.

November Achievements Hunting:

Game of the Month:

I am completely addicted to this game. Definitely recommended.

Any plans?

No, NEVER AGAIN! I SUCK at planning things. But we start with The Wolf Among Us!

Happy December everyone!


October. Report #002

Hi-hi-hi everyone! Hope you’re doing great.
October was a crazy month! I cleared a lot of games from my backlog and even took part in some events here and on SG! So here we go!

Completed in October (SG Wins):

Well, I was really excited to read If My Heart Had Wings. And… I didn’t like it. I didn’t enjoy it. The art is lovely, but the story is too long and at some point it becomes boring. Most of dialogues are sooo meaningless… I just don’t want to waste my time reading about cooking dinner or stealing pantsu. I’d rather spend another 50 hours in STEINS;GATE. The protagonist is empty and uninteresting and I have no idea why these young ladies like him! Oh, about girls. Some characters were too annoying jeez fuck you twins so I auto-skipped their routes. Damn, this novel is meh. I can’t even say the music was good. Sigh. Maybe just not my taste. No regrets.

I won Plantera over a year ago and successfully forgot about it. So this is a simple clicker game, nothing much to say about. After getting all the achievements I lost my motivation to “play” it.

Ugh. What a painful experience. Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered is AWFUL. These cringy kung fu fights and dialoges and QTEs and stealth missions and bad-written story about saving the world from an ancient cult & mad AI drive me insane. Man, my soul screams how bad this game is.

But then I had a great time with The Way. The kind I love and hate at the same time! This is an atmospheric puzzle platformer with nice pixel graphics, charming story, good music and super challenging puzzles. Highly recommended. Seriously, play it if you like puzzles and sci-fi theme. Need to say this game was brutally deleted from my PC almost a year ago because of one puzzle difficulty. I was so angry I can’t solve it so I decided to drop the game. That means that some puzzles can be frustrating. But The Way is a hidden gem for me no matter what.

October Achievements Hunting:

Yeehaw! 10 totally completed games this month! Actually these 4 games were beaten a long time ago but yeah, I’m an achievement hunter! I replayed Detention to collect notes and returned to the 2064: Read Only Memories to get bad endings and get drunk. Do Not Feed the Monkeys wasn’t really enjoyable but finally I’ve finished it. In Cook, Serve, Delicious! I was forced to cook burgers and tacos and sushi over and over and over again just because of the oNE dAMN aCHIEVEMENT. Can’t believe I’m free now. Wait a minute…

October Monthly Theme: 👻SCREAM👻

I’m not a fan of horror games or movies but October’s theme gave me the push to play games I’ve never expected to touch. And I’m happy I’ve cleared them from my backlog.

I played Layers of Fear a few years ago and it was good. However, this game is far from perfect (especially Inheritance DLC I’ve been avoiding for months) but I was entertained for some hours.

Um… Mkay. I’ve had Amnesia games in my “no way I’ll play it” list. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Amnesia: The Dark Descent: “The scariest game in the world!”, “Play it and shit your pants!”. Excuse me, what kind of sick joke is this? Amnesia isn’t scary, and I didn’t find it interesting. Maybe it’s not my cup of tea. Maybe the game is just… old? Who knows.

And what about Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs? It’s even worse. That’s all.

Game of the Month:

Just yes.

November Plans (SG Wins):

Yep, still working on DOOM and DMC. Shame on me! But I can’t blame myself of being not in the mood to play them, right?

Enjoy your games!
See y’all next month!


September. Report #001

Hello everyone! I’m Lain and I’m new here. I always try to play all games I buy or win on Steamgifts, but my main problem is that I wanna try them all at the same time! And then I play nothing :^( So I decided to do something about that!

Finished in September:



50.3 hours
42 of 42 achievements


18 hours
10 of 10 achievements
The Last Door - Collector's Edition

The Last Door - Collector's Edition

5 hours
16 of 16 achievements

Steins;Gate is the best visual novel I’ve ever played (sorry, VA-11 Hall-A, don’t be mad!). I bought it at May and was too busy to start this fantastic adventure. So I remembered about it and was like “Yes. I am ready now”. I have no words to describe everything I felt while reading. Great story, interesting characters, beautiful artwork. I sincerely cried. It deserves even more than 10 of a 10. Such a masterpiece. El Psy Congroo!

I’m ashamed that I dropped SOMA last year. The game was silently waiting in my “for later” list and I decided to give it another try (As I say, basically I’m super excited to play new games but when I get something freshier I kinda lost interest for previous ones. I feel really bad about it). And guess what? I fell in love with SOMA. I fell in love with the atmosphere. I will never forget that sticky feeling of loneliness and emptiness. And you know… I can’t imagine the sadder ending than SOMA has.

The third and the last game I finished in September is The Last Door. I can describe it in 3 words: Spooky Scary Pixels. It is an interesting point and click game with some Poe vibes. The Last Door has really good puzzles and unique style (to be honest, those pixels are too huge for me, but they really fit this game). The soundtrack is delightful! I feel like I need to find sheet music to play it on my piano.

October Plans (SG Wins):

Batman: Arkham City GOTY

Batman: Arkham City GOTY

15.8 hours
15 of 64 achievements


10.4 hours
6 of 54 achievements
DmC Devil May Cry

DmC Devil May Cry

5.6 hours
1 of 58 achievements

Also I would like to get all possible achievements in some beaten games like 2064: Read Only Memories, Do Not Feed the Monkeys, Beholder and others.

Wish you all the best!

With Love,