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Trying to focus on a small amount of games at a time to get farther into each :D

Small update!
Recently have focused on few longer games to change up the pace. I started with a few older SG wins.

Middle-earth:Shadow of Mordor : As a fan of The Hobbit/LOTR trilogys and the novels. I truly enjoyed my time revisiting middle earth.
High quality cinematics, voice acting, atmosphere and story. I had a blast ^ ^ Plus it seems a sequel is coming out later this year.
I am tempted to save for that one because of this ! heh

MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT : Neat game that had a similar feel to the telltale games I really enjoyed.
Loved the noir feeling :) Darker games really appeal to me I guess heh.
I underestimated walking simulators before playing this one!

ONE PIECE PIRATE WARRIORS 3 : I love the anime so had no doubts I would enjoy this!
Since its been super long since i played a dynasty warriors type game the musou gameplay kept me going without being bored whatsoever!
Playing as different characters, enjoying reliving the series. It was such a treat.
I am hoping eventually berserk gets in a monthly / or a crazy sale as it looks to be similar game and this one was super fun..
I watch every type of anime, but its a unique experience playing as my favorite characters!!
Even the little things like the voice lines as i ran around the field slaying armys. I couldnt get enough!!! <3 <3

Will mention other games that are still in progress in future post.
Thanks for your efforts assassins! <3

So I haven’t updated recently!

At the beginning of last month I completed Randalls Monday. Was itching for another game with voice acting the other day.
So played threw The dark eye: Chains of Satinav another Daedalic Entertainment title. (finished 100%ing it today)
Just downloaded Memoria too my pc to give it a shot as well :D since i enjoyed Chains of Satinav

With point and click games I prefer to play it with guides X)
Since the games i enjoy for difficulty are mostly rogue likes :) I find the pacing of these point and click games a nice way to relax in between those that kill me over and over.

Another really laid back game i have tried out recently Slime Rancher. It runs really easily and looks great. It seems they are still working on content. So for those
that prefer to play when finished, this is a nice one to keep an eye on.
I have lots to do as it as it just got a new update. I immediately jumped on and unlocked the new area. Now need to farm some slimes for plorts (slimes poop these out whenever they eat the food you give them. You can break them down or sell them which is basic cycle of slime ranching)
Bit simple, but I like it :)

Games always bringing me so much happiness ^ ^
Hope everyone else is enjoying the fight against the evil backlog! :D

  • The Wolf Among Us
    The Wolf Among Us

    10.9 hours playtime

    35 of 35 achievements

Small update, of recent 100% completed games.
Just completed The Wolf Among Us last night, as well as finishing up Warriors wrath a steamgifts win.
The Wolf Among Us was incredible, wish it could of never ended X) I really recommend the game! I loved it. Its like a gritty fairy tale mystery.
Warriors wrath was a bit disappointing, I like the style of combat, but the entire game is on one map. I could finished it quicker but afk’ed a few times.

Have been a bit all over the place, playing lots of different games.
But wanted to create this post after finishing walking season 1.
I enjoyed it quite a bit, the 400 days dlc was not as good but glad
i grabbed it for the 100%.

It did not seem to have the same pause option as game of thrones telltale game but gave a bit more time to respond on average which helped somewhat.
Seemed to have a bit more moral dilemmas and a little less action too. But was still very enjoyable experience. I do not have season 2 as of yet so am not sure when I will get to it, but after hearing there will be a season 3, it has piqued my interest.

The next telltales game I plan to play is The Wolf Among Us
I also am enjoying skipping around between the rogue-likes or difficult games in between the more laid back telltales experience X) Also inching forward in a few games I started but left behind.

So this will be my first update!
I recently completed telltale game of thrones. 2nd win ive fully completed 100%. (have beaten a few games and have many unfinished. Also few have added achievements since I played last so I have lots too do ^ ^

After playing telltales GoT I kept wanting to pick options on the movie I watched after.
The feeling of not being just a passive watcher but putting actual thought in is quite enticing. I see the lure of the telltale games now :) .
I had to replay the first episode as it saves locally, and didn’t use pause early enough. It comes in handy to give you time to think about the choice you want to make as well as read all available choices without being in a hurry.

Over the past month I completed plantera and joined blaeo, both of my the 100% completed games had relatively easy achievements that were not missable. I am currently still playing tales of zestiria. and am unfinished with stranger of sword city too. Planning of trying some other games in there as well :) Will let you know how t gos!

Really enjoying seeing others updates :) thanks for reading!

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