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I haven’t posted my progress for a couple of months cause there hasn’t been any.
As I’ve mentioned before, I am stuck with a potato laptop and gaming is almost out of the question.
I intend to buy a new one though. I think it’s powerful enough for me but I would like to know what you think
I am talking about HP Omen 17-w100nv (Intel Core i7 6700HQ - 16GB RAM - 2TB HDD + 128GB SSD - NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 6GB VGA - Windows 10 Home)
Not interested in anything above 1920x1080 so screen is ok. HDD is a bit slow (5400rpm) but I guess I can live with it. I almost never play more than one game at a given time so the SSD is not too bad.
Price is 1700 euros. I don’t think I can buy anything better for that amount of money
What do you think?

Monthly goal update

I had originally planned to beat Child Phobia: Nightcoming Fears but I didn’t know two things about it :

  1. It’s on early access and
  2. The content available atm is only about 1 hour long.

It was really great and I am looking forward to playing more of it but since I don’t think there will be any until the end of the month, I decided to add another game to keep me occupied.
At this point I have to remind you that I am (and will be for a couple of months) stuck with a potato laptop so the games I could choose from are not that many.
My choice is Talisman: Prologue but as soon as new content is available for Child Phobia: Nightcoming Fears I will get back to it

  • Child Phobia: Nightcoming Fears
    Child Phobia: Nightcoming Fears

    3 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Talisman: Prologue
    Talisman: Prologue

    4 hours playtime

    no achievements

Well, I had to change my chosen game for this month.
I just can’t get used to Eradicator’s control. I’ve tried every possible combination, but nothing feels right.
Since I am stuck with a low spec laptop for a few months, I had only a couple of games to choose from.
My pick is Child Phobia: Nightcoming Fears

  • Child Phobia: Nightcoming Fears
    Child Phobia: Nightcoming Fears

    2 hours playtime

    no achievements

After 39 hours I managed to beat Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf. Great game!
My choice for next month is Eradicator (another sg win)

  • Eradicator

    0 minutes playtime

    no achievements

I hope I will have time to play another game as well (perhaps one from the monthly theme)
Wish me luck

Ok, I managed to beat the final Episode of Back to the Future before the end of the month.
My plan for February is to beat Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf HD Remastered (an sg win)

Hello everybody.

I am new here ( joined about 2 weeks ago ) so I haven’t managed to fully sort out my library but I already have a plan.
I found out about this website through a post about January being a play a game you’ve won on sg month, so I stuck to it.
I’ve managed to beat “Her Story” (frankly it wasn’t a great achievement, since it’s really short) and had time for the third and fourth episodes of “Back to the Future”. I might even manage to beat the final episode until the end of the month !

My goal for the following months is to go for the sg wins I am interested in and all of my Telltale games.
I guess you are wondering the reason I am not interested in all of my sg wins. Well, the truth is that when I joined sg I would enter every giveaway I could so I ended up with games I have no interest in.
Well, this belong to the past and although I feel somewhat ashamed there is nothing I can do about it now.

Back to my backlog killing plan now. Progress will be slow since I am not hoping for more than a game per month, but it’s better than nothing. I will post in the first days of every month the game(s) I intend to play and the progress at the end of that month.

Wish me luck and perhaps some tips

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