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I’ve collected many games over the last few years - to many! The problem with my backlog is that i often get stuck on “endless” games (BF, COD,…) and with countless bundles and Steamgifts, the collection only grows.

This is an attempt to get a bit more organized and play more of my backlog. I don’t care for 100% completion, but I’ll be playing to finish the story / campaign. Even if i won’t like the game, I’ll try to play it for a few hours and than if it doesn’t clicks, it gets a “Won’t play” tag.
The auto-tag “Won on SteamGifts” is awesome and won games will get a priority.

To Arms!

Currently playing “Endless” games:
- Non-Steam version!

3378 games (+569 not categorized yet)
99% never played
0% unfinished
1% beaten
0% completed
0% won't play