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I have been a gamer since I was a little kid.
Started my gaming career with a Spectrum 48k. yes I know it was a long time ago, but I still love games to this day.

ruifac's Log 1

Most of these games were finished in July/August. I am planning on finishing some more later in the month or September. Let's see

Half-Life 2

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

9.2 hours
7 of 30 achievements

Nice adventure game but the story is nothing special. Was expecting a bit more on that regard.

Half-Life 2


6.6 hours
5 of 12 achievements

This is more of a sensorial experience then a game.
Sounds and visuals are very good but gameplay is just some basic exporation and light puzzles.

Half-Life 2


9.9 hours
no achievements

This is a Tower Defense game but with some particularities.
You are defending a planet and there are some maps avaialbe but they can get repetitive really fast.
But for me the gamplay look is very good. You can develop new units, updgrade them, etc.
The art style is very minimalistic but I enjoyed that also.

Half-Life 2

Bad North

5.2 hours
6 of 11 achievements

Interesting light rogue light game where you need to escape a vinking invasion of your territory.
The game board is composed of small islands with procedural generated maps where tou place your units strategicly.
There are a couple of units to use and upgrade and the enemys also have some on their side.
You need to go all the way till the end of the map to escape. There are difficult levels that you can adjust giving it some replay value.

Half-Life 2

Batman - The Telltale Series

7.5 hours
30 of 30 achievements

I loved this telltale series. The voice acting is top quality and the adventure and action scenes are very engaging.
If you are a fan of batman its a most have even if the story is a very classic one.
If you dont look that much for batman its still a good adventure game.