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Some time ago I decided to take part in a challenge that asked participants to play games that had never been started. That day I noticed how many games I had won in Steamgifts that I had no intention to play (a bit sad, but I think this happens or has happened to most of us, right?).

I was a little annoyed, as these games only took up space in my library and could have been given to people who really wanted to play them. I wondered what was the use of so many games and at some point realized that I already owned more good games than free time to enjoy them. I did not need more games… really.

From this day on I only participated in giveaways for games I really wanted. I will probably win a much smaller number of games, but I will only win the ones I really want and I will play (and I must say that this has worked).

Another thing I noticed is that the winners of the giveaways I created, for the most part, were people like me: with a lot of games not started on their accounts and maybe they were not playing my game either. And this is sad, since in addition to giving any key that I get for free in the internet (even if they are not very good games) I always try to give games that I have played and enjoyed. I want people to have as much fun as I do and it’s sad that some games fall into this limbo that are the giant Steam libraries. : (

And there are also those people who have received a million games but have never give a single one in exchange.

I know I can create specific rules for my giveaways, such as the proportion of sent and received games, level and other things, and this would eliminate some of the bots and maybe make the games end up in the hands of good players. But I see a problem with these giveaways that are “not public”: there is a very prosaic type of player who does not know how to use bots or how to search forums, sometimes they are very young players and are only trying to get something good to play… I do not know. I hope that one day my games will be given to this type of player, with few games in the library and a lot of desire to play. : /

I just want to have fun.