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Love playing games, particularly RPGs, Point & Click, HOGs, and Turn-Based Strategy games! Offline hobbies include tennis (but I haven’t played in a couple of years), reading and collecting comic books, and collecting beach glass (I have some pictures of that on my Steam Profile).

Darn that Elder Scrolls! I’ve only completed a second HOG now! D’oh!

I got 100% in The Secret Order 2: Masked Intent yesterday. It was a really good HOG, and it had excellent cutscenes! I highly recommend this one to HOG lovers!:)

Had a bit of a hiccup in my HOG playing! I fell into a trap! I started playing The Elder Scrolls: Legends. I am actually having a lot of fun playing this game, and if there are any other people here that have this game in their Library, feel free to send a friend request my way!

The same goes for any games that we have in common, especially ones that require online Achievements! We can help each other out!

I hope everyone is doing well, and have a wonderful upcoming weekend!:)

I completed my first HOG for the June Theme!

The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus is a fun HOG, and the graphics and music are both quite good. The mini-games are fairly straightforward for the most part, and the HO scenes are fun. It is a fairly easy 100% for Achievements as well, and none of the Achievements are broken.

The only negative I can give this game is the voice acting. It’s pretty meh-ish, and the voice actress of the main character sounds like she is reading her lines while half-asleep!

I do recommend this game, as it is a good HOG.

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