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I’m not doing well at this because:

  • I had to go through a break-up
  • comfort-bought a bunch of games
  • Borderlands 3 came out

So, basically I’m a bit of a mess, further behind on my games, and temporarily stalled. I haven’t given up on beating the backlog though, even if progress will be slower. Gaming can be good therapy.

Beaten: The Red Strings Club

This was a great trip into a cyberpunk world with some really interesting moral quandaries. Short, yes, but the worldbuilding left me full of things to think about.

Beaten: Heaven’s Vault

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Made me smile, broke my heart, filled me with wonder… this is my favourite kind of story. Just amazing.

Beaten: Event[0]

I really loved this game, and I’m already in the middle of another playthrough. Abandoned spaceship, talking to the AI through a text parser via typing into terminals, classic 80s SF setting. Yes, it’s short, but very sweet. Ticked all my boxes.

Kobayashi Maru time: Two games down, two stealth sequences disabled for the sake of my sanity. I generally try to get through games without cheats, but when a sequence is replacing my enjoyment of the game with pure frustration, I’m not ashamed to find a way around it.

Beaten: Murdered: Soul Suspect

The theme, acting, and style of this game really appealed to me. I think I was expecting something with more action, but this was pretty close to the Frogwares Sherlock Holmes games or something similar. I’m a sucker for disembodied characters hanging around, so this one gets a plus from me. The one aspect that didn’t appeal was the stealth element with demons creeping around when I just wanted to get on with the story. I ended up modding a file to make those creeps ignore me, and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the game.
[ETA: If anyone needs that fix ]


TARTARUS is a game about poking consoles on a dingy, Alien-esque spacecraft in order to survive. The puzzles were all based around a mix of command line and crude GUI commands, and the whole thing reminded me a bit of Hacknet in space. Unfortunately, the designers saw fit to tack a massively frustrating insta-death stealth sequence with poor directional audio onto the end of the game. It was completely out of character with the entire rest of the keyboard-bashing adventure, and I was seriously pissed. I eventually decided to follow the spirit of the game itself, and messed with the AI files to pass the final sequence.
[ETA: if anyone wants to do the same, I just went intosteamapps\common\TARTARUS\TARTARUS\Content\AI\Tasks and replaced the fire assets with a renamed copy of the FocusCamera asset]

Beaten: Rumu

My heart has been destroyed, only to be vacuumed up by Rumu.

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel: The Claptastic Voyage - great DLC!
Dream Daddy - at least for a couple of Dads … I liked the humour and art. Not too worried about exhausting all the options, but will probably return for a more in-depth play.

In progress:
Borderlands 2 Hammerlock DLC and new Commander Lilith DLC.

Completed: Borderlands GOTY Enhanced
Almost done but doing sidequests: Borderlands the Pre Sequel Claptastic Voyage DLC
Also over: my life outside Borderlands.

Completed: Borderlands the Pre Sequel + BL2 DLC Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep

We finished the pre sequel, and now my life is playing Borderlands, reading Borderlands fanfic, making Borderlands fan art, and making my Sims look like characters from Borderlands.

Good news: we finished Borderlands 2 together.
Bad news: I have a new fandom, and it’s destroying my productivity for everything else in life.
Good news: getting to play the pre-sequel together next.
Bad news: fan art instead of laundry.

I have held myself back from buying quite a lot of wishlisted stuff lately, trying to hold back the growth of the backlog during this period of sluggish assassination. Should be able to knock out quite a few of them during my upcoming holidays though.

Progress on backlog this month: very slow, due to non-Steam games like The Sims 4 and getting sucked into a deadly Borderlands vortex with my partner. I have been enjoying lots of fannish stuff around both franchises though, and it’s helped me get through some tough RL stuff, so no regrets! I also have a bunch of backlog stuff that I’m holding back for holiday gaming, and considering making a special category for it in the backlog log.