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Finished Hazardous Space - at least as far as the game has been completed. I don’t expect to see any more as the game has vanished from the Steam store. It’s an entertaining enough side-scrolly turn-based combat/energy management sort of rogue-lite thing. I feel like I missed most of the plot as it appears in a small text box in the corner of the screen while you play.

Finished off The Artifact - a point and click scifi game that reminded me of old titles such as RAMA but much shorter. I had some save issues with this game on the first couple of attempts and got fed up with it, but managed to whiz through it today.

Also finished up Layers of Fear 2. This was a real slog for me, to my disappointment. I really enjoyed Layers of Fear, and I’m pretty into shipwrecks, disaster, and horror… but this just didn’t do anything for me. I found the writing cliched and sort of wooly, and neither the characters nor the horror really grabbed me. I guess it just wasn’t the game for me, maybe because I thought SOMA handled that flavour of creepy much better. The visual design was very beautiful in places though.

Finished The Hex - very good, and got me emotionally in unexpected ways. I enjoy a lot of games-about-games but that’s a particularly good one.

Finished off The Darkside Detective - really enjoyable as a fan of oldskool adventure games. Packed with media references and gaming tropes, and it’s short, pixelly fun.

I’ve been doing some VR gaming recently, and also completed Void Bastards on another platform (good!)

Forgot to log a first playthrough of Beckett the other day (didn’t love it, didn’t hate it), and have also been putting a lot of time into The Blackout Club - a multiplayer quest-based stealth/horror game that surprised me with its depth and replayability. I’ve maxed out my levels and completed most of the quests, so marking it as beaten, but still going back to pick up some of the challenges/items.

Well, I started actually playing my backlog again, though it’s grown and I need to recategorise a LOT of games. Currently playing The Signal From Tölva and loving the world that the creators have built. Even though bundles have left me with a huge backlog, they’ve also exposed me to loads of games that I would never have otherwise played. Now I just need to play more of them.

I’m not doing well at this because:

  • I had to go through a break-up
  • comfort-bought a bunch of games
  • Borderlands 3 came out

So, basically I’m a bit of a mess, further behind on my games, and temporarily stalled. I haven’t given up on beating the backlog though, even if progress will be slower. Gaming can be good therapy.

Beaten: The Red Strings Club

This was a great trip into a cyberpunk world with some really interesting moral quandaries. Short, yes, but the worldbuilding left me full of things to think about.

Beaten: Heaven’s Vault

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Made me smile, broke my heart, filled me with wonder… this is my favourite kind of story. Just amazing.

Beaten: Event[0]

I really loved this game, and I’m already in the middle of another playthrough. Abandoned spaceship, talking to the AI through a text parser via typing into terminals, classic 80s SF setting. Yes, it’s short, but very sweet. Ticked all my boxes.

Kobayashi Maru time: Two games down, two stealth sequences disabled for the sake of my sanity. I generally try to get through games without cheats, but when a sequence is replacing my enjoyment of the game with pure frustration, I’m not ashamed to find a way around it.

Beaten: Murdered: Soul Suspect

The theme, acting, and style of this game really appealed to me. I think I was expecting something with more action, but this was pretty close to the Frogwares Sherlock Holmes games or something similar. I’m a sucker for disembodied characters hanging around, so this one gets a plus from me. The one aspect that didn’t appeal was the stealth element with demons creeping around when I just wanted to get on with the story. I ended up modding a file to make those creeps ignore me, and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the game.
[ETA: If anyone needs that fix ]


TARTARUS is a game about poking consoles on a dingy, Alien-esque spacecraft in order to survive. The puzzles were all based around a mix of command line and crude GUI commands, and the whole thing reminded me a bit of Hacknet in space. Unfortunately, the designers saw fit to tack a massively frustrating insta-death stealth sequence with poor directional audio onto the end of the game. It was completely out of character with the entire rest of the keyboard-bashing adventure, and I was seriously pissed. I eventually decided to follow the spirit of the game itself, and messed with the AI files to pass the final sequence.
[ETA: if anyone wants to do the same, I just went intosteamapps\common\TARTARUS\TARTARUS\Content\AI\Tasks and replaced the fire assets with a renamed copy of the FocusCamera asset]