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Hi guys,

Today I finally started working on my backlog. It quickly turned out that categorizing all my games in advance isn’t really going to work. So I’ll just skim my library and look at this month’s theme - stuff I won from Steamgifts.

First up is Puzzle Agent,
which I expected to be a point&click adventure. Instead it’s short, but funny, clips that lead to way too simple puzzles. The way the puzzles are presented is inventive, but the puzzles themselves are underwhelmingly simple or simply underwhelming. I have played enough games in my life to know where this is going and I simply don’t have the patience nor the curiosity to skip through the dialogue and plow my way through boring puzzles to see if the story is any good.

Next up is Woodcutter Simulator 2013,
which sadly just won’t start at all. Apparently this is a known issue.

Third I’ve decided to give Splice another go,
I thought I finished this game, but apparently I haven’t. Intriguing little puzzle game and aesthetically very appealing.

On a final note I found that I won Back to the Future EP1 a while back, but I already finished it on tablet. So that one goes to Beaten, even though I spent 0 hours on Steam.

  • Puzzle Agent
    Puzzle Agent

    0.2 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Woodcutter Simulator 2013
    Woodcutter Simulator 2013

    0.0 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Splice

    2.8 hours playtime

    8 of 16 achievements

  • Back to the Future: Ep 1 - It's About Time
    Back to the Future: Ep 1 - It's About Time

    0.0 hours playtime

    no achievements

4 down… 600+ to go…

681 games (+2 not categorized yet)
94% never played
1% unfinished
1% beaten
1% completed
2% won't play