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wyy’s… get it?

Hi I’m a Portuguese dude that likes buying and playing games, and as most people seeking guidance from a backlog tool I do the former at a faster rate than the latter.

I’m a completionist and really like getting 100%s, at one point I fooled myself with volume by falling for achievement spam games, I strongly regret this every time I look at my inflated and unrealistic amount of achievements, I wish steam looked more into the achievement hunting community and gave options to completely reset/wipe progress for games, they demonstrated how out of touch they are with the community during the summer sale event in 2019.

The first game I completed was Spyro: Year of the Dragon on PS1.

I’m organizing my games in a way that lets me see my progress or lack thereof with more ease as described down here:

No interpretation needed, 100% is 100%.

Finished the story on a game without achievements.
Finished the story regardless of achievement count, this could be due to multiplayer requirements as usually I strive to exhaust all single player content.

Never Played
Games I do plan to play.

Lost interest.
Games I haven’t given up on entirely, maybe just burnt out.
Multiplayer games that I play with my buddies every now and then.

Won’t Play:
Trash and cannon fodder from bundles.
The reason why I chose this site to organize my backlog, nothing vague about this category, I simply won’t play these.
Might take a second look at these IF I somehow actually regain control of my backlog, and that’s a big if.

September 2019 shortly after joining.


September 2020 made a lot of progress in terms of acquiring new games, that’s about it.

13% (323/2518)
1% (37/2518)
2% (61/2518)
35% (882/2518)
48% (1215/2518)

September 2022, after skipping a year I’ve ascertained that I’m still good at collecting games and not playing them!

13% (388/2996)
2% (69/2996)
2% (55/2996)
30% (897/2996)
53% (1587/2996)

3177 games (+1 not categorized yet)
31% never played
1% unfinished
3% beaten
14% completed
51% won't play