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Hello, this is my first post here! I just want to say that I finished some games last month, and just finished some more this month that I had been working on for a while.

Last month:

The chronicles of Emerland. Solitaire. (sic) - really not a solitaire game I’d recommend. If you do play it, you can see just how little effort was put into making the game. Very poor game design!
Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena - a pretty good beginner HOG! The difficulty in finding hidden objects ramps up as you go along.
PAC-MAN 256 - a great dip into the past, satisfies the nostalgia while still offering something new! It’s a rogue-like, and I’ll probably come back every once in a while to give it a whirl!

This month so far:

Dragon Quest XI - finished this yesterday after a long while of playing it. The beginning of the game is fantastic, it kind of slows down near the end. And there’s a post-game option that I’ve decided to avoid, since people say it makes the whole game feel hollow. Stellar music, nice graphics, and pretty good voice-acting.
Lost Legends: The Weeping Woman Collector’s Edition - an okay HOG.

Recently, I’ve also learned that I dislike games where the player is encouraged to be ruthless, or that devalue human life. So, regardless of the Metacritic scores and Steam reviews, I’m going to be more careful and avoid getting games in the future with those characteristics!

Also, thank you to everyone who writes a little something about the games they’ve finished – reading those really inspires me to play those games and finally get them out of my backlog! =)

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