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And i forgot to report about beating a hard and good roguelike:


I would say Skul: The Hero Slayer comes in the fashion of Rogue Legacy. But way harder. And apart from the roguelike update grind it has really cool combat mechanics. You have 2 different sets of skulls like two weapon / ability skillsets and you can switch between them. With all upgrade paths there are like ~100 skulls in the game.

Really cool and stylish game. The cutscenes are also top notch.

Apart from idling / keeping the game paused open it took me like ~40 hours to beat.


i would like report here sometimes, if i’m not too lazy.

First a very old report:

Finished “The Deed”:


Nice little perfect murder game. Sadly i had to drop The Deed Dynasty and The Deed 2. They were fun too, but a bit tedious with some far fetched interactions / walkthroughs.

I also dropped NORCO:


this seemed pretty cool. Post apocalyptic point n click adventure. Will pick it up later.

Fresh from the shelf:


Finished ~70%, will complete it someday to 100%, because all these openworld minigames are a lot of fun.

And how should i describe this game? Just play it - if you heard something good about it. Well it’s good. Good story, many sidestories and so much interaction and love for the detail. So much to explore and unpack there.

If you plan to play it: Music Restoration Mod from Nexusmods is a must. If you don’t use it, you will have the English music and not the original japanese music. (some licensing / payment issues, shame on SEGA)

Now playing the sequel:


Side dish, but nearing completion:


Cheers Timmy