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Achievements: 909
Perfect Games: 29
Average Game Completion Rate: 87.37%
Last Perfect Game: The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit on 09.21.2019
*Last Updated on 09.21.2019

Games Completion List

Finished Game Report #03

Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones

9.0 Hours Played, 32/32 (100%)
Beaten on 04.10.2017 and Completed on 04.11.2017

Good graphics and interesting story. The voice-overs are okay and I like the bonus chapter being a direct continuation of the plot. The HO scenes are a little boring though and the back and forth thing can get annoying. Overall, I do recommend it since I could have some fun with it.

Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient Spectres

4.5 Hours Played, 11/11 (100%)
Beaten on 04.12.2017 and Completed on 04.12.2017

Great graphics and somewhat interesting story. I liked the time travelling concept and found some of the HO scenes really challenging. The voice-overs are terrible though. I couldn't get used to them. If you care about this, I don't recommend this game at all, but if you're simply after a short game to spend some time, go for it.

Sword of Asumi

4.5 Hours Played, 22/22 (100%)
Beaten on 04.13.2017 and Completed on 04.14.2017

The art style is beautiful and I found the story interesting. It does have some flaws. The characters could have been much more developed as well as the main story. I would have liked to know more about their past and motivations. Everything feels a bit rushed to be honest and the typos are kind of annoying sometimes. I do recommend it though. The multiple choices and endings are quite entertaining. Buy it on sale and you should have some fun.

Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood

9.0 Hours Played, 36/36 (100%)
Beaten on 05.30.2017 and Completed on 05.31.2017

Great HOG. The graphics are beautiful and I really liked the story. The voice-overs are nicely done and the puzzles are fun to deal with. I also liked the extra chapter being some sort of spin-off. I was wondering about that story while I was playing the main one and it was a really nice surprise finding out it was available. I'm really looking forward to play Enigmatis 1 (got it out of order :/) and 3 eventually.

Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart

4.0 Hours Played, 09/15 (60%)
Beaten on 06.26.2017

Good graphics and somewhat interesting story. The voice-overs are okay and I found the puzzles easy to solve. The back and forth thing is really dreadful though. There's no way of doing it by clicking on the map. You have to actually walk through everything to get somewhere and this is a really boring and time-consuming task. I'll recommend it only because there isn't a neutral review option and I didn't dislike it to the point of calling it a bad game. Buy it on sale if you're a patient person. If not, run away as if a pirate is trying to kidnap you to ressurect his beloved.

Finished Game Report #02

The Little Acre

2.9 Hours Played, 27/27 (100%)
Beaten on 03.28.2017 and Completed on 03.28.2017

The graphics are great and the story is very cute. Too damn short though. Buy it on sale and have fun.

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden

8.5 Hours Played, 20/20 (100%)
Beaten on 03.30.2017 and Completed on 03.31.2017

This was my first HOG and I really liked it. The story is interesting and I had a lot of fun with all the puzzles and stuff. I'll most certainly play more HOGs in the future.

Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan

12.2 Hours Played, 29/29 (100%)
Beaten on 04.03.2017 and Completed on 04.04.2017

The story is kinda confusing and some of the voice-overs could be way better. I did like the game though. The puzzles kept me distracted for quite a while and the graphics are very pretty. The only thing I really disliked was the extra chapter. I found it quite boring and it has no connection to the main story. You can easily skip it if you're not after 100%.

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride

11.5 Hours Played, 24/24 (100%)
Beaten on 04.06.2017 and Completed on 04.07.2017

Great story and beautiful graphics. The voice-overs are nicely done and the puzzles are entertaining enough. I also found the bonus chapter interesting. Its plot comes right after the main story and brings a sense of completion to everything. Oh, there's also an adorable kitty. :P

Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink

6.0 Hours Played, 19/19 (100%)
Beaten on 04.08.2017 and Completed on 04.09.2017

One of the best HOGs I have played so far. The graphics are very very beautiful and I really liked the steampunk setting. The voice-overs are well done and the puzzles are fun to play. The story could have been more developed though. I would like a Clockwork Tales 2. Buy it on sale if you care about length.

Finished Game Report #01

Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls!

2.6 Hours Played
Beaten on 03.15.2017

I bought this for Haru and ended up meeting Ai. This was the plus side. The story though is not that interesting. It focus on the girls living their lives and managing the CTHCC affairs. Overall, I'd recommend for you to buy this game on sale if you're really into the characters and want to spend some more time with them. Just don't expect some great continuation of the main story or you'll end up disappointed.

Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes

6.5 Hours Played, 29/29 (100%)
Beaten on 03.15.2017 and Completed on 03.15.2017

Interesting story and really nice art style. I did find some of the achievements a little annoying to get, but nothing that would undermine the whole experience. I'll definitely be playing more Daedalic stuff after this one.

The Stanley Parable

26.0 Hours Played, 09/10 (90%)
Beaten on 03.15.2017

Interesting concept. It's not for everyone though. It's also worth mentioning that some of the achievements are very tricky to obtain. There's even one that can only be unlocked legitimately by not playing the game for 5 fucking years. If you're not willing to cheat and don't consider yourself a very patient achievement hunter, chances are you'll get quite frustrated.

The Perils of Man

5.2 Hours Played, 14/14 (100%)
Beaten on 03.16.2017 and Completed on 03.16.2017

Great. I really liked the whole science fiction premise surrounding the plot. Got seriously stuck in some parts though and I also found everything too short for such a good story. I hope there's more to this game in a near future. I'd most likely instabuy it.


18.5 Hours Played
Beaten on 03.22.2017

I really liked this. Once you get used to the craziness, things get really entertaining. The plot is interesting and the different routes were a good addition to it. Even if you play everything again, there are different dialogues and outcomes, so it's worth it. The bosses can be a little frustrating though, but if you stay determined, you'll be fine.