I caught mono WhyC’s profile

Hi guys
my name is Jojo and im a casual gamer. I like all sorts of games, no specific genre.
like pretty much everyone i got lots of games just sitting in my steamaccount, waiting to be played.
i have a bad habit of not finishing them and not playing most of them. so i joined this group with the hope of improvement :^)

its been a few days since i last was online. ive been busy with christmas, new years eve and other RL stuff.
today i finished tomb raider. it was a decent game and i had fun playing it. probably wont 100% it bc theres alot of multiplayer achievements and i dont think im going to do that.

Yesterday i finished playing “Brothers- A tale of two sons”.
I honestly liked it alot. the graphics were cute and the story was well done.
today i played some pixel puzzle birds edition. i dont rly puzzle that well but i enjoy it alot. just listen to some random soundtrack.
also some skyrim, trying to get 100% completion rate… long journey ahead since i cant resist doing loads of sidequests :^)

722 games (+562 not categorized yet)
78% never played
6% unfinished
4% beaten
5% completed
6% won't play