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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

71.2 hours, 52 of 52 achievements

So…fought my way through the game I was playing despite my right arm in a full cast (…first break ftl…). Witcher 2 now 100%’d, made tougher by immobile right had, and almost wish I’d still been playing the first one. And despite that, I have to say that it was a fantastic time and amazing bang for buck value…would definitely recommend it to Action-RPG fans. Not sure what to approach next….probably point and clicks would be sensible for the next 4 weeks…which means old school…perhaps The Dig, one of the classic Indy games or maybe even Loom.

So, first post here….because it was looking very empty…

Well, got knocked over in the dark during a dog walk yesterday and managed to mess up my right wrist and ribs, meaning I’m doing my best with one and a bit hands. Thanks to the backlog stats I noticed that I was somewhat lacking achievements in Cards and Castles (a game that works well with one hand) so I figured lets grind this one out. And 4 or 5 hours later I’m pretty happy that I’m done with it. It’s ok for a free card game but ultimately I’m not sure the genre’s for me. Would have liked just one more achievement for my profile, and may try for the draft matches over the weekend, but otherwise it’s one for the done, done and done pile.

x-st signing out, may my right hand recover swiftly.

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