Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #77


Cuisine Royale

7.7 hours, 4 of 13 achievements
Reviewed on Youtube


Basically a parody game that became the game it made fun of. But it is what it is, I guess. For a free game, it's totally serviceable.

Not the most reviewable game, but literally all games I've been playing are for reviews.



0.8 hours, 5 of 5 achievements
Reviewed on Youtube


It's as unremarkable as it gets. That's me saying it, knowing that it's free as well, so I'm even more lenient than with other games. It's like 15 minutes. But honestly, unless you're achievement hunting, you can have a way better time with other games.

A short 2 minute review I made for the game.

Fallout 3 - Game of the Year Edition

85.2 hours, no achievements
Reviewed on Youtube


Honestly… Fallout 3 is a total disappointment for me. On surface it looks like an amazing RPG experience, but almost every aspect of the game is either lacking or straight up bad. In its time it made a big splash, but we have way too many alternatives that are just infinitely better.

49 minutes of me complaining mainly.

Fallout 3 - Operation Anchorage

0 hours, 0 of 0 achievements
Reviewed on Youtube


While I heavily disliked Fallout 3's base game and how borderline illegal it is for it literally saying that they don't even give a basic guarantee that their software works, I actually liked Operation Anchorage. Some missed opportunities, but overall we're dealing with a good DLC!

Less complaining this time.

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