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I’m a gamer that has a backlog of a few hundred games. I might be a passive player, but trust me, I’ll be working on my backlog slowly, but surely! :)

My current PC:
AMD Ryzen 5 1400 (Quad-Core, 8 threads) 3.20GHz
Zotac’s Geforce GTX 1060 6GB, “AMP!” Edition
16GB RAM DDR4, 2400MHz

My previous PC:
AMD FX-4100 (Quad-Core) 3.60 GHz
Geforce GT 640 (1GB)

Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #75

The month when I was always playing games. And when I started a Youtube channel for video game reviews. Ah the cringe!


The Technomancer

27.7 hours, 25 of 40 achievements


Focus and Spiders both are known for clunky RPGs. This is probably one of the most polished game they've released though, which is nice.

As a sequel of Mars: War Logs, you play as a dude from the opposite faction.
Look, honestly, I find it hard to describe most things about this game, but here's what I can say.

The game's beautiful. It's jank that you can adapt to. I had a fair bit of fun, but the game has a lot of filler as well. It's a 18 hour game that has 9 hours of filler (approximately).

Oh, the review I wrote for it.

Hidden Folks

3.6 hours, 5 of 7 achievements
Beaten as part of the August Monthly Theme


The folks are hidden and finding them is not always as fun as you might think.

Hidden Folks takes the "Where's Waldo" concept and slightly expands on it by making larger areas and making them interactable. The real issue however comes in with the visuals being monotone and everything being so cluttered. I had a headache twice during the 3 hours that I played. It kind of just abuses your eyes a lot and I just can't approve of it.
Also, the way you find some people is a bit annoying. Sometimes you have to find insanely small details hidden underneath a random cluster of same-looking clutter. So for example, you need to interact with like 20 clouds in the same place just to find some small item. It's no longer that fun type of "Do you notice the detail", instead it's more of a "Can you be bothered to click on 50 items to search them to find whatever you need."

The images are cute however and I don't regret my time with this.

Also, you need a DLC to get all of the achievements, which is genuinely just malicious business practice.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

7.9 hours, 19 of 60 achievements
Beaten as part of the August Monthly Theme


I'm surprised how great this game looks.
The gameplay's definitely a bit simple and repetitive, but I enjoyed the game regardless.


44.4 hours, 25 of 58 achievements


A total fucking banger of a game, honestly. Arkane's done it again! I beat the game twice, thinking I got all the content out of it, only to find out that there's a fair few things I could've also done.

Prey's totally worth it if you're like me and want an experience where you're dropped in a new setting and make you try and figure things out, turning from prey to predator in the hostile environment.

Tropico 5

47.0 hours, 30 of 70 achievements
Beaten as part of the August Monthly Theme


Another Tropico game. Yeah, the story's solid, but it's nowhere near as fun as Tropico 4. Regardless, it's done and I don't regret my time with it.


4.9 hours, 8 of 10 achievements


A great walking simulator with a decent story. Sadly, the posed mystery isn't really answered satisfyingly and so it can leave you unsatisfied. Regardless, I still recommend this game.

EDIT: The review is done. Really proud of this one!

Metro 2033

13.8 hours, 18 of 48 achievements


Finally finished it! It was a lot of fun, played through it twice, in fact.

The game's ridiculously gorgeous, which makes me confused as to why games often can't reach this level still.

Metro 2033 Redux

10.2 hours, 15 of 49 achievements


Yeah… I liked Metro 2033 a lot… I beat this one twice as well. :)
Though, visually it's a bit underwhelming, yet still beautiful.

EDIT: The review is done. Thanks for all the kind words so far. I'm legit shocked that people are so kind and welcoming.

Metro: Last Light Redux

31.1 hours, 40 of 49 achievements


Once again, 2 playthroughs. Yeah, I love Metro a lot! Basically 6 playthroughs of Metro in a month. A bit of a more simplistic entry this time. The gameplay barely evolves and the story's a total step down. Just overall, Last Light is definitely weaker than 2033. It's less interesting and compelling.

This one got me thinking enough to make me want to make a video review as well. As of now, there's 40 minutes of audio and 4000 words in the script. Even then, I held back a lot. The original plans would've made the script around 7000 words long…

Ferrum's Secrets: where is grandpa?

1.6 hours, 12 of 20 achievements
Won on Steamgifts.


Wanted to get another Steamgifts win finished. This time, it was a short one. Ferrum's Secrets is a pretty weak Point and Click game with HOG minigames. The story's really boring and uninteresting and the gameplay's pretty weak as well. I don't recommend this game almost at all.

Genital Jousting

1.7 hours, 6 of 28 achievements


Was gifted this a while back when I gifted the same game to my friend. But unlike him, I actually didn't really want it. So I'll be honest, I was a bit bitter about getting a gift like this. I bought it for him because he wanted it and he obviously bought it so he'd have someone to play with, not because I would be happy to get it. Regardless, a gift's a gift and I can't complain. I didn't expect anything in return, but it just didn't feel like a gift for me, instead a gift for him again.

We played the multiplayer and it was pretty boring. But I saw a story mode, so I didn't uninstall. So I finally went into it (8 months later) and I expected basically just bot matches with some basic story stuff added. Instead, it was a really fun and funny experience. An hour and a half of a legit story. No multiplayer garbage and instead this was a totally new part of the game.

EDIT: The review is done.



5.8 hours, no achievements


A Z-tier CoD wannabe. It's clunky, but it was decent enough to not make me want to die during those 6 hours.

My review

Tropico 3: Absolute Power

52.6 hours, no achievements
Completed as part of the August Monthly Theme



Basically this is the less flexible father of Tropico 4. No real imports, no quick builds, no convenience. But it's still a really fun game.

Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry

4.3 hours, no achievements


It's a pretty decent Assassin's Creed IV expansion. Basically just a more compact version of the original.

My review

Grand Theft Auto III

12.6 hours, no achievements


Basically a GTA game without the character around it. So, the story's very threadbare and also a bit uneventful. Yet, the game's still fun and entertaining.

My 2 minute long video review (I'm aware of the audio edit issue :D)

Fallout 4

255.8 hours, 84 of 84 achievements


100%d!!!!!!! This marks another Bethesda game that I've 100%d! So far, I've got Fallout: New Vegas, Skyrim, Skyrim SE and now this. Sadly I don't have VR and Fallout 3 doesn't have actual achievements. Though, Fallout 3's been 100%d in-game as well.

Fallout 4 definitely made it the hardest to 100%.

Answer Knot

0.6 hours, 6 of 6 achievements
Free to Play


Answer Knot was a fun ride. 45 minutes to tell a quick story.

STEAM review
VIDEO review

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Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #74


Creeper World Anniversary Edition

13.7 hours, 21 of 39 achievements


Well, people recommend the third game, but I always want to start from the beginning, so I went for the first game (plus it was way cheaper as well).

It's definitely one of those "Easy to learn, hard to master" games, with simple mechanics, but also any harder mission will definitely make you think for a bit. Overall, the story didn't really capture my attention too much since nothing really happened. But I've heard it gets better as games go on, so I still cared enough to keep an eye on it. If you crave a game like this, then even paying the full price would be worth it since it's only 5€.

Infested Planet

7.3 hours, 22 of 36 achievements


Happened to get two games that are similar, it seems. Not in terms of gameplay mechanics, but the general feel and structure of the game. A swarm comes in, you push it back in a war of attrition. Infested Planet's definitely the more "gamey" one of the two though, with Creeper World being more mechanical in nature.

Regardless, I really liked Infested Planet. Impressive stuff.


0.7 hours, 9 of 20 achievements


A fascinating horror-suspense game that blows its load in the first 40 minutes and then quickly runs away and flashes the credits. This is a good Act I for a horror game. But you can't get away with making an incomplete game by saying it's "experimental" or whatever else. It's disappointing, since this actually would have a lot of potential. But I guess it's easier to just not work on it as much and say it's intentional and charge 5€ for it.

My review.

Hatoful Boyfriend

0.8 hours, 1 of 16 achievements


I don't want to give this shit more of my energy. It's badly made and it's a wide puddle that's extremely shallow.

My review.


17.1 hours, 38 of 89 achievements


Who knew edginess could be so dull and bland?

At least I got through this.

My review.



5.4 hours, no achievements


You know what it is and you know if you'd like it or not.

I'll tell you this much, I played it as a kid and loved it. I played it now as an adult and while I still enjoyed it, I enjoyed the gameplay itself much less. Radiator Springs looks lovely and it's still fun to play.

If you want a more in-depth review, then I recommend this video.

Assassin's Creed Liberation

12.5 hours, no achievements


For a PC port, Liberation HD is underwhelming. Though I don't know if it deserves "Mostly negative" recent reviews. Regardless, the story was decent, the gameplay was a bit more robust than AC3 and when taken in context of what it actually is, a handheld game, it's pretty impressive. Would I have it on a handheld system, I'd be way more impressed, but since I'm on PC, I'm not happy with this one. I'm glad I got it done with.

Watch_Dogs 2

38.6 hours, no achievements


Yeah, I personally really like Watch_Dogs 2. It's a visual marvel, the world's one of the best ones created, from what I've experienced. The gameplay's really robust and all the story elements (including characters) are really charming and fun. There's a fair amount of ludo-narrative dissonance, but it's mainly only created by the player if they choose to and also the story's not very focused. But that doesn't mean the story's bad. All the aspects are great.

My review.

For Honor

6.6 hours, no achievements


Third Ubisoft game in a month. Yeah, kinda on a kick on AAA, high fidelity games.

I never played the multiplayer since it's not really for me and I've heard the community's such garbage that it frightened me off even more.

So I played the campaign and I must say that while the story itself is garbage, everything else was really fun for me. Its beautiful scenery, great animations, satisfying gameplay and a cool world have convinced me to want more single-player content for the game.

Plus, the game's perfect for screenshots. I'd check them out if you're interested.

Tracks - The Train Set Game

0.8 hours, no achievements


It's an endless building game, but I felt like I got all I could out of it in that 0.8 hours.

I don't know… it's pretty and it will bring a lot of fun for a lot of people, but I think it's really niche and that it's lacking in customizability. The grid for placing items is really rigid and all the parts are really mismatched, so you can never great something truly awesome. When you look at the game's screenshots, you'll see nice things, but having played it, I can already see how shallow it really is if you move the camera even a little bit. It's just too shallow for me.

It'll get a full release in 20th of September 2019. Their last update was a hotfix for the entire month of June. If they're just fixing bugs at this moment, then it just won't improve in the ways I want it to.

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Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #73



0.6 hours, 36 of 40 achievements


I played it right after I got it from the free promotion, which is pretty rare.

Regardless, the game's pretty dope. Loved it for the 30 minutes or so I played it. Got a bit frustrated and decided to call it quits. Haven't felt the urge to play it since.

Castaway Paradise

8.0 hours, 24 of 40 achievements


Basically a mobile version of Animal Crossing. I had fun with it, but it's pretty rough around the edges. Though I can see that some people might get almost addicted to it.


1.3 hours, 22 of 92 achievements


A fun spectacle. Overall, I'm not going to play any more of it after beating all the songs, but it was fun while it lasted.


Elizabeth Find M.D. - Diagnosis Mystery - Season 2

2.9 hours, no achievements
Won on Steamgifts


This is one of those games I won when I didn't actually enter in giveaways for games only on my wishlist, instead entering randomly.

Anyways, it's 3 years later. Finally started playing it and honestly, it's decent. It's not amazing, but it's decent. It's a bit of a visual clusterfuck, but it's not like it looks ugly either. Other than the minigames, the gameplay's alright as well.

It's 3.79€ on sale. I personally still don't recommend the game. Instead, get it from a bundle or somewhere for cheap.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux

3.3 hours, 14 of 14 achievements


A really good walking sim. Visually gorgeous, an intriguing story and overall pretty great gameplay, though the mines are a bit iffy thanks to a single part of the game. Regardless, I had fun and I would recommend the game to anyone who's interested in a walking sim. Though, as with basically any game, I recommend getting it on sale.

Leaving Lyndow

0.8 hours, 7 of 7 achievements


Yeah boy, this one's awesome. Another walking sim, in this case. The game's gorgeous. So gorgeous in fact that I made one of my screenshots into my wallpaper.

It's a very short game, but it's also very cheap. 1.19€. I'd say it's worth that money.

Call of Duty 2

7.5 hours, no achievements


A timeless classic, it seems. Well, as timeless as Windows 7 will be since the game doesn't run well on Win 10, needing you to use the compatibility mode. Regardless, on my fourth replay, the game's still as great as it was when I played it first.

Too bad the pricing's total garbage on CoD games. Get it from anywhere but Steam, I'd say.

Far Cry Primal

45.3 hours, no achievements


Game'i sú. Haywa am shancha. Palhu goali. Mu shwada sa sú ayshta ta way am hesti gwéru shnar. Waka.

Starting the Game

0.3 hours, 18 of 18 achievements


I wouldn't recommend it. The jokes can be entertaining, but the game's too weak overall. Review

Coffee Shop Tycoon

10.6 hours, 23 of 23 achievements


Another game I don't recommend. It's simplistic and overall just really boring. Review

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Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #72


Fallout 4

229.3 hours, 70 of 84 achievements


I've beaten the game once before and I personally really disliked it. But I was tempted to give it another shot, so I bought the Season Pass for like 13€ and gave it another shot and I must say I liked it. Most likely because I didn't treat this as a Fallout game. Instead I treated this as a post-apocalyptic open-world FPS game.

The expansions were pretty decent with me going against the grain and saying that Nuka-World was better than Far Harbor by a lot.
Far Harbor had the potential to be Point Lookout Redux, where everything's just improved. But alas, the strong start ended in a shallow experience that just wasn't interesting at all.

Nuka-World however… To start off, listen to this DLC's theme… yeah, a theme. No spoilers, 1 minute 18 seconds long. Legit good stuff. So now that you've listened to this, I'm guessing you already understand why this stands out. It's perfect to the Fallout world, it's appropriate to what it is (an advertisement to an amusement park). It teases all of its content. It makes jabs at real life equivalent parks and it shills itself to its parent company. It's legitimately a perfect theme for this DLC.
Visually it's colourful, yet also post-apocalyptic. It has distinct worlds, which allowed the level designers unleash their creativity. The story's solid as well and it's obvious there was a lot of love put into this. But with all this praise, there are issues. The management aspect the game introduces is inconsequential and makes the story accidentally very predictable. The impact the DLC has to the main world is really clumsy and it just doesn't fit into the world unless you specifically go out of your way to play as a raider, but then the main game doesn't support your existence. This DLC would be perfect in a true Fallout game. But in here, it's basically too innovative and too ambitious for its own good.


4.7 hours, 17 of 35 achievements


I played through this while streaming it to 2 of my friends. We had enough fun with it.

You're basically investigating an event in an open world. In the first hour the weirdness factor is increased a fair bit and then the middle 2.5 hours is spent in a way where you basically don't even acknowledge anything, with the last 30 minutes being a sudden climax which isn't very interesting.
Some of the progression was pretty weird and I had to look up at a guide to figure out what I was supposed to do. The answer wasn't too logical either, so me and my friends were left kinda shittalking the game for 15 minutes because of it.

Overall it got our imaginations flowing and got us to speculate a fair bit and if a game can pull that off, then it's inevitably good enough to recommend.

Burly Men at Sea

0.7 hours, 5 of 25 achievements


The game's not too great. I'll just leave my Steam review here.

Zombie Army Trilogy

9.0 hours, 39 of 68 achievements
Won on Steamgifts


Total popcorn entertainment. Did I enjoy it? Yeah. Was it memorable? Barely. Was it visually nice? Yup.

I was positively surprised since I didn't think the game could handle hordes of enemies thanks to its originally slow and methodical gameplay. It mostly adapted well. Though I'll warn you, the bosses are a waste of time and ammo and they're just awfully boring to fight.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior

3.5 hours, 13 of 24 achievements


The game's adorable. It's like if you let a kid design a game that they'd just love. Obviously, the kid took inspiration from Call of Duty.

It's a mess, but definitely a fun mess. With the 3.5 hour campaign, I'll say that I don't regret spending my time or money. But don't expect anything amazing. It's definitely a "so bad it's good" type of game.

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Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #71


Dishonored 2

24.7 hours, 19 of 50 achievements


"I am back to reclaim what's mine" - That's pretty much the entire game summed up.

If you don't know what Dishonored is, then odds are you're not into this type of game anyways. Though, if that's not the case, then Dishonored is a first person stealth-action game with insanely good level design and very good environmental storytelling. The gameplay's smooth and the visuals are nice. Well, that's the first game.

As for the second game, this one's not as good as the first one. The visuals are less stylized, it doesn't even look better in any way, other than some textures. While it looks as good or worse, it also runs pretty badly, with small hitches and low framerates.
The new infection is formulaic, uninspired (since it's just like the first game, just a different creature) and the bloodflies are so boring.
The gameplay's not an improvement, but it's not worse either. Though this time the abilities are so boring that it unreasonably bothers me.

If you're desperate to play more Dishonored, then this will do.

12 Labours of Hercules IV: Mother Nature

11.8 hours, 12 of 22 achievements


Eh, it's another 12LoH game.

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition

0.9 hours, 5 of 10 achievements


Dear Esther has a bad reputation for being the first and also worst walking sim. The game that started the trend.

Personally, for me, it was engaging thanks to its short length and good visuals. Though, the story was purposefully vague and felt quite pretentious, so I didn't enjoy that aspect. It was worth my time.

Subsurface Circular

2.0 hours, 9 of 13 achievements


Definitely the best of the three visual novel/walking sim styled games I played this month. (I got all three of them from a single trade)

While The Novelist focused on the story and Dear Esther focused on the visuals, Subsurface Circular hits a great balance between the two. It's a great visual novel that feels more dynamic than that. You're on a subway train as a robot and you question the robots who come on the train. They all have interesting writing behind them and it's fun to be a detective in such a setting. The game revolves around a single case you're given by another robot.

It's not some deep story like Dear Esther and it doesn't have consequences like in The Novelist, but damn is this game a good time. Highly recommend it!

DiRT Showdown

8.9 hours, 15 of 49 achievements


It's a mediocre racing game that I played through solely to play Dirt Rally. Ironic that I haven't actually started playing Dirt Rally yet.

Skip Showdown unless you're like me and feel the need to play through games linearly in the franchise.

Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown

0.2 hours, 0 of 29 achievements
Won on Steamgifts


The game croaked. It's dead.

Kinda sucks since I won it back when I didn't care what I won and only cared about the fact that I did, indeed, win. I gave it a shot, I guess.

Blade Symphony

1.0 hours, 8 of 26 achievements
Won on Steamgifts


So I won it on SG when it still cost money. Now it's F2P. It's a bit buggy and like half the achievements don't seem to work. I had some fun, but I'll be honest, this game's not very good. The combat's quite bad and the visuals are crisp, but pretty dated overall. It was fun to play it for that 40-50 minutes, but since it's an endless game, I called it quits after the shine wore off.

Max Payne 3

10.9 hours, 14 of 67 achievements


Such a good game! Definitely my favourite Max Payne game. It would be Max Payne 2 if it didn't have any of the Mona gameplay sections, since those involved escort sections and losing your entire arsenal multiple times.

That happens in Max Payne 3 as well (Losing weapons, not escorting), but it makes sense here. People say Max was too bleak, but I think it was the perfect amount. He was so over the top that it made sense. Max is a broken man by this point. Depression and superhuman abilities will present this result. Not sure what people expected.
The soundtrack was good as well (Especially TEARS by HEALTH) and the visuals are top notch. I would totally love to play a game that looks like the past Max sections (a.k.a. the snow and the gritty visuals). It's still gorgeous. It feels insane that a 256MB GPU could produce that quality. Currently we need 6GB for Kingdom Come: Deliverance (beautiful game, but definitely not 24x more beautiful).

This game's a fucking marvel.


The Novelist

1.4 hours, no achievements


It's quite interesting overall. You're some ghost/spirit thing and you spend a summer with a small family, with the emphasis being on "The Novelist". You basically walk around the house, gather clues about the current situation and tell the Novelist who he should focus on (himself, his wife or his son) and once you decide, you skip some time, you find out what happened, see the reactions of those people, see some slight changes to the house and do it all again 3-4 times. It was an interesting experience. Luckily it was short as well. Had it been longer, I would've been more critical.

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Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #70

Sorry for the irregular formatting. Every game has something. Was in a rush and didn’t have the time to fix the button/bar issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ Expansion Pass

0 hours, no achievements


So I actually separately bought an Expansion Pass… Shows how much I loved the original game. Going back to the game was awesome and I personally just loved it. Top tier stuff!

Layers of Fear: Inheritance

0 hours, no achievements


Unlike Shadow of War's Expansions, the Layers of Fear DLC is a pile of shit. I hate it. It's so pretentious, it's badly designed and it's just unlikable.

Late Shift

1.6 hours, 4 of 20 achievements

A really fun movie that has a great illusion of choice. After finishing it, I kept thinking "What if I had done this or that differently…"

It's just really well made. Highly recommend it if you are interested in games like this.

DiRT 3 Complete Edition

18.5 hours, 17 of 60 achievements

What a great racing game. Started playing it to curb my desire for Dirt Rally. Was surprised at how awesome it is. The gameplay's top notch and the graphics were surprisingly awesome and they'd still hold up if released today.

Among the Sleep

2.0 hours, 1 of 10 achievements
Won on Steamgifts

A cute horror game with a realistic message. Happy to have won it.

Rytmik Lite Chiptune Synthesizer

0.5 hours, 8 of 11 achievements
Won on Steamgifts

It's a low-rate music kit. Got as many achievements as I could and quit because I just couldn't get the hang of the program.


1.5 hours, 20 of 24 achievements

It's cheap, but it's polished. This definitely isn't a game for me, but at the same time, I can see many people just chilling out while playing this. I appreciate that this game exists and I appreciate its cheap price.

Prototype 2

18.3 hours, 39 of 43 achievements

Played right after I finished Prototype 1. Definitely a good game. Just not too sure if it's a good Prototype game.

My review if you're interested


1.8 hours, 3 of 26 achievements
Won on Steamgifts


I have such insane love for this insane game. The presentation is flawless, the soundtrack's so amazing that all of it is in my active playlist! The gameplay's hectic enough to be exciting and clear enough to never overwhelm you. A total masterpiece of gaming. Highly recommended!


Dark Messiah of Might & Magic

12.3 hours, no achievements

People love this game. They love the combat and everything around it. Personally, for me, the combat was almost completely broken. Enemies barely reacted to you and the hitboxes were pretty unreliable. The platforming didn't always work like it should and the level design… fuck, it's bad.

I went back to the review that got me to play the game by MandaloreGaming (recommend his stuff btw) and the only thing that I saw I missed out on was the magic. The only thing about the magic was the ice and using it to slip enemies. Sure, it's nifty, but it's not enough to carry a whole game.
Funnily enough, my other favourite reviewer SsethTzeentach also made a review on it around a week I finished the game, which was the weirdest coincidence (Also recommend him). Well, he didn't really add much to what I might've missed, so it's obvious that the game just didn't click for me and that's it.

Flashing Lights

1.0 hours, no achievements

This game's bad. It doesn't even deserve the time it takes to describe why it sucks.

It lacks in any content and it's basically a just a tech demo.

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

6.0 hours, no achievements

Two steps forward and one step back.

Better graphics and better gameplay overall.
But also, you have escort quests.

It's an improvement overall still. This time around I also cared about the story, which definitely surprised me looking back at it.

Assassin's Creed® III

28.4 hours, no achievements

The worst AC game I've played for sure. It's still really buggy. Looks great, but the world's uselessly massive and it's just frustrating to play.

Oh, also the DLCs were total garbage. Funny thing is that I was the last person to review all of AC3 Tyranny of George Washington DLC's episodes before they were recently taken down for the re-release. So, I guess there's that.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

25.9 hours, no achievements

Ayyy, Stalker! Play my shitty game! Remember our adventures in Shadow of Chernobyl, comrade? Well, play this piece of shit too! You'll be surprised how a franchise can collapse like the Soviet Union!

The game's pretty damn bad.

Thirty Flights of Loving

0.5 hours, no achievements

I think my review explains it well enough.

TRIP Steam Edition

0.3 hours, no achievements
Won on Steamgifts

Once again, my review will probably explain it better than i could currently.

Fake Colours

2.0 hours, 7 of 7 achievements
Won on Steamgifts

I'm too dumb for this game. I did beat it, but I think the clunkiness and my own lack of skills at puzzles made this a frustrating experience for me.


14.3 hours, no achievements

The game's really fun! Had a lot of fun playing this :)
Also, the first game I've beaten on the PC while playing only with a controller. It's great for controllers and truly the first game that's way worse on the keyboard.

My review if you're interested

Just Cause™ 3 DLC: Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass

0 hours, 0 of 0 achievements


Another DLC I specifically bought. Definitely scratched my itch for Just Cause gameplay. Everything it adds is pretty useless or too clunky to be fun to use. The stories all three DLCs add are fine overall. Luckily they add new areas and two of them are also quite unique, so they were fun to do, though they weren't too well thought out.

EMMA The Story

0.2 hours, no achievements


Cheap, gorgeous and just a nice experience. Plus, the free soundtrack is very good.

In case you're interested in my review

Great eSports Manager

8.0 hours, 18 of 18 achievements


A fun, satirical game. It's pretty shallow overall, but it was an entertaining romp while it lasted.

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Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #69


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Black Mesa

9.1 hours, 9 of 25 achievements

I played the whole game across the span of multiple months. Personally, I didn't enjoy it. The environments were confusing a lot of the time and it was overall a very unpolished experience. It tried to expand itself to be like a Half-Life Remastered. It ended up being a Half-Life Student Project.

Rogue Legacy

17.5 hours, 14 of 29 achievements

I remember when this game was really interesting to me. Gradual progression across deaths, parts of castles, rising above the game's systems and so on. So when I played it now… it didn't hold up. The controls were a bit loose and it felt like the monsters became a bit too unfair in some room layouts. Sometimes I couldn't even get to them because they were literally in walls. Overall, I beat it, but if I wasn't watching TV shows during it, I wouldn't have even gotten halfway through it.


573.7 hours, 873 of 1130 achievements

It's finally finished. The story's wrapped and updates are basically done. Payday 2 is finally over. Good riddance. Mind you, I love this game. There's a reason I've got 873 achievements and 573 hours on it. But the Diesel engine just couldn't keep up with the advancements with technology. Anything more complicated than a basic level with a small amount of clutter would slow the game down and mess with it a lot. Well, I returned to the game to see how bad it really got. I'll be honest, it was better than I thought it'd be. I played a load of new heists, met people, listened to the soundtrack and just spent a lot of time.

Play Payday 2. It's worth a try.

I Can't Believe It's Not Gambling GOTY Edition

9.1 hours, 25 of 29 achievements

It's a dumb joke that I thought would be more interesting. It wasn't. Don't get it. It's shallow and repetitive. Some might say that that's the point of it. I'd say that it's a cop out answer. If you make trite, then you make trite. You're not better than them if you make self-aware garbage. Garbage is garbage after all.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

89.2 hours, 22 of 71 achievements

Words will never do this game justice. I'm obsessed with this game. It's amazing and fucking great. It's also way too glitchy. But damn is it good. I love this game so much. I'm writing in short and simple sentences because otherwise I'd create extremely long, incoherent run-on sentences that last for 15 lines because I genuinely find it hard to put my love for this game into words.

It's just good. Probably my favourite RPG now. I'm excited to see what the next 2 games in this trilogy will hold. And for the first time in a while, I'm actually really excited to buy DLC for this game.

If you like RPGs, you need to have a look at this game to see if you'd maybe like this.

Mafia III

37.0 hours, 38 of 85 achievements

I'm conflicted on this game. On one hand, this game's genuinely great and I had a load of fun with it. On the other, this is not as good as some parts to Mafia II.

If you're interested in getting more info, check out the review I wrote for Steam:

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide

8.7 hours, 28 of 108 achievements

I pushed my way through the story for this game to prepare myself for Vermintide 2. This game isn't that great though. Especially alone. It's got great aspects to it like the visuals and the setting, but it doesn't really capitalize on either. Haven't played Vermintide 2 yet, but I do hope it gets better.

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

73.4 hours, 25 of 188 achievements

It's a Total War game. It's the same game over and over again with new historical settings, visual updates and rosters that'll make you switch up your battle strategies. But overall it's the same game once again. I like the Total War franchise. I might play another one in around 6-12 months.

Duke Nukem Forever

8.4 hours, 29 of 62 achievements

Literally finished this one up around 40 minutes ago.

It's alright. It really is. The hate behind it was overblown. Shocker, I know. If you own it, give it a shot. Just don't expect a great game.


Fallout: New Vegas RU

162.3 hours, 75 of 75 achievements

I finally 100%d it. I pulled myself together, did an NCR run, found all the nukes in Lonesome Road and played Caravan. I definitely forced this run. But I couldn't stand seeing the 69/75 achievements on this masterpiece.

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Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #68


60 Seconds!

1.7 hours, 17 of 56 achievements


A great concept that's as shallow as a thot on Tinder.
The artstyle is lovely. The first playthrough was successful for me and after that, the second playthrough felt like a clone of the first one.

Not sure if I regret getting this or not. I really wanted to get it, so I guess I just had to experience this disappointment.

Hitman: Absolution

15.2 hours, 32 of 47 achievements


My 3rd attempt at playing this. It clicked this time as well. It was amazingly fun. Felt smooth, cinematic and it basically was the perfect Hitman game for me. I know it was restrictive for many, but for me, it felt streamlined in a way that made those that weren't good at stealth actually felt welcome to the game. Something that Codename 47 and Silent Assassin never did.

Just overall, this was great fun and I might return to it some day.
Though, I still have the 2016 Hitman Full Experience to look forward to. I'm looking for a bit more complexity which isn't as alienating as the first two games.

Beat Cop

11.1 hours, 24 of 32 achievements


This is one of those games that just gets me really frustrated when trying to talk about it because it's so damn good. Everything gets me excited about it.

The artstyle? Lovely. Truly smooth and just satisfying to look at.
The soundtrack? It's lacking in the amount of tracks, but it's so well made. Every track is top notch.
The sound design? Probably the most immersive I've had. Gives the game life and personality. Really great.
The story? It's no Breaking Bad, mind you. But it's so interesting in its context. It's minimalist, but it's not even the main storyline that matters, it's everything else around it. There wasn't a single day that was lacking in some progress or even a whole side story. It was entertaining and that's what matters.
The gameplay? You've got your hands full. It's satisfying to be an efficient police officer who does his routine, while still doing everything that's more unique, like investigating crimes, responding to calls, talking to the locals and listening to the music that plays at the local Jewish deli.
The controls? Well, I think that's the only real gripe. It's a point n' click movement system. But I also think that it makes sense in this game. You'll get used to it, no doubt about it.

Can't recommend it enough. I'll definitely play this one again some day!

Punch Club

17.3 hours, 36 of 47 achievements


Good soundtrack and sleek presentation.

Nothing else. All flash and no substance. Not much else to say. I didn't enjoy my way through it and I'll admit that I did cheat a bit to skip the grind at the end of the game, since it was just too tedious otherwise. It would've been around 7 hours of extra grind. This game doesn't respect you and the developers didn't respect the game. I'd stay away from it.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

10.6 hours, 32 of 88 achievements
Won on Steamgifts


Most who say the single player campaign for this is bad haven't played this. It has to be the case.
This is the most innovative CoD campaign in years.

A great soundtrack, breathtaking visuals (yes, really), great characters (except the main villain), even better acting (except for Jon Snow, who is only good as Jon Snow because the character is just as wooden as he is), a lot of variety and so on.

This isn't perfect. It just isn't. A bunch of issues come from small bits and pieces. But this was just such a beautiful experience that I can't even believe that those who just completely hate this thing actually tried it. Instead, I think it's just a bandwagon reaction that came from the hatewagon for the trailer and first anti-CoD reactions when the game came out.


4.5 hours, 4 of 13 achievements


Objectively a good game, but it just didn't do it for me.
The story was gripping until I had to leave. But when I got back home, I had no desire to continue. The end was also totally mediocre in my eyes. I get what they were going for, but it just felt weak.

Not much else to say.

911 Operator

6.2 hours, 10 of 15 achievements
Christmas Present <3


When I unexpectedly got this game for Christmas, man was I hyped. This just looked like the perfect 911 game for me. Something that I was hoping for in This is the Police being realized here. And basically it was.

A great game to play. But it did get boring after I finished the campaign. It got so stale that I couldn't even play a single custom game after it.



30.5 hours, no achievements


A solid game. Downloaded the mod that enabled most of the PC effects and the game looked really nice, even for today.

The story was pretty meh. The whole niece angle wasn't a good idea, but it worked for me since it definitely activated something in me since it's the whole brother-sister protection thing. It helped me get immersed in the story. But they were just gone most of the time. A secret vigilante defending his only family members would've been really damn cool in my opinion. Maybe connecting the side missions (which were really good btw) to the main story to an extent by having your family reacting to it would've been awesome.

A lot of potential that wasn't capitalized on. But whatever. I still had a pretty good time in general, though the T-Bone DLC was a bit too much for me since I got tired of the game around 70% into the main story.

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Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #67


12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas

12.3 hours, 13 of 23 achievements
Won on Steamgifts


Another 12 Labours game. It's fine overall. The real issue is that they're the same games each time. We can pretend like there's a huge difference because there's a lion in the game or some ghost added, but that's not some game changer. There's a lot of repetition and not too much substance. While I can't complain about it too much due to its cheap price, I think this game would be better served to take time developing itself and making sure that it actually is a quality product.


Assassin's Creed II

25.2 hours, no achievements


I tried buying it once but the game didn't work. I was guessing that it was because I already had a license obtained on UPlay and it caused a conflict, resulting in an error when launching it. Well, I contacted UPlay Support, told them of my issue and… they said they have no fix, they don't know why it exists and that they have a workaround to get it to work by messing with the executable and running it essentially by bypassing the DRM. Well, I personally wasn't fine with that because I want to track my statistics on games, especially on Steam. That's why I bought the game essentially for a second time (the first time I got it on a bundle). So I told the UPlay support guy of my hypothesis. He said that it's possible, but it's hard to really know. I recommended that they remove my original Assassin's Creed 2 key and let me run the game. He said he couldn't help me, but that he'd forward this idea to the Assassin's Creed 2 support team. What a joke. The best I can imagine is that the support team for it is one old guy in the annex just sitting in his damp office while watching some cooking video on how to cook ramen for one, when all of a sudden the CEO comes in and hands him a report. He says "We need you to get back to work" with a dramatic panning shot to the support guy where he just nods and takes the mission.
In reality though, the UPlay support guy thought that I was probably a know-it-all jackass that could be silenced by saying that my idea was forwarded to a team that had been dead for probably 7 years.

Well, I didn't give up. I was desperate to play it for a while by then and being denied made me more desperate to play it. So I waited. Like hell I was going to pay 10€ for a game that I could get for less than treefiddy. So the Halloween sale rolls in and… it's not discounted. "Did I just manage to catch the moment when Ubisoft stopped giving shits and just stopped making sales?". Well, I had to wait more. Black Friday comes in and thankfully the game's on sale. To mitigate my risk, I buy everything up until (and including) Assassin's Creed Liberation HD. Just in case I can't get them again. I even got the deluxe editions for the ones that had them.
Well, previously I already had removed all the licenses that I was going to buy on Steam from UPlay to test out my theory. I was right. It worked. Years of confusion from users. Dozens of forum posts with confused and angry users fixed by some dumbass who had a theory. Thanks for listening to my idea, UPlay…

Oh, the game's good btw. I liked it.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

22.8 hours, no achievements


Probably my favourite one in the franchise so far. It's more polished than the second game while still being experimental enough and interesting enough to be new. The story's pretty meh, but it still is more compelling than the story of the first game.

Assassin's Creed Revelations

18.6 hours, no achievements


What a main theme. It's so amazingly good.

Too bad there's not much more to note with this one. The graphics are an improvement, but everything else is the same or worse. The story's disjointed without any central idea. The romance subplot actually did get me invested, but there was nowhere near enough to make it notable. The locations are dull. Constantinople just isn't an interesting city. The walls make it feel claustrophobic (but it's not a horror game, so it's just annoying), the river separating the city is a massive nuisance since all it does is waste your time. The hookblade is genuinely great, but it just doesn't carry the game enough to make it much more fun.
The plot about Suleiman has nothing interesting happen and it doesn't grip you in any way. Though, playing as Altair was a pleasant surprise and it made me like him much more as a character, most of the time you were in walking cutscenes rather than actual gameplay moments. There's only so much frail walking that you can do before it gets tedious. Missions that'd be completed in around 5 minutes in normal speed take 20 when playing as Altair. Most of the time he's an old man and it just doesn't make the gameplay interesting. I was having fun looking at his story though, so overall it's positive.

The movement would be the worst one in AC's Ezio Trilogy if it weren't for the hookblade. Like with everything else, it has been slowed down. I get that Ezio is supposed to be old now, but I won't have more fun because I can think "Oh cool, it's slower because of Ezio's muscles slowing withering". It's a game that's worse in almost every way compared to Brotherhood.

No innovations, no focus and nothing really of note.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

7.1 hours, 24 of 45 achievements


A great single-player game. The port is sometimes very solid and sometimes utter garbage.

Overall, this is just a Call of Duty campaign. If you didn't like them to begin with, this won't change your mind.
Also the multiplayer's dead.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

118.1 hours, 48 of 78 achievements


Finally. After beating the main game and the Hearts of Stone expansion, I was totally burned out on the game. I still kept the game installed for the Blood & Wine DLC that I'd inevitably beat.
So it sat there from May until October. I decided to finally go for Blood & Wine. First of all, DLC's great. It starts off a bit weak, but it definitely picks up after the first act.
So I took my time with it, knowing that this would be the end of my adventures with Geralt. Played around with Ansel, took some pics to remember my playthrough and did everything I could before the game ended. And when it did end… damn, I was feeling depressed. All these characters and people - I won't be seeing them in any other adventures (it seems so at least now?).

By now, I've gotten over it. But I never expected myself to be so sad when it all ended. See ya, Geralt.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

6.1 hours, 19 of 76 achievements
Gifted to me.


A Steamgifts user was generous to me and gave me a key to this. Damn, replaying Modern Warfare 3's campaign was a blast! Running the game on 4K and just screwing around the game was really cool.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

10.7 hours, 8 of 98 achievements
Gifted to me.


What an odd month. 3 Call of Duty campaigns and the weirdest part is that I didn't have a single negative experience.
Black Ops 3 is most definitely the best CoD game I've ever played. The shooting felt way more impactful than usual and they actually made the melee a fun way of attacking the enemies.
All in all, the whole campaign was just a total blast to play!


16.3 hours, 21 of 60 achievements
Gifted to me.


This was the third time I tried to play it. The first time I got really bored really quickly. The second time it just flat out didn't work. This time, I pushed my way through it. The game scales pretty well with higher resolution, but its engine's limits show themselves hard. Frequent pop in, low quality textures sprinkled in with higher quality ones.
The combat's "reactive" as people said. Personally, I don't really agree with them. Sure, they have some animations to react to gunfire and injuries, but they're so rigid and the animations feel more like scripts than dynamic reactions.
The story's a total garbage fire of unexplained factions, unshown villains and undeveloped characters.

Overall, it's not a terrible game by any means. But it's just passable, meaning that I doubt it goes on anyone's "Top of…" list.

Orcs Must Die! 2

10.0 hours, 10 of 27 achievements
Gifted to me.


It's quite bland. It's hard to even think of anything to say about this game.

Game Dev Tycoon

12.8 hours, 21 of 35 achievements
Gifted to me.


Damn, Game Dev Tycoon was such a fun game in my eyes. But then games like Software Inc. and Mad Games Tycoon came out and Game Dev Tycoon became a boring and shallow mess. It's just no longer worth playing. I forced my way through it to get it finished, but it was hard to enjoy the game, knowing that I could be playing the same game that's just way better in every way.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

20.6 hours, 55 of 84 achievements
Gifted to me.


Kingdom Rush is a solid game. Great visuals, good sound effects and nice balance. But the sequel, Kingdom Rush Frontiers is the exact same. Sure, the good parts prevail, but there's no innovation. The enemies are slightly different, but everything else is pretty much the same. Just like with Kingdom Rush, I finished this game just when the new one came out. But unlike with Kingdom Rush, I'm not that excited for the new entry to the franchise.

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