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I’m a gamer that has a backlog of a few hundred games. I might be a passive player, but trust me, I’ll be working on my backlog slowly, but surely! :)

My NEW relatively high specs:
AMD Ryzen 5 1400 (Quad-Core, 8 threads) 3.20GHz
Zotac’s Geforce GTX 1060 6GB, “AMP!” Edition
8GB RAM DDR4, 3200MHz

My low (old) specs:
AMD FX-4100 (Quad-Core) 3.60 GHz
Geforce GT 640 (1GB)
4GB RAM DDR3 (Later on, upgraded to 12GB DDR3, 1333MHz)

Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #69


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Black Mesa

9.1 hours, 9 of 25 achievements

I played the whole game across the span of multiple months. Personally, I didn't enjoy it. The environments were confusing a lot of the time and it was overall a very unpolished experience. It tried to expand itself to be like a Half-Life Remastered. It ended up being a Half-Life Student Project.

Rogue Legacy

17.5 hours, 14 of 29 achievements

I remember when this game was really interesting to me. Gradual progression across deaths, parts of castles, rising above the game's systems and so on. So when I played it now… it didn't hold up. The controls were a bit loose and it felt like the monsters became a bit too unfair in some room layouts. Sometimes I couldn't even get to them because they were literally in walls. Overall, I beat it, but if I wasn't watching TV shows during it, I wouldn't have even gotten halfway through it.


573.7 hours, 873 of 1130 achievements

It's finally finished. The story's wrapped and updates are basically done. Payday 2 is finally over. Good riddance. Mind you, I love this game. There's a reason I've got 873 achievements and 573 hours on it. But the Diesel engine just couldn't keep up with the advancements with technology. Anything more complicated than a basic level with a small amount of clutter would slow the game down and mess with it a lot. Well, I returned to the game to see how bad it really got. I'll be honest, it was better than I thought it'd be. I played a load of new heists, met people, listened to the soundtrack and just spent a lot of time.

Play Payday 2. It's worth a try.

I Can't Believe It's Not Gambling GOTY Edition

9.1 hours, 25 of 29 achievements

It's a dumb joke that I thought would be more interesting. It wasn't. Don't get it. It's shallow and repetitive. Some might say that that's the point of it. I'd say that it's a cop out answer. If you make trite, then you make trite. You're not better than them if you make self-aware garbage. Garbage is garbage after all.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

89.2 hours, 22 of 71 achievements

Words will never do this game justice. I'm obsessed with this game. It's amazing and fucking great. It's also way too glitchy. But damn is it good. I love this game so much. I'm writing in short and simple sentences because otherwise I'd create extremely long, incoherent run-on sentences that last for 15 lines because I genuinely find it hard to put my love for this game into words.

It's just good. Probably my favourite RPG now. I'm excited to see what the next 2 games in this trilogy will hold. And for the first time in a while, I'm actually really excited to buy DLC for this game.

If you like RPGs, you need to have a look at this game to see if you'd maybe like this.

Mafia III

37.0 hours, 38 of 85 achievements

I'm conflicted on this game. On one hand, this game's genuinely great and I had a load of fun with it. On the other, this is not as good as some parts to Mafia II.

If you're interested in getting more info, check out the review I wrote for Steam:

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide

8.7 hours, 28 of 108 achievements

I pushed my way through the story for this game to prepare myself for Vermintide 2. This game isn't that great though. Especially alone. It's got great aspects to it like the visuals and the setting, but it doesn't really capitalize on either. Haven't played Vermintide 2 yet, but I do hope it gets better.

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

73.4 hours, 25 of 188 achievements

It's a Total War game. It's the same game over and over again with new historical settings, visual updates and rosters that'll make you switch up your battle strategies. But overall it's the same game once again. I like the Total War franchise. I might play another one in around 6-12 months.

Duke Nukem Forever

8.4 hours, 29 of 62 achievements

Literally finished this one up around 40 minutes ago.

It's alright. It really is. The hate behind it was overblown. Shocker, I know. If you own it, give it a shot. Just don't expect a great game.


Fallout: New Vegas RU

162.3 hours, 75 of 75 achievements

I finally 100%d it. I pulled myself together, did an NCR run, found all the nukes in Lonesome Road and played Caravan. I definitely forced this run. But I couldn't stand seeing the 69/75 achievements on this masterpiece.

22,507 achievements (+410) 78 perfect games (+1) 42% avg. game completion (+0%)
1,393 games (+25) 1,505 DLC owned (+85) 138 reviews (+4) 863 wishlisted (-172)

52% never played (+0%)
19% unfinished (+0%)
14% beaten (+0%)
13% completed (+0%)
2% won’t play (+0%)

Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #68


60 Seconds!

1.7 hours, 17 of 56 achievements


A great concept that's as shallow as a thot on Tinder.
The artstyle is lovely. The first playthrough was successful for me and after that, the second playthrough felt like a clone of the first one.

Not sure if I regret getting this or not. I really wanted to get it, so I guess I just had to experience this disappointment.

Hitman: Absolution

15.2 hours, 32 of 47 achievements


My 3rd attempt at playing this. It clicked this time as well. It was amazingly fun. Felt smooth, cinematic and it basically was the perfect Hitman game for me. I know it was restrictive for many, but for me, it felt streamlined in a way that made those that weren't good at stealth actually felt welcome to the game. Something that Codename 47 and Silent Assassin never did.

Just overall, this was great fun and I might return to it some day.
Though, I still have the 2016 Hitman Full Experience to look forward to. I'm looking for a bit more complexity which isn't as alienating as the first two games.

Beat Cop

11.1 hours, 24 of 32 achievements


This is one of those games that just gets me really frustrated when trying to talk about it because it's so damn good. Everything gets me excited about it.

The artstyle? Lovely. Truly smooth and just satisfying to look at.
The soundtrack? It's lacking in the amount of tracks, but it's so well made. Every track is top notch.
The sound design? Probably the most immersive I've had. Gives the game life and personality. Really great.
The story? It's no Breaking Bad, mind you. But it's so interesting in its context. It's minimalist, but it's not even the main storyline that matters, it's everything else around it. There wasn't a single day that was lacking in some progress or even a whole side story. It was entertaining and that's what matters.
The gameplay? You've got your hands full. It's satisfying to be an efficient police officer who does his routine, while still doing everything that's more unique, like investigating crimes, responding to calls, talking to the locals and listening to the music that plays at the local Jewish deli.
The controls? Well, I think that's the only real gripe. It's a point n' click movement system. But I also think that it makes sense in this game. You'll get used to it, no doubt about it.

Can't recommend it enough. I'll definitely play this one again some day!

Punch Club

17.3 hours, 36 of 47 achievements


Good soundtrack and sleek presentation.

Nothing else. All flash and no substance. Not much else to say. I didn't enjoy my way through it and I'll admit that I did cheat a bit to skip the grind at the end of the game, since it was just too tedious otherwise. It would've been around 7 hours of extra grind. This game doesn't respect you and the developers didn't respect the game. I'd stay away from it.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

10.6 hours, 32 of 88 achievements
Won on Steamgifts


Most who say the single player campaign for this is bad haven't played this. It has to be the case.
This is the most innovative CoD campaign in years.

A great soundtrack, breathtaking visuals (yes, really), great characters (except the main villain), even better acting (except for Jon Snow, who is only good as Jon Snow because the character is just as wooden as he is), a lot of variety and so on.

This isn't perfect. It just isn't. A bunch of issues come from small bits and pieces. But this was just such a beautiful experience that I can't even believe that those who just completely hate this thing actually tried it. Instead, I think it's just a bandwagon reaction that came from the hatewagon for the trailer and first anti-CoD reactions when the game came out.


4.5 hours, 4 of 13 achievements


Objectively a good game, but it just didn't do it for me.
The story was gripping until I had to leave. But when I got back home, I had no desire to continue. The end was also totally mediocre in my eyes. I get what they were going for, but it just felt weak.

Not much else to say.

911 Operator

6.2 hours, 10 of 15 achievements
Christmas Present <3


When I unexpectedly got this game for Christmas, man was I hyped. This just looked like the perfect 911 game for me. Something that I was hoping for in This is the Police being realized here. And basically it was.

A great game to play. But it did get boring after I finished the campaign. It got so stale that I couldn't even play a single custom game after it.



30.5 hours, no achievements


A solid game. Downloaded the mod that enabled most of the PC effects and the game looked really nice, even for today.

The story was pretty meh. The whole niece angle wasn't a good idea, but it worked for me since it definitely activated something in me since it's the whole brother-sister protection thing. It helped me get immersed in the story. But they were just gone most of the time. A secret vigilante defending his only family members would've been really damn cool in my opinion. Maybe connecting the side missions (which were really good btw) to the main story to an extent by having your family reacting to it would've been awesome.

A lot of potential that wasn't capitalized on. But whatever. I still had a pretty good time in general, though the T-Bone DLC was a bit too much for me since I got tired of the game around 70% into the main story.

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19% unfinished (+0%)
14% beaten (+1%)
13% completed (-1%)
2% won’t play (+0%)

Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #67


12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of Hellas

12.3 hours, 13 of 23 achievements
Won on Steamgifts


Another 12 Labours game. It's fine overall. The real issue is that they're the same games each time. We can pretend like there's a huge difference because there's a lion in the game or some ghost added, but that's not some game changer. There's a lot of repetition and not too much substance. While I can't complain about it too much due to its cheap price, I think this game would be better served to take time developing itself and making sure that it actually is a quality product.


Assassin's Creed II

25.2 hours, no achievements


I tried buying it once but the game didn't work. I was guessing that it was because I already had a license obtained on UPlay and it caused a conflict, resulting in an error when launching it. Well, I contacted UPlay Support, told them of my issue and… they said they have no fix, they don't know why it exists and that they have a workaround to get it to work by messing with the executable and running it essentially by bypassing the DRM. Well, I personally wasn't fine with that because I want to track my statistics on games, especially on Steam. That's why I bought the game essentially for a second time (the first time I got it on a bundle). So I told the UPlay support guy of my hypothesis. He said that it's possible, but it's hard to really know. I recommended that they remove my original Assassin's Creed 2 key and let me run the game. He said he couldn't help me, but that he'd forward this idea to the Assassin's Creed 2 support team. What a joke. The best I can imagine is that the support team for it is one old guy in the annex just sitting in his damp office while watching some cooking video on how to cook ramen for one, when all of a sudden the CEO comes in and hands him a report. He says "We need you to get back to work" with a dramatic panning shot to the support guy where he just nods and takes the mission.
In reality though, the UPlay support guy thought that I was probably a know-it-all jackass that could be silenced by saying that my idea was forwarded to a team that had been dead for probably 7 years.

Well, I didn't give up. I was desperate to play it for a while by then and being denied made me more desperate to play it. So I waited. Like hell I was going to pay 10€ for a game that I could get for less than treefiddy. So the Halloween sale rolls in and… it's not discounted. "Did I just manage to catch the moment when Ubisoft stopped giving shits and just stopped making sales?". Well, I had to wait more. Black Friday comes in and thankfully the game's on sale. To mitigate my risk, I buy everything up until (and including) Assassin's Creed Liberation HD. Just in case I can't get them again. I even got the deluxe editions for the ones that had them.
Well, previously I already had removed all the licenses that I was going to buy on Steam from UPlay to test out my theory. I was right. It worked. Years of confusion from users. Dozens of forum posts with confused and angry users fixed by some dumbass who had a theory. Thanks for listening to my idea, UPlay…

Oh, the game's good btw. I liked it.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

22.8 hours, no achievements


Probably my favourite one in the franchise so far. It's more polished than the second game while still being experimental enough and interesting enough to be new. The story's pretty meh, but it still is more compelling than the story of the first game.

Assassin's Creed Revelations

18.6 hours, no achievements


What a main theme. It's so amazingly good.

Too bad there's not much more to note with this one. The graphics are an improvement, but everything else is the same or worse. The story's disjointed without any central idea. The romance subplot actually did get me invested, but there was nowhere near enough to make it notable. The locations are dull. Constantinople just isn't an interesting city. The walls make it feel claustrophobic (but it's not a horror game, so it's just annoying), the river separating the city is a massive nuisance since all it does is waste your time. The hookblade is genuinely great, but it just doesn't carry the game enough to make it much more fun.
The plot about Suleiman has nothing interesting happen and it doesn't grip you in any way. Though, playing as Altair was a pleasant surprise and it made me like him much more as a character, most of the time you were in walking cutscenes rather than actual gameplay moments. There's only so much frail walking that you can do before it gets tedious. Missions that'd be completed in around 5 minutes in normal speed take 20 when playing as Altair. Most of the time he's an old man and it just doesn't make the gameplay interesting. I was having fun looking at his story though, so overall it's positive.

The movement would be the worst one in AC's Ezio Trilogy if it weren't for the hookblade. Like with everything else, it has been slowed down. I get that Ezio is supposed to be old now, but I won't have more fun because I can think "Oh cool, it's slower because of Ezio's muscles slowing withering". It's a game that's worse in almost every way compared to Brotherhood.

No innovations, no focus and nothing really of note.

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52% never played (+0%)
19% unfinished (+0%)
13% beaten (-1%)
14% completed (+0%)
2% won’t play (+0%)

Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #66


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

7.1 hours, 24 of 45 achievements


A great single-player game. The port is sometimes very solid and sometimes utter garbage.

Overall, this is just a Call of Duty campaign. If you didn't like them to begin with, this won't change your mind.
Also the multiplayer's dead.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

118.1 hours, 48 of 78 achievements


Finally. After beating the main game and the Hearts of Stone expansion, I was totally burned out on the game. I still kept the game installed for the Blood & Wine DLC that I'd inevitably beat.
So it sat there from May until October. I decided to finally go for Blood & Wine. First of all, DLC's great. It starts off a bit weak, but it definitely picks up after the first act.
So I took my time with it, knowing that this would be the end of my adventures with Geralt. Played around with Ansel, took some pics to remember my playthrough and did everything I could before the game ended. And when it did end… damn, I was feeling depressed. All these characters and people - I won't be seeing them in any other adventures (it seems so at least now?).

By now, I've gotten over it. But I never expected myself to be so sad when it all ended. See ya, Geralt.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

6.1 hours, 19 of 76 achievements
Gifted to me.


A Steamgifts user was generous to me and gave me a key to this. Damn, replaying Modern Warfare 3's campaign was a blast! Running the game on 4K and just screwing around the game was really cool.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

10.7 hours, 8 of 98 achievements
Gifted to me.


What an odd month. 3 Call of Duty campaigns and the weirdest part is that I didn't have a single negative experience.
Black Ops 3 is most definitely the best CoD game I've ever played. The shooting felt way more impactful than usual and they actually made the melee a fun way of attacking the enemies.
All in all, the whole campaign was just a total blast to play!


16.3 hours, 21 of 60 achievements
Gifted to me.


This was the third time I tried to play it. The first time I got really bored really quickly. The second time it just flat out didn't work. This time, I pushed my way through it. The game scales pretty well with higher resolution, but its engine's limits show themselves hard. Frequent pop in, low quality textures sprinkled in with higher quality ones.
The combat's "reactive" as people said. Personally, I don't really agree with them. Sure, they have some animations to react to gunfire and injuries, but they're so rigid and the animations feel more like scripts than dynamic reactions.
The story's a total garbage fire of unexplained factions, unshown villains and undeveloped characters.

Overall, it's not a terrible game by any means. But it's just passable, meaning that I doubt it goes on anyone's "Top of…" list.

Orcs Must Die! 2

10.0 hours, 10 of 27 achievements
Gifted to me.


It's quite bland. It's hard to even think of anything to say about this game.

Game Dev Tycoon

12.8 hours, 21 of 35 achievements
Gifted to me.


Damn, Game Dev Tycoon was such a fun game in my eyes. But then games like Software Inc. and Mad Games Tycoon came out and Game Dev Tycoon became a boring and shallow mess. It's just no longer worth playing. I forced my way through it to get it finished, but it was hard to enjoy the game, knowing that I could be playing the same game that's just way better in every way.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

20.6 hours, 55 of 84 achievements
Gifted to me.


Kingdom Rush is a solid game. Great visuals, good sound effects and nice balance. But the sequel, Kingdom Rush Frontiers is the exact same. Sure, the good parts prevail, but there's no innovation. The enemies are slightly different, but everything else is pretty much the same. Just like with Kingdom Rush, I finished this game just when the new one came out. But unlike with Kingdom Rush, I'm not that excited for the new entry to the franchise.

21,670 achievements (+223) 77 perfect games (+0) 42% avg. game completion (+0%)
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52% never played (+0%)
19% unfinished (-1%)
14% beaten (+1%)
14% completed (+0%)
2% won’t play (+0%)

Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #65


Hearts of Iron IV

183.7 hours, 0 of 71 achievements
Gifted to me


0 achievements, yet there's 183.7 hours played. Shows how tough the achievements are. Mainly they're just very specific and you won't get them with general gameplay.

Overall, I really liked this game. I was worried that the game might be difficult and that I might abandon it quickly. Luckily I had someone teach me and help me figure out the basics. I'm still terrible at it. Strategy isn't my strong-suit. Nothing is really, but it's worse than other genres.

I highly recommend this to anyone who's interested in the game. Thinking about the game makes me want to play it even more.

The Painscreek Killings

8.9 hours, 15 of 33 achievements
Gifted to me


Wow… just wow! Such an amazing experience. I felt like an actual detective solving a complicated crime. The game's relatively open, so you can do mostly anything you'd want. Want to check out the victim's home? Sure, go ahead. Want to go to the home of one of the servants? Well, if you find the key and figure out what street and what house you have to go to, then sure. It starts off at a single spot and opens you up to the village immediately. If you think like a detective, you'll get results like a detective.

At first I streamed it on Twitch. The chat made me paranoid as all hell because they said they saw people or that doors were closed/opened. You should be alone in the world. The next day, I streamed the game to two others and we talked together and tried to figure out who commited the crime and whatever else you might uncover. We spent the whole day finishing the game up and finding out who did it. It was a great experience and I hope that others will like the game as much as I did.

A mod from SG gave me the key since I mentioned on a thread that I couldn't afford the bundle it was in as a throwaway line. Thank you for letting me play it.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

10.7 hours, 21 of 50 achievements


Took a chance and bought it for 5€. I didn't like The New Order that much. It wasn't a bad game, but it never "clicked" for me.

The Old Blood "clicked" like a motherfu**er for me though. The awesome combat, the fun story and the beautiful visuals! This game's such a great, campy rollercoaster. Check it out if you're even a little bit interested. Not sure if I can tell you where I bought it, so I won't. Hit me up if you're looking for it and don't want to pay the full price. (Ah damn… sounded like an ad, didn't it?)


12.2 hours, 17 of 54 achievements


After The Old Blood, I felt motivated enough to finally beat DOOM. The game was really repetitive for me and it didn't feel like a properly fleshed out game. Sure, the combat's great and the visuals are fun, but the "puzzles" were just boring and the world traversal was a total filler. Not to mention the story. Overall, I think DOOM was not for me. You can have good combat and a fun story with interesting areas. The Old Blood proved it to me. DOOM only managed to have combat, visual quality and a good soundtrack. It's good, but not enough for me.

Also, the soundtrack in-game is ruined by the fact that every time you do a glory kill (which was every 5 seconds or less), the music's cut out and there might also be some quick riff. It ruins the flow of everything and it just isn't likeable.


Assassin's Creed

11.2 hours, no achievements


"Nothing is true, everything is permitted."

I decided to go for another run at some Assassin's Creed games. This time with legitimate copies. So I bought AC1, expecting to dislike it like before, but I liked it. It was way more interesting and varied than I remember. Last time I focused on the gameplay and missions and it felt boring and downright bad because I had recently played a newer AC game. This time I looked around the cities and just played it without having played any AC game recently. I rushed through the story to avoid the grind and I think it was a good idea. It didn't feel too long and I was able to spend more time freeroaming.

Diamo XL

5.0 hours, 14 of 14 achievements


Bought a bundle on Steam for some of the games the developer had made. I won a game from his giveaway before and I liked the game. Enough to actually buy one at some point. The games are good arcade-y skill based games that are fair. I highly recommend every XL game.

Righty Tighty XL

2.6 hours, 22 of 22 achievements


Another XL game. This one's my least favourite one due to how constricted it feels quite often with your movement options. It's on purpose, but the issue is mostly the fact that you have to avoid enemies and how hard it is to figure your size out when passing them, since you can't hit them.

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20% unfinished (+1%)
13% beaten (+0%)
14% completed (+1%)
2% won’t play (+0%)

Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #64

It's been a very slow month. A lot of Netflix trial abuse, watching other movies, then catching up on a month of Youtube subscriptions and ending with learning Hearts of Iron 4 and getting addicted to it. Needless to say, the post will be very short this month.



20.8 hours, 14 of 45 achievements

Literally the only game I beat that month. It's been a dream game of mine, but it's not executed that well. I love the idea of being a soldier in a massive battlefield, pushing inch by inch in a war of attrition. There's a lot of good here, but it really just got boring over time for me. The maps are all sectioned off with loading screens with only a single road to access them. It could've been improved if they had a bigger scale for the project. But they didn't so this is what will have to do.

21,282 achievements (+214) 75 perfect games (+2) 42% avg. game completion (+0%)
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53% never played (+0%)
19% unfinished (+0%)
13% beaten (+1%)
13% completed (-1%)
2% won’t play (+0%)

Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #63


Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™

49.4 hours, 41 of 72 achievements

Paid a fair bit for it, but I didn't regret it at all. Such a great game. Basically what Shadow of Mordor should've been. If you like Shadow of Mordor, you'll like this even more.

The microtransactions pose no issue any longer either.

Renowned Explorers: International Society

9.7 hours, 42 of 165 achievements

I used a random Steam game generator to see what I should play. This popped up.

I remembered wanting it a long time ago and decided to give it a go.

It's okay. The combat's very simplistic and the overworld isn't much better either. But the story is interesting enough to be interesting and the resource management has somehow turned into something quite fun.

Overall,only get it if you're a fan of these types of games. Those looking to get into this type of stuff might be disappointed.

Orcs Must Die!

7.2 hours, 11 of 27 achievements

Once again, was looking for a random game from my library and this popped up. I remembered wanting to play OMD 2, but being stopped by the fact that I hadn't beaten the first one.

So, I played it solo. It's one hell of a satisfying tower defense romp. I really liked it. If you're itching to play a TD game, then look into your library, you probably already own it. Play it and have fun.

Hotline Miami

4.5 hours, 11 of 35 achievements

I was thinking of playing Hotline Miami 2, which I had won a while ago from SG. But I hadn't beaten Hotline Miami 1 yet. I didn't even own it. Just 2 days before that, added it to their store. I had the choice of collecting coins to get it for free or buy it during the discount for 2,5€. I don't have a lot of money to throw around, so if I have the option to get something for free, I'll do my best to get it that way. So, I collected coins every day for around 10 days and finally got the legendary chest, which gave enough coins to let me buy the game.

3 days playing and I finally beat the game. Was it difficult? Not really. It was more unfair than anything. Sometimes enemies were completely unaware of you, sometimes they were aware of you before you even entered the door. It was that randomness that made the game difficult. But that's not to say it's not tough. The game's harder than most others. But due to my years of gaming, I was used to this type of speed.

It's a fun game and you can still get Hotline MIami from There's still more than 60% of the keys remaining.

Organ Trail: Director's Cut

7.2 hours, 5 of 28 achievements
Won on Steamgifts

Once I won this, I immediately downloaded it and started playing it.

It was a rough start. I couldn't get into the game and it was pretty shallow for my taste. Once you saw the first area, you saw them all. Nothing new to be seen. The 15 minute loop repeated over and over again.

So, I loaded up a Joe Rogan podcast, listened to that and played the game. Finally, I got into the groove of it. It's passable as a simplistic game, where you don't have to focus. As a game to focus on and play? You'll be left wanting for anything. Just, anything. Organ Trail won't give you more though.

I don't recommend it unless you are in the mood for Oregon Trail.

The Fidelio Incident

1.7 hours, 13 of 14 achievements
Won on Steamgifts

Another win from Steamgifts, it's a game that I was planning to buy anyways due to the cheap price and my new computer, which is able to run it.

Damn this is a fun game. The music's great, the voice acting is top notch, the graphics are very pleasing to the eye. But because it's purely a walking simulator with no choices, it can only be that good. They made best of what they could as a walking sim, but that's also their crutch.


4.3 hours, 7 of 16 achievements

Once again, a randomly picked game. It looked great. Using trial and error to light up the platforms to finally make through it. In reality, the game runs at 30 fps. The controls are clumsy and the later enemies, mainly the homing missiles, are unbearable.

This is for the hardcore genre fans. Not for people like me, simply interested gamers.



32.5 hours, no achievements

Ayyy, finally completed it.

Grid is a simulation and arcade mixed racer with beautiful visuals, solid driving, a whole lot of variety and a ton of grinding.

Most people have it by now. Either through cheap bundles of free giveaways. Give this game a try.

Store Simulator 2018

1.6 hours, 1010 of 1010 achievements
Won on Steamgifts

Another win from SG. Won this from the achievement spam event.

I'm fine with achievement spam. I really am. But god damn, this one is so full of itself. It claims to be a parody, but all it is is a terrible piece of trash. This developer and game angers me more than it should, but the guy is such a self-righteous ass that it just angers me.

Don't get this game. Stay away.

Meteor 60 Seconds!

0.6 hours, no achievements

An awesome free game.

What would you do if the world ended in 60 seconds? Well, feel free to try it out here. It's such a fun, cute little game that has a lot of heart poured into it. I highly recommend you spend the 30-40 minutes it takes to complete the whole game.

It's free, so what do you have to lose? Other than, well, time…

21,068 achievements (+1,178) 73 perfect games (+1) 42% avg. game completion (+0%)
1,283 games (+14) 1,248 DLC owned (+538) 134 reviews (+2) 1,055 wishlisted (+27)

53% never played (-1%)
19% unfinished (+0%)
12% beaten (+0%)
14% completed (+1%)
2% won’t play (+0%)

Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #62


ICY: Frostbite Edition

8.1 hours, 13 of 18 achievements


I expected the game to be more of a survival game. Instead it's a post-apocalyptic party based RPG. Usually, that'd make me hate the game. Instead, I enjoyed it a lot. I highly recommend it. Great characters and story. The gameplay's pretty weak by itself, but the percentage of combat to story is so that you barely participate in combat.


0.6 hours, 3 of 8 achievements


Simulacra was so awesome that it has made me want another great "phone exploration" game. Aaaand I haven't found one that's good. Replica is just another weak game in that genre. A barebones story that has a serious topic, so it sounds smarter and more serious. An artstyle that gives you leeway for ugliness. This game is a great example of corners being cut at every point possible. I want my 36 minutes back.

Quantum Break

11.6 hours, 29 of 42 achievements
Won on Steamgifts


The game's beautiful and the story's okay. The gameplay's okay and the acting's fine. But the port… it's trash. It doesn't really support different aspect ratios, it crashes a lot and it runs pretty badly. If they polished this game, it'd be pretty damn solid. As for now, it's just meh.

Total War: SHOGUN 2

28 hours, 13 of 106 achievements


Empire sucked, so I thought I just didn't like Total War anymore. Turns out, Empire really was just trash and Shogun 2 made me interested in the franchise again.


The Final Station

4.5 hours, 4 of 23 achievements


A fun, atmospheric, semi-horror title. An interesting concept that's done really well. 4 solid hours of entertainment. Had it been longer, it'd have been too long. So, good job, developers.


6.8 hours, 7 of 47 achievements


I was bored and went to SteamDB calculator to scroll through randomly suggested games when this popped up. It looked interesting, so I downloaded it and tried it… it was pretty damn good. Great graphics and fun gameplay. Not sure where I bought it from and when I bought it, but I'm happy I did.


4.3 hours, 7 of 16 achievements


Another SteamDB suggested game that I decided to install. The game looks great, but there are three huge issues. One is the low framerate. 30FPS lock, in fact. Second is the controls. They're loose and inaccurate. Third are the end-game enemies. You'll meet them around 70% into the game and they'll be annoying as all hell. They're homing missiles that have a massive hitbox. This combination of issues caused me to genuinely get frustrated with the game, something that doesn't happen often. But I beat it. I'm happy I did. Would I play it ever again? No.


Orbt XL

1.6 hours, 31 of 31 achievements


Another XL game. I really like them and this one's probably one of the better ones. As with the other XL games, I recommend this.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

104.4 hours, 75 of 75 achievements


I finally got over my burnout for this game and continued my playthrough. Well, halfway through, the game glitched out completely thanks to the Civil War questline. So, I made a new character, this time a mage and got all the other achievements I needed. Still, the "Legend" achievement is awful, like in the normal edition. Needing to grind around 30 levels and then having to find a specific, rare dragon is just dumb. I finished literally all quests before I even reached lvl 50…

But in the end, it's Skyrim.

STAR WARS™: The Force Unleashed™ II

0.8 hours, no achievements


Don't look at my playtime. It's so low due to me using the FPS unlocker.

I don't know why people dislike this game. I loved it. A great port. Recognizes and works with even the awful gamepads. The visuals are amazing, the combat's great. The story's meh, but this has never been about the story. For what there is, it's good. I really do recommend this game.


0.3 hours, 5000 of 5000 achievements
Won on Steamgifts


Won this from the achievement spam game thread. That's why I got 5000 achievements this month. The game itself was trash.

Sparkle 2 Evo

3.3 hours, 22 of 22 achievements


A pretty looking "eat smaller stuff to grow bigger" game. It's okay. I think I'd recommend it.

19,890 achievements (+5,190) 72 perfect games (-5) 42% avg. game completion (-2%)
1,269 games (+8) 710 DLC owned (+66) 132 reviews (+1) 1,028 wishlisted (+51)

54% never played (-1%)
19% unfinished (+0%)
12% beaten (+0%)
13% completed (+0%)
2% won’t play (+0%)

Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #61


Yet Another Zombie Defense

1.0 hours, 6 of 18 achievements


Got it during the free Steam giveaway. It's a nice hour, but it's basically a buggy XBLA game that's pretty damn ugly. I don't get the appeal for this one.

Sniper Elite V2

11.3 hours, 24 of 47 achievements


Finally finished this game after a 2 year playthrough.

Sniper Elite 3

11.1 hours, 14 of 77 achievements
Won on Steamgifts


After Sniper Elite V2, I went for this one. Overall, this is a better experience compared to V2.

Dungeon of the Endless

19.3 hours, 8 of 33 achievements
Won on Steamgifts


It looked cool when I wishlisted it. When I won it, I thought that maybe I should have the creator re-roll because it didn't look that great during that moment, but I thought "screw it" and redeemed it. The result was a really fun dungeon-crawler experience.


Tales of Destruction

0.6 hours, no achievements
Won on Steamgifts


Don't touch this, it's awful. An asset flip tutorial that doesn't work.

Software Inc.

24 hours, no achievements


Took a gamble and bought it during a small sale. Didn't regret it at all. A really in-depth game with a bunch of different playstyles. Highly recommend it.

Undead vs Plants

2.4 hours, no achievements
Won on Steamgifts


I figured I should try a random game from my unplayed wins. Picked this one and… it was trash. I won it back in the day when I entered most giveaways just because. I'm happy I don't do that anymore. Avoid this game.

Pivot XL

3.6 hours, 24 of 24 achievements
Won on Steamgifts


These XL games are great minimalist experiences. Another dope-ass game.

Age of Empires® III: Complete Collection

65 hours, no achievements


Managed to beat all of the campaigns. Turned from a fun experience into a grind. Not sure whether I'd recommend it or not.

14,700 achievements (+158) 77 perfect games (+1) 44% avg. game completion (+0%)
1,261 games (+26) 644 DLC owned (+31) 131 reviews (+2) 977 wishlisted (+22)

55% never played (+0%)
19% unfinished (+0%)
12% beaten (+1%)
13% completed (+0%)
2% won’t play (+1%)

Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #60


Domina - A great soundtrack, awesome graphics, badass spectacles, a great concept and a small price. If you said that the game was all of these things then you’d be correct. But you’d be forgetting one important thing. It’s shallow. It’s actually very shallow. The game’s “story mode” requires near perfection and the endless mode just shows off the shallowness even more. It’s still worth your time, don’t get me wrong. But just know what you’re getting into. (25/34 achievements / 74%)
Batman: Arkham Knight - Well shit… I thought this would be even worse than Origins, but damn was I wrong. This is now my second most favourite Batman game after Arkham City. The Batmobile was a great addition. It’s funny how the game’s vehicle combat was way more polished than their trademark ground combat system though. Just a reminder, the port is not as mangled as it was at first, but it still crashes once in a while, has a massive performance drops from time to time and getting it to actually run to begin with is like playing the lottery. (48/113 achievements / 42%)
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - So after the huge amount of praise and hype behind it, I decided to buy the MGS V: Definitive Edition, which included this little “tech demo” as well. It was fun. Not amazingly fun, but it was above average. I’m currently in the main game and I’m already bored of it though. They give you a lot of tools, but it doesn’t make the game more varied or dynamic for the most part. This has been a huge disappointment for me overall as of yet. I’ll try and push through a bit more, maybe the situation will improve. (2/16 achievements / 13%)
Mad Max - I wanted to 100% an SG win, so I thought I’d replay this game. Turns out you can’t get one of the achievements if you’ve cleared all areas. Great… So now I’m 1 achievement shy of 100%… (48/49 achievements / 98%)
Event[0] - I thought I’d love this. Instead we got an A.I. that was frustratingly bad. The solutions to the objectives felt a bit too abstract as well. I didn’t like this game very much. (6/12 achievements / 50%)
Jalopy - Had a fun time streaming the whole thing with my viewers. A lovely experience. I’d recommend it. Though, it’s quite a buggy game, so beware. (8/23 achievements / 35%)
F.E.A.R. 3 - This game’s pretty damn good. The combat feels satisfying, the visuals are actually working with the world, the environments are interesting and the story is pretty okay. It’s not as good as the first main game, but it’s not as bad as the dreadful second game.


Pro Gamer Manager 2 - Jeesh… The devs abandoned the first game and gave this one for free as a fresh start to all the owners of the original. Guess what? They abandoned this one too. And this game’s even worse than the first one. (no achievements)
Garfield Kart - An SG win. Thought the meme would be funny, but this game’s genuinely awful. (no achievements)
F.E.A.R. - The second horror game that I beat. The first one being Outlast. I didn’t enjoy the game in my first two tries, but this time I almost binged through it. It’s such a good action game with amazingly good horror elements. I highly recommend it. (no achievements)
F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point - People like this expansion for some reason. I’d say it became awful after the church segment. That was the first 15 minutes of the game. It’s an easy complete, but jeesh it’s boring. (no achievements)
F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate - Even worse than Extraction Point. That is all. (no achievements)
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin - It’s weird… this game has “Very Positive” reviews. Even though the game is glitchy, bland and everything (yes, no joke, everything) that it does is bad. Not a single thing is done well. Sound, glitchy. Graphics, ugly and uninteresting. Story, non-existant. Enemies, completely nonsensical. Combat… jeesh… Oh, also, you can’t look down… WHAT??!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (no achievements)

14,542 achievements (+132) 76 perfect games (+0) 44% avg. game completion (+0%)
1,235 games (+10) 613 DLC owned (+12) 129 reviews (+1) 955 wishlisted (+15)

55% never played (-1%)
19% unfinished (+0%)
11% beaten (+0%)
13% completed (+1%)
1% won’t play (-1%)