Casual achievement hunter’s progress log #72


Fallout 4

229.3 hours, 70 of 84 achievements


I've beaten the game once before and I personally really disliked it. But I was tempted to give it another shot, so I bought the Season Pass for like 13€ and gave it another shot and I must say I liked it. Most likely because I didn't treat this as a Fallout game. Instead I treated this as a post-apocalyptic open-world FPS game.

The expansions were pretty decent with me going against the grain and saying that Nuka-World was better than Far Harbor by a lot.
Far Harbor had the potential to be Point Lookout Redux, where everything's just improved. But alas, the strong start ended in a shallow experience that just wasn't interesting at all.

Nuka-World however… To start off, listen to this DLC's theme… yeah, a theme. No spoilers, 1 minute 18 seconds long. Legit good stuff. So now that you've listened to this, I'm guessing you already understand why this stands out. It's perfect to the Fallout world, it's appropriate to what it is (an advertisement to an amusement park). It teases all of its content. It makes jabs at real life equivalent parks and it shills itself to its parent company. It's legitimately a perfect theme for this DLC.
Visually it's colourful, yet also post-apocalyptic. It has distinct worlds, which allowed the level designers unleash their creativity. The story's solid as well and it's obvious there was a lot of love put into this. But with all this praise, there are issues. The management aspect the game introduces is inconsequential and makes the story accidentally very predictable. The impact the DLC has to the main world is really clumsy and it just doesn't fit into the world unless you specifically go out of your way to play as a raider, but then the main game doesn't support your existence. This DLC would be perfect in a true Fallout game. But in here, it's basically too innovative and too ambitious for its own good.


4.7 hours, 17 of 35 achievements


I played through this while streaming it to 2 of my friends. We had enough fun with it.

You're basically investigating an event in an open world. In the first hour the weirdness factor is increased a fair bit and then the middle 2.5 hours is spent in a way where you basically don't even acknowledge anything, with the last 30 minutes being a sudden climax which isn't very interesting.
Some of the progression was pretty weird and I had to look up at a guide to figure out what I was supposed to do. The answer wasn't too logical either, so me and my friends were left kinda shittalking the game for 15 minutes because of it.

Overall it got our imaginations flowing and got us to speculate a fair bit and if a game can pull that off, then it's inevitably good enough to recommend.

Burly Men at Sea

0.7 hours, 5 of 25 achievements


The game's not too great. I'll just leave my Steam review here.

Zombie Army Trilogy

9.0 hours, 39 of 68 achievements
Won on Steamgifts


Total popcorn entertainment. Did I enjoy it? Yeah. Was it memorable? Barely. Was it visually nice? Yup.

I was positively surprised since I didn't think the game could handle hordes of enemies thanks to its originally slow and methodical gameplay. It mostly adapted well. Though I'll warn you, the bosses are a waste of time and ammo and they're just awfully boring to fight.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior

3.5 hours, 13 of 24 achievements


The game's adorable. It's like if you let a kid design a game that they'd just love. Obviously, the kid took inspiration from Call of Duty.

It's a mess, but definitely a fun mess. With the 3.5 hour campaign, I'll say that I don't regret spending my time or money. But don't expect anything amazing. It's definitely a "so bad it's good" type of game.

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Haha, I like your description of sniper ghost warrior. I think it fits the whole series to be honest. They are still a good time, but there’s just some elements missing that stop them from being truly great.